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Kambwili condemns ban on night travel on public transport, warns of looming civil unrest

Headlines Kambwili condemns ban on night travel on public transport, warns of looming...

Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili
Former Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili

Kambwili condemns ban on night travel on public transport, warns of looming civil unrest
Outspoken former Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili has broken ranks with his party, the ruling Patriotic Front by openly condemning its criticizing its recent ban on night travels for public buses.

In a long statement posted on his Facebook page, Dr Kambwili who is Roan PF MP said the move will hurt the majority poor people who voted for the PF.

He said the decision to ban buses from travelling after 21:00 hrs is extremely harsh and does not represent the values of the PF government.

Dr Kambwili said the decision will most certainly affect business and trading, especially on the part of traders who are fond of travelling through the night in order to do their orders early and get back to business in their respective areas.

He warned that there is a looming economic downturn and civil unrest with regards to job losses within this industry.

“Bus drivers have families and responsibilities just like the rest of us, it is unfair for them to lose their jobs especially those that usually do night shifts, the bus operators no longer have use for these employees, it means that the bus drivers being laid off no longer have a source of income, in these times of high standard of living people have to get by, now this decision is retrogressive because we are supposed to spur employment, create it at every given opportunity. This decision proves to be counterproductive with regards to that particular aspect, let us consider the common Zambian,” Dr Kambwili advised.

Below is Dr Kambwili’s full statement


Dear esteemed Government, please take into consideration my valuable point that affects the livelihood of the common Zambian.

Ban of PSV Vehicles travelling at night
Let us remember the people that voted us in all that we do, I may not be a part of you but I will always be patriotic front at heart, the patriotic front is a pro poor party founded on high moral integrity and with a view to serve the poor and promote a great standard of living. Let us consider the fact that a high percentage of the people that voted us into power are the poor who have the world of hope in us, people that are waiting for us to deliver on our promises, they have the world of faith in us because they voted us in based on our lucrative and hopeful manifesto, a manifesto that we created with genuine hearts just as our fallen hero would have wanted.

First and foremost as an individual, as a leader, as a father and most importantly as a Zambian, I feel and I am sure the rest of the population feel that the decision to ban buses from travelling after 21:00 hrs is extremely harsh and does not represent the values of the patriotic front government. We were voted to improve the lives of our people and not to make them a whole lot difficult, and I strongly believe this decision adversely affects the common Zambian. They are a million and one reasons why this decision should be immediately reversed.

This decision will most certainly affect business and trading, especially on the part of traders who are fond of travelling through the night in order to do their orders early and get back to business in their respective areas. Banning buses travelling at night will make this a difficult feat and an impossible task for traders, traders could be travelling for 2 – 3 days on end, this would obviously affect their monthly income and in turn their livelihoods and responsibilities would be compromised, this is against our pro poor manifesto.

During elections we continuously encouraged people to travel to their respective polling stations in order for them to cast their votes, the bus business was booming during this period because Bana Mulenga wanted to desperately vote for PF, but she had to travel from Chingola to Luwingu, this was made possible because of bus availability. Now that the elections are over don’t we risk looking like we used the people? It is common knowledge that only 10% of the population are able to afford cars, the larger population do not own vehicles thus relying on public transport to commute. We are here to serve the poor but this decision seems to favour the rich.

There is a looming economic downturn and civil unrest with regards to job losses within this industry, bus drivers have families and responsibilities just like the rest of us, it is unfair for them to lose their jobs especially those that usually do night shifts, the bus operators no longer have use for these employees, it means that the bus drivers being laid off no longer have a source of income, in these times of high standard of living people have to get by, now this decision is retrogressive because we are supposed to spur employment, create it at every given opportunity. This decision proves to be counterproductive with regards to that particular aspect, let us consider the common Zambian.
With regards to hygiene and health, supposing a bus leaves Lusaka for the Copperbelt at 14:00 which is the very last time it can leave in order to arrive during the stipulated time. It has a break down or a tyre burst in the middle of nowhere, this break down is only attended to around 19 – 20:00. The bus cannot leave at that time, meaning therefore that women and children suffer the most, especially in the rain season we will subject our citizens to spend a night in ridiculous conditions and an unhealthy environment.

For example, with reference to women that may be going through a cycle, what happens to them if they spend 2 days on end on a bus, is that good for hygiene, how uncomfortable will that make them? If a child falls ill during that journey and they can only get to the clinic the following day, is that morally upright? Please let us consider the common Zambian, this decision is farfetched and does not contain the problem of accidents, if you look at the statistics you will find that most accidents or the most fatal accidents happen during the day, does that mean there’s a looming ban all together if accidents are the justification.

I urge government in conjunction with RTSA to come up with other alternatives to curb accidents. Let us provide a conducive environment for buses and lager vehicles to operate safely, for example road markings, our roads are good but most of them do not have sufficient road markings, simple lines that can save lives, often times the busses that get into accidents fail to negotiate curves due to the fact that they are not visible. Street lights at the entrance of each town, city or boma to improve visibility at night, another idea could be to enforce a law that each bus must have 2 or 3 drivers per route as to decrease tiredness when driving, the minister of transport should implore operators to have extra drivers and enforce stiff zero tolerance to alcohol. Once all these avenues have been exhausted, only then can this decision be justified. But for as long as the government is also being negligent, this decision remains a burden on the common Zambian.

On the part of trucks being banned too, this is not good for the economy because as things stand we rely on the roads to deliver goods from point A to B, for example delivering maize on behalf of FRA demands for good time in order to finish the orders on time, if the order exceeds its designated time frame that means the transporter loses out on millions of kwacha once tabulated.

That is money lost which can be spent and used to improve our fiscal landscape, the ban would mean that Copper would take 8 days to be delivered to another country as a pose to 2 or 3 days, time is an important component in business and I strongly believe this would have an adverse effect on the economic outlook of our beloved country, not forgetting that we are landlocked and a 3rd world country at the same time, so business is already hard enough without the one way we have to transport being delayed also.

In conclusion I am a pro PF person but I will continue to be a voice for the voiceless where I feel that the public is being hard done by. Take my concern seriously and know that it’s is on behalf of the common Zambian that does not have a loud enough voice to air out their grievances. I know that our president is a listening president and he will re consider this decision for the good of our country.

Yours in Service
Hon. Dr. Chishimba Kambwili MP


    • Some marketeers leave their homes early so that they can buy farm produce and other products in the early hours and have them ready for their customers as early as possible, and again people like my Aunt travels to Lusaka from Solwezi and goes back within the same day. This ban means those marketeers won`t have buses early enough to transport them to where they can buy their products, while my aunt has to put lodging fees among her expenses. I can foresee thieves taking advantage of the lack of buses in the night to rob people looking for private taxis. This also has potential to cause a bottleneck effect on the roads with PSV vehicles and mixing with other cars within a narrow window.This ban will just lead to more harm than good i doubt there will be any noticeable change in the…

    • ……noticeable change in the frequency of accidents. After all most accidents in Zambia happens during the day if the statistics published are anything to go by. Kambwili is right, forget about how much you hate him and look at the big picture

    • 2020vision means not just above average visual perception but being able to visualize what one cannot physically see.
      I predicted Guy Scott would betray team ECL and PF as a whole, I predicted and I’m on record of saying CK was never in it because he is in it for himself. Hmmm very interesting…all this because he is being investigated by ACC. The subject of banning the travelling at night is to save lives not to appease anyone- the same people who might die in an accident at night are the same ones when their relatives and love ones die cry for the govt to do something! Ba kateka ni continue chabe let’s save lives first!!!

    • But this suspected crook Kambwili, of all examples he picks up “women ku period”.
      Why didn’t he pick on us bafffikala.

    • Problem is not night travel but bus drivers who drive all day and night. It is not ok for a driver to drive from 5am to midnight. What time does he have to sleep? And those night shift drivers do they sleep during the day before working at night? Problem is a driver sleeping on wheel

    • And this BUFFOON CK was Chief Govt Spokesman, he never said anything now he wants to the saviour for poor people…it just goes to show they are a bunch of liars in govt…

    • Soulosi,
      With a road like the one I have recently seen on social media, it is virtually impossible to do Lusaka – Solwezi round trip in a day let alone at night.

    • Indeed wonders shall cease not! What all of us saw while sitting, this neckless Leopard did not see it while standing? He can only see it after being given a bag?

  1. Thank you president Lungu for firing this empty tin as Jay Jay would say. Lives were being lost. When a solution like dual highways is implemented, then night travel can resume.

    viva President Nawakwi that needs to go to a convention.

    • This is typical knee jerk thinking.

      There will be EVEN MORE ACCIDENTS because of drivers rushing to complete their journeys before the deadline!

      More brainless rubbish from PF dullards.A real joke to think these clowns could ever be capable of running a Government.

      Maybe they will wake up when they have completely destroyed the economy and there is no more money to steal and for more presidential travels!

    • The ban on buses is alright but trucks should be allowed to be on the road anytime. The economy can not be on standstill everyday from 21:00hrs to 05:00hrs. Zambian businesses will lag behind.

  2. kabwilli indeed wonders shall never end. so Govt. should not do the right thing because of fear of people not voting? where are your principles Chishimba? Do you know how many lives have been lost especially during night time? if you dont have anything to say some times it’s important to keep quiet than exposing yourself like this.

    • Kashimba Chimbwili talking for the poor night travellers is like Trump talking for poor white people. He is an abuser and an opportunist who has never travelled on public transport since his days at KMB 30 years ago. He is seeking to make a name for himself with the gullible. Where was he when the PF Cabinet concluded on this several months ago?

  3. This man is a goat. Whi ch buses collide at day time. The majority of accidents occur between 20000 hrs and 0500 hrs. Silly kambwili, go to ratsa. Statistics are there including the accidents in john chinena area where several lives have been lost. Shut your ugly mouth.

    • For someone who has been a cabinet Minister for quite sometime, Kambwili’s thinking is warped! His thoughts are jumbled up and his grammar leaves much to be desired. How come he does not even understand ‘high standard of living’…?

      A lot of hogwash with very little substance.

      (And someone says he is a potential president, potential my foot!)

  4. Ati PF is a party for the poor. What a lot of hypocrisy and no shame to the voters. Look at the wealthy a lot of men people in the PF have accumulated over such a short period. CK was in business for a long time before he became an MP & then Minister. He had almost nothing & was just barely scrapping through. You keep saying you are PF through & through because u want your probe by the ACC to be dropped. U know if you work against the current powers, they will come hard on u & u will end in Jail.

  5. “in these times of high standard of living people have to get by…”
    Mr Kambwili, at what point did the living standards become high? That’s an admission of failure for the first time, coming from the Chief Apostle of PF who has always claimed the economy was doing fine.

  6. Kambwili has a concern, though he does not offer a solution o an alternative. Typical of Z politicians. I will offer an alternative on this forum – in normal countries countries, buses & trucks r regulated on what MAXIMUM SPEED they can attain. In Z were there r no high-ways o freeways maximum speed on town to town roads is like 100km/h. So BUSES & TRUCKS can b regulated to DO A MAX of 80km/h in the day & 70 in the night. Regulations can b put in place that ALL buses instal a large digit speedometer display inside the bus (like the hung tvs) so that passagers monitor this, after o its their lives at stake. Oso rules shld b clear that the bwanas shld lock up a bus driver found driving above this speed, not just ukulyamo.

    • That was implemented a few years back, all buses were required by law to be fitted with what they call speed limiters. But I suspect some drivers have been circumventing this rule.

    • I like the idea of putting large speedometer monitors on the buses. Brilliant! Now to implement??? We have quacks for technocrats in those offices. Otherwise, your suggestion is excellent.

    • Speed limiters were implemented during MMD /RB time. They were immediately disabled. These buses go at 140km/h even at night. RTSA has failed to monitor – as all rats do.

    • Public transport speed is regulated at max 80KM/hr and are all supposed to be fitted by SPEED LIMITERS. ITS LAW but is not properly regulated. check with ZABS

  7. I don’t see any reason to insult any one, before you do anything do your research .
    If CK has done so why condemn him , it would be a problem if he has no point , night shift doesn’t sentence any one to death people at every hour both night and day. Is there no alternative way of improving the road system to suite night travel! The government must come up with a progressive solutions to the problem.
    It is a fact that people want jobs you can create some if you have the brains , if you don’t you will even do away with those at hand.

    • I said it before, knee jerk reaction to everything is burying this failed economy. Surely which country goes to sleep after 2100hrs!!? CK is absolutely spot on,but then what do you expect some guy who beat up a mortuary attendant for just refusing him to photograph his dead parent!! And a ministry full of cadres from matero university! Imwe fi RTSA do you know the main causer of accidents? Ever head of fatigue, over speeding, ubwanga!? I bet not,I’ve given you some hints so get cracking Tin Pots!

  8. For the first have head sense from the now doctor kambwili truly this will disturb alot of things in the country coz everything has to be adjusted tym,financial budgeting and employment of drivers as well as co drivers and this will see more of our youths looming in local kachasu brewing areas since our streets are already congested. Terrible, exposing them to so many vises

  9. In West Africa, traders carrying perishable goods, travel at night when it is cooler.
    The Honourable Dakota has a robust and convincing point

  10. Comment:yah yah yah yah mwalanda bwino ba honerable..awe mwandi ba president wesu reconsider that decision. Ala twalimitemwa bt fimo ngatafilibwino kulandapo….

  11. Like the new trend, Dr Kambwili speaks the common man’s language. He has basically outlined what typically happens to those who after doing dununa reverse have to get back to their day jobs until the next hiring in 2021. Do not forget that RB lost because he forgot these humble travelers and dununa reverse cheerleaders!

  12. First of kambwili can you comment on your being fired for corruption.

    Second what needs to be done is beyond PF as it requires work by ministers and government officials. We need a mandatory professional body for all drivers with workshops, courses and medicals all shown on ID cards. All the can be paid for by insurance companies and fees by the bus operators.

    But this needs work so it beyond PF.

  13. Comment: Don’t just condemn this.man coz for.me I.see sense. He is the man of action like our late presedent sata HSRP. He fights the poor Zambians

    • There is a very big difference between action and wisdom. You might have forgotten that this man thought he could be leader of PF. No, no self respecting Zambia needs egotistical people ruling them.

  14. cK is being childish. He is wanting to sound pro poor when he is actually a con who made du bious deals to enrich himself when he was in government.
    He is at a level where he could silently contacted the leaders that be and express his concerns quietly instead of climbing on an anthill and shout nonsense . He is a hypocrite and very childish

  15. Datum: kambwili is saying things that are making a lot of sense to any person who wants to understand what he is saying. If you want to analyze Kambwili as a person then you will not understand what he has written. For example: traveling to Nakonde and back will now take three days and two nights. Previously it would take two days and one night. In money terms you have increased expenditure and this expenditure will be transferred to the buyer of their goods. Brilliant points on road furniture and signage. What is the mandate of RATSS in this regard? Even in town here Cairo road has no road markings honestly? What a welcome to a tourist!!!

  16. Errm wait, is he nor the same guy who said park your car if you cannot afford the fuel hike? Now PF is pro poor and the standard of living is high. CK you said the economy was fine. In relation to road projects on ZNBC “what country has not borrowed to fund projects”. Now you care about the people of Zambia as a father #Sitdown!

  17. If this is CK then congrats, you have analysed well. My question is, does people in authority/politicians consult each other or professionals. EG. If CK was consulted and heeded to then this was not going to be such a mess. I mean banning buses moving at night. I feel this country is entrusted in wrong hands. Thank you CK.

  18. Comment taken, blame no one,its only dat others ar being counted others not. He has said a lot of sences in his statemnt,bt at a wrong tym, wrong period,everyone has a different opinion & spendin big tym wthout progresin.sam ar gud in speakin others in actions,who’s gud?.am behind him its bad especially wen pupils ve opened de schools u wil appreciat.

  19. People on this one, Kambwili is right.If you don’t travel long distances you won’t notice any hardship. To start with, just know that accident is a source of death just like sickness., which can occur at any time, be it day or night. There are other measures to be taken in order to reduce accidents. Mines have stinge safety measures other than removing nightshift. Only weak and corrupt Nations can do such as cover-ups for their corrupt activities.
    Secondly, bus fairs have been increased and you want long distance travellers to be spending days? nights on bus stations. Take it you are travelling from Kalulushi to a village 40 kilometers from Muyombe main station in Muchinga. The first day you will travel to spend a night at KMB where you will board a Nakonde bus departing at 05:00hs…

  20. I wonder why upnd cadres always condemn everthing from PF members.what Dr CK has said here is very right.the move by RTSA very bad for our small economy.this bad move by RTSA has brought business in the transport sector to standstill.how can cross border traders travel from nakonde to lusaka,kasumbalesa to livingstone,etc between 05hrs and 21hrs?only those who do not travel can blame Dr.CK here.president Edgar Lungu must reverse this wrong decision urgently and fire RTSA CEO Zidaba Soko for misleading the executive!!go to intercity and see how people are sleeping.many travelling long distances cant sleep home because they cannot afford a taxi from home to inter city around 04hrs.plus such early taxis are difficult to find near homes!!ECL MUST ALWAYS BE PRO POOR BECAUSE PF IS A PARTY FOR…

  21. were was CK all along when we were condemning the move before the SI was signed? Was it okay in as long as he was in government? was it not easier for him to try and stop it when he was in cabinet and chief government spokes man? Anyway you never realise what you have until you lose it. Now the man is pleading when he had the opportunity to argue his case in cabinent? I am he now realised that petrol is now K13.70 and is wondering how the “poor” will manage since pf is a pro poor government.

    • meant- i am sure he has now realised that petrol is now K13.70 and is wondering how the “poor” will manage since pf is a propoor government.

  22. Poor roads contributing to road accidents. Look at Oxford avenue road in the middle of kitwe town center no road marks, the drainage is blocked, potholes. Secondly RATSA and YOUR ZINDABA what is a speed limiter that you introduced on PSV if you answer this question then you u will have one solution


  24. He can only be a donkey! For how can a norma lhuman fail to appreciate the dangers of night travel? Next mukomfwa ati he has been offered a job around HH.

  25. Kambwili is not saying this without knowing what call boys and their drivers are saying. When CB gets on Fire its not good for the Govt

  26. Mr Kambwili believes he can fool the Zambian whom he has taken for granted. Good reasons were arrived at before banning public transport travelling at night. Kambwili when in government bus accidents were frequent with high loss of lives and he said/did absolutely nothing. Intead was unable to account for government money to build markets in Kasama and Luapula, failed to build a stadium in Mongu, failed to account huge sums of money he dished out to fake clubs in the country. Kambwili is now inciting the nation to riot because he is no longer minister. He should be more worried about office abuse that led him to acquire land from Luanshya council illegaly and built houses with stolen money. If PF does not throw him in jail and repossess all he has stolen SURELY the coming government will…

  27. RATSA aren’t doing there jobs Wright when you look at velchles that brakes down on the main Roads during night time the don’t gate removed on time coz no idea where the velchle has broken down solutions are there gate in touch we advice you

  28. Anyway the poor will have repercussions on this policy.
    The government should have a big breadth on this decision.
    They have to put a lot of things into consideration. The government is making short cuts to the problem.
    PF came with the policy of making roads, if you see the roads we have in our country are too narrow.
    Those highways, they need to expand them. All the highways should have four lanes.
    Drunk while driving should have stiffer punishment, may be 5 years in jail if convicted.
    In Colombia when you are driving while drunk and cause an accident, and a person dies, is mandatory death sentence, and the family will be ordered to buy bullet , which the government will use to execute your convicted family member.
    Let the government look into many factors .

  29. Is this the person they call Dr? Oh, i forgot that he did not study for it. Night driving has brought more sorrow to many Zambians thru terrible accidents. The ban should not be reversed. the alternatives which Kambwili is suggesting have been suggested before and should be implemented with or without the night drive ban

  30. He’s right, but he was still minister when the decision was made. We just need more traffic police to patrol all routes 24hrs. At one time I went to seek police help at 3hrs and when I found them parked by the road side I was shocked to find they were asleep. It tools time to wake them up and if I was a criminal I could have taken their guns. All these accidents don’t have anything to do with time, but police carelessness.

  31. We need to start investing in highway lighting from city to city. It can be done gradually and improve visibility for drivers at night. Professionalism among transporters and their drivers is incredibly vital. Efficiency in the railways can help decongest roads as well.

  32. Whether Kabwili talks sense or not, Zambians who value democracy like me will not forgive him and listen to him.He single handedly killed freedom of expression and free press in Zambia
    .He turned Znbc in a pf vuvuzela.He was used to win elections and dumped thereafter.He now has no platform with wide circulation to express his views. It is good he has been fixed. He was just too big headed
    .Lessons to boys like Amos Chanda and others not to be excited by power.

  33. No worries folks, this law will be dununa’ed reverse like many before and many still to come. Typical modus operandi of a chipantepante government.

  34. No people,no.Kambwili may have his shortcomings but I totally support his stance on the ban of big passenger vehicles moving at night and on second-hand tyres.That’s how it is supposed to be. Put your foot down and stand your ground on issues that affect the common man.But the big question is: Would he have had the same stance if he was still a cabinet minister? All in all let’s give credit where it is due.Kambwili is definitely right on this one.

  35. This is proof that Zambian politicians believe Zambians are so docile that any Kan dolo of a politician can say whatever they like without fear of accountability. Accidents will happen anywhere even in developed countries with good roads. The problem in Zambia is that bad laws and planning are done by these very politicians out of selfishness. This same person was in government when this ban was implemented but somehow he’s found his voice after being investigated for corruption. Zambia could build at least one good road with the funds this chap diverted to build his 500+ houses. How unethical can one be? Maybe the ban is taking a toll on his coffin business due to a decline in mass deaths? come up with solutions not rhetoric!

    • Just take a look at that Solwezi-Chingola road, how do you travel at night in such conditions? seriously…you guys are acquiring doctorates on how to defraud the country without thinking of consequences. Politicians may not use these roads or public transport but your relatives will.

  36. I totally agree with you bwana Chishimba. Travelling at night is no different to driving in a dusty road in broad daylight. Speed must be reduced to suit the current conditions. It is up to the trained driver to adjust and does not require the presence of any controlling officer. The owners of the buses should once in a while board their buses to experience the handling of the same by their drivers because some are fake PSV holders who passed while in bed. We need the jobs and indeed the transport itself.

  37. Sometimes, one wonders how people in this country called Zambia uses their acquired education. How do you equate the risk of losing valuable life to the risk of people being inconvenienced in conducting their businesses??
    Life is more precious than time loss that can be rescheduled to manage change and conduct business that way.
    This move to ban the public transport in the night is an opportunity which should be utilized by the government to construct agri-produce facilities such as cold storage, fruit and vegetable marketing outlets in the four corners of the city. Like in RSA, these facilities are connected to the commercial farmers and the supplies are very fresh on daily basis because the facilities are used as dropping points for various products from the farmers as well as to…

  38. Like in RSA, these facilities are connected to the commercial farmers and the supplies are very fresh on daily basis because the facilities are used as dropping points for various products from the farmers as well as to process, package and clean the fresh produce which is then supplied to the open market retailers/ or traders at any time of the day. Some traders even have supply contracts where they get the produce on credit and pay as they collect the new consignment, what remains for the day is taken back for storage to avoid spoilage. The reason for people getting up in the night is the principal of an early bird catches the worm. Build the facilities where all the worm producers can drop the worms and all the birds can gather at any time to catch the best of the worm. Period. It…


  40. It is working in Brazil, India, RSA, Namibia and many other countries. Some bloggers are here praising the TRIBALIST FOOL for his concerns. When did he start speaking for the people and more concerned when he used his office to suppress freedom of expression through media closures and commercializing/institutionalize tribalism. ??

  41. Kamwbwili is right.We are PF and understand well what he is saying.UPND chaps stop insulting our Kambwili.Ba vice president made a blander on this one.We’ll record more accidents in Zambia this year.Anyone who analyses issues will agree with Kambwili. I support PF but don’t agree with my party when it makes a mistake.Ba Lungu knows very well that it was a not good to ban buses .Indeed business for traders will go down.Traders now will now start using trucks which will result in more accidents.Time is very important in business.Viva PF ,Lungu,kambwill and entire PF team.We need to grow the economy but safety is very important.There are measures.

  42. The ban simply translates to more buses on the road rushing during the day. More accidents will be experienced.
    Just build better roads instead of making the poor become more poorer.

  43. @Moscow(OP). Time is important in business, but supply logistics facilities are equally lacking and that is the major concern here. Advise your part that these facilities are very imperative and then no one will have to risk driving in the night whether with a bus or truck, canoe, motorbike, bicycle, or wheelbarrow. Get some common sense of transport economics and supply chain logistics. How can you say Kambwili is right when he has not provided any permanent solution?? Sikuwa/English bana bahesu ki butata. I would presume and expect that you AGREE/CONCUR with him. NOT that he is right. NO.

  44. Continue to build houses on a golf course the good thing is you are finally smelling the coffee 2021 Zambia Forward under new leadership our nation will go through a better change never seen before but real…

  45. First and foremost Dr ck might have talked sense but the question comes,was he not minister when the decision was made by the fellows?or is he trying to tell us that this is when the news has reached him?no i don’t think so.first what was put in to consideration was the lives of pipo being lost at night,go to rsta and check there records you ll find that a biger % of accidents happen at night.yes this may bring setbacks in business but on the road we say better to be late than never,no business with out life.

  46. While I agree with what Hon Kabwili is saying as it indeed makes sense but the question is would he have reacted the same way if he was still a Minister? Ninshi mwabantu, does it mean when you are in government you stop thinking and once out, then you come back to your senses. I dont think Hon Kambwili you are being Honest and truthful because if you were in government you would have been the one defending the same things you are condemn. so for me ba kulumpe…..I think you are not the right person to make any comment on this

  47. Those who frequently use bus transport can agree with me that rtsa has puted measures to regulate bus speed but the regulation is not there during night time.Dr ck is in trucking so he thought him being minister he ll be immune to this.pliz Dr ck before it’s too late tell your so called loved government to reverse on there decision of hiking road toll gates by 01 january next year,because it’s the one going to cost the poor zambians.

  48. This man misses being minister and chief loud mouth so now he uses FB then LT gives him prominence by uplifting what he said making him important again let him just answer the charges labeled against him go lie down

  49. The bamfoon has spoken some sense but should have avoided the example of women and periods. They know how to manage that themselves.

  50. Is Kambwili saying that its better for the same poor voters to be dying in avoidable road carnage than other unavoidable causes? RTSA is justified to adjusted timing of movement of buses which carry people in order to save lives. On enforcement of stiff zero tolerance to alcohol for bus crew & passengers who are a nuisance to crew & fellow passengers, I agree. All Police, RTSA, medical staff, all drivers & members of public should be equipped with alcohol testers which are cheap to acquire. Its irresponsible for RTSA to ban trucks because goods have to reach customers in time & failure may call for penalties. Time for buses can be extended to 22 00 hours & trucks can pack from 18 00 hours & be allowed from 00 00 hours after all buses & small cars have reached their destinations & cleared…

    • Time for buses can be extended to 22 00 hours & trucks can pack from 18 00 hours & be allowed from 00 00 hours after all buses & small cars have reached their destinations & cleared from the roads. The idea is to give chance to each other rather congesting the roads in the night when visibility is poor. Increasing the number of bus drivers from current 2 to 3 is both unproductive & uneconomical in a competitive environment because bus operators are competing with taxis, mini bus, train & flight passenger operators for the same passengers. There are no permanent passengers for buses, its the same passengers who interchange for all the modes of travel. The idea of always singing that the poor business people class will not afford is backward. Just improve the business environment so that we…

  51. I may not like CK but on this one I agree with him 100%. Who wants to travel to Mbala in two days, what happens if the bus breaks down. This is a retrogressive decision.

  52. If the idea is to give room for vehicles at different times, then let the trucks travel at night. As long as our railway lines are incapable of transporting goods safely, road congestion will be our story for a very long time to come. I know what it feels to drive behind truck against a congested right line!

    Our economy is also gaining from toll gates. So govt should not discourage transporters from delivering their goods in time. Remember Zambia is a linking country and has the shorted route for neighbouring countries.

  53. After being fired that`s when he is talking for the poor voters,when he was stealing with them he was quite he is power hungry.DR .of mpatamato.

  54. For some time I had not been on the Great North Road. Last weekend I travelled to Kabwe and was horrified to see the state of the road . On most parts of the strtch you literary forced off the road due to the depresions caused one wonders whether it was soon after construction or due to heavy traffic.I then understood why weve had all the accidents on this road. So yes I would agree with Kambwili that whether day time or night the likely hood of an accident on this road is very high. My brother Zindada look at the state of the road.Let the road be repaired. No one wants to die . Accidents can be prevented.

  55. Zambia railways can cushion the gap,”where there is a problem,other opportunities arise “especially kitwe to Livingstone.

  56. But this alpha silverback gorilla also, even after being overthrown from being the head of the Mwata Yamvo Katangese troope in Zambi it still keeps on the rant making some useless moaning noises! Maybe Chagwa should just put a bullet in its backside where it never shines to for once put it out of itse sorry stinking misery.

  57. If there is any person living in Zambia today “falsely” claiming to be a homosapien (modern man) when they are basically some slightly evolved but wholly savage Neanderthal is no other than Chimbwili Kashimba! Just look at his “Senegalease” tarmac complexion, his baboon eyes and “gumugumu chilikumuti” gills, the chap is a fossil and should not be living amoung us today!

  58. Galu iwe! What are talking about foolish? You were in the forefront campaigning for the drunkard president but now after you have been dropped as a minister that’s when you have seen that he is a failure you should be the last person to talk nonsense!

  59. Oh, please his gorilla like nostrils, watchout when sitting next to him, you could sponteneously asphyxiate, collapse and die. I mean, those tubor charged nostrils are like doubly cylinders, they pull oxygen like a magnum hoover.

  60. Someone who operates a lodge on the route to Nakonde told me that lodge owners have suffered massively because of night travel by buses because very few people stop over at their lodges to stay overnight. According to him, their businesses are collapsing and their workers are being laid off. To him, the night travel ban is a relief because now their lodge business will experience a revival. Is Chishimba Kambwili not thinking of these people as well? They also have families and dependents to look after.

  61. Everything has advantages and disadvantages,but don’t look down upon the one trying to preserve your life,coz life is precious.the lungu’s maybe bad on some other things but on this night ban driving I give him a merit
    Go to Botswana it’s 18:00hrs on some roads you have to park because of there animals and also preventing human lives lost to animals at night.

  62. I was going to comment. But then, I realise I would be operating at the same level of incongruity. I shall only say,’how come in Zambia, every body thinks they are an expert in everything else?’. Yeeish!

  63. On this one I wish to agree with Kambwili. It is a pity that the entire government can arrive at a decision out of emotion. Don’t we have people who think in the PF government? Why should we be making decisions based on the whims and fancies of one person whose thinking is limited? There is nothing wrong with travelling at night but there is everything wrong with travelling on bad roads. What we need are good roads and not stopping vehicles from moving at night. If you check our roads, especially the road between Lusaka and the Copperbelt, it is very dangerous. Even during the day accidents will still be there because of the deplorable roads. We need to improve our roads to enhance safety. Government is an embarrassment. How do you ban night travel? Why deal with the symptom and not the…

  64. RATSA should just stop being lazy and implement deliberate safety mechanisms that will protect road users at night e.g. a PSV license that allows night driving awarded to driver’s who have being trained extensively in defensive driving, like the other blogger mentioned digital monitors in the buses indicating speed etc but most importantly ratsa need to realise that the need to approach this challenge holistically meaning the must engage the bus operators, the bus drivers, the passengers the police and see how each of these players can contribute simultaneously towards the prevention of accidents thanks

  65. True business doesn’t sleep there are adequate laws to deal with such but Govt never allows rtsa to effect them. Last time rtsa acted but grz revoked within a day.

  66. President Lungu says he wants to listen to a common man, I have on many occasions suggested that RTSA inspectors travel incognito on these buses to monitor what goes on. They must buy tickets like ordinary people, over speeding is the main cause and they can avert it. If RTSA officers are a few, incorporate our vibrant corrupt police officers. Drivers will be cautious, fake doctor is right that we need to find better ways of stopping accidents than disrupting business

  67. Looks like Kambwili’s recent ‘eye’ operation was a success!! Blind man he was when in government. Now he can see!

  68. @Sansakuwa Kanjangu. You killed me with laughter. Your descriptive narrations are offensive. Its good he is not a policeman, otherwise he would want to pursue you. Nevertheless, Keep it up!!

  69. Welcome to Zambia where we limit your movement and business dealings at critical hours. Our many accidents happen because it is dark at night not because our bus drivers are either not given essential training to hold their licences, not because of our potholes or lack of electric lights on our roads or even checking on our drivers if they drive drunk. We just ban travel and ask questions last! As for all those complaining this what you wanted PF..so suck it!

  70. LOOMING CIVIL UNREST? This is alarming the nation, can the police arrest CK so that he can give further details about this looming civil unrest, when is it going to take place, who is behind this civil unrest etc etc. We are watching curiously to see if the police have enough balls to arrest this man! Next to resign from PF is Edigar Chagwa somebody, just wait for this drama to unfold!

  71. Much as it may be true,inciting civil unrest is not a panacea .The Police should make an arrest and clarify what Kambwili is insinuating.Nevertheless when will the ban to travel during day be effected because lives too are being lost.

Comments are closed.

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