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Copperbelt recorded an increase in divorce cases in 2016-YWCA

General News Copperbelt recorded an increase in divorce cases in 2016-YWCA

THE Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) on Copperbelt has said
the  region recorded an increase of divorce cases than ever
before in 2016

YWCA Copperbelt region coordinator Sharon Chisanga said in an interview in
Kalulushi  that by the end of 2016 working period her officer
had received and recorded many reports on divorce cases.

Ms Chisanga regretted that most separated couples had young children
who were now suffering since they were left in the custody of their
mothers with less means of income.

She cited excessive drunkenness and  extra marital affairs
by men as some of the cases that her officer had heard as reasons of

“It is saddening to find that many married people with children would
resort to divorce on trivial matters leaving their children and other
siblings suffering,”she said.

She urged married men to always think of themselves as responsible
people ,breadwinners of their nuclear and extended families,and  to
observe their dealings.

Ms Chisanga has since appealed to all church leaders, marriage
counselors, and elderly persons to put more efforts in admonishing young
couples on maintain their marriages.

She also called on young men to desist from some petty trends that
would ruin their marriages and subsequently their future.

She noted that in this modern era most young men were simply being
influenced by their colleagues at places of work and start behaving

” As an organization we,always advise couples to learn how to solve
their disputes in amicable ways and continue staying together for the
better future of their children,even other siblings that they look
after,”Ms Chisanga said.


  1. How can YMCA be Young Women’s Christian Association. One of my resolutions will be to blacklist badly written outlets mwe. Manje imwe ba LT some of us rubbished Times and Daily Mail because of mediocrity – so you want us to add you to the list kanshi just like that!?

    • True @ Kalok that mediocrity is on the rise making one wonder the level of competence of these “online journalists” who time after time treat us to substandard sentence construction, word misspellings and misplacements despite auto assistance availability on computers they use! There are lots of people looking for jobs who, I am sure, would take up a job with Lusaka Times to do proof reading if only LT can afford them an allowance that would sustain their monthly basic needs!

    • People, please do not complain too much. You do not pay subscriptions to access LT. I bet also that LT do not make much money from GoogleAds, either. These journos must have other full-time daily jobs to sustain their lives. LT is a side hobby. Be compassionate and appreciate that here’s at least a sensible outlet for your frustrations. You can imagine what your BPs will be like if PF decide to close LT in 2017. You will be forced to blog with your compound cousins on Tumfweko and ZR.

  2. Economic hardships.Don’t blame them.just encourage women to be self sustainable & not produce anyhow (a 1 child policy better).

    This PF government of Visionless Lungu doent inspire at all. Men are simply avoiding costs.

    Marriage is a burden ,contracting cheaper.

  3. Why would a sensible person to go YWCA instead of the courts? And why are men to blame for divorce when clearly marriage is between two (hopeful man and woman) people? This Chisanga is a defeated feminist who sees women as tools instead of responsible people. If women do not want divorce they should let men have as many girlfriends as possible, drink as much as possible and continue living like carefree singles. Of course, women are doing exactly the same. The Copperbelt is really a hotbed of irresponsible behaviour. Just look at people raised on the Copperbelt like Lungu. Low morals.

  4. I have just realised that all ladies with bad behaviour have migrated to copper belt to acquire marriages but no man can withstand such situation. As it says ” better alone than with a bad friend ” The other thing is, ladies on the c/b have JERABO mentality. When they come back to their senses they will enjoy their marriages. It’s never too late.

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