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Umwana ashenda atasha nyina ukunaya – President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu with I.G Kakoma Kanganja at KK international airport upon his return from South Africa
President Edgar Lungu with I.G Kakoma Kanganja at KK international airport upon his return from South Africa

President Edgar Lungu who wound up his three-day state visit to South Africa on Friday which he undertook at the invitation of his South African counterpart Jacob Zuma, described his visit as fantastic because of the many beneficial lessons learnt.

He said, “The Bembas say, ‘umwana ashenda atasha nyina ukunaya’, meaning if you do not travel, you will not appreciate what happens in other communities”.

The president was accompanied by Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe, Minister of Energy David Mabumba, Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda, Special Assistant for Political Affairs Kaizer Zulu, Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Christopher Mvunga and other officials.

During his three-day state visit, President Lungu held official talks with President Zuma at Union Building where the two heads of state reviewed a wide range of bilateral, regional and international issues.

He also laid a wreath at Isivivane at Freedom Park in honour of heroes who died in the liberation struggle in South Africa and World Wars.

Additionally, President Lungu met Zambians living in South Africa during his visit.

Mr. Lungu and Mr. Zuma also expressed satisfaction at the strong bilateral relations existing between the two countries, founded on long standing historical, political, economic and cultural ties.

In a joint communique, the duo also noted with appreciation the vast nature of the bilateral cooperation which includes amongst others, trade and investment, energy, agriculture, mining, defence, health, education, correctional services and transport.

The two leaders further noted the need to fully implement the twenty one agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) which the two countries have signed over the past years.

Presidents Lungu and Zuma called for the consideration of the renewal of agreements and MoU that had lapsed as well as to expedite the finalisation of pending agreements for signature.

The two leaders reiterated the importance of ongoing economic cooperation between their countries in terms of trade and investment, and expressed their satisfaction that the business sector of Zambia and South Africa had met at a business forum to explore ways to further participate in the economies of the two countries.

The Heads of State also addressed the business forum at Freedom Park and urged the private sector to increase economic cooperation between the two countries.

Furthermore, the two Presidents exchanged views on the political and security situation in the region and the continent hence they reaffirmed their commitment to working together in pursuit of sustainable peace and stability in the region.

With regards to regional integration, the two leaders called for the implementation of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) industrialisation strategy and roadmap.

The two leaders, expressed their commitment to African unity and the implementation of the AU Agenda 2063 and its action plan.

Meanwhile, the two leaders took note of the negative impact of the current drought in the region and pledged to work closely with the region and development partners to explore possible mitigation strategies.

The two Heads of State also reaffirmed their support for the SADC candidate for the post of the African Union (AU) Commission Chairperson, Dr. Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi, the current Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation of Botswana.

Mr. Lungu and Mr. Zuma also acknowledged the appointment of the new Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Antonio Guterres.

They further reiterated their common view on the need for the reform of multilateral institutions particularly the Bretton Woods Institutions and the Security Council to include the interests of the developing countries.

And President Lungu congratulated President Zuma for his election as the incoming chair of SADC and reassured him of Zambia’s support during South Africa’s tenure to lead the regional organisation.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lungu expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and hospitality accorded to him and his delegation during his just ended state visit.

He further extended an invitation to President Zuma to visit Zambia during 2017 at a date to be mutually determined through diplomatic channels.


    • Whatever he meant in that language perfectly shows his obsessions! Is he Bemba anyway, and what does he ever learn from gallivanting?

    • Someone must take a break from drinking! Whatever that statement meant doesn’t make sense but gives Edgar nothing but an excuse to travel around

    • I don’t understand.

      I have lived in Scotland with my fiancé and I work here.

      I have lost the accent and i speak English only now.

      Even when I spoke little Bemba I spoke more English and English was always my forte.

      Please explain that statement slowly.

      I can’t understand your little language and I have little reason to what to know it at all



    • Mushota, sometimes you don’t make any meaningful contribution. What has your private life got to do with the wellbeing of Zambian. I live in Essex with my Scottish husband but that is irrelevant to the people on this platform. I usually like comments but this one is off the mark!

    • @Alice Banda, if you have been on this forum for some time you should know that there is no need to give a serious responce to Mushota’s comments. She usually makes her comments for fun. So don’t take them seriously…..

    • @Ndobo, this Edgar has just insulted Ba Ester Lungu that she no longer cook good. He prefers to go try the cooking of Zuma’s many wives.
      sorry I went drinking, still drunk this morning.

    • Just because there is a clever saying in Bemba doesn’t make it right. I could also say a father who is always on the doesn’t help in raising his kids or his wife is likely to cheat or just doesn’t like his home. In this Information Age such a saying is irrelevant. We know why you travel. Take back your $1800. Stay home and resolve the many pressing issues. You have diplomats to handle international agreements. Let them do their work. Provide leadership your not suppose to be a line manager but a national leader. Guaranteed if you have by elections in Lusaka you will lose. You r a disappointment. I would never support HH in any case

    • Some adages are suitable and expressly used for escapist purposes rendering their wisdom useless! Those who coined them did so to educate society. I have traversed the world but still find mom’s cooking the best in that it nurtured me get where I am!

    • Okay so far, what have you actualized from your recent post election travels? You don’t need to go to the Dubai to build a latest skyscraper.
      So where next we mwana uwenda?

    • Bushe kwena ifi mulelanda imwe mwebena Zambia peshinafye fintuntulu Ine naikala kunse ya Zambia ukucila napali 12 years lelo nshalaba icitundu candi IchiBemba. Iwe Mushota walipena kabili ulapepa ulubangula, elyo kabili nga camba cena ulyafye icituntulu nensenke ulafyonfonta. Nshatala monako! Ngawalanda autila nshaishibe Ichibemba nelyo nali MuZambia kuti nasumina ukucila ukulasusulafye ubuntuntuntulu ati nalilaba icitundu candi, ayo yena matakifye.

    • Transliteration of the saying means : A child who does not travel praises the cooking of his/her Mother – meaning if you are always stuck in Zambia you will never ever know how better you can do things and you will always think you are better than other Countries in every way. Further, you will always praise your politicians and their ideologies. That’s why Zambians love recycled politicians; I have seen that, already, people have started praising Kambwili forgetting that the chap is as corrupt as his foes (PF).

    • Lungu is back for a short visit to Zambia Zambia, he will collect his allowances, refuel his jet.
      Before long he will invite himself to some other country pretending to attract investors who never show up! or in this case pretending to be learning something and never changing.

  1. Vasco Da Gama is back! He needs to stay home and work! That’s what happens when you have a President who has no plans for the country. He will always be on a tour of other countries admiring among other things, there infrastructure! Shame!

  2. This is why you should elect a person who has already “travelled” before becoming President. This is not time to be galavanting to taste other people’s cooking.

  3. But of late you are travelling alone Your Excellency and you left us behind in total darkness while your pronouncements about relying on South Africa for power are very worrisome. Such statements are giving ammunition to Kaponya (HH) and his hooligan minions for their theory that you are hopeless drunkard.

    2016 Vote Mr Kudos Most Popular Revolutionary Radical Patriotic Blogger

    • Voola, you on the right track !!!
      Just waiting for a day when you will say “enough of your ECL” and turn on to support your hated Kaponya.

    • Kanene it’s VOILA. Don’t embarrass yourself in your attempt to garner support for retarded Satamist mothar fkucker Kaponya (HH)

      2016 vote Mr Kudos Most Popular Revolutionary Radical Patriotic Blogger

    • Be assured, I am not attempting “to garner” support for HH. I just want you to be respectful of people with different opinion and insults have no place here.
      Becauss of your hate language, i dont think you even deserve the “Most Irritating Blogger 2016 *”, because doing so will make you think you are popular.
      If you think insults are what make you to be “Most Popular Revolutionary Radical Patriotic Blogger”, then you are on a wrong forum.
      I respect you and your radicalism, but i will not sink so low to insult you. When they go LOW, we go HIGH!!!

  4. President Lutuku Kachasu Edgar Vodiga Chapona Chagwa Lungu elo nomba basalapwike. Tabaishibe ukunine ndeke nomba nakabobwa nicila bushiku bali mu ndeke ukuya mukutumba efyo abanabo bakule fyalo fyabo bena ba Lungu nebumba lyabo ni Lutuku fye, na kachasu ne fyamba epela.

    Ala ni pa ZED fyakuambila apatali, nomba mailo nikwisa bakaya mukutandala ?

    King of Kings Edgar Lungu of Zambia.

  5. In Zambia people talk too much, they have too much free time. Zambians spend the whole day talking about presidential trips, what do you benefit from such? That is we can’t develop, the masses are lazy and wholly dependant on Government (handouts). Let’s talk about real issues.

  6. what a stupid remark,you are not in charge of multiculturism department sir,you are running a country not a marathon you are suppose to be addressing a lot of issues faced by country it seems you have no clue of how your ship is sailing,when amos chanda made those threats to the judiciary and other rubbish your directive was to air the interview again and insulted zambians by saying we base our judgement on other peoples opinion…..tired of typing i have so much to say but …………….we have sold our country people when this guy and his compadre”s” are done zambia will be on lease

  7. So in particular what did he learn from Zuma and South Africa? Did Zuma tell Lungu how to handle Concourt cases? Zuma has many faults but he has shown that he respects South African Courts and the Rule of Law? Lets hope Lungu sought Zuma’s advice on how to dispose off the contentious Presidential Petetion which Lungu has seriously mishandled. To gain legitimacy from Zambians and the International Community Lungu needs to urgently dispose off this Petetion and unite the Zambian Nation. Surely it doesn’t feel good to be stigmatized as an Election Theif wherever u go!!

    • he learnt that we should be buying our own electricity from South Africa while we wait to build our own nuclear power plant…..the rest we shall see in times of Zambia. Hehehehe

  8. There is this condition or worse still disease that makes it very difficult for some people to stay put, think with concentration and come up with credible , workable. Inspiring decisions. For now, just consider it as a provisional diagnosis on he whose name must not be mentioned otherwise you attract smouldering kampyongo,s wrath.

  9. He sickens me! Zambians shall perish for lack of foresight..this man is telling us what He is and we are watching him as though we are the last generation.

  10. Why should the head of a house-hold be eating from one neighbour to another when he has his own home?

    When his home is in darkness from load-shedding?

    When his family has had no food for many days?

    Maybe he’s not fit to be head. If he finds his wife in bed with another man, he should not be surprised.

  11. …how can we compare the cooking when other use breakfast meal meal while our mothers are on perpetual roller meal…they use cooking oil while we use chinkondya..they use induction stoves while we use braziers….. give our mothers same conditions they will do much better…
    ….yes umwana…to mean ministers and the likes…but in this case its the mother herself who is gallivanting….

  12. @ nabs:can you dfine work. sitting in th office does not mean working. The president is not a control room operator who cant move out. however he should do so when necessary as the case is now.

  13. Travelling has just made state visits to Rwanda and Uganda which resulted in uganda re-routing rail line from kenya to Tanzania and Rwanda to re-route Pipeline through Tanzania instead of Kenya.Tangible benefits to Tanzania worth billions of dollar.You have made over 20 trips since January,2015,show us the tangible benefits. Some of these trips actually benefit the countries you visit like your SA and TZ are.Bwana you just enjoy flying as vibwela mojwenda va chizungu.Your travel are just excessive and unjustifiable.

  14. I have read the whole article and there is nothing in it tangible that could justify this selfsame trip to RSA…are you telling us you want explore the world on taxpayer’s funds and time…where have you been all this time. Everywhere he goes; he goes to sign all these memorandum of understanding (MOU or MoU). What are these MOUs? MOUs are not legally binding but they carry a degree of seriousness and mutual respect, stronger than a gentlemen’s agreement….in other words this Lazy Bone Edgar can fly all over the World signing all these MOUs and nothing will come out from them.
    Please you Lazy man stop looking for reasons to shy away from work…even your speech on fighting corruption you sent your Grandma to read it for you.

  15. My comment was referring to President Magufuli and the few visits and impact te impact he has made on Tanzania in so many areas.Solutions to our problems are at home and abroad.He i invited our President to have flying for TZ air,

  16. My comment was referring to President Magufuli and the few visits and impact te impact he has made on Tanzania in so many areas.Solutions to our problems are at home and abroad.He i invited our President to have flying rights for TZ air,threat to pipeline due to liberalisation of powe petroleum next year and low haulage on Tazara.Magufuli is smart.Zuma invited him to find market for

  17. It is as if he is the first president of Zambia. We have blueprints of what must be done in the National Development archives, the Foreign Affairs Library and the national archives stocking among others academic work on what can be done for which students were awarded qualifications some up to PhD! Let’s start from there, what are we doing? What can SA learn from us? Are we going to just continue ukupula kwanabene cilabushiku while our own gardens overgrow with weeds!?

  18. …last time when he collapse on stage during labour day celebrations he was whisked away to a state of art clinic in SA…what has he done so far to create similar facility in Zed..??…or is it the same notion as electricity…why should we construct better hospitals when our neighbour have…??

    • J ai tombe, DELIVER WHAT??
      More lack of vison?
      More aimless costly travel?
      More Embezzlement of state funds/ corruption?
      More load shedding?
      More expired medicenes in hospitals?
      More stifling of free press?
      More contaminated fuel?
      More Maize smuggling, & scandals?
      More uncollected garbage & blocked overflowing sewers?
      More Chishimba Kambwili, & illegal land allocaton?
      Dare I go on??

  19. Zambians, please do not forget that we are in the Dununa reverse and ifintu in Lungu reign. His excellency needs to recoup the 50% of his salary reduction through accumulating travel allowances. He also needs to be spared from the current excruciating national hunger by enjoying cuisines of more economically empowered nations such as RSA and next Egypt. Navionelanji? There is absolutely no need to deny yourself akalongosi!!!!

  20. “The Bemba saying “ Umwana ashenda atasha nyino kunaya” like many African languages is a deep saying. It covers a wide range of situations and can be applied to many instances and it will hold true. Applied correctly in Lungu’s situation it simply means that Lungu is able to appreciate the development gaps between SA and Zambia. Another example is that if you own Bulls for as long as you don’t travel to see other bulls in other areas you will always think that your bulls are the best when in fact they are not. I am not a Bemba but I learnt it just like I learnt English. Another example is the revamping of Harry Mwanga Nkumbula airport in Livingstone. The one who does not travel will say that Harry Mwanga Nkumula airport is the best until you go to the new Victoria falls airport on the…

  21. …Harry Mwanga Nkumbula airport is the best until you go to the new Victoria falls airport on the Zimbabwean side, then you realize that we have a long way to built a resemblance of a standard airport. So this saying applies to a lot of situations and holds true, hence it is used like many other sayings in many other languages that have been tested and are relevant to many situations. In science, the only relevant research is that one which Identifies gaps and finds ways to solve problems otherwise that research remains irrelevant. In short for those who do not understand things easily but are quick to criticize, H.E president Lungu has identified gaps which he can now exploit to foster development in his country.

    • @Trespho,
      Slow down and re-read what you have said, and then ask yourself: – What are the Zambian embassies for in these Countries if it takes a Head of state to go to each of these Countries to discover what is obtaining or not obtaining there? Don’t be so easily duped. Think!

    • Brabus my man. Lungu is not a mwana. He is a very old guy. If he wants to catch up on travelling in his old age he is using the wrong proverb to justify his wasting our money. He should leave this proverb for Tasila or whatever his daughter is called because she needs to see how Presidents like Kagame are developing a country without spending half their time abroad.

  22. LOL – ‘umwana ashenda atasha nyina ukunaya’.
    I am sure his Royal highness ba Chitimukulu, if he has read this article, has also spotted Lungu’s abuse of this important African proverb. I find that there is something particularly demeaning and insulting when someone deliberately tries to use our rich heritage of African languages and proverbs out of context to save face. Ubuntu goes out, and ubunama comes in. Very shameful.
    The correct phrase to describe Lungu’s impromptu frequent trips is “Ukuseya” or “Ukululumba”. Full stop.

  23. Hehehe just listen to this changwa,leave food at your home and see that we can also cook better than those you are picked your ministers for three days on our expense just to come and tell us of cooking issue. Fyotototo lungu

  24. Vision less lungu. Now he has been bribed by the south Africans to buy their power instead of building for energy security.

  25. Do we have economic intelligence? What do the embassies dotted all over the world do?Just providing jobs for cadres?This govt did not know the energy capacity in RSA until Zuma briefed Chagwa?

  26. Got into the presidency without a vision, now he is trying to build one…but a country does not work that way. One has to have developed a clear concept where to take the nation to otherwise the emptiness will be filled up by corruption, money spinners like the Saudis, RB’s and other crude dirty elements!
    Kachasu Lungu is a disgrace to all thinking Zambians. Happily for him, the majority of Zambians are too poorly brained due to poor education from the MMD days to the present. This is why they danced for him when he self-declared himself as a winner in the last elections! Empty minds dance to anything due to boredom!!

  27. I agree with you willombe.Edgar should just say he enjoys travelling and gallivanting.This country has no direction.

  28. “The Bembas say, ‘umwana ashenda atasha nyina ukunaya’. This self confession by ECL should be taken advantage of to amend the constitution for any presidential hopeful in Zambia, to have worked or done business in a foreign country for at least 3 years, excluding diplomatic work.

  29. This Lungu is calling for great influence of developing countries in Bretton woods institution and security council? I wonder if Zambia is even up to date on its subscriptions to these institutions. It not just about calling out, it’s about paying up then calling out.

    Please when issuing such statements don’t just sign onto what the South Africans are saying. Don’t be used by others, Lungu.

    Dununa Liveshi!

  30. Hello Zambians. You great people I ask you to vote NEZ as best Blogger. The nominations are opened. Please exercise your right to vote by voting me the most honest man here as blogger of the year. I trust you will make one right decision this year. You already made an error by voting in PF, so please undo your wrong by voting NEZ and nominating me as best blogger. I thank you in advance…. aluta

    Chief Strategist of the UPND
    Incoming blogger of the year

  31. An interesting attempt to explain the gallivanting. The saying has a meaning which does not apply to tourists. It is intended to encourage people to travel and live among other cultures in order to learn other ways of doing things. Tourism does not give you insight into the realities of life in any society. It just leads to another Bemba saying ‘Ilyashi lyampansaka, musenda chipuba’. In English, it’s not all that glitters that’s Gold.

  32. I give him free advice through one very important question.
    ECL ask yourself, “What is your purpose in life?”
    Your answer to this question I hope will make you rethink the way you are running this country

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