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Kasama has another agro-processing plant

Rural News Kasama has another agro-processing plant

Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile (left) and Kasama DC Kelly Kashiwa (right) on arrival at Kasama sports stadium to officiate at the 52nd independence day
Northern Province Minister Brian Mundubile (left) and Kasama DC Kelly Kashiwa (right) on arrival at Kasama sports stadium to officiate at the 52nd independence day
Another new agro-processing plant in Kasama district Northern Province has started production.

The processing company, Regitech agro-processing Company, which is producing Soya Chanks, cooking oil, Corn puffs was funded by the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC).

Regitech agro-processing Company has been constructed at the cost of K1.3 million.

This came to light when Northern Province minister Brian Mundubile together with his Permanent Hlobotha Nkunika visited the project in the district.

Mr. Mundubile expressed happiness with the utilization of public funds by the private sector in the region.

He said Regitech constructed at of K1.3 million has become the third agro-processing plant to be successfully completed and operational in a space of one year in Kasama district.

Mr. Mundubile also urged beneficiaries to maintain good market standards if the products are to attract public demand.

And Regitech company representative, Abigail Bwalya has thanked government for providing the funds through CEEC for the processing plant.

Ms. Bwalya said it was not going to be possible for them to start such a huge business without receiving assistance from Government.

She revealed that over 25 people will be employed by the company at the initial stage.

Meanwhile, Northern Province Agricultural Coordinator Andrew Banda has urged the farmers in the region to take advantage of the good rainfall pattern being recorded in the area and cultivate their fields .

Mr. Banda said the rains being experienced in the region are impressive adding that the farmers should work hard and plough their fields early enough for a better yield.

The PACO said this in an interview with Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Kasama today.

Mr Banda also says the region has received all the required quantities of inputs under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) to support vulnerable but viable farmers in the province .

Mr. Banda disclosed that Mungwi and Kasama districts will use e-voucher system to distribute the inputs to eligible farmers .

He assured the farmers that there is no need for them to panic as government was doing everything possible to send seed to the province.

For the past week , the region has continued to experience good rains.

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  1. Zambia already should have been a supplier of food to all Africa given it’s unique position and unbelievable natural resources to support agriculture. Now one small processing plant is cause for the whole minister to abandon his duties to go and show off his mug to crowds. The country, if it wasn’t cursed with stup!d leaders, would have been a bee hive of activity of agricultural industries.

    • I am proposing a corned kolwe meat factory for Kasama. That should excite this Minister a lot. Without doubt, he would cum for that.

  2. When you say “another new agro-processing plant”, you should mention the other already existing. What kind of Reporting is this where you don’t think of possible questions arising from your report?????

  3. Whats “Soya Chanks” do you mean Soya Chunks? What type of cooking oil is pressed out? We know our Journalists are made in stones but guys have pride in your work by striving for excellence!!


  5. Truth: SIDO Projects employ people so lets support them. SIDO (Small Industry Development Organisation) is not a bad idea I am sure. Open a big industry kaili so that we do away from these SIDOs.

  6. Inferior products which can never be exported not even to Malawi. Packaging in Zambia is below sub standard and as such may just be a political slogan.

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