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President Lungu orders speedy agro input distribution


President Edgar Lungu Tours Agricultural input shades in Luangwa
President Edgar Lungu Tours Agricultural input shades in Luangwa

President Edgar Lungu has directed that Government agencies charged with the responsibility to distribute seed

This following a three-day tour of three rural towns of Lusaka last week.

President Lungu has also directed that fertiliser dealers ensures that these agro commodities reach all corners of the country within one week.

President Lungu has further directed that Ministry of Agriculture officials in all districts ensure that farmers are accessing the commodities without undue delays and that all District Commissioners and Provincial Permanent Secretaries give a daily account of the status of the agro input distribution.

The Head of State has also directed the Treasury and Ministry of Agriculture to ensure that financial obligations due to suppliers are met expeditiously.

“The President regrets that his findings in some of the areas that he toured when he inspected distribution depots in Luangwa, Rufunsa and Chirundu show evidence of negligence, incompetence and possible sabotage by some civil servants charged with the responsibility to distribute the inputs,” a State House statement read.

“The President is disappointed that in some cases, both basal and top dressing fertilisers have been distributed but seed has not yet arrived thereby undermining the chances of a good harvest next year. The President has since warned of drastic action against any civil servant failing to discharge their responsibilities effectively in this regard.”

“This situation is unacceptable and tough measures will be instituted against officers responsible,” The President said.

President Lungu has however assured agro farmers countrywide that he has taken personal interest to ensure that the input distribution exercise succeed so that the country can surpass the 2016 harvest.

“I have been informed by weather experts that this year, we have been blessed with good rainfall throughout the season and we ensured that fertiliser and seed procurement processes were done on time,” President Lungu said.

“I cannot accept any excuses for poor performance that might lead to a poor harvest. I will be taking decisive action against any civil servant at any level who will be seen to be standing in our quest to ensure sustainable food security. I expect all civil servants to take heed of this warning and ensure that they execute the agro input distribution exercise expeditiously,” he said.

President Lungu toured developmental projects in Luangwa, Rufunsa and Chirundu districts of Lusaka last week on 14th, 15th and 16th December, 2016 respectively.


  1. I don’t agree that civil servants are to blame; it’s lack of leadership and plan. ECL and group have no clue on agriculture and the economy at large. Sad that we can run ourselves into poverty while opportunities lurk.

    • Every-time it is order after order when the law is there. So then what is the work of the law? If people whose job is to distribute input, don’t the works per their job descriptions, fire them. orders are meant for soldiers because there is no clear procedures in the military.
      It should not take an order to perform your duties imwe bangwele.

    • This order will just open a door for corruption and stealing. Now the mafias can spend money with an excuse that the president ordered we do works quickly. Follow procedures according to your job descriptions bamumbwe imwe.

    • Do they have to be directed?
      Failed life wardership by visionless Lungu & his bandits.
      Meanwhile Dora Siliti is fraudulently sending maize & mealie meal to malavi when Zambians are suffering hunger & poverty, such a shame!
      PF bandits, whether you like it or not, the presidential petition must be heard squarely without hindrances from visionless Lungu who is on a spree persecuting innocent citizens.
      Shame on PF bandits of visionless Edgar Njala.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Strange indeed that the Presido should realise this now why didn’t he tour these places before the rains started to ensure inputs were distributed on time? And why isnt he holding the responsible minister accountable??? Instead he is only mentioning the juniors… I had said it before on this fora Dora is very good at disruptive approach which ever ministry she gets into but lacks forward thinking practical approach

    • It’s your fault Ba Lungu, how do you expect Dora Siliya to touch fertilizer? Distributing manure ans seeds on Facebook, what kind of ministers Edgar have?

    • Chagwa got himself top of the range ….black Range Rover worth about ZMW 2.5-3.5 Million so I guess all this rural movements he is just testing it’s capabilities….this is after dumping the top of the range new meroon Toyota Landcruiser worth ZMW 2 – 2.5 Million. I hope u people have noticed that ?

      Take a swipe at the Minister of Agriculture unless she has done her work well. ECL, you campaigned on the premise of diversification but indicators show that you have no plan no capable individuals to champion that cause. I thank CK for commenting about poor works in agriculture last week. You need CK as a minister without portfolio believe me.

    • Where have you been Mr. President for you to see this problem only now? Would you have noticed the problem if your Egypt trip had not been cancelled?

      Your excellence, you have a lot of work to do. First of, I know you know how lazy we Zambians can get at times; couple that with the corruption, lack of support from appointed but serving civil servants and incompetent government officials vis: The PSs, the DC s, the MPs, the Mayors and the Councilors. End laziness and get fellaz to work please. Kindly fire those concerned. We want results in 4 years latest. No time for honeymoon, I beg.

    • The other issue is when the leaders are at the top are such as Ministers and PS are hopeless and enjoy anfair perks such as huge allowances and luxury vehicles for doing absolutely nothing this makes their juniors feel they can also do nothing since they are not getting those huge perks. Remove huge perks given to ministers, Perm Secretaries and other top Govt officers- that is the practical way to do things!

    • This is because they put cadres in such strategic positions. Lungu is to blame himself. because every ministry should have a proper plan

  2. it is shameful that things can only be done if Lungu give the directive. but the first sentence is not complete.

    • If its not for BUFFOON CK making noise about would have been business as normal…if Lazy Lungu was not flying all over Africa and paying attention this would not have happened all it takes is a weekly briefing from the Agriculture minister…what is a directive going to achieve? I will simply mean more money and human resources being directed to the problem…pure lack of planning and absense of leadership.

  3. It doesn’t have to take the President to get things done. The President and his government need to work in a way such that they put in place a system that works and checks itself. What the President has just demonstrated is that they don’t have their act together as a government of the day.

    • Lungu is truly visionless and incompetent. The real negligence, incompetence and possible sabotage is from none other than Dollar Syria who has condemned the FISP in Parliament, no less. She is out to prove that FISP does not work, even if it is at the risk of hunger throughout PF strongholds.

  4. “I have been informed by weather experts that this year, we have been blessed with good rainfall throughout the season ….” can’t he see this for himself? Sorry, forgot that man is on a world tour, hardly in Zambia.

    • The season has not ended so only wheather forecast can give you that information regarding the rain season.His excellency ECL is right he has been informed by the wheather specialusts and not those who check for clouds in the sky to tell that they have a good rain season.

    • Tespho, this forcast was made and announced months ago by the so-called experts. Lungu is giving the impression that this has come as a surprise, and therefore fertiliser and other input must now be distributed immediately.

  5. Very disappointing even to the almighty that even after pleading, mourning, fasting to him for the heavens to open up and let rain we can be so foolish that we couldn’t resprocate thankfully by getting down to work expeditiously. I foresee the same story unfolding the same way even with the issue of electricity, something else will definitely go wrong. We have all round pegs in square holes

  6. Its obvious from the above statement along with the vacant look on Chagwas Face that he doesnt have a clue whats going on in Zambia!

    • Why talk about farming at the end of December? Typical of bakaponya to try and get fame from dead horses. Us bakachema are already eating our early planted maize. We are already planning for the next farming season. This one is over.

  7. Civil servants are indeed part of the plan. You cannot just have a prescription without someone to qualify it. It is the duty of those who are mandated to do particular jobs to ensure the job is done in time especially the rain fed farming works. The civil servants should actually compete for recognition through such as securing necessary essential services for their areas. You cannot go on rampage just firing people. Just like we think why not arrest those that insult the President in the name of freedom of speech.


  9. In a functional governance system heads of critical units and departments should step aside or be asked to step aside so that that failure is not repeated in the next season. The new hires must then be given the commission to double down and make sure whatever is left of the damaged sequel is handled expeditiously and results mitigated best as possible. This idea of ordering the same failures to step up is exactly what makes even the political leadership stink!

    When the cat is away the mouse will play.

  11. Government should have no business in business, period! Farming is a serious business to be carelessly left in incompetent government hands. Liberalize everything and let the farmer determine how much fertilizer or seed they will need. This way, the farmer will charge cost-reflectively for their produce unlike what is happening now where the farmer is selling at a loss. Mealie meal is still very cheap in Zambia and yet you hear someone ever complaining. What Chagwa and Mutati should do is to abolish FISP and FRA. We don’t need them!

  12. Firstly why did ECL wait until Kambwili raised this issue last week? The PF cadres were mad and condemning Kambwili, but ECL silently, felt guilty and visited, just to find out the truth. So PF cadres, you thank Kambwili who opened your eyes.

    Secondly, why are things done on Presidential directives all the time? Honestly, what are the Ministers doing then, do these ministers have leadership skills to motivate their folks to do things? Hard to imagine things can only get done whenever ECL pretends to be working by issuing those directives.

    I believe Zambia can do better, we have professionals that can step on it. Until we get another Mundiya Sikatana we are trading on extremely dangerous grounds and nose diving in uncharted territories. Unless you show me the diversification policy on plan, it remains a hum to my ears. Diversification my foot.

    • Things do not work when everyone in the system knows that the system is not meritorious and the basis for promotion is not performance. In our system in Zambia every one knows that you get promoted for sucking up to politicians. This is the basis for being appointed a Permanent Secretary or a DC and for being rewarded with all manner of perks. Human beings are sensitive to economic and political signals. If Lungu gave strong signals that promotions would depend on qualifications and performance, competence would rapidly rise to the top. This is how Lee Kuan Yu developed Singapore, a deeply meritorious country. One has to work really hard to earn promotion. As it is Lungu wishes to reward those who supported him even if they are incompetent and unqualified.This is why Lungu is not…

  14. When you vying for presidency, you should know that civil servants suffer from the lazy bug ailment and your job is devising plans to beat that.
    Now you are shocked and therefore you are not ready for your job.
    You and you tour FORIEGN guide should be blamed for a poorer harvest.

  15. Indeed Zambia has become a Banana republic. ECL, Zambia is not a Military Nation where you govern by orders. You know who the weakest link is not the poor civil servants whom you are scaring day and night. Siliya, your Minister for Agriculture is the weakest link. You are directing your anger and all arsenals on wrong people who are defenceless.


  17. What is the point of having a minister of Agriculture if she can’t do the work. Why did it have to take the President to find out all this? If l were you Mr President l would be having serious words with the minister of Agriculture.

  18. But where is the minister ofAgriculture? And what is his or her job? Surely in any country there are systems that are responsible for things to work. You cannot expect one person to be redsponsible for everything. Those responsible for Agriculture will answer, there is a minister and there are permanent secretaries and directors responsible who must explain why. It is wishfull thinking to assume that ECL will be everywhere at all times like a God. Hence undue blame on him is unfair, people charged with these responsibility in each ministry must take responsibility beginning with the minister of Agriculture downwards.

    • Next they will say they are no deputy ministers…just recently some minister was acting and Dora was out of the country…only RB knows why he put Dora there!!

  19. He was probably going to act and fire the Agriculture minister but probably changed his mind when he saw the sexy legs of Dola. Really, there can be no other reasonable explanation why no action has been taken against the person at the helm of the ministry charged with the responsibility of fertiliser distribution. Other pausible explanation is that he cannot take action because Dola had the full protection of the PF Chief Human Resource Rupiah Banda. But seriously this what happens in life when you trade your values and principles, assuming you had some in the first place, for a few million dollars. Edgar Lungu is becoming a lameduck president and I would not want to be in his weak position.

  20. Here they go complaining and complaining you even complain about the vehicle Lungu used that is a government property, if it is not Lungu some else will use it, so what do you want him to use when he goes to the farmers. He was on tour of duty also you complain what kind of people are you? The season is not yet over last year and the year before we planted maize in January the last day was 20th January, for your own information this is when farmers are faming as they were waiting for the soil to be soft for ploughs and tractors to cultivate even using a hoe the soil should be soft. So please let the President do his job as someone said Zambians cannot work without being pushed. Mr. President keep it up push them they are tarninshing your name.

    • Waiting for soil to soften in January? Reslly funny! Clearly you know nothing about farming, better to stay mute to avoid embarrassment.

  21. This is a case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. Dont blame civil servants. The Minister Dora Siliya said FISP is a failed project. She doesnt wanna do it. Which civil servant will defy her?

  22. Where is Dora in this whole squabble.We need to see the persido fire her for failing to plan and act decisively regarding the farmer input program.We have this huge market around us to satisfy and gain revenue then we letting this opportunity pass us by…..

  23. Is LUNGU a magician whereby when he orders then ABRA-CADABRA things will execute themselves. Input distribution is a whole year process & only comes into fruition after planning, assigning tasks & awarding tenders etc. not by mare hollow wishful orders.

    Next he’ll order load-shedding to end – ABRA-CADABRA it’ll end on it’s own
    Then he’ll order economy to recover – ABRA-CADABRA it’ll heal on it’s own
    Then he’ll order youth unemployment to end – ABRA-CADABRA it’ll end on it’s own

    Thats dull Lazy-bumz LUNGU for u.

    • Really laughable…I always say all this talk about diversifying the economy is merely hot air… do-nothing individuals can not put Agriculture on top as it requires hard work and discipline even when the money is there in abundance. Its end of December and you are unshame-ably talking about farming inputs…have just visited Zambia as a tourist.

  24. True! Most Civil Servants are very sluggish in their work. They look like people who do not wanna work at all. They want easy money and some have already made it and feel they just need to wait for retirement. They have crumbled the system. Nonetheless, the President can still put up sytems to revamp Civil Service. It is not too late. And this thing of buying expensive VXs should come to a stop. Most government departments are under funded because the excuse is that government has no money. Why can you not buy cheaper vehicles for executives and channel the saved moneys to fund critical government departments?

  25. Ordering a ‘speedy delivery of agro inputs’ in the third week of December? Didn’t he know anything before? Ukutemwa ukuseya.

  26. The president keeps butting into Dora Siliya’s portfolio meaning he appointed a minister who isn’t working. We did say take Dora to information ba pulezidenti. No sorry we said fire her until her court cases are over

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