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PF’s KBF demands the termination of the Kulima Tower Contract

Headlines PF's KBF demands the termination of the Kulima Tower Contract

PF deputy elections chairperson Kelvin Bwalya Fube
PF deputy elections chairperson Kelvin Bwalya Fube
THE Patriotic Front (PF) has demanded for the termination of the contract to manage Kulima Tower bus station by Parkrite Zambia Limited, a private company that has taken over the running of public parking spaces in all areas in the Central Business District of Lusaka.

Speaking during a fact-finding tour of Kulima Tower bus station in Lusaka yesterday, PF deputy elections chairperson Kelvin Bwalya Fube said that he was not happy with the conditions which were outlined in the contract between Parkrite and the Lusaka City Council (LCC).

Mr Fube wondered what was wrong with the operations and management of the bus station for the city council to hand over the facility to Parkrite.

He warned that such contracts were marred by politics and that had the potential to be taken advantage of by the opposition.

Mr Fube pointed out that the bus station was making a lot of money and that it was imperative that Zambians benefited from the funds raised from the station.

“I’m not happy with the conditions contained in this contract for Parkrite and LCC. If you look at the terms for termination and others, they are not fair. This bus stop is making a lot of money and if you leave it to be run by foreigners, all the profits will be going outside,” he said.

And Kulima Tower chairperson Tresford Mwila said that the bus station had been operating well under the management of LCC.

Mr Mwila disclosed that the station was currently making about K250,000 per month from the money that was collected every day by LCC officers.

He wondered why the council had decided to hand over management of the station to a private company, which he said would be paying the council K120,000 per month from the K300,000 it projected to make.

Meanwhile, most of the bus drivers interviewed during the Mr Fube’s tour also demanded for the termination of the contract between LCC and Parkrite.

One of the drivers Jimmy Mwanza explained that LCC was only charging them K25 per bus on a daily basis and that he wanted things to continue that way.

Mr Mwanza said that he was not happy with the coming of Parkrite and that they had failed to manage the parking system in town.

Another driver Brian Phiri wondered how Parkrite was going to succeed in managing the bus station when it had failed to manage parking areas.

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  1. This man is only talking on behalf of the cadres that went to civic centre, not that he is truly not happy with Parkrite. The contract has hardly taken off for him to find faults.

    • If it was not benefiting the council to lease it out, they would not do it. Ba KBF allow sanity to return to the general public at Kulima Tower. When will move forward? Whenever someone proposes something progressive, another person comes up with the same kaponya way of doing things. Sad.

    • That “lot of money” you are talking about doesn’t go LCC, its usually stolen by the cadres,,,,,,,, better place kulima tower under a professional private company, which will make regular payments,

    • This is very interesting what has this Kulima Tower issue got to do with elections?
      Clearly there is a power struggle emerging in PF Kambwili on one side with with councillors looters and land grabbing cadres and KBF on the other siding with kaponyas and ngangwazis .
      Both trying to Marshall support.
      It seems a lot of people are unhappy in PF and not the pot is beginning to crack.

    • Is this Fube the famous thief who steals from clients in land transactions? Boyi, the foreigner is you. You should have no role in Zambian politics. When did Kongolais become Zambians?

  2. Kulima tower like all other bus stops are the ruling party milk cow. Why is a party cadre speaking on behalf of the council?

  3. In what capacity is KBF issuing such utterances? I said this yesterday and I will say it again, KBF is a dangerous person. He has the “perfect attributes” that can make him worse that Wynter Kabimba

  4. This country under Edgar lungu is full of confusion but we thought when he was near Sata he learned one or two things instead he was just drinking beer,as Ngonis and the Ngoni loyal establishment we are disappointed with this drunkard president. As the chief advisor and speaking on behalf of all Ngonis we are not happy. Machende take!

    • Iwe lupopo don’t you know the great leader almost plunged the country into total chaos on governance!Zambia was deeply divided don’t forget that.


  6. This is why we never develop…letting a Political Party have a say in such issues…these people are so dull that they are unable defend their case.
    This is one party that is filled corrupt empty tins from top to bottom…this is simply about greed.

  7. Separation of powers. The mayor and his councilors were elected by the people for the people. In fact they are official office bearers, unlike this joke of a person. It always has to be a cockroach with no credentials and from a certain part of our country to dream up a danderhead counter solution to a good one.

  8. KBF is just another thief, this is the best way for the council to collect money. You say no I am surprised, deep down your heart without a PF hat this is a good idea.

  9. KBF is on point. Its time we rise above pettiness and laziness. This Kulima Tower is an opportunity for the common man and woman in the City to manage and generate informal employment. It is a sustainable venture we cannot afford to subcontract.

  10. There shouldnt be political interference in any of the stations or markets to begin with. Let LCC make the necessary changes to stop this rot!

  11. The levels of criminality in this government has never been seen before. How can you say the opposition will take advantage? This is a lawyer speaking gaffe!

  12. In what capacity is this man talking about council affairs? Isn’t he only mandated to talk about PF affairs? Besides he should be talking about PF affairs concerning Elections only. Does Kulima Tower bus station and the council got anything to do with PF Elections. He is one of the PF cadres benefiting from the scam. Shameless old man.

  13. Fube has become the self appointed assessor for the local govt . Zambia at its lowest and weakest point. As long as you belong to PF you can do whatever you want. Shame as Late son of the once great thinker and philosophical of the great nation of yesterday Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe said ‘ Africa twasebana ! When the law is broken the end result is this kind of Fube. Lungu is a failure . Kapwepwe said ‘ nine bukala bwambwa ubwingila panono panono! Lungu must show he is the president and not let people start shagging him slowly slowly by the time he will know he is a naked emperor it will be too late to control his party followers . I’m not critical of Lungu but this case has profound effect on his administration and appointees such has the minister responsible for local govt. Fube is the…

  14. Bu-Ka-la bwambwa in Bemba this is not an insult but wise saying with rich hinder mending and teaching mr moderator

  15. You call these leaders Edgar chipuba surrounded by non entities
    No hope for Zambia
    Mr skull you. See what we where telling you we are doomed

  16. THE problem IS this country is full of crooks ,thugs and criminals. Just to collect money also they need to bring in foreigners.

  17. The question is:
    1. Can a Zambian Company go and collect parking levies in SA.
    2. How transparent was the deal to offer that contract?
    3. Isn’t there any Zambian company which can do that job?

    Only a Zambian will fight for Zambia.
    Continue fighting KBF

  18. PF PF PF everything is political. Cholera is around the corner and Chingola weak council has failed to clean up the streets. Street vendors have won by refusing to move. What leadership is this that fails to do the right thing. Even the new mayor has no teeth.

  19. the problem with many people is that they just jump on band wagon, if it’s for insults, everyone wants to insult, kbf whether thief or not he is doing the right thing, how do u give a foreign person to run our stations,there are a lot of Zambians making a positive living from these stations, give these same funny investors land to build a station, not what we have built already, bravo kbf I support you. the money meant to be in Zambia will be externalised ,and they will go after making huge profits, it’s about figures Zambians,look at there projection times say five yrs stay, come on people let’s run our stations..!

  20. Kwena I am very surprised you Zambians are even supporting that foreign company to start externalizing the monies that should benefit Zambians, Iyo Zambia is full of empty heads! ARISE AND START THINKING! Blow up your pin heads and in a thinking brain. Those are projects that can be run by able Zambian! So abalepela iyo contract bamwenefye icinso ca musungu ba freezer …….. exposure is important muleke ukutina abasungu eco tatwakele nangu kumo. That Parkrite like Shoprite, Game, pick’n’pay will not benefit Zambians in a long run shibukeni imwe mwe bantu we need to start running our own Country….

  21. KBF the real crooked mafia sounding sensible at last. These are real die hard criminals, Davies Mwila and KBF are on a collision course. How nice. This chi party should disintegrate. its not taking us anywhere, every thing is expensive in Zambia now. Ati tuleteka. Ala

  22. Whether monies are externalised or not, you think it makes a difference. Those are theories. We need a strong manufacturing base, a strong agricultural base and a competent leadership. You start crying over a 2 ngwee externalised from Kulima tower. That’s a drop in the ocean, forget it and go to real things that will bring development. The fact that you are fighting over these bus stops just means you don’t understand where wealth can be created from in Zambia. Poor souls!

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