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Local Govt Minister happy with sanitation in Chipata


LOCAL Government and Housing Minister Vincent Mwale has said the
Chipata town was now looking clean following the relocation of the
street vendors who were trading their merchandised along the famous
Umodzi Highway.

Mr Mwale said when he paid a courtesy call on Eastern Province
Minister Makebi Zulu in his office in Chipata on Wednesday that some few
months ago the town was looking dirty because of the street vendors
who were trading their merchandise on the road.

He said the people who had turned themselves as street vendors had
left the markets in preference to trade along the Umodzi Highway.

The minister said trading along the roads came with numerous
complaints such as accidents.

“I want to commend you for putting effort in ensuring that the people
who were trading along the Umodzi Highway are not there because we had
numerous complaints such as accidents. About four months ago the town
was looking dirty but now it is looking clean after the relocation of
the people who were trading along the Umodzi highway,”Mr Mwale said.

The minister said Umodzi Highway was not a better place to trade from
because of the high number of traffic.

He said his ministry was also cleaning up other streets across Eastern
province  for the towns to remain clean.

He said Eastern province would be in the near future used as a model
on how street vending could be solved across the country.

Mr Mwale advised the provincial administration to work together with
his ministry  to provide the conducive environment for the

He said Government would continue pumping money towards the
construction of new markets and bus stations across the country.


  1. Now that a certain some one hails from eastern, only eastern will see relatively better services than anywhere else in country.

  2. @3 NEZ, simply tell your colleagues in those other regions you are thinkibg of to cooperate with the government of the day including the state president and everything else is voila as they say in french!

    In fact the minister says eastern will be used as a model including a model in working together in unity.

  3. This Vincent guy is a piece of work. Ukutemwa ukuba ba minister. Just another dull FU*CK. Busy wearing suits but no contribution to the nation. He never knew about sports and has no idea of the role he is in now. Ukwiba indalama is all they know. Why is Lungu allowing this? By not investigating everyone our president is contributing to Zambia’s problems. These are the same people laughing at him ati chipuba while they drink with him. The same people who will kick his behind out ati he is not a good president. Twala mona. It happened to Guy Scott.

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