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UPND bans its MPs from attending state functions until all petition cases are heard

Headlines UPND bans its MPs from attending state functions until all petition cases...

President Lungu with Princess Kasune Zulu UPND MP for Keembe at Chisamba at Hungry Farm at the Launching the 2016/17 planting Season
President Lungu with Princess Kasune Zulu UPND MP for Keembe at Chisamba at Hungry Farm at the Launching the 2016/17 planting Season

The opposition UPND has banned all its Members of Parliament and Councillors from attending state functions until all the election petitions cases are decided by the courts of law.

UPND Secretary General Stephen Kakuta said in an interview that the party will not tolerate any of its officials to be seen at state functions.

Mr Kakuta said UPND officials seen mingling with government officials at state functions can easily be misunderstood by the public.

He said the UPND has a number of undecided cases regarding the outcomes of the August elections adding that attending state functions amounts to accepting that the PF won the elections fairly.

Mr Kakuta’s comments follows the controversy that has surrounded Keembe UPND MP Princess Kasune Zulu’s attendance of the launch of the 2016/2017 planting season at Chisamba’s Zambeef Farms.

The UPND Secretary General said Mrs Zulu’s attendance at the event which was officiated by President Edgar Zulu can be understood because she is new to African politics.

He said Mrs Zulu did not consult the party before accepting the invitation to attend the event which he said has put her in bad light with some members of the party.

But Mrs Zulu said in a statement that the statement from the UPND that she will be punished for attending the event is a displacement.
“My posture in the photo circulating on social media was purely a case of paying courtesy arising from me being invited to the seat. I remain a loyal and committed members of the UPND. At no time did I say or do I intend to leave the UPND and go to the PF,” Mrs Zulu said.

She added, “My attendance at the launch of the 2016/2017 Planting Season was purely an invitation by the National Framers Union in conjunction with ZAMBEEF. To which all the 10 planters were from my constituency Keembe which had the approval of both the whip and leader of the UPND in the House. As it was an official function for me to support the farmers and key stakeholders of Keembe.”

“I therefore stand to clarify and correct any misconstrued allegations in the social media.”

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    • It actually makes sense.

      Trouble is these MP’s in their mind – after elections, all they want to think about is easiest ways to make themselves rich. You only do that by flirting with the main Government. Although that is expected- publicly doing so like this lady Man in the picture brings their loyalty in question.

      About time they make a stand , do UPND.

      BB 2014

    • This is a bad attitude. It prevents UPND MPs from delivering on their promises. It may backfire on them in the next elections.modern politics must be practiced. Ukufwita eyo bane!

    • Honestly, where is this going to take the party? The outcome of the petitions is unlikely to affect the Presidency. The damage was done by the concourt. Focus should now turn to 2021.

    • What happened to patriotism? Love of country? All this being done to stroke the ego of one person. Everyone take a breathe Zambia is bigger than one individual or political party. Over the next century this country will be ruled by many people of different persuasions. We should secure the nation for our children. The election results won’t be overturned no matter what. The USA is already moving on even with the possibility that the election may have been rigged and a less than desirable candidate winning. Hilary moved quickly to heal the nation by conceding. Only someone with dictatorial tendency would prolong the petition this long. Would the Upnd really want the Zambians to go back to the polls again? Rigged or not rigged too much time had elapsed. H h concede and let get on with…

    • Now just weird coming from the UPND after PF Mwila statement and now from UPND …. we see clearly that these partys donot expect their MP to fully represent their people but the Party affiliations. Voters are simply a means to an end …. I expect the UPND to be different and not stoop this low. Waiting to hear from HH

    • Simple logic begs: whom does the MP represent in Parliament and at national functions in their constituency for that matter, the party or the people who elected them into office?
      We should think twice before making reckless statements lest our motives be read otherwise – ill.

    • She has started prostituting herself. She’s never content with only one party – or man. Is that why she caught H…?

    • This confirms that UPND is a collapsed party.

      In other words UPND is a former party.

      The greatest support for UPND is the ended elections.

      There is no more UPND remaining.

  1. UPND and their under 5 politics masangalatoni chabe..

    Then they should ban all MPs from attending parliament becuase that os a state fun tion and not PF function

    • DP: I agree with you. Secondly what is the color of African Politics? This is a sad instruction. Parliament was opened by the president and all the business being discussed is PF Government business. Now what are the UPND MPs doing in parliament? This innocent lady Zulu has become a target for wicked and evil schemes. She has explained that the farmers invited were from her constituency. Come on UPND so you wanted her to abandone her farmers simply because ECL was going in the area. African politics indeed. By the way Katuka why did you attend the conference in RSA?

    • You remember Solomon’s judgment in the bible cut the baby into half after both women claimed ownership of the baby and the reaction of the owner of the child who said do not kill the baby give it to the other woman because she wanted to save the child?
      That is what HH should do if he loves Zambia. Whether he lost the elections or not he should not set Zambia ablaze. HH may go but UPND as a party will remain. The problem I see is that it is only HH who wants to be president under UPND and that is where desperation is coming from. This desperation will be very dangerous in 2021

  2. Next time careful when with pf chaps, they will use, abuse, misuse you and dump you but never reuse you. They good at using their media to make you look like you are on their side.

  3. What do you expect from a headless chicken like Kaponya (HH), Katuka and Deepak. They have no vision, no direction and now they are clutching at straws in their political free fall, lost and visionless nincompooop Under 5s. Kaponya (HH) is about to be deposed by Nevers Mumbwe and GBM is about to defect.
    Anderson Mazoka is turning in his grave after Kaponya (HH) ascended to UPND presidency only to become a dictator Hadolf Hitler

    2016 vote Mr Kudos Most Popular Revolutionary Radical Patriotic Blogger

  4. MPs are representatives of the people once elected into office not their parties. Okay then, if this is the case, let them also not attend to their gratuities and salaries, because those are paid for by citizen tax payers. Who also are the initiators of state functions.


    • Taking advice from adversaries is like accepting a poisoned chalice from the Pharisees. Drink it at your own peril. Hobnobbing with PF and Lungu is not the same as attending Parliament and Council meetings.

  6. Then let all MPs stop attending parliament because this shows that they will just go to make allowances for themselves and not presenting the people who voted them

    • That’s your dull assumption. There are lots of PF MPs who have never made a maiden speech in 5 years of Parliament. What are they doing there?

  7. This is Zambia carefully before you fall out with next time don’t just accept before consulting the party leaders there is need for you learn more about Zambian politics.

  8. Who cares! Their bitterness will only kill them. PF is smiling and in full control. If they do not want to participate in State matters, they should not make any comments on State matters. It should be total boycot. Then they should also staep down as MPs until the petitions are over.

    PF, Ni all smiles chabe!!! let the losers continue kick themselves in their own wounds and continue to cry due to self-caused injury. And you say you have a party!! Ma rubbisih full of empty heads!!! Atase! Who cares!!!!

  9. Misunderstood by whom? An MP with the Head of State; how can be that be misunderstood…this party has a jewel in this MP who is light years ahead of what we have currently in Parliament both in ruling and opposition. As usual this party is more focused on trival silly issues instead of the bigger picture.

    • The bigger picture is to have a consistent message. PF are riggers, abusers and thieves. Does your Lazy Bum Lungu need any support from the opposition?

  10. There we go with the under 5 party. Poor strategy and please tell your MPs to stop attending parliament proceedings as well since bo Inonge is representing the government you don’t recognize.

  11. You won’t make any difference and for the man directing you to stop attending state functions is not presenting any one in Zambia because no one can vote for him. He will just destroy your chance of speaking for your people. This bitterness is beyond a normal thinking person and it won’t take you any where. Parliament is a state function and the money you receive is state money. People voted for you to be represented so do the needful and show your UPND leaders that you’re above trival silly issues that won’t take the nation any where. Live above politics and do your needful. You were elected because people had confidence in you and not HH. Let HH fight his own battles .

  12. If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em, so goes an ancient adage. UPND must not be seen as though desperate to unleash the last kick of a dying horse.

  13. I cannot see what is wrong with this stance. All Political Parties thru their Chief Whip are compelled to follow Party Policy in Parliament. UPND cannot be in Courts accusing PF of having stolen the elections and dining and partying with them outside the Courts. U cannot assiciate with somebody u do not recognize as having been legitimately elected as President of Zambia. That is what the the Presidential Petetion is all about. This is fairly straight forward.

    • Mooba. kindly let me understand. If this is fairly straight forward as you put it, why should UPND chose to interact with PF MPs and the Vic-President in Parliament if they are not to associate with people they do not recognise. Why can’t they stay away from Parliament as well. Please explain this to me. I think UPND leadership has lost it and simply do not know how to respond to their electoral lose. They should also stop getting any money which is coming from a Government they do not recognise, such as MP allowances and bonuses. I am sure my brother Mooba you can see that this a stupid idea and very difficult to defend, even by yourself. just accept that UPND leadership had gone bananas in the head. It is as laughable as equally shameful! My foot!

  14. Mr KATUKA, Sir, I think the problem starts with the UPND adoption process – so you should be blaming yourself and the UPND Presidency . You and the UPND always fall prey the naive and the daring like Monde, Siamunene and now Kasune because you have NO criteria for adopting candidates as MPs. What has this woman Kasune done to be adopted as your MP? The truth is she has done NOTHING except activism in HIV prevention. That alone should NOT be a qualification for adoption as an MP. That woman enjoys the limelight ALL the time and even a picture with a corrupt President Lungu goes all the way to satisfying her personal ego. She is simply NOT MP material and is in fact too naive to be a leader – the UPND interview for adoption should have picked that up if there had been a clear criteria!

  15. As a people we need to start to distinguish between party politics and civic leadership. When one is elected MP, MAYOR or COUNCILLOR then party politics fall out for as long as functions/events are GOVERNMENT PROGRAMMES period. Mind u there is a legimate govt sworn into office as per our constitution.

  16. @Mooba its true you are Mooba (tonga)!!!so if upnd do not recognize the PF Govnt,then what are your mps from bantustan areas doing in parliament and each friday ask bo PF veep Inonge Wina questions?you really look f00lish in our eyes!!thats why most us cannot vote for a upnd councillor,mayor,mp and hh because upnd as a party do not make sense.all upnd believe in is fighting opponents!!surely whats wrong with your mp attending public functions?why cant upnd for once respect people’s choice in ECL?nobody goes into a game and think that if it wont be me winning the game,then i wont accept defeat-this is madness!!upnd as a party lost,allow those who won represent their voters freely because people voted for them not to serve hh!!

  17. Leason to this MP. You joined the wrong group. See how they almost wasted you on kariba dam. Sleep with one eye open in there madam HIV. Iv said my own ooooo

  18. Parliament is a national assembly and not a pf or state Assembly hence only an ***** can think that upnd MPs must not be attending Parliament.

    • Iwe uli chinangwa ka! What is the DIFFERENCE between “national assembly” and “state Assembly” in our national setup? Explain this one to me!

      Ba UPND mwalipena ba sana ba CHUUNDU CHAITWA bamambala imwe! I don’t know what you will do when your little god is no more. You will be the most lost souls Zambia has ever seen. Get the h3ll out of that CULT called (U)nited (P)arty for (N)atural (D)ummies before it is to late.

      You people are completely losing it!!!!

    • and the launch of the planting season is a PF function, iyaggggg kkkkkk, hahahahaha, kkkkkk lalalalalala, yaaaa, ubupuba mukalemana nabwena

  19. Ati “President Edgar Zulu…” Also ” … by the National Framers Union”. Awe BaLT mwachilamo ma-mistakes or thats how you check if we are following … kikiki.

    Anway besides that this party is a party of bitter people and they are a danger to society at large. Why pick a quarrel with someone representing her people in Keembe. She is not petitioning her sit you goons. She is acting as a leader and Zambian for that matter. National Assembly is national business and not PF business. You are just fulls. Give us a break i.diots.

  20. You wonder were these decrees were made MPs stand on a party ticket but represent their people one wonders anyway bring convention u will see how angry we really are 2021 zambia forward under newleadership

  21. There you are, when I say that this party is actually called UPNDonkeys, do you doubt it? Its all clear now. And it had to take that pretty Princess Kasune Zulu to expose the donkeys. What a marvellous MP! Pure heart of a human being not these Katukas and HH donkeys!
    Very soon HH will be seeking to know her tribe, if Ngoni, he will call them mice eaters they way he described Chief Justice, Esau Chulu, RB etc in one of his unguarded moments.

  22. That’s mediocre leadership from Hakainde Hichilema and GBM. First of all withdraw all your MP’s from parliament untill all cases in court are disposed off. Why keep truant MP’s while you warn progressive parliamentarians attending state functions.The MP’s represent people not hh and gbm. Besides hh shouldn’t be a small god to worship and he should also realise that he cannot decide what time should people start seeing development. His hopeless cases in courts should not hinder development. Let the MP’s work so that they can be returned after five years as opposed to waiting for another loss awaiting Hakainde and his minions.

  23. In short Katuka is giving us a new commandment “Hate your neighbor as you love HH “. This a very bad seed for our future. People may change their minds on their support for Upnd based on this attitude. By the way has kasune Zulu petitioned her election?

  24. It is merely a precaution to avert temptations that come with a desperate and hell bent GOVT. Honestly I don’t see any good coming out of this gang of looters unless ECL stands his ground and starts by shaking off those parasites that have ended up soiling his hands.
    Amos…a potential Dictator maker
    Kaizer…Gun- toting bully and silencer
    Chama…Loose canon and tribalist
    Mwila…Loose mouth and tribalist
    Kampyongo….unguided misile

  25. I agree with UPND. Light and darkness do not mix. What is difficult? Straight forward issue. Olo ba tuma invitation, osayendako

  26. It’s only a week ago when pf top leadership warned it’s MPs not to vote against any motion that comes to parliament, they said any pf mp who votes against will be viewed as going against the party and will be punished. Today pfool caders want to sound patriotic by saying that mp represent the people and not the party, you chaps must be mad.

    • Asking MPs to actively participate in any debate and stick to their Party position is different from asking MPs to boycott Parliamentary proceedings.

      You have just no defence for what Kakuta said. It is so difficult for you to defend him that you have to beat about the bush and avoid debating the real issue. Who stands to lose if you stay away? it is your voters and MPs themselves in the long run. Remember their are elections coming in the next 5 years. If you decide to stay away for that period how are you going to justify you relevance as MPs to your voter. You will lose again with this stupid thinking.

      And next time please remember to write intelligibly and coherently.

  27. If UPND has functional heads, let them stop attending parliament as it is a state function actualized by the official opening by the President. If they continue attending parliament them consider them all as lunatics and i.diots.

  28. Princess Kasune the way you are seated next to Edgar Lungu like a couple. I agree with Katuka that she should have consulted before attending that event because she knows exactly where her party stands in as far as attending state functions is concerned.

  29. ANC was a much level headed party than UPND but the support base and the singular objective of a tonga president remains the same. ANC caused the introduction of one party state and it seems the UPNDonkeys want to drive this country to the same destination which we discarded in 1991 through the MMD. It seems Never Mumba does not read history for how can he associate with a donkey underfive who wants to drive the country to what MMD fought? Now one would have expected that UPNDonkeys would have learnt from history to do things better and more importantly that there is no place for a tonga president in Zambia, no place for a bemba president, luvale, ngoni, swaka, or a president by any of the 73 tribes. We have space only for a ZAMBIAN PRESIDENT. Repeat Zambia has no place for a TONGA…

  30. UPND must understand that MPs and Councillors are voted by the public, not GBM and HH to their offices. This is the reason why I don’t believe a drop of UPND’s promises to develop Zambia if they can force their members to shun public functions just to gain a political milage for their party (UPND).

  31. They work with the Vice president in Parliament and are advised not to when its outside. Is it the allowances that bind them or indeed the work and the earlier(allowance) a consequence of the works done? Shame to the leadership of UPND.

  32. UPND Members of Parliament and Councillors, remember that you have people to represent in Parliament and your constituency respectively. If you agreed to your Master to stop attending these functions, the it is as good as you resigning from your positions. Your people will not be presented if you abscond. There am directing the Govt of the day to stop paying for your allowances with immediate effect. It will be foolish of you all to listen to such advice from you Master. Work Zambians.

  33. Is Kakuta telling us that UPND MPs are just there for Sitting Allowances and Monthly Salaries of
    ZMW 70, 000.00 for free & no work. Someone in UPND is jealous of Princess Kasune Zulu. The best decision Kakuta can do is to ban both video & still cameras at all state functions so that Princess Kasune Zulu can’t be seen attending these functions. What wrong with UPND, they have already banned UPND women from giving their husbands conjugal rights & they still want more bans?

  34. All useless comments are coming from useless Pfools who are thinking in reverse which is dununa reverse,don’t think you Pfools are clever. The law will catch up with you sooner that later.

    • Iwe 100% Tribalist, it not about Dununa Reverse, but whether what Kakuta said is sensible or not. Whether it will have any political clout or not.

      That is what Dununa Reverse mean, that UPND will continue to behave in reverse order as a losing party. The harder HH and UPND tries, the more the go in reverse gear. PF to them is like an impenetrable fortress that pushes them to reverse. Dununa UPND into reverse gear. Already you and your MPs are dununaring themselves into non-performing MPs by going into self-imposed reverse gear. DUNUNA UPND INTO REVERSE. IT IS WORKING!!!!! However, we do not care if you stay away forever! For us ni all smiles chabe!!!

  35. Zambian journalists!!…. UPND Secretary General is Stephen Katuka and not Kakuta.
    Secondly, the Zambian disputed President is Edgar Lungu and not Zulu….
    Ba Lusaka Times; please hire people to proof read before posting…

  36. HH has a very very twisted mind, he thinks he owns the upnd mps, it looks like upnd is hh. He wants every member to bow down to him. He is a dictator, no convention, it is hh wamuyaya. I shudder to think what would happen if allowed to govern this country going by the way he is running upnd. There are people who were brought up in abject poverty like hh but they do not behave the way hh behaves. He has so much hatred for ECL it is frightening. There is no body in upnd who can stand up to hh, the small god. They would drink doom if hh commanded them to. Since Zambeef is owned by hh should people stop buying beef from there. Ati SDA elder


  38. This is petty jealous; UPND you must learn to be objective for once. How can people vote for you if you’ve an anti-development agenda, because you seem to be against everything the PF gov’t is doing. Please grow up guys, how can we develop our country like with such kind of opposition parties? Please if you cannot afford to be in opposition, dissolve your party and let another party take over your place – UPND is increasingly becoming irrelevant to Zambian politics (They are always preaching hate and violence like EEF of South Africa). God bless Zambia!

  39. Naimwe ba PF mwachilamo ukwiba ama votes yabanenu. Deep down you know mwaliba ama votes. Hillary conceded defeat bcos she lost but you guys stole the votes in broad daylight. Even if they go back to campaigning how sure are they that you won’t steal theirs votes again? So let them fight now so that this stealing business should not be repeated. Why did Lungu have to force himself on the Majority who didn’t want him since he has no vision except for traveling all the time.

  40. UPND’s position is fast becoming untenable at this rate. It is like a child vowing not to recognize his mother but at mealtimes he is sitting at the table to eat her food. Our system is a presidential system and the buck in a lot of things stops at the presidency. So now how will you function as an opposition party outside parliament? Self-annihilation underway perhaps?


  42. When we’re children what used to happen is it’s your ball being used in a game that you’re losing, you just grab the ball and run home. Similar with Katuka ‘s attitude?

  43. The beginning of the end for UPNDonkey party? No, it actually started on 11 August 2016. These are just worrying signs of acceleration to oblivion of a party that was born with so much promise.
    So does Donkey Katuka think that all his MPs are happy with this? Or was it an instruction from Chief Donkey? All the same, will not go anywhere. In fact this is a violation of individual freedom of movement and association, and freedom to attend functions and events of your choice according to civil liberties under the constution. Now isn’t Chief Donkey in the High Court challenging what he calls his right to be heard by the Constution court? Are there civil liberties for HH and another inferior set for his MPs? UPND MPs just do what you want, Chief Donkey or Donkey Katuka cannot win a case…

  44. UPND MPs just do what you want, Chief Donkey or Donkey Katuka cannot win a case against you on these grounds. If anything he is a perfect candidate for ICC, after Zambian law is done with him …..hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho!!!!!

  45. Do people know that Mansa in Luapula province was once an ANC stronghold together with Mufulira? Yet the party was lead by Southerner. This is because there was no “only a Tonga …” by Sejani or “it’s time for a Tonga….” by Munkombwe and Vernon Mwaanga.

  46. This confirms that UPND is a collapsed party.

    In other words UPND is a former party.

    The greatest support for UPND is the ended elections.

    There is no more UPND remaining.

  47. …until then, PF is in power, PERIOD. ISSUES IN COURTS SHOULD NOT BE PREDETERMINED. LET THE COURTS, MPs and COUNCILLORS ALONE, they are just doing their job. And, who is this President edgar zulu.

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