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MMD celebrates the life of Fidel Castro

General News MMD celebrates the life of Fidel Castro

Mr Nakacinda signing the book of condolences at the Cuban embassy
Mr Nakacinda signing the book of condolences at the Cuban embassy

The MMD says the death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro is not only a loss to Cubans but a loss the many countries which he helped during their independence struggles.

Speaking when he signed a book of condolences at the Cuban Embassy in Lusaka on Wednesday, MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda said Fidel Castro was a father of many nations due to the role he played in the liberation of many countries world over.

Mr Nakacinda noted that the former Cuban leader stood with African liberation fighters even when it was not fashionable for the Western countries to do so.

“We referred to him as a father of many nations for his role and the role of the Cuban people at the time he championed the liberation of some African countries. Even when it was not fashionable to stand with indigenous Africans Fidel took a stance on principle even to the point of sacrificing economically with the sanctions and other things that the people of Cuba suffered to fight for the liberation of Africa to the very end until the last nation I think which was South Africa,” he said.

He said the MMD values the contribution which the late Cuban leader made towards not only the independence of the Zambia but also the development of human resource such as Physicians, teachers, scientists, bureaucrats and in other areas of human resource capacity.

He said the country has benefited from the works of Fidel Castro and that his influence inspired some of the Continent’s great leaders like Dr Kenneth Kaunda to take the radical steps that they took.

He added that the country’s second Republican President Dr Fredrick Chiluba who was first MMD president was greatly influenced in his early life that prompted him to fight for workers rights and later becoming the champion of economic liberalisation in Zambia.

“For Dr. Chiluba the influence was personal that he even named one of his sons after the great leader.The great leader’s influence was so immense that as Zambians will surely forever harness his goodness for the betterment of the lives our peoples.”

Mr Nakacinda was received by the Cuban ambassador to Zambia and Malawi H.E Caridad Pèrez Gonzaléz.

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    • If Nakacinda was from UNIP I would understand. MMD is the complete opposite of what Fidel Castro stood for. Maybe Nakacinda is too young to understand and differentiate between the two.

  1. Some Online media are hired agents of illegalities and lack morality.I just wonder why they keep on reporting on these ilegal characters like Mutati.Nakachinda etc and promote them with illegal Party Titles,when infact the Supreme Court has ruled otherwise and has stayed the illegal Rupiah/Mutati ‘Convention’.

    • Is a corpse, a carcass or cadaver? That’s MMD for you. Don’t play semantics or legalese. MMD under Mutati or Mumba is finished. You might as well give it to Chanda from Jack Compound.

  2. For Dr Chiluba many years after he named his junkie gunman son Castro, in the early 1990s he also facilitated the supply of arms and fuel to CIA-controlled UNITA and covered it with the “black mamba” smokescreen… Who is this Nakacinda guy anyway

  3. This Nakatomba guy is just masquerading as MMD National secretary under MUTATI , PLEASE MUTATI GIVE NEVERS MUMBA THE PRESIDENCY OF MMD and declare yourself PF WHY U KEEP PIPO IN SUSPENSE> KUPUSA BATILI

  4. Muli bukuba mwa Zambia!!! Sha! Why are we REALLY allowing all this mediocrity to take root? Our silence will never be interpreted as tolerance people. This will soon blow up in full-blown goon-land. Focus!

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