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Two women murdered by husbands in Western province

Rural News Two women murdered by husbands in Western province


Two women in Western Province have been killed by their husbands in separate incidents.The incidents happened in Senanga and Sesheke.
Provincial police chief Charles Lungu confirmed the killings in an interview yesterday.Mr Lungu said police were holding in custody two men for the alleged killings.

“I can confirm that this week alone we have recorded two cases of spouse killings in the province and the culprits have since been apprehended,” Mr Lungu said.
He said in the Senanga murder, police apprehended Mwangala Maseke, 38, for allegedly killing his wife after a drinking spree.

Mr Lungu said according to reports, the suspect and his wife Mubanga Kalyata, 50, on Wednesday evening went drinking at a bar and on their way home picked a quarrel that led to a fight.

Mr Lungu said Maseke overpowered his wife and beat her till she collapsed and died on the way to the hospital.Mr Lungu said the man was in police custody and was being interrogated over the incident. The body of the deceased is in Senanga District Hospital mortuary.

In the Sesheke case, police are holding in custody Cyprian Ndonji, 40, for shooting dead his wife.Mr Lungu said Ndonji and his wife Nasilele Makokwa on Monday picked a quarrel at their house around 21:00 hours after which gunshots were heard. In the process of investigations, police discovered a rifle in the suspect’s house.

Mr Lungu said the province had continued to record an increase in gender-based violence cases despite sensitisation against the vice.
He assured that police would not relent in speaking against violence between couples.


  1. Mmm who knows maybe they have heard that women now in zambia ar monsters,so they where trying to defend there sets before there where tempered with.but all the same deal with them to teach others how to solve matters by talking not fighting.

    • No wonder he killed her. By old Zambian tradition, she was old enough to be his mother. He wanted aka fresh, but it won’t happen now.

    • They have to establish cause, motive, other evidence etc., in order to determine if to charge the suspect for first, second, or third degree murder or manslaughter etc. Remember that, by law, every suspect is presumed innocent, until proven guilty. The other issue is the type of evidence required for presentation before a court of law. It could be “substantive”, “beyond reasonable doubt’, etc., etc.. That’s why law is law. It’s neither hunch nor intuition.

    • There is also what they refer to as “premeditated murder” as opposed to “accidental killing” on the spur of a moment or in the heat of an argument, what was the level of provocation?… etc…

  2. These incidents, very sad as they are, do not surprise me any more. Before I got married I used to condemn spouse battering and killings a lot but not any more. But when I got into that sacred institution I got to know now why there’s spouse battering and killings. The woman I married was something else, a monster who wanted to be a dictator in the home. The best is to seek spiritual guidance and counselling or go separate ways when you notice that your differences are getting dangerous.

    • “The woman I married was something else, a monster who wanted to be a dictator in the home.”

      Kikikikikikiki you have made my day. Know a woman by what her mother is.

  3. So far nobody has been reported as having murdered anyone after a spliff! Instead of trying to police weed ban alcohol! Both these cases are alcohol-fueled. In fact it is on record that jilted lovers go to the shebeen and then come back to hurl insults pa chipanda where the chick who relegated them lives! Awe mwe!

  4. @mushota you got cerebral of your death in NW and now you nolonger wish NW any good.mmmm who cares of your sick headed wishes and the like.seat relax maybe you can get fully recovered my dear mushota.

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