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PF fires Kelvin Bwalya Fube as Vice Chair for Elections


PF deputy elections chairperson Kelvin Bwalya Fube
PF deputy elections chairperson Kelvin Bwalya Fube

Member of the Central Committee and Chairperson for Elections Jean Kapata has dismissed her Deputy Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) with immediate effect.

Ms. Kapata stated that she has become concerned with recent media statements and activities done by her Deputy without her authority or consent.

“You issued newspaper and social media statements without clearance from my office. By virtue of this letter you are required to surrender all party material and equipment that are in your possession without fail. “From today onwards, you should not speak on behalf of the party,” the letter read in parts.

KBF recently issued statements condemning the Lusaka City Council over its business relationship with Park Rite.

He also condemned government plans for a nuclear power project stating that the country had no capacity to handle safety concerns.

“We can’t handle simple disasters like Cholera, floods and bushfire, how can we handle a Chernobyl of Fukushima like nuclear disaster?”.

He also called for fresh elections in the entire PF stating that there was need for energy renewal “From top to bottom”, a statement that was immediately supported by Roan MP Chishimba Kambwili.

But on Sunday, Jean Kapata issued a strong statement condemning the sentiments and describing the calls for fresh elections as activities designed to undermine President Edgar Lungu.

During the run-up to the August 2016 elections, Kapata appointed KBF as her Deputy.

KBF is not a member of the Central Committee.

And when contacted for a comment KBF said: “I asked Jean Kapata to fire me. I am waiting for the letter of dismissal”.


    • The end of PF. Today I was talking to a ‘true green’ who gave me the impression that he and many other ‘true greens’ are now supporting HH because ECL has auctioned the party to RB. Can’t wait to see the disintegration of this once great party.

    • Has anyone heard anything about Linda Kasonde resigning. This girl condemned what she called verbal attacks on judiciary but she has forgotten to do the same when her work premises was physically attacked and her members of Laz physically assaulted by the thugs from her darling party. We are not waiting for her to hold a conference condemning the Upnd but her to tender resignation as Laz president and allow other serious members to take charge before it’s too late.

    • @1.1 be reminded that Pf has NO such things as true greens but members who are patriotic zambians. Its different other parties which are identified by tribe to mean true reds. In your party one needs to be chuundu to be id

    • Cont’d …to be identified as true red. In Pf it’s either you a patriotic zambian or not that’s why we don’t issue member cards. There is bigger person than the party in Pf. If one thinks he is greater than the rest we discipline them unlike your party which has sacred members.

    • Kikikiki confusion in PF, members firing each other. I can’t wait to see Lubinda firing Dora Siliya for critising his mess of fertilizers.

    • Lubinda is quiet and just eating because he knows the mess he has left at the Ministry of Agric which he is now transferring to the Ministry of Justice. His philosophy is: ‘Keep quiet when you mess up.’ It pays.

    • Clearly the deputy and the Election chairperson who should be working together weren’t
      Same as Kambwili and his president.

      Either way – How do you fire someone without ask them to exculpate themselves, that is if in the first instance you have the capacity to even fire them

      They are a mess are PF



    • @ 1.1 Shot Put,

      You are at coining words whether with or without meaning.

      Are you aware that there are no party cards in PF.

      When you say ‘true’, you imply there is also ‘false’

      But your creativity is the use of words seems not to well explainable as the basis of your opinion is unfounded.

      Anyway you are free to discuss as that is the purpose of this platform.

      Whether what we say makes sense or not is another thing altogether, but we are more than free to debate.

    • UPND is full of under 5 people. Fertiliser distribution mess has nothing to do with the Ministry of Agriculture but rather the Ministry of Finance. No ministry can commit govt to a business transaction without the go ahead from finance.

    • @Shot Put
      ‘Can’t wait to see the disintegration of this once great party.’
      What was GREAT about PF?
      It has only won two parliaments and amidst much controversy. Ever since its founder became ill, it has never been a stable boat.
      That don’t look great to me!

    • @shotPut that’s your opinion. I don’t condone indiscipline and those who think because they are “true ” green should not cheat themselves that they can destroy the party. There are original members who had started with late Sata while Kambwili was squatting at his wife’s quarter in England. These people are quiet and don’t blow trumpets. Besides you should know that not everyone who voted for Edgar is a member of PF.

    • “We can’t handle simple disasters like Cholera, floods and bushfire, how can we handle a Chernobyl of Fukushima like nuclear disaster?”.

      KBF, you are point on, hence, this level of truth hate a lot of people. A bush fire is an issue and for sure nuclear power plant is way above the current capacities in the country to manage. You have made my day. Truth is such a powerful tool and weak hearts cannot handle such, hence you are fired, before you start a bush fire.

  1. I belive he did ask her to fire him. He certainly knew the consequence of his utterances was out of PF inner circles. I hope he has a plan otherwise we will soon forget about him. What surprises me also is CK’s outspokenness, he should know that they will ‘fix’ him. He knows the rules, he was part of the system. What is it we are not seeing?

  2. I like the way PF handles people with opposing views they do not know it is those views that can help them have a voice of reason, it is unhealthy to expect every Jim and Jack will think like you..Unfortunately there inability to handle criticism will be there down is only under this administration that we have seen war being waged by any person and institutions with divergent views!

    • That’s why a system has rules or guidelines. Kbf is not fire what he said but for failing to abide by protocol. He does not speak on behalf of the party and start issuing press statement. If he wanted to give his views there is what is known as central committee.

    • HH Ichilema always has a point from his bum, I wounder what this block is about, Bushe bulema bwa mumutwe nangu ala lyamo apakulu? Ni observation fee

  3. Surprisingly if a chap is fired he turns against the rest, tok of buggers like kabimba,scot and now kambwili, y is it so. My advise is that if u have been fired don’t become a label and my advise to kambwili is that if he continues believe me the chap will end up in jail vis-à-vis corruption issue

    • Just confirms they are not there to serve but to be served. I remember a player when not selected for a game to be played in Lusaka, went from bar to bar wishing the team “bad luck “. When it was reported that the team had won, he insisted on the source of the news. Such people easily expose their lack of loyalty at the least disappointment.

  4. A crook will remain a crook. This man- KBF is an outright crook for those who know him will attest to this. Even those in the opposition are aware. It is actually good that these things are coming out now rather than later. We were waiting to see how long this guy and some unnamed ones would hold on. This is definitely very good for PF. Crooks like these should not come near the centres of power.

    • @Trespho Chitamfya

      Are you joking? Or have you already forgotten that the president is a thug, crook, yet he is CEO of Zambia? He stole money from a client, is this a small matter? I don’t know what you mean by: “Crooks like these should not come near the centres of power” Are you not aware up to now that your country is being controlled by crooks? In each and every govt dept they are there plundering, pillaging, stealing with your eyes wide open!! Please try to wake up!

  5. The letter read in parts. Fube is just frustrated because he was left out of appointment. Lungu is trying to unify Zambians through such appointments. Edward sort them out Mwana.

  6. Ask KK and late Chiluba. You cannot keep on firing people. Address the root cause to keep them quiet for good. These that are being fired will eventually regroup and be a force to reckon with. If they want fresh elections, table the motion in NEC and once they are defeated there, you can weaken them.
    Also why go only for KBF. It is selective dismissal. Kambwili is still at large who is the leader of the dissent. If they have guts, go for the leader of the dissent. Now are going for low hanging fruit.

  7. Who cares about how these chatacters are carrying on? After all they are all a bunch of jokers. No plan for the country. Everything is just touch-and-go. Cabinet is full of non university professionals. It’s a recipe for disaster. Nothing good will come out of them. It’s a total joke


    If you depend on Politics, 5 years it’s a long way up!

    Loyalty defines a TRUE GREEN.



    If you depend on Politics, 5 years it’s a long way up!

    Loyalty defines a TRUE GREEN.


  10. There is no democracy in PF and you expect these guys to rule using democracy. I am PF myself but have you not seen how we have denied rights to rallies for UPND throughout. Where ever UPND goes, even if they are peaceful, they are ever tear gassed. PF does not have intra party democracy and you expect them to respect inter party democracy. KBF should have known that there is no freedom of expression in PF

  11. If there is a party that has been victimised in Zambia, it is UPND and its leaders. Imagine in a country like Zambia where everybody has freedoms, HH and GBM were ordered to leave Luanshya at some point, they were not even doing anything wrong. Just told to leave town, imagine!!! they were not allowed to visit prisoners later at Kamfinsa and yet they have all these rights, this is how rotten the country has become. Much as I don’t have faith in the opposition, people must be treated fairly. But anyway, time of reckoning always dons. Tiza ona

  12. In all honesty who cares about these selfish empty tins who only care about their skin and pockets..they can swing to the opposition as that is what Zambian Politics is about..all rotten to the core!!

  13. The PF is slowly heading for defeat by its nemesis UPND. Anyone who can read between the lines can see that MMD has taken over PF and loyal Sata PF members are moving enmass to UPND and Rainbow. Its really a shame that PF, a once promising vibrant Party has been taken over by the very same corrupt clique Zambians fought so hard to remove. What we are now seeing is an increase in youth unemployment, corruption and economic mismanagement that is a true characteristic of MMD. The PF might think 5 years is a long time but 5 fives under IMF programme combined with visionless Mutati is a real disaster for PF. ECL should reflect on his sidelining of PF members who struggled with Michael Sata to achieve election victory!

  14. Dr Kambwili and Fube are just finishing themselves like Miles Sampa!!they will soon be useless.let them learn a big lesson from Guy Scott,Mulenga Sata,Miles Sampa,Bob Sichinga,Richard Kazabu,Sylvia Masebo,etc.PF is bigger than any person!!PF is a people’s party.i understand that they are bitter with ECL for not giving them cabinet jobs,but if they remained royal,the president could have rewarded them soon.but now they have destroyed all their chances of being in cabinet.this is a major problem with us Zambians as we have no patience!!

    • @Njimbu, if you honestly think those people you are mentioning are finished, you’ll be shocked very soon because your celebrated Edgar Lungu is soon leaving State House. The war started by these two Bemba bulls (Kambwili and KBF) is too big, unless you are not analytical. It makes it even bigger because this is a war between the two most greedy, ambitious and tribalistic tribes in Zambia ( the Bembas and the Nyanjas). In the end, they will have torn earch other to shreds giving the UPND a landslide victory like it happened on August 11, 2016.

  15. But honestly, KBF is right on energy. Zambia cannot secure nuclear equipment just yet. KBF is not my best person in the PF but on this one, i am 100% for him. The billions of Dollars that would go into constricting a Nuclear Power Station can better be used to constructing two or three new hydro power stations. Building a Nuclear Power station is a very, very expensive venture. Out of that money, we can construct probably 50 major sola power facilities in the country.

  16. Firing of members asking for change brought kaunda down.
    CK and KBF could be a start of the end of PF unless Lungu can pray to God to give him a vision how to handle the situation.
    I am sorry to say Lungu has no capacity to deal with the situation. Recall his commitment on independent mps!

    • You and I are seeing the same thing here. It’s unfortunate that most people are in denial. Look at how the fight between the Scott camp and Lungu camp went down last time? The latter were the underdogs and they came out victorious. Watch this fight closely.
      “With but few exceptions, it is always the underdog who wins through sheer willpower.”
      Johnny Weissmuller

  17. firing someone for giving his view is inhuman how on earth can we allow such a clueless party to rule us? I blame all Zambians because this confusion being exhibited by PF has never been there before soon or later pf will start killing each other

    • This same party has rules and procedures. We don’t deny people from talking that’s why we have central committee. It’s like your wife goes out to the neighbours telling them that my husband doesn’t know how to make love

    • It is shameful that the same rules and procedures where abandoned in the interest of corruption and plundering. But then, what else you can expect from party whose president is convicted embezzler?

  18. The biggest mistake you will ever make is to pretend. The best Lungu should do is to invite those who are not happy and talk. Let’s not pretend any more HE face reality. Firing kambwili is not the best you will do. Levy took Sata to south Africa and they won peace

  19. the fight in the pf is for the big boys like CK,ECL,Kampyongo, Davis mwila,RB and one or two more, the likes of frank bwalya, Amos, brian hapunda , bowman please stay away from the race truck and watch from a safe distance.

  20. Zambian politics, there’s is no independent thinking and any ‘maverick’ is dismissed with impunity for being a ‘maverick’.

    “…“We can’t handle simple disasters like Cholera, floods and bushfire, how can we handle a Chernobyl of Fukushima like nuclear disaster?”….”.

    Don’t know the dude, but he’s absolutely correct in this statement.

    Even advanced countries like Australia are still avoiding and debating to go nuclear power… whoever came up with this suggestion is a m@d person.

  21. If UPNDonkeys think that the political ground will shift towards HH, its time to laugh. Can a donkey ever be president of zambia? HH is not and will never be the alternative leader of zambia. If ever Fube and Kambwili joun UPNDonkeys it us to come and steer GBM to UPND leadership. I will make it simplw for donkeys. The UPND has been taken by GBM, HH remains with the UPNDonkey.

    • It’s nice seeing you piss in your own pants little terrible, looks like your brain has jammed, you are stuck little dimwit, such a lousy student, instead of terrible please change your name to perishable.

  22. Jean Kapata herself is a major problem in PF and is the one stifling democracy with Lungu in Zambia. They rule using jungle tactics and have nothing to offer in Govt. What changes has Jean Kapata brought in Govt to talk about since she has been a minister. Nothing. Just getting salary every month. If you are minister and cannot improve your ministry in any way, why are you there. Most PF ministers are like that. Mutati is the one seems to be working but he is from MMD. How long will he run the show, we shall wait and see.

  23. Before she appointed Bwalya Fube she should have asked Sondashi first on who to appoint. Wako no wako. If she does not appoint Kaondes, who would?

  24. PF is a confused Party which does not respect protocol and prosedures. Who appointed KBF to this position in the first place? The Appointing Authority should be the one to disappoint KBF and not Jean Kapata. There is just too much lawlessness in PF. Was KFB appointed by Jean Kapita ? Most unlikely. Lungu must have appointed both Jean Kapita and KFB and the letter of dismissal should come from Lungu who originally appointed both of them to these positions. Lungu’s lack of respect for the Rule of Law,Human Rights and procedures in PF has been imported into govt and hence there is now so much lawlessness in the illegal PF govt. Lungu lacks capacity to lead that is why there is so much confusion and lawlessness in his illegitimate govt and chaotic PF Party.Those who live by the sword will…

  25. One stupid think of Zambian democracy is that you are NOT Democratically independent to think on our own ,if you openly praise the president whether WRONG or NOT,that is democracy in Zambia for you,

  26. LT, is KBF a member of the PF Central Committee or not? You can not start your article by saying he is a MCC and then and the same article saying he is not! What is wrong with you chaps, very embarrassing.

    KBF has all the right to question something especially when it does not make sense. Zambia going nuclear at this stage is definitely a no no for people that understand what goes with nuclear plants. As for Park Rite, something is definitely fishy about the whole deal, surely there is nothing wrong in scrutinizing the contract to make sure that Zambians are not being ripped off. Jean should discuss with KBF before resorting to firing. That is called leadership.

  27. One wonders how we ended up with Sata when rotten brains are entertaining a thought of Kambwili taking over the reigns of this country.#Democracy came too early cry Zambia cry….

  28. While KBF did not follow when commenting on those issues, it is right that what he talked about is true and the person who fired her, has she got the right to do so. Is not right for a dicipinary committee to seat and hear his case? No wonder people are saying there is confussion in the party. My advice is that the boss must converge a meeting for the party to iron out this differences. it is the embracing of some people from the MMD especially those that were insulting the late President Michael Sata has been received with mixed feelings both in the party and the public that vote. So this is not a simple thing. Both KBF and CK should not be taken lightly, it is a fact that they have simpathysers.

    • I 100% concur with you, does the PF constitution allow a chairperson of a portifolio in the central committee to fire the vice? Is it not the displinary committee which is supposed to seat and recommend the actions to take to the central committee? No wonder UPND under 5s are having a field day laughing and posting useless comments about PF because of this same confussion and the president is just quiet.

  29. We need a new dawn of opposition I mean we need a saviour like Chiluba did during Kaunda or Like Sata during RB, I thought we won the previous elections, I thought we won the concourt case and it was over only to be surprised we are still fighting our own shadows. The problem is not the new comers but the caliber of those appointed to manage important and sensitive ministries such as lands and the copperbelt province. PF is no longer a party for the poor but for the rich and those with connections to government. illegal houses are being demolished without impunity, the poor are made more poorer A thing which never happened under SATA, RB, Mwanawasa, Chiluba and KK

  30. We need a new dawn of opposition I mean we need a saviour like Chiluba did during Kaunda or Like Sata during RB, I thought we won the previous elections, I thought we won the concourt case and it was over only to be surprised we are still fighting our own shadows. The problem is not the new comers but the caliber of those appointed to manage important and sensitive ministries such as lands and the copperbelt province. PF is no longer a party for the poor but for the rich and those with connections to government. illegal houses are being demolished without impunity, the poor are made more poorer A thing which never happened under SATA, RB, Mwanawasa, Chiluba and KK

  31. @boss Mr Sata as Mr of local government ordered the demolition of houses in Kanyama during the rain season. Please research before you show your ignorance. There were no illegal settlements in KK ‘s time so how could he demolish that which was not there. And admit that these are illegal structures.

  32. Though Jean Kapata firing KIF or is it KBF seems irregular, what does the PF constitution say? If the constitution is a normal one like most, then KBF needed to be heard. Or is it a normal feature now under PF administration for people not to be heard[like the presidential petition]? And why should KBF make important observations and ask to be fired instead of him resigning? Things do not add up. But then this is PF.

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