HH and GBM question the banning of cadres at High Court



  1. Is Hungry Hyna and GBV normal kwena. Ba Upnd icindikeni. This madness is beyond normal madness. Truly u are in the state of insanity. Can someones take hh to chainama please. Do u find joy in what what happen at the courts? Anyway what do u expect from that combination.

    • This is primitive of the highest order kwena. Those thugs were bot chibuku and paid them by hh to go and make noise at high court grounds. Just watch those videos if you don’t believe me. When Pf camped at high court how many public properties did they damage? When mini bus drivers demonstrated how many public properties did they damage? Now look at gulls and their leaders. Total madness and shallowness exhibited. Do you expect a thug to behave sober after you intoxicate them? Kikiki ati ba opposition leader. Ifyabushilu fye. You guys are still miles away from forming govt.

  2. Yes z bin hypocrite he shud jst wait 4 2021 dat’s hw pipo who r loses behave hh nd ka gbm both 2 ka small god of up nd u wil wil never rule dis country.

  3. imwe ba fikala tu pf icicetekelo mwakwete muli ka president cilikwisa mabollo yenu mufita panyo, mwaleta icipowe, umulandu wakusala incushi bafikala.

  4. According to GBM, the Judiciary is not supposed to give directives? Wow this man should not be allowed to speak in public. He continues to exhibit how shallow he is.

    • This under 5 party is a party of anarchy and have no regard for the law and institutions of government. They want to be seen to be popular by taking paid cadres to the court with them.

    • He is right. LAZ made a similar statement earlier: The judiciary only act on cases brought before them. That’s why LAZ rose to its defense when Chanda attacked judges.

  5. Henri and team are the mad ones. I am not UPND but in your five senses assuming you have them, do you think UPND would start behaving like that out of nowhere. PF cadres are always at the courts, always demonstrating and solidarity and are never tear gassed for no reason. When it comes to UPND, the police are always tear gassing the cadres and blaming the UPND cadres even when UPND cadres go to these places in a serene way.

  6. Get this over your greasy heads. There is no opposition leader who has to be admitted to Chainama. PF Police just need to respect themselves. All those who were at court like me representing FDD saw how UPND caders were provoked. You pathological liars should grow up and start being truthful If we have to continue pretending we are a Christian nation.

    • “… Its time to develop the nation now …”!!!

      How, by traveling and sucking to IMF? If you did not develop with 6 billion over 5 years, when you are going to develop? On the 31st February?

  7. Dunder heads, the story is the videos. PF always dull. Comment on the content in the video, that’s the story. Also buy lap tops or ipads – the story is clear it is there. Dull PF chaps as usual

  8. Ati I am PF, Njala fulu fulu at home. what a primitive continent. but of course UPND would be the same. this country is not going anywhere, poverty is increasing by the day and cheap minds are cheating themselves that things will improve. KWISA?????

  9. if HAKAINDE Hichilema and Geofrey BWALYA Mwamba lost the elections, let them be given time to present their petition and let the court based on their evidence make a conclusion and tell the gentlemen they lost.
    a lot of headmen in the country sits their subjects and judges them according to what has happened, buh why are OUR highest courts fail to do this???
    do we need old village headmen to bring justice in the country??????????
    #food for thought, #akabwali mu brain!!!

  10. Bloggers, why do you fail to articulate things. Even if I was not there, the way things stands, I can’t conclude that upnd perpetuated violence. People its simple division and subtraction. LT has not even shown the upnd cadre who was shot by police not evening mentioning the police officer who did the shooting. Don’t rely on half revealed information. Read various news to enable you get the correct story. Other medias have even displayed a Prime media journalist clip who was at the seen. Add up also what he said. Then your comment will make something.

  11. LT is part of the PF media Team.Why are they not showing the clip that has HH/GBM and the UPND legal team standing in front of the high court buildings and waving at their supporters just minutes before police started firing the tear gas.
    That clip clearly contradicts the police version that the UPND supporters started throwing stones at the high court prompting them to react.If that was true,then the UPND supporters were actually throwing stones at HH/GBM because they were standing right where the stones are landing(see second LT clip)..
    LT and the police must stop peddling half truths.

  12. KKKKK in August the PF cadres were camping at the concot so that was right we are doing the same that’s fine GBM spoke better than HH and indeed they are dogs on their day tomorrow it will be other dogs so let the bow wow continue….well spoken GBM you are presidential material able to identify criminals all over with tear gas and nonsense from PF well spoken form 3 drop out from Kamwala Secondary School

  13. All cadres should be banned from our courts. PF, UPND, FDD, UNIP etc. It is the courts, not an inter school social gathering.

  14. HH and GBM don’t understand anything in governance of a country? How do they ask that which law are they going to use to ban UPND cadres from going to the High court? There are several laws which the police can use, there are a lot of laws! So these two chaps are aspiring to the highest offices in the land and yet don’t understand how government operates! They will save their faces by condemning violence caused by their cadres, and not other way round!

  15. Ba HH and GBM are you telling the world at large that Cadres of UPND even those of PF have nothing to do in this world apart from dancing for you. God created people to work and produce to better their lives. You cadres understand that those two people are rich. they are not poor the way you are with no shoes. Don’t waste your time. Even PF cadres the same thing. instead of working hard for you family you waste God’s time on earth dancing for them. Shame. You are beaten them are not. What a fooling way of living. Chawama naya kwibala mukulima, than dancing for such type of people. They will never educate your children, neither pay for medical expenses neither buy you a bag of mealie meal.

  16. The riots at the High Court were state sponsored with a sole purpose of killing the Upnd Petition at the High Court in the same way that Edward has blocked the Petition Hearing at ConCourt. Since the Bill of Rights Act is under the Jurisdiction of the High Court it going to be difficult for Justice Mwila Chitambo to rule that HH & GMB have no rights to be heard in Court. There is no law which supports that position. To suspend the case in the High Court would give Edward some breathing space but the problem will not go away and his illegetimacy remains. Edward is worried that the Petition could be internationalised and cause further difficulties. Edward will be committing suicide if he allowed the Petition to be heard in Court in Zambia becoz HH and GBM have water tight evidence showing…

  17. if you cant accept lungu as president stop attending parliament sessions. In every game there is a winner and a losser.

  18. I was not a fan of Sata but in a way I miss the man because he would have shut these two up. Why do these two think that they have the support from all corners of Zambia? You have resolved to be so distructrive for your own political gain. HH should start re-arranging the party as a leader rather than acting like an owner.

  19. wait one hot second. these two dimwits want to know why the court cannot accommodate more people in the gallery? or they want to know why they cannot have their fanatics that have no decorum and break windows as they do their lwindi bogey.

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