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UPND cannot be trusted with the Republican Constitution-NAREP

General News UPND cannot be trusted with the Republican Constitution-NAREP

The UPND leadership during the news conference
The UPND leadership during the news conference
UNITED Party for National Development cannot be trusted with the republican Constitution when they have literally failed to adhere to their own party constitution, National Restoration Party national secretary Ezra Ngulube has said

Mr Ngulube said the UPND had exhibited lack of respect for the law by abrogating their own party constitution following the announcement by vice-president for administration Geoffrey Mwamba that Hakainde Hichilema was the 2021 presidential candidate without going for a convention.

He said political parties owed it to their members to hold a convention so that they could choose their preferred leadership that would contest national governance position.

“We have shown the UPND that a political party can undergo a convention, a violence free convention to choose their leaders from top all the way to the last person in the national executive.

“But the UPND had shown Zambians that it cannot be trusted even with their own constitution. If they cannot follow their own laws, how can we trust them with the Republican Constitution?” he said.

He was commenting on the recent declaration by Mr Mwamba and Mr Hichilema that the party already had a presidential candidate for the 2021 general elections despite calls by the general membership for a party convention which was long overdue.

He said UPND had failed to exercise intra-party democracy in its system of governance as a party and had failed to lead by example as a major player in the Zambian political set up.

He said political parties must exercise democracy by holding regular, free and fair elections such as NAREP achieved which recently held its elective convention.

“The message by the UPND vice-president that the party will not go for a convention is simply telling the Zambian people that Mr Hichilema is ‘wamuyayaya’ (lifelong serving leader) in that party and this is an injury to the democratic dispensation that this country is fighting so hard to build.

“It shows that we cannot entrust the UPND with the Zambian Constitution because they are failing to uphold their own constitution,” Mr Ngulube said.

Mr Hichilema has been at the helm of the opposition party for over 10 years after taking over from its founder and leader Anderson Mazoka in 2006.

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    • How many councillors and MPs does Narep have? Who do they represent – the Chipimos maybe? Narep should concentrate on PF who are daily [email protected] the national constitution. They might just win a councillorship somewhere from that.

  1. Mr Ngulube is writing for the sake of writing and do not see any value addition he is making. The holding of a Convention to elect new office bearers is a discretion of UPND members. NAREP has no business telling UPND when to hold their Convention.This is a matter for UPND Members. At present UPND’s priority is to get their Petition heard in Court. The hearing of the Petition is a National priority becoz it will reveal institutional weakness In our electoral processes That will help to reform Organisations such as ECZ, Concourt, High Court, Dept of National Registration.The Role of Executive Arm of govt needs to be scrutinized to make sure they do not interfere with other electoral entities in the electoral process. Of particular importance is the need for capacity building at ECZ and…

  2. Well stated Mr. Ngulube…meaning they can easily manipulate the constitution ati the people of Zambia still needs us in power. Such people you don’t expose them to the instruments of power.

    • Wow, finally you discover that Presidents of political parties are aspiring Presidents?
      Can you enlighten us about Lungu “vehicle” to presidency? Patriotic Front or corruption, vote stilling, abuse of power, lawlessness, cadres in police uniform, theft of state resources ……………….?

    • @Lungu you must be very dull. You mean you can’t debate without insults. In my culture only people who run out of ideas resort to fighting or insulting. Insults like masturbation will give satisfaction but will not give a baby.

  3. Hakalange Hips and Godfridah Bwima Mwape are not even ashamed. Tutwa Ngulube said in parliament that there is a party which has a life president but an idiom in the name Goal Nkonde argued like they would go for a convention. Shame on upnd. What do u expect from sata::nists country men. Na declaration as a Christian nation can be removed by this sata::nists.

  4. I dont know the petition upnd cadres talk about. Professor Mvunga tore them apart. Which petition do u talk abt ba upnd. 3 provinces sure can make a president. Muleumfwa insoni ba upnd. Did u c how God consumed o your votes. He raised millions of people to swallow o the tribal votes from bantu botatwe Kingdom.

  5. Narep is a satelite party of PF. The same goes for FDD.
    Zambians have not forgotten when both presidents of Narep and FDD accompanied late president Sata to Brazil, all paid for by Zambia tax payers. Narep the abandoned party by its president has no spine moral compus to comment on political parties in Zambian. Archived and forgotten.

  6. Any one calling for a upnd convention like ngulube is a Freemason and stupid. Spend time to organise your kantemba party. No councilor for fifteen years now. What is Narep in Zambia?????????????Maybe in chipimo’s bedroom it has a councilor. Just upnd alone. I know you are just scared of hh. Continue spending sleepless nights over hh. Its viva hh.

  7. HH will stand in 2021 and he will win through a landslide. Kambwili will destabilise PF and it will not survive. Njala yati nyokola!

  8. Ba neutral, I am surprised that u can call Ngulube a freemason. Nadabwa. Your Hakala Hichitobo is a freemason. Ask Bishop Chomba. HH is afraid of Bishop Chomba bcoz the bishop even knows HH’s sata:nism number. Ba neutral do u know that hh is number 2 kuma sata::nist in africa after one president of west africa.

  9. In all major democracies, a candidate only stands once and when he loses that is final, another candidate has to represent the party in the next election. We need to have this barring clause in our constitution to allow for intra party democracy. We cant condtinue seeing same losesrs being fielded in every election with same losers, losing more 5 times as though they are the only capable candidates. Even if GBM publicly agrees to fielding hh in 2021, inside he is burning with hate.

    Can some MPs move a motion to effect this barring clause in our constituition it will be very good for our Democracy and we wont have people like Tilyengi, Miyanda,hh or Nawaki repeatedly raping our democracy by constantly appearing on our ballots for personal gains through the money EU gives to…

  10. It’s like people in UPND don’t want to hear the truth; anyway, truth pains. Do something or else these seemingly insignificant parties, like NAREP and other new found ones will take your place. Your leaders want democracy to be practiced in Zambia but not in UPND – it does not make sense to me. They (HH & GBM) are and have been using the petition to avoid the convention, which is long overdue. God bless Zambia!

  11. You think he won? Online voting cannot be genuine. A guy can use as many telephones or computers as he can manage and vote for the same person. It’s not a barometer or something to write home about

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