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Commission of Inquiry on Electoral Violence begins sitting

General News Commission of Inquiry on Electoral Violence begins sitting

Defiant UPND supporters burning tyres and blocking the street roads with stones and logs shortly after the declaration of Edgar Lungu as the winner of the polls
Defiant UPND supporters burning tyres and blocking the street roads with stones and logs shortly after the declaration of Edgar Lungu as the winner of the polls
The Commission of Inquiry into the voting patterns and violence in general elections has started its sittings in Lusaka province.

The sittings, which are at Nakatindi Hall at the civic centre in Lusaka, attracted media houses, as well as members of the public, who will be making their submissions.

And Speaking during the official opening of the sittings, Commission Chairperson, Justice Munalula Lisimba urged people to turn out in numbers and make submissions.

Justice Lisimba said the commission is ready to get submissions from Lusaka before proceeding to other parts of the country.

And speaking at the same occasion, Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary, Charles Sipanje said it is good that the commission has started sittings in Lusaka.

Mr Sipanje explained that Lusaka province was not spared from the electoral violence, hence the need to find a solution.

In a speech read on his behalf by Acting Deputy Permanent Secretary, Mutinta Hachiboya, Mr Sipanje added that if the violence is allowed to continue, it may take away from the democratic gains made since independence.

The 15-member commission, appointed by President Edgar Lungu on October 21, 2016 and sworn in on October 28, will sit in Lusaka up to Wednesday, December 28, 2016.

The mandate of the commission is to inquire into the voting patterns in the general elections, conducted from 2006 to August 2016.

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  1. I find this commission as laughable and a sheer waste of resources.Why do I say so? Only the PF and UPND were violent, on the PF one can say this was state sponsored violence as it would be illogical to think otherwise. The President who has appointed this commission knew of these calculated acts of violence so what is he trying to achieve now when at campaign time he was quite. Considering the UPND I think they were adapting to the style of politics the PF brought to the table.

  2. One issue the commission of inquiry should consider recommending is the burning of wearing of party regalia in public places. No party should be allowed to wear military like attire as this creates a lot of confusion between the genuine military personnel and party functionaries. At any court proceedings parties should only be allowed a limited number of members to escort their party presidents or those who are standing trial. The number should be confined to let’s say 100 only. Carrying of offensive weapons should be an offence punishable by jail terms of not more than three months with hard labor or with a fine of not less than 5000 kwacha. Youths in particular should be caged as they tend to be easily lured to participate in such vices. Hate speech bordering on tribalism should…

  3. Lusaka Times. Please use the right picture. As PF we were the mother of all violence, so why not use our picture. You have not heard of Max, or delta PF Brutality force. Come on, change the picture. Do the right thing for once

  4. What is the name of that little girl who has murdered by the PF at a function in Lusaka. There was also another one who was stripped naked by the PF. Is this information already with the commission of inquiry.

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