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FFTUZ to institute own probe about Racism at Horse Shoe Restaurant


Horse Shoe Restaurant in Lusaka
Horse Shoe Restaurant in Lusaka

The Federation of Free Trade Unions of Zambia (FFTUZ) says there is no need for Labour Minister Joyce Nonde to call on the Police to arrest the whistle blower of the alleged racial abuse by management at Horse Shoe Restaurant.

FFTUZ President Chingati Msiska says the Minister should have also engaged the whistle blower on the allegations of mistreatment of workers at the Restaurant.

He says there was need for a thorough investigation into the allegations made against management at the Restaurant.
Mr Msiska adds that his Union will conduct its own investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile the Foundation for Democratic Process(FODEP) Executive Director Mweenge Chimfwembe says Labour Minister Joyce Simukoko should not be seen to be defending the Horse Shoe Restaurant management without doing a thorough investigation.


  1. It is so shocking that she issued that statement. A person with a background in labour matters can surely take the ‘truth’ from an employer????

    • It’s not easy to manage a restaurant, much worse with our Lazy, thieving, corrupt Zambian workforce.
      Managing a large number of Zambian employees is like herding cats and like I said before, a brutal reprimand with harsh is not racism.
      Some of you here have treated your maids and farm employees far worse by underpaying them or not paying them at all.
      I have hired bus drivers and farm employees before and you just have to be brutal to get things done right.
      Am speaking as an employer, all you employees can go ahead and criticize me.

    • @Gringo, from your language and tone, you are a racist too. Things also get done by appreciating and rewarding good works. I don’t think you ever thought of that route.

  2. This case can only be solved by workers. If workers say there is no racism then the chapter is closed. Unless other witnesses during the nite in question can back any claim of racism this case is a non starter

  3. there is corruption happening at such and such a place. I can’t give details because as a ref “whistle blower” it can land me in jail!!

  4. I bet you that silly dull minister and her teams were conducting her so called investigations at lunch hour between the times of 12:30 -14:00hrs.

  5. Every Zambian labour minister with a Trade Union background makes the worst labour ministeror president.
    Come with me,
    1- FTJ did not make a good president – betrayed workers, theft etc….history.
    2- Newstead Zimba,nothing to write about except his wives fighting in public at govt offices.
    3- Austin Liato, convicted plunderer burried K2 billion – failed politician.
    4- Shamenda, could not represent or defend workers, received bribes from some employers but failed with Dangote with his untidy chin full of white beards.
    5- Joyce Nonde as was known was president of FFTUZ for 15 years neever allowed workers democracy. Now Joyce Simukoko is a failing minister, issuing hollow statements to please Lungu abandoning workers plights and complaints. Racism by whites does exist in Zambia…

  6. Zambia wil remain lyk dis bcoz of selfish leaders lyk ha.instead of findin de solution she’s defending ha fun fellow.we ar not goin anywhere,anyway she will use ha own way to resolve dis problem.

  7. ….its too late to investigate now…management is not stup1d…as if its something written..expecting to find evidence of racism from the files….rubbish….they just want free lunch….

  8. Wrong method of investigation ba Joyce. No worker will justify the nature of racism going on at horse shoe in front of a camera for fear of being victimized. Use LD4 method to dig out the truth and protecting whistle blowers. Mind you, don’t be like your predecessor, Shamenda who used to receive money under the table and sat on genuine cases for his personal gains. I think in this ministry we need people like Kambwili to shake up so called investors specialized in running restaurants.

  9. I agree with muna dek even in companies where union leaders have promoted to management positions especially in hr where they are perceived to be experts they have failed completely I know one parastatal company with such challenge. What more at ministerial level it is shameful

  10. Who is the complainant? What is being described as racism? Hope it’s not a case of sour grapes. The minister is right. People just want to politicize everything!

  11. This is ridiculous, whoever is calling for the minister to resign has lost their minds. Have you gone through the entire case? Do you have your facts right? Am Employee myself and i feel the whistle blower was wrong to file a defamatory allegation in the manner it was made.

    To make things worse, the statement was not true. One thing we should realize is that, this is a person business at stake, a person livelihood.Therefore uttering statements regarding racism is very dangerous.

  12. Very very sad. A lady thot to b iron lady kanshi iyo. Even if it was found dt there is no racism, th least th minitres cn do is order th arrest. I wonder if she truly represented th interest of th vulnerable employees wen she was fftz president. Who then gona blow th whistle? Th employer themselves? Wat a presidence. If i were her, i wud resign on moral grounds

  13. Tell me, when we were growing up in Chiwempala when a white person came to our compound we would run after them shouting “Umusungu! ” all the way. They would simply wave at us with a wide smile. But when we went “kuma Elsie ” or white man area and they called us kiffirs, it hurt us so much. Was this racism and by who?

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