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187 doctors go without pay for six months

Headlines 187 doctors go without pay for six months

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema visited the hard working doctors and nurses at UTH on Thursday 4th December

Around 187 medical doctors that were employed by the Ministry of Health this year have gone for six months without receiving their salaries.
Resident Doctors Association of Zambia President Dr Francis Mupeta disclosed the development in an interview in Lusaka.

Dr Mupeta said the doctors were engaged by the Ministry of Health this year after the Association raised concern about government’s failure to employ doctors.

He said the Association fought hard to have the unemployed doctors engaged by the Ministry after they spent more than two years on the streets.
He said the failure to place the newly employed medical doctors on payroll is discouraging to the medical fraternity.

Dr Mupeta feared that failing to pay doctors for over six months will frustrate government’s efforts to attract and retain Zambian doctors working abroad.


    • Wouldn’t trust an African doctor – a black one unless if I was close to my last breath, well even then just NO let alone a Zambian.

      They look dirty, unprofessional and can’t talk eloquently at all


    • Kamwendo munjila busy burning jet fuel. Now just think of it one trip by the president can pay off these salaries easily. This is were there is an issue with our president. He does not care even though some PF die-hards think he does. Zambian’s cooperation with countries like South Africa, Tanzania etc still stands since 1964 but I do not know what sort of strengthening of relationship Mr Lungu is trying to make. Zuma has not visited Zed for a longtime but why us?

    • What’s this Dr saying. First he goes to force govt (that had no capacity) to employ these guys, then he goes back to cry when govt can’t pay.

    • Meanwhile the utterly Lazy Lazy Bone Lungu is partying in RSA to kick off one of the shortest months on a working calender…we complain of lack of doctors yet we are paying $1million per kilometre for mere road construction!!

    • As a medical doctor myself, I do not see how this is the President’s problem. Why do Zambians think that everything must be solved by the President? There are numerous private medical institutions in Zambia, how did these doctors end up on the streets unemployed for 2 years? If they could not get jobs in Zambia, what of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa? Where were these doctors trained? What is their quality? The RDA President should tell the whole story.

    • @Ndobo, imagine Eddy Lungu went to party in Joberg, he heard there is COSAFA under 20 sponsored by castle lager. No weekend bona.

    • @Dr Charles Ngoma
      That why you are a Doctor and not a Business manager…YOU are a typical example of why Doctors should not be placed behind desks at the Ministry of Health and UTH.
      You should be in ward with folded sleeves tending to patients not making executive decisions.

    • @Jay Jay
      I totally agree with you. I have never supported the idea of doctors running hospitals. We are not trained to be managers at all.

  1. But what is wrong with this country of ours? We need these doctors but at the same time we are failing, first to engage them and second, when we engage them we are not paying them. What type of government do we have? Right now there are no doctors at UTH and many other health facilities needing doctors. Yet our fraudulent president is always flying around at huge cost. What is wrong with us? Are we short of leaders in this country? Is Edgar fit enough to rule this country? Is he equal to the task? Does he have capacity to deal with the many issues the country is experiencing? Of course those that are benefiting from his poor leadership will see nothing wrong. What a country!!!!!

    • Changing government with emotions is a very expensive venture. You so called economist should know this. Zambia is paying the price for removing RB for doing a good job. So don’t cry.

    • Do you think Lungu and his PF cares?

      Do you think he even knows about this?

      When they need medical attention they will just get on a plane and go to the most expensive hospital in another country like Sata did – AT TAXPAYERS EXPENSE!

      And you dull Zambians can just die from treatable diseases in dirty hospitals with no drugs or expired drugs and no doctors.

      Don’t complain. This is what you voted for!

  2. What has the picture of HH got to do with the doctors not being paid? The story itself has no depth. Please do your home work instead of feeding the readers on what might be a story.

  3. @Questionner your contribution is really heartfelt. I feel that exact same frustration when I read things like this and then I see how government resources including tax collections and donor funds are being misapplied on frivolous things. It is so yesterday for a president to live it up in Waldorfs and Hiltons for example – those could be savings that can be applied appropriately to budget votes that are full on paper but deficient because of these miscreant behaviors by our politicians steeped in the past. That said PAY THE DOCTORS YOU DAMN FO.OLS!!! Unlike other things – YOU WILL GET SICK AND LIE BEFORE THEM SOON!!!! YOU OR YOURS!!! PRAY THEY ARE STILL ETHICAL WHEN THAT TIME COMES!

    • They can’t be bothered paying the suffering Doctors, as they are busy embezzling, does Big Kambwili ring a bell??
      If P.F officials ever get ill like their Drunk leader whos away on big holiday, they just hop on a plane & fly out to the BEST Hospitals, & get treatment @ taxpayers expense.
      These P,F Goon Ministers/ officials Dont even take the same expired medicenes they expect Zambians to take. YOU THEN WONDER WHY YOU HAVE BRAIN DRAIN??
      Any Zambian having thoughts of returning to work in any Government run organisation would need thorough mental assessment after reading this sad story, as the Zambian leader is not even fit to manage a chicken coop, or horse stable.
      All I feel sorry for are the citizens who voted to get rid of these P.F Green flies & maggots, & woke up after…

    • Cont;
      woke up after election day with the same sordid ineffective plundering P.F cabal of thieving ministers/ officials, as evidenced by self serving corrupt lying fleas like Big Neck Kambwili.

    • @Zakeyo uli shilu? So you don’t know that some teachers have gone without pay for over a year ? Fulwe iwe!!!!

    • It’s nothing new, I joined MOH in mid 1988 and my first salary came in Feb 1989, for the time I worked for this disorganised ministry, not once was I paid allowances due to me. No wonder I left.

    • @Zakeyo! you a f00l just like Lungu and his tandem of thieves. imwe fikapokola arrest ci Kambwili for stealing from impoverished people. fima tole fyenu!

    • From the insults above it confirms my statement that it’s a fake story because the story is incomplete and incompetently written…No Doctor worthy his or her salt would cling to a Government Job without pay for six months and yet there’s a vibrant private market out there without walking away…Only danderheads from a known political cult would believe this concocted news item and it’s their right…

    • Says you “Zakeyo” a VILE HYPOCRITE hiding abroad, & happy to live in organised nations that have got their act together.
      Zakeyo its people like you who galvanise racist attitudes spewed by likes of Donald Trump, i.e beliefs that “Black Africans are NOT fit to govern, & only good @ stealing, dancing, getting drunk & having sex” Trump probably has a point here coz I see all these traits in Zuma, & his compadre’ Chaiiman Chagwa of Chawama- (C.C.C).
      Remember other nations read what goes on in our sad corrupt nations /communities, & once these same Doctors being abused by the useless P,F go abroad in search of proper conditions for their services, they WILL NARRATE REASONS THAT LED TO THEM LEAVING THEIR HOMELANDS!

    • P.F would still embezzle the money raised from Sinkamba’s plan, if its @ all really feasible.
      P.F took over from M.M.D, found lots of cash in our coffers, & within 2 years, they had shared all the money amongst themselves, these Chimbwi No Plans.
      The problem is not resources or money.
      The problem is P,F & their touring, drinking & dancing role model @ the top of government!

  4. They don’t care, kaili they go to MILLPARK, MORNINGSIDE HOSPITAL in Joburg.

    KK used to go to UTH for his check-ups. Today we have leaders who are in office only to enrich themselves. When they r not receiving kick-backs from Chinese, they r busy globe-trotting in order to amass allowances.

    What a shame!!!

    • @maloza:
      KK was ans still is a healthy man. Lungu is dead man walking and wholly dependent on expensive drugs.
      By the way Lungu went to SA for treatment – it is NOT a state visit!! His ka Oesophagus is still in mningi trouble takala pola nanomba!!

  5. Dununa reverse,fellow Zambian when you were told to vote wisely you reason that we were sabotaging you franchise,when in the actual sense we will trying to warn the calamity that this great nation will face,

  6. This is not news. It takes long for government employee to be included on the payroll and after inclusion arears a paid to grz workers

    • You must be kidding , are you saying its okay to have the process that takes 6 months? why allow such mediocrity in government, how do you expect those poor doctors to feed their families? Why should they suffer as a result of some people not doing his job or at the hands of bureaucratic processes?

      Come on, this is no brainer, its simply bad or inefficient processes that should be removed and supported.

    • Brain Dead K.C.I, does it take the same length of time for Edward Chagwa, & his minions to get paid??
      Does it take that long for him to undertake his useless travels.

    • Kci, I don’t blame you. You are a typical Zambian used to mediocrity and you would rather have it that way for the next century than take small steps toward change. What a pity.

  7. In Zambia a situation such as this when doctors go unpaid for months is called patriotism while large amounts of money are being made available for Lungu’s wife to spend as she wishes under the pretext of promoting women empowerment. Zambia is finished.

  8. If I were in these Doctors shoes I wouldn’t hesitate a second to get out of the country to go where my skills would be appreciated and remunerated accordingly, and on time. These doctors must be insane to to keep on working for a govt that has no respect for them! How do they survive in such a harsh economy without money? They must have their heads examined thoroughly. After 8 or 10 years of pounding books you accept a job that doesn’t pay anything!

  9. This is retroggresive and shame to our so called( poor foolish)gornvement pay them so that they feed thier familes

  10. This is economic sabotage indeed. If doctors are not paid does the minister of health know? If he does .. Lungu should fire him as he did on Kambwili. Firstly patients are made to suffer more because the doctor is busy looking for food from the nurse., secondly the doctor himself has not fed for a long time and malnutritioned and the two are expected to interact? Both are sick. The doctor wants to eat (that is treatment) and the patient wants to be treated too. Isn’t this one of the reasons Trump ridicules blacks? Lack of planning … fikaisova kuntanshi attitude.
    A white has been and is superior to the black and it has been proven for centuries. .. reason I dont care attitude by our leaders. At least KK was serious. Any way let us continue voting ..one day TUKAVOTELA ISHILU limbi kuti…

  11. There we go again: So the government saw it suitable to create the Ministry of National guidance and religion at a huge cost at the expense of professionals who are providing the most noble of services to our country. It would be very interesting to be availed with job descriptions of civil servants under this ministry. We hold God in the highest esteem but surely there are sufficient mother church bodies to offer that guidance at no cost at all. This is not to mention numerous costly Presidential trips abroad.”Ngati muntu ankala pa bwino poipa pamaitana”.We were living well under MMD till we made the biggest mistake of our land Zambia by voting for this visionless regime.

  12. All what mr Lungu is looking for is recognition after a disputated election cant you see that ? which other president in this world has traveld the way lungu is doing in a single year?Think!!

  13. Do not look at what government should give u but what you should give to government said Martin Luther King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Rubbish ask any one who is working for the govt. that is how it is, now ask your selves if they are not being looked after not even any allowance how have they been surviving? Oh HH has been paying them that is why he is standing next to them, cheap politics.

  15. This is normal with Government. It usually takes long for one to be introduced on the payroll. I almost became a destitute in one of remote areas after joining some 20 years. They will eventually get their salaries in arrears. They need to change the system.

  16. The bottom line is they are employed and will eventually receive regular salaries ( including back pay) once everything else has been streamlined. Be patient. it also shows that unlike in the past , there is some element of order. PUT ORDER FIRST.

  17. BY the way I was at UTH yesterday and what the people were saying is that behind EO2 the rate of thuggery is alarming but we have a Police post near there. People suspect the guards and the Police are the dealers in the acts. What is the view of the Police and the Management at UTH?

  18. Government please pay. The other day it was people who supplied vehicles to ECZ for elections complaining of not being paid.

  19. LT please block Mushotas comments going forward. We should fight racism the same way our forefathers fought it whenever it comes up.
    # block Mushota now

  20. What is really Sad is you still find lots blind P.F Gooon Cadres who believe P.F is doing a GREAT Job, & “The Zambian Enterprise is going forward”
    There same Brain dead mostly corrupt cheer leaders of Chaiiman Chagwa of Chawama -(C.C.C) would be the first to complain if their P.F, or employers didn’t pay their wages for even a couple of months.


  22. These Doctors are UPND. In fact by introducing the face of the UPND president (dictatorial President), the whole story carries some political bias.

    My conclusion is that the story is feck, ill intended and political.

  23. Wile Chagwa is busy gallivanting “dununa reverse” style! You know, in life things happen for a reason, like if sh.it happens to you all the time, have you stopped to wonder that maybe its for the reason that you deserve it as Zambians! By the time that dick head of yours is done ravaging you, you will all the done with life.

    • Not only Lungu, most of his ministers are out of Zambia at present, for your information, Jean Kapata and her company are in Mexico at the moment, Vincent, Dora etc etc are all on world tours, pathetic

  24. This is exactly why the country is where it is. I can’t believe some people are simply accepting this as ‘normal’. Why should it take six months to include one on the payroll? Is it rocket science? Unbelievable! But the worst tragedy, I repeat, is the acceptance by a lot of Zambians of such scandalous processes and mediocrity.

  25. Mushota if you are dirty it doesn’t mean everyone else is. What is your profession by the way? Prostitution?

  26. Educated or not black which I am part we are just the scam of the earth fit to be fed to ants. One we do not respect each other, we spend a lot of money on education only to abandon those who go to school what a shame. We are so selfish, and self centered our best achievement is failure.

  27. Years later, we are still talking about the same things.
    I thought if I went offline for two years, I’d find different news.


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