Zambian Breweries cuts beer prices


Zambian Bereires

Zambian Breweries has reduced the recommended retail price of its clear beer in the run-up to the festive season.
The company has announced promotional savings on the recommended retail price of its products of between 50 ngwee and K2 in recognition of the current tough economic climate for consumers.
Castle, Mosi, Carling Black Label 750ml packs will now cost K10 instead of the previous price of K12; the Eagle Lager 750ml pack will be sold for K6, reduced from the previous price of K8, while the Eagle Lager 375ml size will be priced at K4 from K4.50.
“We have dropped the price of beer as a summertime promotion. We do recognise the tough times people are going through and as we are now in the festive period, we thought we should reduce the prices of the beers as a Christmas and New Year present to our valued customers,” said managing director Annabelle Degroot, announcing the cut in beer price today (Monday December 12, 2016).
She also confirmed that there are plenty of stocks of all the company’s products countrywide and there should be no reason for panic-buying.
“We would, however, like to caution people to drink responsibly during the festive season. They should take care, avoid drink-driving and find alternative means of transport in case they decide to drink,” Mrs Degroot said.


  1. How do you justify this, when accidents and behavioral standards have correlation with affordable (cheaper) beers.

    If you care about social economy and well beings, you have no reason to decrease prices of liquor if anything during that period, they should be made more expensive.

    A Christian nation? Get your manhood out of my face.

    Unbelievable – just plain wrong certainly not during Christmas – which it may seem people dont know what it is all about!



    • Chama just a correction for you. What they have reduced are the prices of the big bottles(750mls) of Mosi and Castle which were at K12 and in some cases K13, not the small ones. Those are still at K8. Hope this helps you.

  2. am also wondering this reduction. Anyway twanwa again. To thoe who do not want us to drink and drive, kindly let us know how we will be getting to our various respective homes without driving. If you go to any police club, or RATSA club is they have any, you will surely find packing space. Who is that meant for kanshi? i meet Zindaba Soko in all thses places siping as well with his official car packed outside a tarven

    • Be responsible and get a sober friend or taxi to drive you home.
      Drunk driving is not a joke, it’s one of the leading causes of death world wide.

  3. In the same breath they are funding campaigns against Drink driving and Under age drinking …surely how can you take them seriously…Govt should also increase the tax on this selfsame “clear beer”…as its the Police and the Ministry Of Health who will be hit hard by this during the festive period.

    Where is the so called Christian Nation (Whatever that means) Govt to discourage this?

  4. Profits at the expense of lives!!! It is shame….make millions, as more experiences fatal accidents through drink-driving, increase risky sexual behaviors, let your plastic scoll bottles block our drainages. For Zambia is the development…. cheaper beers. Last a big conference on NCDs was here, and alcohol harmful use was said be to one of the factors… few days later ZB reduces alcohol prices.
    Were are leaders? Does this step better the lives of Zambians?

  5. Almost everyone sounds happy about ZB’s news.I ll only rejoice when I reach 2017 and see every member of this media contributing again.please drink and celebrate responsibly and stay blessed.

  6. Zambia’s biggest vices are : Alcoholics makes up 53.1% of the populace, uneducated and uncouth MPs, plus other government officials, professionals that do not challenge mediocre management. Lack of reading and research. Also we have Cadres in all fields that do not see that their little kings are not fit to run anything.

  7. There is nothing to be proud of and claim that you have the heart of the Zambian people only during the festive season. Most of you foreign business houses in Zambia just reap the Zambians off, the prices you are claiming to have reduced must be the normal prices for beer in Zambia all your costs inclusive.

  8. Zambia as a country will never develop because us Zambians don’t take up responsibility. Who is forcing you to go and buy beer??? NO ONE, its your to buy beer whether it is expensive or cheap. I can afford to drink every day of the month without starving my family but I don’t because I am responsible. Even simple things like building a toilet at your own house, you would rather spend the money on beer and blame the government. Grow up and become civilized.

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