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Hakainde should have apologised to Chief Justice, JCC over cadres ‘protest

Headlines Hakainde should have apologised to Chief Justice, JCC over cadres 'protest

Outspoken president the newly formed Economic and Equity Party (EEP)  Chilufy Tayali says opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema should have written a latter of apology to the Chief Justice and the Judicial Complaints Commission (JCC)  as opposed to complaining about Judge Chitabo.

Mr Tayali observed that it is the duty of Mr Hichilema to take responsibility for the actions of the cadres at the Lusaka High Court.

He further castigated Mr Hichilema for his failure to recognise the need for an apology.

He also called on the Chief Justice and JCC to ignore Mr Hichilema’s letter and concentrate “more important matters.”

“I, therefore, think that the letters by HH to the Chief Justice and the Judicial Complaint Commission against Judge Chitabo are in bad faith and failure to accept the mistakes by the UPND in keeping law and order.

“If HH was a responsible leader, he should have written an apology letter to the Chief Justice and Judge Chitabo (through HH’s lawyers) for the fracas  at the High Court. But, no, HH and the UPND are never wrong, it is Judge Chitabo who needs to be disciplined and not HH and his cadres.

He urged the  Chief Justice and the JCC  to ignore Mr Hakainde’s letter  so that theyccould concentrate on other things more important and If anything, they should ask Hakainde to apologise and repair the damages on the Courts properties.

He said political parties should stop revolting when a judge rules against them as judges dispense justice in their wisdom.

“Of course others are compromised but Judge Chitabo has been very fair otherwise the UPND would have closed this case when the Attorney General applied that the case be be thrown out. They celebrated when Judge Chitabo ruled that the case should be heard, now they are throwing stones at the same Judge that he should recuse himself, just because he is trying to prevent anarchy,” he said.


  1. Chilufya you are an insignificant little dot who is just a ruling party backside licker. Why should hh apologise for upnd members exercising their right to assemble and freedom of speech. Were it not the pf trigger happy police who decided to attack peaceful supporters. Have you not watched the video showing what happened or are you immune to the truth. Mwana wambwa iwe. Vote nez as best blogger

    • Chilufya, if you want someone to apologize ask PF to apologize for damaging the economy ( from the time Sata came to power) and making the country be in debt of hundreds of millions of dollars, without anything to show for, but just more suffering for the people.

      If you re sincere in asking for an apology, that’s what should be apologized for.

    • It’s time for HH to quit politics. He is not what Zambians are looking forward to as the next president. The chap is dictatorial, self centered, arrogant, bitter and too tribal to say the least. There’s nothing wrong to come from the South and aspire to lead the country – I 100% supported Mazoka – but HH is not in that league – just like GBM. No wonder the two are such comrades to each other. Let’s get sober people from the South and I will be the first to support them!

    • UPND is full of lunatics and i.diots. They were very happy when the judge said they must be heard which right in justice. But he rules that he has adjourned the case to another date after st.upid and hooligan behavior of damaging property they call him baised. VERY F00LISH LEADERS THEY HAVE. I WISH THE COURTS COULD EXPEDITELY COMPLETE THESE CASES BY THROWING THEM ALL AWAY AS THEY ARE JUST ACADEMIC.

  2. Hakashide Humwine is pervasive and being looked up as life president in Dundumwezi and his followers. He owns the party and he is their saviour, Kambwiri was absolutely sport on when he said even if he stands against God in Dundumwezi he would definitely have a landslide victory.
    So telling such person that he is wrong it’s like blassfame

  3. Chilufya you’ve formed a party now,who are your supporters and funders? Wish you all the best in your political carer . Just be principled on real issues and don’t just support for the sack of getting funding.

    • Actually you have raised one important issue. How Mr. Tayali manages to live without income? Does he declares “donations” to ZRA? Or are the Government (PF) donations tax exempted?

  4. Mr Chilufya Tayalu, if you want to be relevant on the political scene try campaigning on issues affecting the majority poor people of Zambia rather your hatred for HH and at times your frustration against ECL for not giving you a job. We are aware you want attention, but try other methods, the two parties you are fighting are too big for you.
    If the Chief Justice wanted an apology from UPND, she would have said so herself not you.

  5. Tayali is a PF backing dog even though he has formed a one man fake party. The Petitioners raised fundamental issues at law. Its up to JCC and CJ to look into issues raised and see if there are legal merits. Even from a layman’s point of view it is very clear that Chitabo did not conduct himself as a “Justice” who has given an oath and sworn b4 our Constitution to serve without fear,favour and prejudice. Chitabo was acting on directives from above by convicting the UPND Supporters b4 they are even tried. The Police shot and injured one of the UPND cadres with live ammunition and there is no word or statement from the Police. Chitabo acted like a PF Cadre and should recuse himself from this Petitio Hearing becoz what he did is unprofessional and unjust.

  6. Luo and Mwanakatwe have been heard in the High Court.They have appealed to Concourt and they will be heard. HH & GBM have Rights too and their Petition must heard and disposed off. Until this done Lungu will remain illegitimate. Lungu,Kabila and Jammeh are birds of the same feathers. Clinging on to power illegally!

  7. I don’t mean to insult but why do we have chaps whose thinking is warped. I am not UPND and I don’t like UPND but I know that this is the most victimised party in the country. Does this Tayali think that UPND cadres will just causing problems from without. Some of us were at the courts and saw clearly how the UPND caders were provoked. You know in life, dear Tayali, its better to keep quiet than exposing ignorance

    • Kiki ati they were provoked. So you are agreeing with what every Zambian is saying that upnd cadres are violent. If they were provoked and are peaceful people they wouldn’t have caused so much damage to the public properties and also threating lives of innocent people. Because upnd 1diots are violent by nature even a simple provocation can make them put the country on fire. The truth of the matter is that they are violent and no police can provoke a bunch of thugs and fail to shoot even one. The fact that no one was shot dead proves the point that the cops acted professionally.

  8. Comment: Some topics are difficult to comment about. It is better to read and try to understand what other bloggers have posted.

  9. Just a cursory survey of blogs here clearly reveals that LT has been invaded by UPND zealots who have migrated en masse from ZWD after ZWD slid into oblivion. Moreover, going by voting patterns on this platform, it’s also very clear that the UPND types consistently and overwhelmingly wallop PF sympathizers. But the tragic reality for these UPND zealots is that it is only in cyberspace where they can they chalk up such victories – certainly not in real world out there.


  11. Whether you like Tayali or not,what he said is very true!!!i have never heard HH blaming his cadres,not for a single day.for him,only others do wrong things but himself and whoever supports upnd is always right-amazing!!if its PF cadres who caused that violence at supreme court,HH could have blamed them like hell.THANK GOD FOR GIVING US EDGAR LUNGU BECAUSE ECL COULD HAVE OPENLY BLAMED PF CADRES IF THEY DID THAT.BUT HH IS A DIFFERENT CREATURE!!HE HAS NO APOLOGY IN HIS EVIL MOUTH BCOZ HE IS ALWAYS 100% RIGHT-SHAME!!well said Tayali!!

  12. When are people going to move away from politics and concentrate on something tangible that can have positive impact in their life?

  13. Bloggers lets stop making comments on what Chilufya vomits. That’s why he things he s a figure on this page. The more you comment he values himself a dignity.

  14. Zambians let’s be genuine. Sure, is it right for some electoral rules to apply to one candidate and not to others?
    Why does the two term rule only apply to the incumbent president and not to the aspiring. In certain countries wars have broken out because one person has lost many elections. Let’s level the political playing field by limiting the times the oposition party presidents should contest. Just like the incumbent. Also, parties that do not hold conventions to elect leaders should not be allowed to contest elections because they are not democratic. This is a democratic nation.

  15. At no time have I ever heard HH condemn violence. In spite of his enormous wealth he’s brought himself to the kabova level.

  16. This is what you reap when a country is controlled by tribal politics. Instead of discussing ideas and developmentshe in the public paper, they discuss people. How I wished we could look back at the days of our Father Dr. Kaunda. Zambia is not United but in a way colonized by themselves.

  17. Tayali is like those mad people we seen on our streets walking naked. What we don’t realize is that these maddies know us more than we know them. They know who is sleeping with whose wife. They watch us as if from a mountain top. Tayali spares no one, be it Lungu, Hakainde, GBM or Nawakwi.

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