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Labour Minister to complain to the President about HRC’s handling of Horse Shoe Restaurant Saga


Labour and Social Security Minister Joyce Simukoko
Labour and Social Security Minister Joyce Simukoko

THE Human Rights Commission was wrong in issuing a statement on social media over the racism claims at the Horse Shoe Restaurant when they could have brought it to the attention of the Ministry of Labour, and will, therefore, complain to the President over the matter, Labour and Social Security Minister Joyce Simukoko has said.

The Minister said there was need for the department to submit the report to the Ministry of Labour since they were both government entities.

“I can’t be so stupid to interview the workers in the presence of their employers. I was a labour leader for a long time and have handled such cases before,” she said.

She said the Ministry of Labour has been crowned as being corrupt a status that is not good and would make people lose confidence and trust in the institution, adding that while the Human Rights Commission targeted on the rights of workers the Ministry of Labour was investigating racism claims.

“I went there and spoke to the workers individually and the only complaints I got from them were over delayed payments of overtime, being over charged when they break utensils and the lack of a labour movement. There was nothing related to racism that the workers reported,” she said.

She refuted claims that she interviewed the workers in the presence of their employers.

“I can’t be so stupid to interview the workers in the presence of their employers. I was a labour leader for a long time and have handled such cases before,” she said.

Mrs Simukoko said the owners of the Horse Shoe Restaurant were Zambians from the Northern Province and wondered the basis of the accusations that they were foreigners.

“The owners of that restaurant are coloured’s from the Northern Province, so how can they be racists when they are not whites themselves. They have suffered injustice,” she said.

She advised people to ensure that they have their facts right before making accusations.


    • She is a very dull woman…she will go to complain to her boss about HRC so he dpes what? Really laughable that we have such daft empty tins on GRZ payroll.

    • What am idyot! So coloureds cannot be racist? What is so difficult about analysing issues instead of kneejerk conclusions by this minister? By definition, to be a labour leader means she cannot have been a manager. No wonder her lack of management experience shows in her shrillness in her reactions.

    • Nonde is really a ar.sewhore with no brains! Anyway what can you expect from a failed trade unionist. Does Nonde think racism is good when it is practised by Zambians. This is kind of such mediocre people PF can appoint to be ministers – what a shame!! This woman is so DULL and in fact below the ministerial material – the most incompetent Grandmother in the World!! There is plenty of Racism at that Horseshoe fu.c.khouse! People should just start “boycotting” that of a restaurant
      Racism is an evil thing whether it is Mwanakatwe or those Bemba coloureds practising it! Joyce Node is on very, very cheap Drugs and cant think any more. Instead of helping Lungu to run the country, she is even piling more problems for Edward Lungu who has no clue on Labour issues.

    • Joyce Monde is a disgrace of the highest order! Most zambian coloureds are big racist. Them coming from northern province doesn’t erase their absive language.
      By the way Joyce, you took this issue to social media ordering people to be arrested and now that the tables have turned,, you turn into a cry baby, you want report to dad!!!!

    • What is this term “Coloured”…go to US or Europe and call a mixed race person that term and everyone will think you have mental issues!!

    • The minister is making conclusions too quick on this matter.

      The minister must understand that it becomes very embarrassing to defend something only to discover that you are in the wrong.

      The minister should take time and allow for more information and investigations.

      The manner in which she is handling the matter might raise suspicion in the public opinion.

      She is not the spokes person for the company involved, and exerting such energy to be the defence plays a very bad song in the ears of the public.

    • Is this the quality of Ministers we have now? Complaining to the president? why is this lady so defensive of that resturant or what ever they call it.Now she wants to fight the HRC. shame. The fact here is that she has been caught pants down. She was defending foreigners who are abusing Zambians. Shame.

    • We ve heard both of you bwana minister, We will make our own conclusions. Let the president be cautious on this one, otherwise we will make second round of conclusions…

    • Sounds like what’s being practiced at this restaurant is colorism, which is defined by Oxford Dictionary as “Prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.” It’s rampart in India with their caste system, and also in Brazil where they have a special name for every skin tone among black people. So black people with lighter skin are treated well, and have more opportunities extended to them than those with darker skin. It’s a form of discrimination still in practice in many countries where there’s a large presence of black people, especially outside Africa. In the USA in the 1900s, the black community practiced what they called the brown paper bag test. That’s if your skin tone was darker than a…

    • (Continued)… brown paper bag, you were excluded from certain groups, clubs or gatherings of other black people with lighter skin. It’s also heavily practiced in the entertainment industry today in many countries. That’s why you see fewer black people with dark skin tone in TV commercials, music videos, movies, etc, than those with lighter skin tone. So, while black people with lighter skin tone cannot technically be “racist,” towards other blacks, they can however practice prejudice and discrimination based on skin tone. Evidently, this minister has never lived anywhere outside the borders of Zambia, especially in a place where racism and colorism are commonly practiced. Prejudice and discrimination based on colorism are real, just as evil as racism, and should be strongly…

    • (Contnued)… condemned and people practicing them held accountable. It doesn’t matter they’re are Zambians or foreigners.

    • how can she say coloured cant be racist? Anyone who has grown up in Zambia knows coloured consider themselves superior and more while. This woman is d.umb

    • Good morning/ evening, afternoon zambians. We in UPND would like to wish you all a merry christmas. We know that this year has been very difficult for you all. We had an election robbed from you right under your noses. As a forward thinking party of integrity we in UPND are currently fighting this case for you all in the courts of the land and not on the streets. THis is because we respect the peace zambia enjoys and as a party we will continue fostering development and peace. I hope that all your dreams come true this christmas. I humbly ask you to vote HH as best politiican and also NEZ as best blogger 2016. I thank you all aluta
      Chief Strategist of the UPND

    • Word coloured is used and accepted on Zambia. Just like the word funeral means one thing in Zambia and another I South Africa, Namibia, Uk and USA. These words may sound English but they should be grammatically and socially accepted.

  1. For Some reason, I believe her. Zambians are not good at reading and analyzing things before they comment. We like taking the smoking and leaving the fire. Also I don’t think that HRC did discover any racism. So she is right, and HRC being an arm of Government should have made the finding know to her first before going public. I think HRC broke protocol.

    The Only thing I condemn her is to call for the arrest of a whistle blower and I think she needs to humble herself and apologize for that, but being a NASTY WOMAN, I doubt she would.

    • Labour ministry have all along failed Zambians. Zambians have not been protected in such issues either from Coloureds(who regard themselves as whites) and some Chinese. I have worked for Chinese owned Mines in Chambishi, no reaction comes from Labour office pertaining to all sorts of complaints we raise. So its very easy for someone from afar to conclude that the Minister is on the side of the Horseshoe owners.

    • By their nature, purpose, and intent, commissions area dvocates for the general public. They are not an extension of the government. Commissions don’t report to the president. They are autonomous bodies. So, they didn’t break protol.

    • Calling for the arrest of the whistle-blower in itself is reason enough for her NOT to hold the position that she holds. Protection of whistle-blowers is one of the key tenants of an effective labour movement. How does the Minister of Labour call for the arrest of whistle blower? She is not ‘fit-for-purpose’ and must go…and hopefuly serve as a lesson and deterrent for other Ministers who do not seem to understand their roles and limits of their authority. It was completely inappropriate that she had to go and conduct the investigation herself in the 1st place. Is that the role of the Minister>

  2. Honourable, were you right to take the issue on media as well? Was that the rightful thing to do as a Minister? OK, Have the same comments from Max Chongo who did an investigation the way HR Commission did. People only come to have confidence in an institution when they see how they perform publicly. Don’t justify your wrongdoing.

  3. The woman is right no doubt about it. I fail to understand why Zambians complain about labour matters yet, they know they are the most laziest. If that DONKEY shoes Restaurant shuts down, again the same Zambians will complain of loss of jobs.

    Ba Joyce, ignore about complaining to your so-called boss, you’re older and wiser, your ‘boss’ is an under 5, won’t even know what to say/do apart from frustrating your job even more.

    • @ Nkope ShinyengWa:
      What a Ar.sol you are too – just like Joyce Nyengwa Nonde! Racism cannot be justified in anyway even if Zambians were allegedly as “lazy as you portray them in your dim imaginary world”, which is not true of course. People who think with like you have no place on this planet!! Mother fu.cker!

    • The issue is she also went online to issue a statement which included an order to arrest a person who complained about her experience at the business premise – what is her interest in all this since even the workers are complaining about poor conditions of employment!

  4. The Mast
    PF cadre Max condemns Nonde for ordering arrest of
    whistleblower over HorseShoe racism allegations
    By Chongo Chisha
    PF cadre Maxwell Chongu has called on labour minister Joyce Nonde to fire her ministry officials for misinforming her over reports of racism surrounding the HorseShoe Restaurant than ordering the arrest of a whistleblower.
    Chongu wondered why Nonde ordered the arrest of Mika Mwambazi, a whistleblower, for raising alarm over the injustices that management at the HorseShoe allegedly practiced without getting her side of the story.
    In a posting on his Facebook page, Chongu recounted how managers at the restaurant admitted ill-treating employees when he visited the place to carry out his own investigations.
    “The honourable Minister of Labour, Joyce Nonde…

    • Beyond disagrace! Actually, HRC should be the one reporting to the President not her, for her pre-emptive strike of issuing her statement when there was an on-going investigation by the HRC. As usual with the Unionist mentality, she rushed, investigated while having “a horseshoe meal” and after ukwikuta, issues a statement.

  5. Whats the problem here? Is it that what was contained in the HRC report not true or that it was circulated to the media. If the later is true then its the issue of a kettle calling the other black. Actually its her who should be condemned for issuing a statement just after an investigation. The normal way was for her to go back to her office and go through both submissions and come up with one clear report, than just shouting ati, “there is no racism and ba polisi arrest the whistleblower.” May be she overstayed mu union that her management skills have “Usained” her or she has never had any. We need to check the health status of her baby union, it could also be damaged goods.

  6. Circus kafulumende! No style and no quality! Zambia is in real danger with the current caliber of the governance system. Indeed we walk in the shadow of DRC! Anything can happen. Be ready for any eventuality!

  7. Prptocol is not necessary when you know that the next office can not trusted. Ba (minister) which right thinking zambian do you think has hope this ministry when it has failed zambians year in year out. Your tutor shamenda has left a contaminated legacy. Your Excellency ecl,we seek your corrective hand coz ba minister kuwayayafye

  8. If these so called coloureds were not racists, they would have called their Restaurant “Ukulu Kwa Luo”, not Horse Shoe fimo fimo. But the tantrum too of reporting to the president is very childish, is this surely what we should be expecting from the whole entire minister?

  9. PF Ministers circus after circus. Who will save us since opposition put in government will be the same. A minister goes to interview workers and they say there is no racism and she believes. What if the workers were paid by the owners, such things require a tactical approach madam. You should have interviewed the workers at a secret location without even the owners knowing then you were going to extract the truth

    • Spot on …its utter confusion everywhere and when you look to the opposition they are busy debating about selfish interest of allowances and busy in the courtrooms!!

  10. I have been a regular patron at this restaurant even before change of ownership and name from Polo Grill to the Horse Shoe restaurant. To date, I haven’t experienced any type of racism, other than occasional complaints of slow service from the workers. I also know that the new owners are Zambian coloureds from Northern or Muchinga province from the Matumbo area I gather. I am also reliably informed that one of the patriarchs in this coloured family is a Bemba sub-chief. So, I am just wondering whether those calling the owners foreigners who must be deported know what they are talking about. It’s not good to jump to conclusions without thoroughly investigating a situation.

    • @Stringer:
      Those coloured may not have to be deported BUT it doesnt mean that they should get away with Racism – it is really a terrible evill even when it is a BLACK Ar.sol like you or Mwanakatwe practising it! Mother fuc.ker you!!

  11. Comment:does it mean that HRC is not an independent what does she want the president to do to HRC .shallow minds exhibit by the minister

  12. All former labour leaders not fit for purpose in any government, Nonde is not exceptional and Horse Shoe saga proves it all.

  13. kikiki cry baby panty… crying to a useless president. Meanwhile please vote nez as best blogger. this is the year of change. HH is leading as best politician of year while lungu trailing behind by many votes. so one wonders how lungu won these elections kikiki same thing with mushota, she is leading as most irritating blogger and yet earlier yesterday she was leading as best blogger.. so how was that possible? we put an end to that by dealing with her vote tampering and now the votes are back to normal.

  14. Chishimba Kambwili CAN be a far much better Labour Minister – even with all his weaknesses, he always has a heart for the poor Zambians UNLIKE this Dinosaur called Joyce Nonde!!

    • Some of you have memories of small ants, that BUFFOON CK was was first appointed Minister of Foreign affairs where he caused so many diplomatic incidences…then moved to Ministry of Labour where he caused more confusion with Chinese Investors, then Ministry of Sports and then again Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services.

    • @Jay Jay: You are just like a thick piece of that wont go no matter how many times you flush!! You don’t even have even common sense no wonder you are commenting on things that you don’t even understand!
      When CK was Labour Minister, he stood up for fair pay and treatment for Zambian workers! This irked Chinese Infesters (NOT Investors) – what was wrong with that to you dear pr.ikhead? Are you happy with the way Zambians are being mistreated by those Foreigners in collusion with fake Bemba coloureds at Horse Shoe??
      Anyway, you are just a Toilet cleaner in the USA and can never understand simple issues!! Best you concentrate on cleaning Toilets and sweeping roads in the US which is what you do best!!

  15. Comment: I highly recommend tangible remedial measures to be hastily taken before we hear of job losses at Horse Shoe restaurant some of these restaurateurs are extremely myopic such that they can’t even fathom how dignified it is to have a health working environment. Speaking on behalf of the government I would like to state categorically that we will not entertain ministers who are media thirsty/hungry such that they feed them with every crumbs that falls off. As government we further reiterate our endless zeal to deal with labour issues/matters with the utmost seriousness. In this vein the management and workers at the named restaurant should not despair as we are closely working with stake holders so that the issue doesn’t spiral into an industrial catastrophe but an amicable…

  16. Thank God for social media. In the old days people like Nonde were going to make sure this human rights report doesn’t see the light of day

  17. The minister is making conclusions too quick on this matter.

    The minister must understand that it becomes very embarrassing to defend something only to discover that you are in the wrong.

    The minister should take time and allow for more information and investigations.

    The manner in which she is handling the matter might raise suspicion in the public opinion.

    She is not the spokes person for the company involved, and exerting such energy to be the defence plays a very bad song in the ears of the public.

  18. What is this Christmas thing? If God wanted us to celebrate Christmas, he could have put it in the bible. He is a very clear God. You just come up with your imaginations and call it Christmas. Stop it now. I went to Church today to worship him and not for this non existent Christmas thing

  19. Imwe sure, the way the devil has mislead people for centuries. Ati Christmas. There is only one constitutional, one guide only. Every thing is in there. And that’s the bible, What to do and not what to do. So where do you get this Christmas thing? And the majority of the same celebrations are all devlish

  20. This Minister is immature and inexperienced and does not know protocol. The Minister should not have threatened to report the matter to the President publicly. No protocol and no diplomacy. The Minister was appointed to run the Ministry with a clear mandate to run the Ministry and she is asking Lungu to do her job. Maybe a bit of training and induction would have been useful. If u don’t ask u don’t get. Perhaps the PS and other bureaucrats in the Ministry could help her out so that she can reduce the bungling.

    • The problem we have in Zambia especially under Sata and PF is that Deputy PS and PS are handpicked by the likes of SG Davis Chama from a pool of dull cadres. So you have dull cadres advising the dull ministers, its like in State House where Lazy Lungu has surrounded himself with drinking buddies…surely what good can come out o that?

    • @Jay Jay: Showing your total ignorance everywhere by making meaningless comments wont make you an intellectual. You were born a Chikopo and will die a Kakopo. Next time you will be commenting about your!! Mother fu.cker!

  21. ..iye this woman sure….how stup1d does she take Zambians to be??…the management complained thru her and she made a date thru management to visit the place to investigate…how stup1d would the management be not to call a meeting with all da workers warning them about what they say to her prior to her going there…
    ….its a known fact that coloureds in most part of southern Africa.. Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa … do not consider themselves as blacks…what is she ‘telling’…..???…ECJ please drop her

    • …meant to write ECL but someone has insisted that even ECJ was correct…he has several public initials…didn’t know…

  22. I don’t have all the facts but based on what I have read thus far, it sounds like the labour minister is being irrational and using impulse in handling the issue at hand. Even if the HRC handed over a report to her, she had already made up her mind about the whistleblower being arrested. If she knew HRC was conducting investigations why did she rush to the media herself, thus pre-empting the HRC report? And I thought HRC was independent; and if they found human rights issues, I thought the right ministry to report to would have been the legal and justice ministry. I used to admire Joyce Nonde at some stage but ever since she turned politician, her reputation has gone to the dogs and this issue is chewing whatever was left of it.

    And whether it’s racism or human rights violations or…

    • I totally agree with you Maverick…. Uneducated ar.sewhores like Nonde are the ones ruling the intellectuals! With that mediocre Union Mentality in a Large and Serious Ministry, Zambians are in maningi trouble for the next 4.5 years.
      These are people who are supposed to help Lungu to run the country but OMG look at the things which they do – clearly Zambia is going no where!!

    • chilyata so to you cretins like kambwili are educated and men of integrity? kikiki uli chi lugarr iwe

    • @NEZ:
      You forgot to take your ARVs and cant thinking straight? I am a paid up UPND member unlike you that thinks your are more UPND than others when you don’t even support us in any material way!! It is outstandingly ST.UP.ID for anyone to call another human being a “cretin” and certainly CK is not a cretin that your mother is. CK is a UPND opponent NOT enemy – get that in your thick pri.khead you chimp!! If you don’t know, only 2 weeks ago Garry Nkombo was the one that escorted CK away from the fracas in parliament – can you to call Gary a “lugarr” then? Even that word that word “luggarr” doesn’t even exist – you just wanted to sound educated when you are just a confused lowlife ar.sol!!

    • Chilyata calm down. Kambwili has been insulting upnd leadership. Please do not embarrss yourself. If I was a fake upnd member why have Lusaka times readers voted for me enmass. Take it essy

  23. Ati i personally interviewed the workers??? is that your job in the first place? Your presence there actually compromised the whole issue …. If Lungu has some brains, let him sack her ASAP. But i doubt that …

  24. …And whether it’s racism or human rights violations or labour issues, the vices are still wrong and they deserve to be condemned by a labour minister who is on the side of employees. And why is she working overtime defending this restaurant?

    By the way for the record, so called ‘coloureds’ think they are ‘whites’ in Zambia, especially if they have money; same as Indians. It’s only when you go to predominantly white country that you discover they are actually treated as ‘blacks’. Just read Mandela’s bio to get the perspective. And when I was growing up, we had a ‘coloured’ family between Kalabo and Mongu called ‘George Maxwell’; and I don’t know if they regarded themselves as ‘whites’ but we the local populace certainly treated them as if they were, i.e. with…

  25. Would she complain if i labelled her as dull person? and why would she complain for standing out as the most dull person so far in cabinet?

  26. The while entire cabinet minister ukusabaila utuma tantrum sure kwati kaiche! Ala uli ne cin.yo mu kanwa we namayo iwe, shibwelela kuli Simukoko akaye kuvoviza, uli ne cin.yo mu kanwa sure iwe.

  27. You can really see how little read Joyce is because if she was even just a little exposed, she would not identify anyone especially a person of colour by the colour of their skin. And this is why;

    ‘I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
    MLK Jr

    But then, its like expecting Dora to knoe the meaning of “NULLITY”

  28. It looks like even Lungu has given up on her! He has left hanging to completely dry without a single word of support from the Head of State!
    Lungu is not publicly backing her (like he defended Amos) and is not reprimanding her either! In effect, he is even watching being lynched with glee. In mature democracies, the main Opposition Party would have been baying for her scalp – is there any opposition party in Zambia? What is their Job then – where is Kakoma?
    Is UPND there only for boycotting public events and petitions? What is their stand? Our workers are being sacrificed by a minister bent on protecting the Bemba coloureds and getting a real Zambian arrested senselessly

  29. It looks like even Lungu has given up on her! He has been left hanging to dry – no word of support from the Head of State!
    Lungu is not even defending her so in effect, he is even watching Nonde being lynched with glee. In mature democracies, the main Opposition Party would have been baying for her scalp. Is there any opposition party in Zambia and what is their Job then? Where is Kakoma? Is UPND there only for boycotting public events and petitions? Workers are being sacrificed by a minister bent on protecting the Bemba coloureds and the Opposition remains mute – how odd!! This is the time to score points you Opposition fo.ols!!

  30. Why complain to Lungu? Is Lungu the law? Is that why even police and other law enforcement agencies wait to be directed by Lungu before acting? Bushe mwe bena Zambia mukashibuka lilali? You had an opportunity to elect a professional UPND govt, but you opted for drunkards and unbelievably stup!d, mad people to govern you. Now you are reaping what you sowed. Please wake up!!!!

  31. The minister leaves much to be desired. She is not fit for the job. Why should she add more problems to the endless list which the president has?

  32. I would like to believe that HRC had its terms of reference when investigating the ‘Horse Shoe’ issue and further that it has a clear enough mandate of its role in society. Would the honorable Minister have preferred that it concurs with her findings….. Learn from this honorable Minister and address issues professionally. At the very least there should have been a comprehensive report… HRC provided one, you on the other hand preferred to issue a ‘personal’ statement…

  33. Clearly Joyce Nonde is not fit for the job, how does she entangle her miserable self in this and busy defending the horse shoe restaurant? It’s a shame, only in Zed do we see this trash happening and it’s business as usual.

  34. Yaba what an embarrassment, report to the President? Your handling of the matter when it brike was wrong too. If HRC are wrong so are you minister. So who should report who? You mean now you neef presidential protection? Please dont drag our beloved and good president into your fac K ups! If you have to resign

  35. @Mwape, you have highlighted the best thing the so called Minister would have learned from this debacle. HRC showed professionalism by publishing a report indicating their term of reference and conclusion. It’s all there in black and white. For Nonde, she started by “we investigated”. Now it is, “I interviewed “. This shows lack of seriousness on her part. How do you do an investigation as a minister in one sitting and make a conclusive statement from that? The way she went about this whole thing is an professional and she is making it worse by crying out loud… We are in trouble if those is the caliber of our leaders. I fear for my Zambia

  36. “The owners of that restaurant are coloured’s from the Northern Province, so how can they be racists when they are not whites themselves. They have suffered injustice,”

    Silly woman… Do you not know that the so-called coloureds consider themselves racially superior to black folk?

  37. What is amazing is that the Minister spoke to the workers who complained about “Labour issues” and she runs to the press and say there is no racism at the restaurant. it is now clear, the reason she said so is because the people are “coloureds”.
    Actually the Minister should be complained for being a racist. How can she conclude an issue by virtue of skin colour? “there is no racism because they are coloureds from Northern Province”
    For your information Minister, you do find racists who are blacks as well.Racism and its “cousin’ tribalism must be resisted by all means.

  38. Awe mayo mwa faula apa, katushenipo.

    Next item please!
    What is the latest with UPNDonkeys? Surely they want to turn our courts into a stage for their Mr Bean comedy which they think is a petition?………The petition closed 14 days after it was lodged. Unlike other legal cases, presidential petitions close exactly 14 days after being lodged it. It is immaterial whether they have been heard or not, they just close if the petitioner has not utilsed his time wisely. No need to spend your hard earned money enriching lawyers driving Jaguar cars instead of donating to Kalingalinga Hospice or similar in chuundu country…….Hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho

  39. In Zambia knowledge and facts are not used to make decisions. We have to take education seriously in this country. People on this forum are complaining about how bad the minister makes decisions, to me this is a kind of litmus test for to expect if we run country without a clear focus on education. In her world everything is OK and she believes that is the correct way a minister should handle labor issues. We save our children by giving them a good education. So far we are in big sh#t with this instinct driven government. Lack of education is a global problem for people of color.

  40. Wait….

    How did this minister conduct the investigation personally? Doesn’t she have labour investigators / officers to handle this?

    All we saw was her with her family come to eat and her bills were dismounted.
    The bill was on the house.

    We are very dissappointed with this minister woman who is sulposed to be a labour specialist….

  41. That is that for Joyce Nonde whom UPNDonkeys claim to be unfit for minister because she has humble education. Worse can happen, now imagine that GBM was vice president if Zambia, and even president if HH dropped dead or was impeached for his madness. Yes GBM president of Zambia, no education just suspect certificates. Even now you see his kaponya behaviour as a UPNDonkey dont you? Thank God we did not vote for HH in the last elections and he will never be president! So UPNDonkeys if you dont like uneducated ministers, count your blessings and stop talking about Joyce Monde’s education or lack of it……..Hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho.

  42. By the way HH has just won the vote by more than 50%+1 of the votes.

    Sorry I dont mean votes for president of Zambia God forbid! I mean the LT vote where HH was standing against Mushota and Chilyata.

    • @Terriblenio:
      LOL!! You caterpillar look alike must be on very Cheap DRUGS!! You cant even have a day off from that Restaurant where you work to spend time with loved ones on Xmas day – what a lowlife rat you are!! Unsurprisingly, you have just come back from cleaning toilets and forgotten to take your ARVs and started hallucinating on the blogg!! Put that in your mother’s pus.sey – you cu.nt!!

  43. The father to the owners of the restaurant is the current chief Cheswa from Chinsali. So, where do you want to deport them?

  44. Welcoe back Terrible…… debate on Horse shoe Restaurant now turns to your obssession with HH…… You of all people should know a donkey goes HEEHAW HEEHAW ………Hiho hiho hiho is what te dwarfs in a fairy tale used to sing….hihohiho its off to WORK we go.

  45. Joyce Nonde is a disgrace to Zambian professionals in particular and to Zambians in general and she is not suitable to be a Labour minister. She is another good example of a failure and a big scandal by Lungu and PF administration. Zambians don’t have a gvt in the current leaders who can speak for them objectively when it comes to the so called investors. These current leaders speak and act with their stomach instead of their brains. Poverty is really bad. It’s a tragedy to both mother Zambia and Africa. Our political leaders don’t inspire us the ordinary citizens. I rest my case. Thanks

  46. I have been at the restaurant and the night club. These guys obviously have issues like any other business man in zambia who is struggling to make profits by cutting down on certain costs….if government transfers tax to the tax payer , that gets transfered to the employee in terms of such items like reduced overtime and charges on broken utensils. It’s a normal way of running a successful business,cutting costs.

    About coloreds, they always like to isolate themselves it’s everywhere, they luck this mentality of belonging because black and white people put them down as lost without proper traces of origin in the human race.

    At the club…if you have money no one will harass you. I have been there drunk and ate from there and their standards goes with what they offer. Take it or…

  47. So it seems we do not have labour inspectors in this country? Why should it take a whole Minister of labour to personally go and interview workers? it’s sounds unsual!

  48. They are coloureds from Northern province. Why not say their tribe? William Harrington is a Tonga even if he may be a so-called coloured. Lubinda is a Lozi. Mwape Miti is a Chewa. Horse shoeo wners are coloured? There’s no such tribe in Zed

  49. She is going to complain to an equally incompetent person called the President. Shambles Zambia is with the likes of Lungu et al., in the driving seat. We are doomed as a nation. Arrest LUNGU and Zambia will be back to normal. No more idi0ts like Nonde will be around!!!

  50. The Human Rights Commission has no legal mandate to report to any government agency their findings. They can issue their work to the public without informing anyone. They do not report to any Ministry. While the Minister is with the President, she should also tell him what law she used to try and arrest a private citizen who filed a complaint.

  51. The Commission shall not, in the performance of its duties, be subject to the
    direction or control of any person or authority. thats the very first statement in the human rights act

  52. This Minister must be fired. How can a minister investigate a claim of such magnitude by herself. Are there no officers at this Ministry? Bwana Minister, you have opened yourself up for criticism and this all smells nothing but corruption! Go with it!

  53. Disgrace to this nation!!! Shame on you! Up to now you are yet to resign. Just making excuses daily. What are you waiting for? Stop wasting our hard earned money and go! Shameless leader together with your visionless master.

  54. The labour ministry is among the most corrupt ministries in Zambia. case in point is Kabwe district labour office which is corrupt to the core. You take a case there at your own risk. In fact this office should also be investigated and atleast transfer all these corrupt labour officers. They always side with abusive employers who reward them privately.

  55. Well. When will this story end, I personally want a return to the good old days of politicking over HH and ECL. There’s a country to run, please!

  56. President Lungu if you don’t fire this incompetent minister only proves your incompetency. This is why you need to hired educated people in those ministry positions. Just look at the mess you have created through your lack of vision and leadership. Look at what this woman is talking about further embarrassing herself leading us to believe what we already confirmed that even a hyena is far more intelligent than her. You need to act like Michael Sata used to which was sorting these fake minister out. Did you even deal with Kambwili and get back money and properties he acquired through embezzlement? Let’s be real Mr. President! This will come and nip you in the be*hind someday.

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