Miles Sampa settles legal bills

DEPUTY Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Miles Sampa
Former DEPUTY Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Miles Sampa
DEPUTY Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Miles Sampa
Former DEPUTY Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Miles Sampa

Former Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa has settled K45,000 owed to Zulu and Company, a law firm run by former Justice Minister Sebastian Zulu.

This was Mr Sampa was sued for non-payment of legal fees dating back to 2014.

Mr Sampa posted a cheque issued to Mr Zulu and wrote on his Facebook that he was surprised that he was dragged to court over the matter.

“Seeing even when I stay mute someone will choose to bring me online, I may as well speak out. ‘Uncle’ Sebastian Zulu (former Minister of Justice) decided I owe him k45,000 and since he did not get a response from his messages on my 097 which I kept switched off to cool off after campaigns, he thought I was ignoring him.”

“He decided to sue me in the High Court which was most unfortunate as he was one of our gurus in PF since 2011. Anyways I immediately squared his books as soon as I was alerted of his court action. That said, I love him most dearly. He is very innocent minded and noble man and wish him a relaxed festive season and Merry Christmas.”

Mr Sampa who signed off his statement as a ‘party less citizen’ clarified that the legal fees were part of the legal representation he received during the PGF wrangles after the disputed outcome of the Kabwe convention.

“This was out of the 2014 PF Kabwe Presidential ‘fights’. I had many lawyers representing my case and he was just one of the 10 lawyers that took my case to the Supreme Court. I did make payments to all of them and only him is resurrecting two years later,” he added.

“As a former Banker, I have slight tolerance to various crimes except failing to pay Bills as they fall due. I learnt early in my profession that not paying bills is a No No. The perception therefore created by my ‘Uncle’ on me touches a raw nerve. But the guru should not be first to run to the public.”

He said, “We were always jovial when we met last 5 years but after these elections we had not met and he could not reach me on phone. Next he buys summons into court against me. He could have been more patient. I am not that hard to find.

Zulu and Company dragged Mr Sampa to court for failing to clear a K45,000 bill dating back to 2014.

The company had requested the Lusaka High Court to order Mr Sampa to immediately settle the legal fees owed by the former Commerce deputy minister.

This is contained in a statement of claim filed before court that despite numerous reminders, Mr Sampa has failed to settle the legal fees accrued during the legal suit that came about in the aftermath of President Michael Sata’s demise and who was to take over the leadership of the Patriotic Front Party.

The firm explained that it was engaged by Mr Sampa to represent him in High Court proceedings as a defendant in a consent judgment between Mrs Inonge Wina (as PF chairperson) and party secretary general Davis Chama.

This was in the power struggle that characterised the PF party where Mr Sampa emerged among other contenders for the presidency and challenged Edgar Lungu despite his being the preferred candidate.




    • From 2014 to date you were still cooling off? But in between you started a party was dragged yo court changed its name and even supported another presidential candidate who lost. I don’t know what coolingbof means in zambia it looks like a marathon to make.
      Another point is you were dragged to by zulu and company yet the cheque is to Mr Sebastian Zulu next time when you want to tell lies have the decency to think through first don’t rush. You folishness will be exposed!

    • Koma sure olo ni chi mbuya kwena naiwe Sampa! Sebastian Zulu ni uso uja na nyoko ba ziba.
      Fimo ifintu mu le ibwelamo …

    • Now I get why he couldn’t get along with HH. They both have infantile behavior! Just acknowledge you owed the money, pay it and move forward. Why publicize the check?

    • Miles Sampa, he should have just told you people that he paid. But not risking bank account details, if some of his money get stolen, don’t blame Ba Sebastian Zulu.

  2. Mr. Sampa, when are you going to stop being childish? did you have to pose this check on your facebook page, honestly – if you love and respect Mr Sebastian Zulu? And how is this for the man you respect; “… he was JUST ONE of the ten lawyers…”? Chill my brother, you’ve a lot to learn…

  3. News before me is that the check has bounced. The account the cheke is issued against has only K1,873.92.

    Way below K45,000.

    • This is the caliber of candidates Lazy Lungu stood against in PF after Old Man Sata passed away no wonder he stood out…really laughable…because they are all mere empty tins..its a case of which less noisy tin to choose.

  4. Such arrogance even not hidding account number…how can you be surprised..just goes to show you are a bad accountant even for someone who used to be a manager at Finance Bank. The figure is not important even if you owe K2 for scones its best to pay up in time you crook Sampa.
    I hope he pays court fees and administration costs…

    • The brain of cadre is like that of a Gecko lizard, it only sees two things – Prey or Predator, Friend or Foe…if an individual with no affiliation to any silly party criticizes the utterly Lazy Bum then to a cadre that equates supporting HH.

  5. I know people who owe 500 kwacha for years some very senior. The have never been taken to court. Debts must be paid how ever small the amount.

  6. Miles is even lucky because technically that money has depreciated(from2014-2016) meaning he should have paid the old man at the current bank rate and extra tokens for unwanted distress,panic and metal distress brought to the family for non payment/funds coming forth from the breadwinner.In my proffession i was going to apply simple interest(Principle x time x rate)

  7. I am not worried about what you are all writing about. I don’t have ZESCO power in Riverside Kitwe from 9 hrs this morning and it is 17hrs now and I am calling this hopeless insititution and they say you have extended load shedding. What load of rubbish is this. This company should go, it must be sold to somebody serious

  8. Sampa , Mulenga Sata, Winter Kabimba, GBM and others you have been thrown out of your party your uncle Sata founded.
    When your father creates a company and dies without a WILL . The company will be taken by the immediate family members. Sometimes the family members have the right to challenge the WILL in the courts of law.
    Why did you allow Lungu to take over the property of your father Sata. It’s better PF remains in the hands of the family than others to use it and form government.
    When Kavindele formed a party, when he left the party he took his party and put his certificates in his house.

    • Very true, they are a bunch of cowards. Who could ever think that the likes of Dora Slit Siliya would benefit from the late Conrad sweat after the vile insults she had been pouring on him when he was alive?

    • Wise men came from the East. My cousins from were the sun rises are sharp and move with marathon resolve. President Edgar Lungu defeated the whole Sata family tree, cousins and neighbors, and president Sata’s white best friend.

      Viva president Nawakwi.

  9. What a load of crap from Sampa as usual. He knew that he had to pay old man Zulu for his legal services, as a former banker as he says why wait for two years to be reminded through the judicial process. It was not Zulus place to be reminding the Sampa chap through his 097!

  10. Better late than never. I wish I could prick the conscience of the lady in my bottle store! This is just Zambian behaviour we all need to Change to progress our country. Act with dignity towards each other, because every Zambian needs their dollar in the hash economy. Good example though explanation sucks!

  11. Should it take the whole zambia to knw you nkongole for you to pay.atase ba honourable Next time learn to pay back in time,other wise insoni ebuntu.

  12. James Band yes it is true but who would think that people can vote for Sata with all his insults, Sata was the worst when it came to insults that is why even others insulted him, but do not worry we regard it as politics, if you start think in that way you will find that not even a single person will remain clean.

  13. Ten lawyers must have skinned you to the bone. What was at stake must have been a matter of life or death and am sure you are regretting having miscalculated resulting in loss of your hard earned income. Be strong and work even harder for only that can repay you. Lastly, you do not owe any one the explanations here given.

  14. ..showing us the sample of the cheque does not necessarily mean he has paid the money….let us hear it from the complainant…..

  15. Some people are confident in condemning Sampa for not paying the debt in 2 years. Most of you commenting and condemning the gentleman have debts that are outstanding for more than 15 years since you married your wives through elopement. Now you are even planning to transfer the lobola liability to be taken care of by your first borne children to settle when they receive their first pay in the job. What a shame. At least he is owing a corporate organisation, but you are owing your mother and father in law.

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