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Government is finalizing new financing models for Public Universities-Luo

Headlines Government is finalizing new financing models for Public Universities-Luo

Gender Minsister Nkandu Luo during the UNZA Celebrations
Nkandu Luo

Minister of Higher Education NKANDU LUO says government is finalizing new financing models for Public universities.

Professor LUO says her Ministry is putting in place mechanisms for administering the approved loan for students.

The Minister says the loan scheme for students is meant to have a Self sustaining scheme that will see students contribute back to the university after they graduate.

And Professor LUO says the Higher Education Authority is in the process of accrediting 36 universities in the country.

She says the accreditation is meant to ensure that standards for university education are upheld.

Professor LUO also said there is need to ensure that qualifications earned from these universities are recognized beyond boarders.

She said this when she presented a policy statement for her Ministry’s budget for 2017′ in Parliament this morning.


    • Of course she is till minister because she has appealed.

      From the date the appeal was granted the lower court ruling no longer held.

    • 36 Universities in Zambia? That is 2 universities for every 1 million people? Doesn’t this beat the number of vocational training institutes, which we need more than universities? And are we capable of staffing these institutions with quality lecturers of world class caliber? KAYA

  1. Will accreditation criteria also take into consideration the type of programmes on offer and their relevance to the country’s human resource requirements? The unemployment phenomena should also be understood against a backlog of imbalances created by too many university programs not being in agreement with job market. Out of the 36 we need some to offer specialised courses in such pertinent areas as hair/ nail care, sexology and many others

  2. This is the selfsame way these ministers were robbing the taxpayer by staying in office illegally before the elections…what is this Luo still doing in that ministry?

  3. Another illegal Minister at work. Did she get a Stay of Execution from the High Judge while Ms Mwanakatwe failed to do so? Edward, his Ministers and the Attorney General are just full of lawlessness. No leadership, no respect of Rule of Law and the Constitution of Zambia. This is repeat of the illegal Ministers under the 2016 dissolved Parliament. Edward’s rule is illegal thru and thru and the Attorney General is not doing his Professional work as Legal Adviser to govt. Its a circus indeed!!

  4. My conclusion, having observed the workings of this government is that our current government is childish, petty and selfish. This takes away from any good they might actually do.

    2016, the year of the grown up child in power, playing with loaded gun and inevitably hurting itself and others.

  5. Ni mwa Lungu. Even when there are court cases against you or the court rules against you. You just hang on to the presidents appointment. Nobody matters especially the Judges.

  6. “…. in the process of accrediting 36 universities in the country”? …36?… Wow!. Was there any feasibility study done to determine, whether or not this is demand-driven, or are we going to only end up with VERY EDUCATED STREET KIDS?.
    As for Luo still hanging, this is evidently selective justice, pure and simple. Analyse this: She is PF, she appeals in the courts of law and viola!, it is binding until the court clears the case. BUT, on the other end, HH appeals in the same courts of law, but is tactfully made NOT binding in spite of the fact that the cases have been PENDING ever since. This is clear miscarriage of justice in our Country. This is one of the criteria genuine long-term investors look at, and decide whether to invest, or move on.
    So, you can chain out as many graduates…

    • Really?? So why do graduates from UNZA go on to study for Masters and PHDs and renown universities? Chief negative Zambia is your only country even if we now allow duo citizenship

    • @HH Techilema, if you don’t have a degree from UNZA it doesn’t mean the university is not recognized. Ni UNZA ya nyoko?

  7. This govt is dysfunctional and generally acts unlawfully. The Attorney General who is chief Legal Adviser to govt is not doing his job and instead he is behaving like PF Lawyer and Cadre.The illegitimate Edward has turned this govt into an illegal enterprise. Edward is bad news and a reverse role model becoz he breaks laws with impunity and makes no attempt to protect the Constitution of Zambia even though he took an oath to do so. This violence and lawlessness has permeated the whole govt. As the Chinese say the fish rots from the Head downwards and that rotten head is no other than Edward himself. Lawlessness breeds more lawlessness as this govt has shown. Luo and Mwanakatwe are acting illegally and emulating their Boss. God help us!!

    • Stop expressing your ignorance in public. Just go to the veranda to worship your tribal leader. Do you understand what it means when a judgement is appealed.

  8. Guys please report comprehensively. Finance model is not only about students. We need an explanation on How the university is funded. Is research bringing in any funds? Why not? How has industry benefitted from university research and has it paid for this? Are students being encouraged to hold patents from their researches. Are our academics active enough in publishing so our university ratings can improve and so we can make some money?

  9. i look to the day when the Zambian law shall be respected by a president and his/her minsters. Lungu has been a disaster to Zambia


  10. The problem is this lazy professor will do some mediocre work!Take a leaf from Stellenbosch, UCT,WITS,UP and the like in SA.These are univetsities and not the BS in Zambia. I cannot take my child to these finished universities. South Africa.I. right now has over 150 research chairs:their target is about 250.Zambia has none because professors like you mum,became cadres!

  11. But, the Country must avoid unnecessary mass production of unproductive cadres of university graduates, at the expense of technological, techninical and crafts skills. University sponsorship should only be for the very cream, and not for entertaiment of morons!

    Let people attend higher education according to their intellectual capacity, rather than for self aggrandisement – show off.

  12. The supreme court will definitely rule in her favor.I can see it coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is still in parliament and agony to those who celebrated the nullification of her seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zambia there is no morality indeed.

  13. How do u come up with a financing model when Govt has no money?

    L. Mwanawasa left $3-Billion Reserves & Zero debt. PF00ls have managed to loot/mismanage reserves to scrape & debt stands at over $6-billion external debt & $3.7Billion internal debt!!!

    They’ve failed to fund UNZA & CBU. Then u add Mulungushi, Sata’s Universities, Muchinga, Robert Makasa, Luapula etc.

  14. Ona nainanyo yo kwaku sa bizezwa kwa mileko, apuu! Se kusi kwasa manaka kwa lingandwe tuna le lasona ki lyombekalala la ombola mutaka! Hamu sibone myambo yasona, ku lepelela kwateni mitambo ya nama ye bolile! Senyaa neba kusi soma kwateni konji ku itima kwa meeto ku kengelela feela kuli u nyomwetisa Kasonde wa LAZ kona mutu akona ku mwashula! And these are the so called ministers in Zambia. No wonder even her election has been nullified, she is so ugly and an embarrassment to all the women folks in Zambia. Imagine where ever she goes to represent Zambia the kind of aesthetic impression of Zambian women she leaves behind? Its Allepo scorched-earth policy we face as Zambians where ever she does , period!

  15. The 36 applications for accreditation must be processed expeditiously. The number of universities in the country is too low for country to benefit from professional skills. The Quality Assurance procedures must be developmental for a developing country. It is wrong to stifle growth by using arguments that are unsuitable for poor developing countries. Even the first private university was mischievously blocked and delayed for several decades by wrong analysis of the problem of underdevelopment.

  16. Universities impart theories and their applications. The traditional approach puts more emphasis on theories but applications are also presented in abstract, followed by induction during internship, industrial break, teaching practice, fieldwork, attachment, etc. The situation can be exemplified by medical school or law school. However, it includes accountancy, mining, agriculture, teaching, journalism, social work, etc.

  17. I totally agree with Mushota. This is total mockery by government. I also disagree with Peace for Zambia. Even if this ugly woman has appealed, Lungu should have put her aside until her case is determined by the courts. That goes for Mwanakatwe. It is like Ministers are now appointed out of Parliament. Even morality demands that the two Ministers should have resigned or demanded for an excuse to stand aside while their cases are being determined by the courts to their logical conclusion. Aaaagh, Lungu, you are irritating Zambians you know…

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