Kambwili loses his cool in Parliament and openly threatens to beat up Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili yesterday went vile in Parliament and openly threatened to physically beat Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo in the presence of deputy speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala.

The incident happened when the Roan Patriotic Front (PF) member of Parliament was debating on ex-miner’s promised land on the Copperbelt.

Some unidentified PF lawmakers were heard heckling Mr Kambwili for allegedly selling the Luanshya Golf Course land on the Copperbelt as the former Information and Broadcasting Services Minister was winding up his debate.

Unidentified PF Parliamentarians were heard shouting: “you (Kambwili) sold golf land.

Immediately after seeing Mr Lusambo, who was at the time not in the House,walk in and take his seat, Mr Kambwili lashed at Mr Lusambo, threatening he was going to beat him (Lusambo)

Mr Kambwili verbally abused Mr Lusambo denigrating him as a small boy who was not a member of the PF.

“I want to warn this boy (Mr Lusambo) that I can beat him. He is a small boy and not even a member of the PF,” Mr Kambwili said soon after Mr Lusambo took his seat.

Deputy Speaker Namugala admonished Mr Kambwili and advised him to stop from further attacking the Copperbelt Minister who remained composed despite consistent threats from Mr Kambwili.

“Hon Kambwili…they are no boys in the House and you know that you have been here a long time. Please exhibit some calmness in your debate and maturity,” Ms Namugala said.

But Mr Kambwili who had only remained with about a minute to conclude his debate ignored the chairperson’s advice and went ahead to attack Mr Lusambo.

“I want to warn that boy to stop playing around with me… I can beat him up,” Mr Kambwili said. Ms Namugala immediately curtailed Mr Kambwili’s debate as he started advancing towards where Mr Lusambo was seated but was restrained and walked out of the House.

Mr Kambwili was seen out of the House by UPND chief whip Garry Nkombo and Mitete UPND Member of Parliament Misheck Mitelo to his car and immediately drove off from Parliament buildings.


  1. But there is no way CK can beat Lusambo! Lusambo is youthful and every one knows that the youth are STRONG!!!

    CK never sold the golf course, he actually BOUGHT it. How is the question…

    • This is where Kambwili has lost his bearing!
      He is trying to fight Lungu but you can’t fight a person who has state resources ask membe and nchito! Secondly if he wants to lead a rebellion in PF and win the leadership contest its pointless to start fighting now .
      Lungu is in a strong position and has 5 years to go the fight will be bloody for kambwili. He is better of keeping cool for now.
      I once thought this guy was clear.

    • CK looks like a very loyal fellow hard done by people he trusted. He traversed the northern region puking tribal hatred so Edward could win but now he’s person non grata in his party.
      Problem is he might find it difficult to find sympathisers outside PF as he wasn’t there when those people needed him.

    • He was escorted out of the house by two upnd MPs, am like Kikikiki, immediately they did that sanity prevailed, this is the only statement that has cracked my ribs. The rest of the story is no surprise.

      I take cognizance that the man has a history of frequenting hospitals on account of his hypertension condition. My advice to CK is that take heart my brother. Keep your cool and just face your corruption probe proceedings calmly. I find it hard to stomach the fact that CK thinks he owns PF. I wound find it extremely difficult to vote for CK if he stood for President. See, some people are better off playing support in the party than making it to the main Job; e.g. GBM can not be president under normal circumstances. I guess the question that begs answers is “How big is CK to call his colleagues SMALL BOYS” at he relates it to…

    • Cont’d

      …Lusambo and Chanda, the Luanshya Mayor? The tendency of people with money bulldozing their way through innocent citizens and appointed officials by way of disrespecting them is utter cantankerous, frivolous and irrational. I beseech parley to take appropriate measures aimed at pumping civil behavior in the thick head of poor Dr. CK. Shame!!

    • Now he makes this thug in a suit Bowman look like a gentleman…he knows he has more to lose fighting BUFFOON CK. CK’s true colours are coming out ..we all know he is no different to those boys Max Chongo and other one handbagging each other on social media.
      When I say there is absolutely no leadership in PF this what I mean..Lazy Lungu is more interested in signing MOUs abroad. They can not disclipine him as they can not risk a by election…

    • @Nostradamus
      This is serious! Saying those words, awe shuwa! I have known as peaceful person,,,,, but true lusambo ali samwa umwaiche

    • Let Kambwili consult Maj. Richard Kachingwe who was battered by Lusambo in December 2012 before daring Lusambo!

      Lusambo is equal to the thuggish tag of ‘Kabovaism’! Lusambo ni ‘mbama’!

      Kambwili don’t overstep your limits!

      Why are you ranting & vibrating at any sight of stare from anybody?

      You must be self guilty!

      Ranting & vibrating & fighting will not save you but instead exacerbate your already weak case!

    • You mean no one here is bothered by the fact that an elected official choses to behave in the manner is a house that belongs to the people? Very disappointed with his behaviour.

  2. Introduce Breathalyzers at Parliament naba DEC,only a person who is high can behave like that.Though those two belong in the same dustbin,Kambwili can not claim that die hard boy does not belong to his pf when he is MP for the same shebang.
    He must be missing that Ministrial job ney! Just pay the cost reflective expenses Baba,no more free fuel,DSTV,Malaiti,Maid nama allowances ya boza.Welcome

  3. Kambwili exhibiting backwardness, angry because he was fired.

    Lusambo crushi imm his b**alls when he comes near you outside parliament.

  4. Once upon a time, Chimbwili called Father Bwalya maad. Now it seems time is ripe for the ex.padre to return the favour. CK has gone 1000% rabid. Alale!

  5. This news reaching our shores, down here, is very embarrassing. Perhaps Hon. Kambwili and GBM should form their own political party called: “The Pugnacious-Duo-Party….” These two Law-Makers are very identical in reasoning – Very big bodies and small brains, I suspect.

  6. Kambwili is boiling now because the ACC is catching up with him. The information he thought he had kept secret has now been unearthed by ACC and he knows his fate. These are the TRUE LAST KICKS OF A DYING DINOSAUR.
    Advice to Lusambo: Just take Kambwili head-on. Aim for the berry and chest area since he has a heart condition. Do not allow close range fighting because he is good at street wrestling. Just punch him like Muhammad Ali used to (the flying butterfly and bee sting way).

  7. Bowman listen carefully, aim for the chin and the chest. CK has a weak heart and a weak chin. It will be a TKO in round one. Mwwmba kalenga get busy to organize the fight or is it Mwenya Musenge Stables of the Kopala Swag area. Ring Doctor will be Chitalu Chilufya assissted by Jean Kapata.

  8. kkkkk,,Vultures fighting for carcus.

    Too bad tat Adults (Leaders/Lawmakers in this case) can’nt resolve matters amicably;

    Sign tat Economy is too harsh, each is to struggle for survival.

  9. The bubble has burst. Ati “not member of PF as if PF owned Zambia. Original member Mwenya Musenge is smuggler and I am sure so is Kambwili and others.

    • Wisdom came truly from the east my dear, while Chishimba Kambwili and Bowman the dugude are flirting with national assembly sanctions; President Lungu has taken attention from his frequent flier miles and the high court fracas.

      Viva President Nawakwi, convention specialist.

  10. Tying to beat his BOSS the Provincial Minister die hard MMD. CK just accept it. He is now your boss just like Felix Mutati with his MMD budget. Your PF has gone to MMD.

    • Mwenda anyone with eyes to see and with an honest heart to to discern truth will tell u dat PF is dead and we now have a reincarnated MMD.look at how many of the appointed are MMD

  11. Zambians in Luanshya must be embarassed to have voted for a dimwit, rude, ubututu u wa Bemba, thief, demagogue as their MP. Shame on you.
    So are Zambians in Ndola to vote for Bowman Lusambo as an MP, see what befalls on him as a thug threatened by another thug not in the streets but in the law maker house. Shame on you. You are all dunderheads unable to be rational.

    • Don’t ask a dumb question. PF is full of airheads. Such moves takes years to be digested by these characters. They thought it was a joke to use easterners to steal from bakachema.

  12. honorable kambwili is just frustrated that the people he helped win an election especially in copper-belt and northern provinces have now turned their backs on him in life we have to see a problem before it comes he didnt read well the direction of the PF.

  13. He should be locked up for threatening violence in an August house. Kambwili should just join GBM so they can form the Bare knuckles party

  14. Where there’s a P.F Cadre / official, violence is NOT far behind.
    This is a warning to U.P.N.D, not to accept Chi big Kambwili once its booted out of the Violent thuggish P.F party, otherwise does the name INNOCENT KALIMANSHI who ran amok @ the High court ring a bell?? Another PF export quality thug!
    One can only import Violence, & thuggish brutality from a brutal P.F, party as Kalimanshi has already shown us. Beware of the likes of Max Chongo once their parent party kicks them out!!
    Kambwili, Kalimanshi, Chongo all belong to the Ituri rain forest, or Bwindi Safari park, where fellow Silverbacks will threaten violence, & even lash out whenever one disagrees with them, or threatens thir territory

    • Unfortunately these are the sharpest tools from the Bemba bag. One has to make do with what’s available. Some tribes are mentally challenged. Just good at insulting and fighting.

  15. Lusambo shud have respect for Kambwili who is older than him.There is need for self discipline by both.The two law makers are PF and no need to hate each other.The old PF members feel those that have just joined are the ones being favoured.We need the old and new but where the old have same qualifications or even better with experience,they should be given preference because they had sacrificed for PF when the Party was not attractive by then.
    Some of the new comers can get back where they came from but the 100 percent PF will remain……so lets watch out because in 2021 it will be difficult for PF with these divisions.
    Water melons have infiltrated PF and it will be hard in the days to come because we have failed to appreciate our own.

    • Can someone educate me as to what Lusambo did for Dr. Kambwili to react the way he did. Because from what I have read, Lusambo was just coming in the house and Chishimba started reacting. So, what did Lusambo do??? Kindly educate me. Zikomo.

    • Bowman Lusambo is innocent in this case. He merely walked in, as PF back bench vuvuzelas were teasing Kambwili on selling Luanshya golf course for goat rearing. Bowman is surprisingly working and preventing the sale illegally of tax payer land.

    • That’s the trouble of PF MPs who cannot speak English. They insult in Bemba in Parliament and reporters have to try and figure out what is being said. It is a House of Chaos.

  16. If it was a UPND – PF members would have talked nonsense (We due respect to the ones we know are humble people in PF). Now it is the in house fighting. You Insult HH and GBM now it is on PF table what are you going to say. Very embarrassing for PF Mwebakulu. ZNBC want even report this on the news thinking Zambians will not know about it. Wait more to come – DUNUNA REVERSE:::::::::::

  17. My advice to Hon Kambwili is just to take heart and tenacity everything has its own time i know Ck is a heavy weight when it comes to politics.CK deserve respect from Lusambo and the Pf as he has done alot for the part.

  18. lusambo stood for a point of order in order to block kambwili from debating, LT has missed a point. i was watching the debate on TV

  19. His tribal venom during the last polls was specifically directed against Tongas’ Lozis, Kaondes and Lundas. It’s heartening though to see that in his time of need, a Tonga called Garry Nkombo and umloshi Misheck Mitelo were the ones who had to escort this vile lumpen to his car. He should know too that his hypertension is bound to kill him soon if he does not desist from such confrontations and when he kicks the bucket like Sata did, its the likes of Nkombo and Mitete, the people he hates with a passion, that will burry this goofy vile baboon.

  20. If I was Namugala, I would have drawn a ring in the middle of parliament and asked Dora Silit to be the referee for Bowman to slag it out with Chimbwili. Luo and Mumbi-Phiri would have been the judges. This would have taught Kambwili to stop this lumpen behaviour of his, just because he looks like an alpha baboon does not mean that he can go out there asking for punch ups with people for no reason.

  21. Kambwili is fighting a losing battle. It requires strategists to take on Lungu and his backers. Corruption case against him, Lungu will finish him off. Perhaps with independent MPs on the copperbelt might find some legs but it will be a brutal battle. Lungu is now entrenching himself now that he has full five years.

  22. Lusambo is MMD. So is RB, Dora, Kapembwa Simbao, Dr. Chilufya at Ministry of Health, Felix Mutati. The list is endless. Even the PF president was sponsored by RB who is MMD. Now why is CK making a big issue over this one MMD member who is the Minister for Copper-belt Province? Has he been screwing his girlfriend?

  23. Keleni tasa atushe’
    You have struck the nail on the head, square! these Chimbwilic silverbacks from the Ituri must be made to understand that violence is not a solution to any problem. Such animal behaviour must never be tolerated especially in a house purporting to be one where laws are made. Just from mere looks, Kambwili does not look healthy at all and I honestly think he just wants “pakufwila”. Lusambo did well to just ignore the provocative toilet acrobatics of that baboon because they stink! Namugala should have suspended Chimbwili from the house for 5 years, pronto.

  24. This is the end of Kambwili politically. Whatever position he takes in politics he will not go anywhere. people in North Western, Southern, Western and part of central cannot support this tribalist. During the last campaigns he really insulted the people of the above mentioned provinces as if they were not zambians. who is now looking f00lish iwe ci kambwili. ulekakwa iwe c!kala. Pride comes before a fall.

  25. …people may think this is about a political crossroad kanshi its actually a social crossroad…they are dating same lady on CB….the lady has preferred a younger vibrant new blood to a backbencher….

  26. Kaili I also hear Kambwili “ubwamba tabwima, buli ndwiiii”, that’s why even the wife Carol left him for the UK and her p.ussy is now being seriously and joyously serviced by a Mr Ike Johnson, a Jamaican medical doctor based in Derby in the East Midlands. Carol does not even try to hide her adulterous affair with the dreadlocked Jamaican bloke from other Zambians living in the UK. Maybe they are in an open relationship given the fact that Chimbwili ubwamba tabwima.

  27. I now challenge Chimbwili Silverback Kashimba to prove me wrong that he is suffering from an erectional disfunction! Dora Silit has agreed in the name of Chimbuya to come and wriggle her legendary “bokkossi” right in front of Chimbwili, with both of them doning nothing but their birthday suits. We want to see whether this “juicy act” by musikana wa kumawa can stir up Chimbwili’s diminutive Kasai genital organ! You bet there is no life down there, it is dead!

  28. Both Kambwili and Lusambo are unworthy of leadership. Uncouth thugs is what they are. No wonder this country is in trouble. Cry the beloved country

  29. Both Lusambo and Namugala are little Rupiah Banda MMD cadres who have returned to ripping Zambia off by joining Lungu’s mutant version of PF. Let CK beat them, they are political hul es

  30. Kambwili “chi nyamu nyamu”, upto now you pipo cant believe that. Aba ni ba Gelabo (jail boy). They believe in looting and illegalities, obtaining things dubiously. That’s there main stay. It’s only that they have graduated to be MP’s otherwise they were brought up that way, ready to go to jail anytime. Ask pipo that lived in Luanshya in the 90’s to early 2000. they will confirm that “Kambwili chi nyamu nyamu”


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