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Chanda Chimba jailed for two years over Stand up for Zambia documentaries


Chanda Chimba III, the producer of the infamous television documentary, dubbed "Stand up Zambia"
Chanda Chimba III, the producer of the infamous television documentary, dubbed “Stand up Zambia”

Freelance Journalist Chanda Chimba III has been sentenced to two years in prison for producing the controversial Stand up for Zambia series on ZNBC.

Mr. Chimba has also being fined 500 Kwacha each in default 6 months for count 3 and 4 in which he has been convicted for not registering his business and failure to register his publication at the National Archives.

He has also been convicted for disposing off property reasonably suspected to have been obtained from unlawful sources.

In his mitigation, Mr. Chimba asked the court to exercise maximum leniency as he was the 1st offender and was remorseful for his involvement in the saga.

He asked the court to take into consideration that he has a very serious illness which is stage 4 prostate cancer that is in its highest level entailing that he has to go to the Cancer Diseases Hospital for medication.

Mr. Chimba through his lawyer further asked the court to take into account that he is a family man, married with 5 children, two are in university while the other three are in primary school.
He also told the court that he is also a breadwinner taking care of his ailing mother.

But Ndola Principal Resident Magistrate Obbyster Musukwa sitting in Lusaka however said he took note of his mitigation for the court to consider his illness but that Mr. Chimba failed to present his medical report before the court.

Yesterday, Lusaka Magistrate Court acquitted Former Minister of Information Ronnie Shikapwasha.
Shikapwasha was charged together with freelance Chanda Chimba and former Permanent Secretary, Dr Sam Phiri.
The trio were found with a case to answer in June 2016 on charges of abuse of authority, unlawful publication and possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.


  1. I feel sorry for Chanda Chimba for the situation he finds himself in. From the little information I am aware of Chanda Chimba was used massively by Rupiah Banda in his quest to win the presidency against the late Sata. Now Chanda Chimba is in jail and RB is free, wining and dining. Amos Chanda must learn from and be careful about being used by Lungu to appear on TV propagating his master’s voice.


    • The complaint Ba Sata DIED, please pardon him.
      This Chanda Chimbwi (as Sata named him), may also die in prison from disease he kept mocking Ba late. That time we told that Chimba that Lesa ni Malyotola, but today we pleased to spare his life.

    • Morals are very important in society regardless of who you choose to side with. If he were a professional journalist, he would not find himself in such issues. Time is the master and it will always catch up with us no matter how long it takes. Let him serve his sentence while other learn.

    • It a warning to Amos, EL’s mouth piece, EL will not be there when the wheels turn, Better learn from this, Zambian prisons are for the poor and not the rich and politicians.

  2. Be careful next time Chanda Chimba the Fifth, and warn the current State House spokesman, what ever his name is!

  3. To all Hungry Journalists,
    This is the end result of putting appeasement and boot licking above of professionalism…where are the politicians he was trying to appease?RB is back in bed with the same people who were insulting him… I simply have no time for the likes of Chanda Chimba…this man made fun of Sata’s health only to be haunted by the selfsame cancer that took his life.
    I just hope Lazy Lungu does not release him!!

    This man was used by Greedy politicians, though most of what he said was true. He will now have his butt0ck2 greased, while Lupiya sleeps well in Maximum comfort. BASSSOP!!!
    However to all P.F, cadres/ minions, just ensure anything you are encouraged to do by your “beloved leaders” is within the law, coz one day when your party, & beloved humble leaders are no longer in control, you alone will dance Dununa Pelete in jail.
    Mulandu su wola! Wamvela Max Chongo??

    • Really laughable Chanda Chimba was very naive and for a “Freelance” Journalist. Chimba thought he was Fred M’membe…Fred is sly crook who hides behind Limited Companies and his wife. You will travel to Mongu, Limulunga, Kalabo and Senanga on a wild goose chase looking the proprietor to sue and comeback with nothing…the Judge will caution you instead for wasting court’s time.

  5. Same thing goes for himaambo of the tonga zwd. These 1diots will one day be made to answer to all there propaganda stories. Mark my words.

  6. That’s stand up for Rupiya Banda for you, when u allow yourself to be used like a useful *****. Next nika Amos he’s yapping too much rubbish of late, katwishi ngakali ku period. Nothing stays on top forever.

  7. Umwaiche ngatala isulilwa atobelatobelafya. Chimba naumfwa you cared not for the late MC Sata which is not human. Even criminals when they die we mourn them but in your case you were looking forward to see MCS dead. Today you want people to consider your condition??

  8. Umwaiche ngatala isulilwa atobelatobelafye. Chimba naumfwa you cared not for the late MC Sata which is not human. Even criminals when they die we mourn them but in your case you were looking forward to seeing MCS dead. Today you want people to consider your condition??

  9. Too bad. But anyway, the man RB who hired him to do all that dirty job should have sympathy and help his family survive. Lesson for everyone, especially those who worship bigger politicians: Before you insult everyone else (judges, businessmen, etc) just for bootlicking, think about the future consequences.

  10. You knew the risk involved and were ready to face it. Do not bring in the cancer issues. Why did you have to die on behalf of some one and what was in it for you? You are a black spot on a white background and who is the background?

  11. To my understanding, the trial started at midway. ZNBC is a campaign institution for the ruling party. All those representions Chanda Chimba III performed or aired was MMD campaign material. How could they singled out the MMD documentary spokesman and sent him to prison?
    Is the court telling the nation that Chimba III got crushed or went to ZNBC un-invited on national television?
    The investigators of this case or prosecutors including the magistrate didn’t get from the bottom of the case.
    Then the campaign laws should be re-written. Chanda Chimba III was campaigning for RB- MMD.
    Is the court telling us that Chimba III had no rights as a citizen to campaign for someone he liked.
    I need someone to explain to me what crime he was convicted of?
    I didn’t understand!

  12. Abuse of office. Who is talking.
    There are politicians out there abusing office more than this guy. And how many have been sent to jail. Shame

  13. this an indication to show that Mr chanda chimba is not in p.f. the ruling government is protecting its members. in p.f govt there are so many people with cases which are worse that of Mr chimba. The complainant is dead ..Let the president release him.

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