Zambia should not bring back the position of Deputy Ministers

Deputy Ministers
Deputy Ministers

Deputy Ministers
Deputy Ministers
An academician Mark Simuwe has charged that International Communities will consider Zambia as an imprudent Country if the position of Deputy Ministers which was recently phased out is brought back.

Speaking on Pan African Radio Programme dubbed “African News Round Up” anchored by Hermit Hachilonde yesterday the 27th November, 2016, Simuwe who is also a media critique said the idea of bringing back Deputy Ministers is retrogressive to the unstable economy.

He explained that Deputy Ministers’ position was done away with as part of Government’s austerity measures on the Zambian economy and bringing back Deputy Ministers will be ridiculous.

Simuwe added that it is significant for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu emulate Jomo Kenyatta the late Kenyan President who reduced his cabinet the moment he moved into executive office as a way of controlling the flow of resources in Governance system.

He further stated that even the Brazilian Government when the country was faced with numerous economic challenges, their president employed the same austerity measures to revamp the economy.

Simuwe has since noted that the International Communities may raise their eyebrows on Zambia, a country that is asking for handouts from International Momentary Fund (IMF) to broaden its cabinet.

“International Communities will consider Zambia as a foolish Country if the position of Deputy Ministers is brought back” Simuwe said


    • I totally agree no more deputy ministers- what would be good is to have a system similar as that in the UK that is Shadow Ministers from the opposition who will be made up of opposition MPs to provide checks and balances of each Ministry.
      Lastly other steps as always BANNING of LUXURY SUVs. We don’t need ministers and MPs galavanting around in these expensive machines one of which could easy build a new basic school! No, no and No,!!! Sadly habits inherited from the previous MMD is contaminating PF, let’s do away with this habit of posing in these SUVs!

    • The Position of District Commissioner should be abolished as well. Looking at the Clowns occupying this position it is clear that the government does not consider it to be important either.

    • @2020vision a case to the point as reported on Muvi tv check it out and see the picture of the classroom the kids at Nangalata are using….”Young Women Christian Association-YWCA- the Western Province has urged government to come up with infrastructure development programme in community schools.With funding from Oxfam and European Union, YWCA is constructing a One by four classroom block at Nangalata Community School in Nalikwanda of Mongu District.
      YWCA Provincial Coordinator Sandra Maputa says the school is part of its advocacy programme to ensure that government does the same in other community school.
      Once complete, Nangalata Community School will have a water point, modern toilet facility, a library and 3 classrooms.”

  1. Foundation of a building never changes regardless of the status of the new occupant unless the old building is demolished and new on erected. The foundation for Zambia as enshrined in the new constitution is no Deputy Ministers regardless of the Party or President who comes in power unless the citizens decide so. PF should not back peddle and start behind closed amendments, except the time when the next new constitution will be enacted when every citizen will be given chance to debate and this will be opened in the year 2066.

    • Surely, are still debating about this? Don’t we have things to do? The government and the party has made its position that they are no such plans. If you have nothing to do, get some piece of land and make yourself busy. The rains are here and lets all be productive.

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