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They are throwing tantrums:Enroute to one party state?

Columns They are throwing tantrums:Enroute to one party state?

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila chats with Minister of Labour Joyce during Zambia Congress Trade Union Golden jubilee Celebration at Mulungushi Conference Center
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila chats with Minister of Labour Joyce Nonde-Simukoko

The Patriotic Front through its proxy has openly declared war against the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) President Linda Kasonde. In his own words the PF Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwale told the media that the PF government will treat Ms. Linda Kasonde as their political enemy.

Let me start by saying that the latest attacks on the judiciary and the Law Association of Zambia by the PF is the most eccentric way in the recent past. Mr. Davies Mwila who is also Chipili Constituency losing candidate in the last elections has exhibited bitterness and lack of leadership in the manner he has threatened a harmless woman who is simply doing her job. If anything it is only cowards who issue threats against women.

it is only cowards who issue threats against women

It is unfortunate that the Patriotic Front has decided to through tantrums at everyone and every institution that is opposed to their ideas. The patriotic front Chief Executive did not behave in a manner befitting his position. His behaviour is savagely and must be condemned. It is wrong to issues such threats on institution and individuals who are simply exercising their right to expression. At the rate the PF is moving they may just declare war against the people who voted them into power. For once the PF should listen and pay attention to the real issues affecting the citizens as opposed what we are seeing now. It is the spirit of democracy that government allows the citizens to express themselves freely without being victimised. The PF have instilled fear in the life of the LAZ president, a situation which is very unfortunate and may result in her failing to perform her duties effectively.

The PF started by frustrating the media and succeeded in closing The Post newspaper. This is what dictators enjoy. They love it when no one is criticising them and they enjoy having praise singers around them. The Patriotic Front leadership is proving to be a team of savages who can’t pay attention to the cries and needs of the people. Earlier this year I indicated that we are creating a monster in PF and I still maintain my position. If those close to the president continue telling him ‘lies’ and we allow them to do so uninterrupted, we will only have but ourselves to blame. the President must act and tame his people who I believe their behaviour is an embarrassment to the office of the president.

The behaviour of the Patriotic Front indicate that they are taking us in a direction good enough to impose a one party state on the country. It is very strange how the PF leadership is slow to respond and act on the issues that affect the very people who put them in power but are very quick to rush out at anyone who seems to threaten their stay in power. Zambia is currently faced with a lot of challenges that require action from the PF. Attacking individuals such as the LAZ president is a waste of time and energy on the part of the PF. It is a sign of failure and cowardice to behave in this manner. They must stop shifting the blame on others when things don’t go their way. That is just how life must be, you win some and lose some. They have the responsibility to deliver development to the Zambian people and that must be their number one priority.

It is common sense that the Patriotic Front together with its leadership seem to have become very powerful and drunk with authority. I know of a few good people within the PF who I believe must be ashamed with what some of the leaders within the party are doing and saying. The PF must remember that there shall be a time when they will have to leave office and be accountable to the people.

May God bless Zambia.

By David Kapoma

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  1. Shallow analysis ba David. You see when the PF single out Linda, it’s because she’s rotten to the core. They’re merely asking her not to exhibit double standards in her actions. Mind you the president is a senior member of LAZ and thus knows and understands what she’s supposed to be doing. To say only cowards attack women is both naive and stupid. Should we sit idle when a woman is over stepping her boundaries. Her position and actions invite a reaction. Whether it be a man or woman, she’s represents laz

    • Trying to dress a nekedi lady in public using a Gstring does not mean you have covered her nudity. Linda is and will remain nude regardless of what you say in defence. Laz does not operate under the umbrella of an opposition party. Laz comprises members from different parties who’s objective is to offer legal advice to govt and public at large. What we ‘ve observed of late is a situation where by Linda on her own behalf while using the Laz title is commenting on any political event under the shade of Upnd in criticizing Pf govt and remaining mute on the insults Upnd is showering on the judiciary. Laz is supposed to speak through their public relations or spokes person not president. All sane people should condemn this behaviour exhibited by Linda because she is only succeeding in…

    • True, but why did she not provide it when HH attacked and insulted the Constitutional Court and the Judges. She should be seen to be non-partisan. Mwila is only express his views too and asking Kasonde to be fair in her comments to all political players. She has shown that she is anti-Lungu and PF from the moment she became boss of LAZ. She is behaving like someone who has a bone to chew with Lungu or PF and openly siding with HH and UPND. How do you expect Mwila to remain silent in this situation. We are still waiting for her comments to HH’s insults to the CC and the Judges.

    • For sure Mr David Kapoma. As usual, that is what one expects from PF violent & visionless bandits of Lungu.
      PF is a party established on violence, threats, thuggery & pathological lies. PF is a dictatorial & visionless pathetic party that has nothing to offer but thuggery.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Well Skeleton, not every Zambian thinks as you do. It is for this reason that PF has always and will continue to defeat HH and UPND because they are living in dreamland and in real times, The time they wake up to reality, they will be given the mandate. Lungu are not perfect, but have been given the trust. You may cry but not change that. Kasonde thought HH would win and get a position and is disappointed.

      We have always advised HH and UPND to re-brand but they never listen and hence will always be kissing dust. What a shame!!!

    • @Matebele! iwe c!kala chawiso, are you suggesting that what Amos Chanda said about the judges (warning them against passing judgement in favor of the opposition) is right. itole lyobe, it is not all of us who are partisan. some of us look at issues objectively. being in government does not mean that you should bulldoze all important decisions. What Amos said was stupid and not befitting a leader. Grow up, it should not be politics and PF all the time.

    • @Kaputo Davies What Amos Chanda said was 100% correct. Anybody in leadership, be it the executive , the legislature, the judiciary or the Church is open to criticism. If LAZ does want criticism, then it should stop commenting on national issues.


    • How can Pf succeed in taking us back to one party state? Consider the following
      1. The republican constitution has to change
      2. Pf constitution also has to change
      3. This can take at least 10years to happen.
      4. Not everyone in pf would support it
      5. Not every Zambian would support it.
      6. Because of 4&5 above the referendum would be called
      7. You see it’s only 1mbeciles like you who think OFF tangent with your tribal leader.
      8. It’s fooolish to think of one party state because it can’t happen. Just compain hard for your party to win elections.
      The story about one party state is only propaganda intended for dull people like you to hate pf.

    • @HH Techilema, that’s the problem I have with the political alarmists. They want to portray that one can just wake up and declare a “ONE PARTY STATE “. Coming to the “so-called attacks on the judiciary ” only a dead person can turn a blind eye to the misconduct of some of our judges. Chanda was asked and he answered without malice. All he did was point out that “they were aware of the goings on because these don’t live on Mars but among us and therefore easy to see their activities “(paraphrased) .

  3. Lungu must FIRE this Davies Mwila forthwith!

    Anything less will just prove that it is actually Lungu himself supporting this undemocratic and unconstitutional nonsense.

    In any civilised country Mwila would be prosecuted for hate speech and possibly even treason.

    This arrogance and hatred by PF will destroy Zambia unless immediately stopped.

    • Madam Kasonde elected to be partisan by only attacking one political party (PF) and remain silent when HH and UPND insulted the Constitutional Court and the Judges.

      Mwila has a job to defend his Party when he feels it is unfairly treated. Kasonde should only openly stand as an MP for UNPD instead of hiding behind LAZ or else she will not be spared in term of criticism for her political inclinations.

  4. Well, slowly but sure, only that PF doesnt realize that or maybe they just dont want. But the time you come to realization, will be too late.
    – 7 tenure
    – Jidiciary can be attacked
    – etc
    current mapping the terain to see how Zambians will react, and if they stay quite, that is you shouldnt be suprised.

    • Please be coherent in your comments. It is difficult to understand what you are saying. You may want to ask someone to write your thoughts for you.

    • @arseholeguy, no need for Linda to waste time on criticizing UPND because they are not in government. Decisions and comments from UPND opposition have no major impact on government performance as a whole.
      Threats to the judiciary by a senior government officer should be taken seriously by any normal persons whose not a parasite cadre like yourself.
      Linda and LAZ are doing a great job calling out the PF mediocrity.

  5. For starters, Linda objected to the GOVERNMENT [Amos Chanda, civil servant, representing the President, Executive,etc] issuing threats against the judiciary. The Government has real chances of harming the judiciary because the executive appoints members of the judiciary and pays them. Linda NEVER attacked the PF but the GOVERNMENT. It is extremely dangerous not to distinguish between the PF and the government. The PF belongs to its members, however defined, but the Government is for ALL who live in Zambia, including foreigners. Comparing the UPND which does not control government to the PF which does, is ignorant!
    Amos Chanda also appears to be totally ignorant of the Kenyan model of judiciary reform. The Kenyan model was intended to rid the judiciary of corruption that had infested the…

    • Johannes, Mwila was speaking as PF and not government. What is your problem? You are failing to comprehend a simple matter, can handle complicated politics then? No wonder UPND seems to be so confused and out of tune with current political culture in Zambia.

      Come on, show some political stamina not this show of lack political articulation nor understanding. We are in Zambia and not Mars! We should confuse issues and cheat people, be truthful!!!

  6. Am 100% sure that the PF will see this advice with hostility only and curse the author because it has exposed their weakness but not appreciate the the value contained therein.

    • Iwe, there is no substance but only show of lack of political maturity by this so-called UPND leader. No wonder they failing to lead UPND to success. A grade 7 PF cadre can articulate and reason better than this UPND leader. he should be led not lead. And you are proud of such useless and empty talk. Your so-called leader failed to respond accordingly to what Mwila or said. He is instead beating about the bush and playing to the UPND gallery! marabishi!!!!

  7. @Kaputo Davis, so what HH said is befitting a leader? You should also Grow up. What people are saying is that Linda being a LAZ president should not side with any one but condemn every one when they error. But with you UPND you don’t see any thing wrong with your Linda as long as she is supporting your party hence your are making a bad leader.

  8. @ 6, insulting the judges as an opposition president, what will happen when he is the Republican president? is any one going to be spared? That is when all will witness dictatorship.

  9. Princess Kasune Zulu Upnd MP for Keembe was invited to the launch of 2017 planting season by the Chisamba farms under which her consitituency falls. Edgar was the guest and the two happened to sit together. This has angered Upnd who have accused her of planning to cross over to PF and want her expelled from the party. My concern is that if Upnd members are not allowed to mix with other Zambians isn’t that not infringement on individual human rights.

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