Sunday, April 14, 2024

President Lungu’s Commission of inquiry on electoral violence will deliver


Contrary to views by some stakeholders regarding the setting up of the commission of inquiry on electoral violence and voting pattern sanctioned by President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Executive Director Andrew Ntewewe says he is optimistic that the Commission will deliver to public expectation and satisfaction.
Contributing on social media platform, a whats app forum dubbed Dynamic Analysis Zambia, Mr. Ntewewe said he looked forward to the Commission’s recommendations being implemented for the greater good of Zambia as a whole.
The outspoken Youth leader noted that all well-meaning Zambians should support and appreciate President Lungu for setting up a Commission in the aftermath of the highly divisive August 11 elections because the country now has a serious challenge in terms of electoral violence, the tribal voting pattern during elections, mudslinging, insults and a general lack of issue based campaigns.
Mr Ntewewe was,  howeve,r quick to state that other stakeholders were justified to cast aspersions on the Commission and disparage the establishment based on the history of the previous commissions that did not yield positive results with their reports having been kicked in the long grass by the responsible authorities and had continued to gather dust without any tangible implementation.
Mr. Ntewewe has since stressed the need for the newly appointed commission to allay some of the public apprehension by being above board and ensure that it performs with utmost professionalism and impartiality and not reduce the inquiry to a mere political witch hunt.
“we are hopes that the commission will do the correct thing” Mr. Ntewewe said


    • Another scheme for paying friends the hard earned tax payers money. Which commission has ever produced results to be talked about. Just inform the nation the sitting allowances involved and thereafter, call for the debate on the matter.

  1. But who doesn’t really know the root cause of all that is in the terms of reference? Country men let us be serious. I mantain it was not necessary. President Lungu could have as well moved on to mend the damage. If Lungu And HH continue ignoring each other as contributing factors to the same, then you can set up millions of commissions they will all boil down to zero

  2. Haha! At least a pregnant woman delivers at the end of nine months and we see a baby. Your commissions of inquiry have failed to deliver anything. Actually the idea of a commission of inquiry is to delay progress on that exact issue under consideration. Let’s just move on. Awo wa pa komishoni wazifola ndalama kwasila mweo!

  3. Electoral violence does not need a commission of enquiry. Just common sense. PF cadres camp at high court and stone the opposion, no arrests. UPND cadres gather outside the court peacefully to support their leaders, they are teargased and shot at. The president and all PF leaders quiet.
    Next day commision of enquiry??? This self imposed president is mad!!

  4. Total rubbish….all well meaning Zambians know for a fact that the architect for violence in Zambia is no other than Edgar Lungu. So spare us this nonsense of a commission and just legitimise stealing!

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