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Apologise or things will get personal, KBF warns Jean Kapata

General News Apologise or things will get personal, KBF warns Jean Kapata

PF deputy elections chairperson Kelvin Bwalya Fube
PF deputy elections chairperson Kelvin Bwalya Fube

Dismissed PF Vice Chairman of Elections Kelvin Bwalya Fube has demanded that her former boss Jean Kapata apologises for branding him a rebel.

Mr Fube who is commonly known as KBF reacted angrily and dismissed assertions that he was part of a rebellion in the PF.

He said history would show that he has worked selflessly for the party without seeking a position in return.

“I have done nothing wrong, I am not a rebel, if there’s a fight in PF, I am not part of it”.

He added, “Hon. Kapata can fire me as her Deputy Chair for Elections, that’s within her powers but she cannot call me a rebel and for that I am demanding an apology.”

“I didn’t need a position to work for late Michael Sata, I didn’t need a position from Ba Micheal Chilufya Sata to work for him”.

” I signed a pact with late Michael Sata that I would run the 2011 General Election campaigns and I took the risk because I believed in the man”.

Mr Fube said he has worked selflessly and tirelessly for the PF.

“Not one Ngwe did I get from the President. I know of colleagues who can’t do anything without being paid or be given money “.

“I am not one who works for positions”.” I have never applied for any job, if the President finds it fit to give me a position, so be it”.

He was speaking on a live news conference on Monday broadcast on Radio Christian Voice and syndicated country-wide on other community radio stations.

Mr Fube said was deeply offended by Hon. Jean Kapata’s remarks who he claimed has helped immensely including offering personal help.

He disclosed that he has helped and sacrificed his personal life but a mere thank you is enough and that Kapata recently asked him to help her as she had a niece who was going to ZIALE though he would not expect anything in return.

“Hon Kapata called me to help her niece who’s preparing to go to ZIALE because Jean Kapata asked me to help her. I will not fire her, that’s not how I work”.

And Mr Fube has maintained that the mandate of the current PF Central Committee has expired.

He said he knew that President Lungu will follow the law regarding the expired mandates of members of the Central Committee and other party structures.

Mr Fube reiterated his calls for elections for all the positions in the PF excluding that of Presidency because President Edgar Lungu was just recently elected at a convention in 2014 following the death of President Michael Sata.

” The President is a lawyer just like me, in fact far much more senior to me. He is a lawyer, he won’t abrogate the party constitution, or the nation’s constitution “.

He said his call for elections was founded on provisions of the Constitution and his remarks acted as a mere reminder.

” The call for elections has not been my call, I was merely reminding them. The call has been dictated by the party constitution “.

He also condemned remarks attributed to the Secretary General, Davies Mwila who is allegedly to have said those calling for elections wanted to go into party leadership using the back-door.

” My SG Davies Mwila is on record saying those people calling for elections want to get into office using the back door method. If calling for elections is a back door method, what is the legitimate way?”

“When something is wrong, it’s wrong, be courageous to correct it. Maybe am not the only one who holds this view”.

He also called for the careful manner in which independent members of Parliament are treated as they were mostly members of the PF.

” We have 14 Independent MPs in Parliament and we are being told we can’t work with these people. It is this position I object “.

He further dismissed allegations that he has been speaking or meeting Former Information Minister Dr Chishimba Kambwili.

“When I speak, I speak for myself. Those of you who know me know that I am a very independent minded person.”

He also denied having meetings with former information minister Chishimba Kambwili with a view to destabilise the PF as alleged by Kapata.

Mr Fube said that unlike some members who asked for payments in return when they work he was not that kind of a person.


    • Mushota you went into hiding good to have you back . As for article it is true that the pf are in fighting and yet lungu thinks they can hold a convention kiki vote nez as best blogger

  1. PF Secretary-General Wynter Kabimba has reported Lusaka based lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya to police for swindling the party and some investors out of close to $300, 000.

    According to police sources, Kabimba reported Bwalya to police Headquarters on Monday this week.

    Before elections, Kelvin Bwalya was running a PF aligned organisation called ant-Rigging Zambia Limited.

    Kelvin Bwalya is said to have been receiving money on behalf of the PF from sponsors and promising them favours and contracts once PF forms government.

    One yet to be disclosed donor gave Bwalya $297 000 (Two hundred and Ninety-seven Thousand US Dollars) for onward transmission to the PF and in exchange for favours and contracts once the PF is in power.

    But Bwalya only disclosed and gave the party $5000 (Five…

  2. If the mandate of the current Pf executive committee has expired, just go to Mulungushi rock in Kabwe and get a fresh one. It doesn’t matter who attends as long as you come back and say we have elected a new executive. It looks like its the new trend. PF did it, MMD did it and I advise others like FDD to do the same. The registrar of society is a rubber stamp

  3. “Hon Kapata called me to help her niece who’s preparing to go to ZIALE because Jean Kapata asked me to help her. I will not fire her, that’s not how I work”. This statement is too personal and a mature politician should not behave in this manner! And Ba Fube, if you are a proper lawyer, as you may define yourself, why do are you behaving like a cadre! To me, it appears that your intentions are ill advised. Because if your call for party election was genuine you could have done it internally within the party structures, than going to the press! WHEN IS ZAMBIA GOING TO HAVE MATURE POLITICIANS? We are tired of these cadres!

  4. And that skinny rat lungu believes his party can hold a successful convention with all this infighting kikiki he is a dreamer. We don’t want confusion like at kabwe rock. Vote nez as best blogger

  5. Lungu and Fube have one denominator. Both have brought the legal profession in disrepute! Birds of th same feather will sing choruses about each other.

    Crooked lawyers they both are, and they are at the helm of running Zambia. It feels like a mafia organisation where wrong and injustice are deliberately ignored, if not applauded!

    It stinks!

  6. Fube, in case you have forgotten, your SARS is long dead! This current PF is of Kumawa and Lungu, tapali nangu chimo chenu my PF.

  7. Like it or not, whatever Lungu and his Rat eating followers and advisors (like RB do), KBF and CK will prevail. These are the true PF members NOT Lungu’s “plastic” sycophants from MMD.
    Truly, Lungu has no political vision. There is a saying that “in politics, you should bring your friends close BUT you should also bring your foes even closer” – that is the only way you can monitor what Kashimba Chimbwili is doing planning to do. But this visionless president decides to listen to Rupiah and set such a self confident opponent on the loose!! There will Amagedon in PF – CK and KBF will play ukufilila munsenga after all they have a large following among the PF members.

  8. Mr Fube in what capacity are you calling for elections from top to bottom? What does top to bottom mean if you are going to exonerate ECL from the top to bottom today?. People who do things without payment do not usually say that I am working for no pay. ” If the president decides to give you a position, you say you will take it” (quote, so be it). The mere fact that you go that far in thinking means you are not clean as you claim.

  9. PF died with bashi Chilufya abashala chimpashyana cha party ala mwebena zambia mwalefwaya ukupeshya umutonga tiye na lungu umwine alikene mwamupatikishya “I have no vision” you thought he was joking humuuuuu!!!!!

  10. Because of the 50+1 clause in our constitution, PF may Rule Zambia for 100 years to come, wait, . otherwise having divergence views, small differences, in fighting are normal in a Democratic dispensation, or in a party that believes in democracy like the PF, remember ichalo tachitalala ngamusunga. If in your political party their is no in fighting, then it could be that there is no leadership material in the followers.

  11. It’s normal, when pirates steals the ship, the gang member’s usually kills one another when the time to share the loot comes. Same same with these I.d.o.o.ts after stealing HH,s victory, there will be no peace among them. Let them start killing one another if they so wish.

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