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President Edgar Lungu should dismiss incompetent Government officials-FDD


Antonio Mwanza
Antonio Mwanza
Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) Spokesperson Antonia Mwanza has urged President Edgar Lungu to dismiss incompetent Government officials, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Radio ‘Platform Programme’ anchored by Kunda Kunda, Mwanza said both PF and the opposition have people who can help President Lungu deliver.

He said the failure by some cabinet ministers will dent the image of the president, adding that time to act is now.

”president Lungu must fire all incompetent cabinet ministers” Mr. Mwanza said

And Mwanza has said what happened at Lusaka’s Horse Shoe restaurant is a reflection of what happens in many working places in Zambia.

He also observed that labour laws are not respected because the Ministry of Labour does not have inspectors.

“The Ministry of Labour is incapable of ending Labour abuse in Zambia” he said


  1. Ministry of Labour needs an overhaul. It is so corrupt from top to bottom. Each time they visit or summon an employer it is really about how much they are going to make.

  2. It would be unfair to fire his ministers while he remains. He should resign as well. He is the most incompetent of all African presidents in all history.

  3. Mr mwanza I agree with u 100% u are very much right,Labour minister is the waste we have in zambia how can u appoint a person who deosnt understand Labour laws?I recommend that she must be fired for not respecting workers across the country.this minister misdirected her self by ordering the arrest of a whistle blower for what that is infringement of human rights,gone are the days when u would tell people to shut up not in this 21st century were people rights should be respected at all cost.Labour minister deos not no that being a minister is to represent the people that had put u in office not to arrest people no.why should this minister dictate us as if we are in colonial regime?many working places people are getting less than minimum wage and still causals and here is a minister seated…

  4. That’s very true this Iis happening in many work places especially those headed by white forerigners they tend to favour their fellow whites and thats how racism comes in wondering if Joyce can handle on a professional level

  5. ….to be honest..Joyce should have resigned by now….and the failure to see the need of dropping her by the appointing authority is shocking and demoralising to say the least…

  6. Fire incompetent government officials? Who is going to run Zambia then, they are almost ALL appointed not because they can do the job, but because they are relatives or PF cadres!

    What REALLY needs to be done is to arrest and JAIL the THIEVES that are in government that are responsible for millions of taxpayers money going missing!

    But those are the same people in top jobs that are supposed to do the prosecuting!

  7. This Antonio Mwanza is himself saying things in confusion. Do Ministers operate in a vacuum? Do Ministers wake up and go to Factories to make sure all is working well. Some sentiments are utter rubbish. The goverment must have strong structures in which to embed their plans and modes of effecting rules and regulations. How do even advise a President to be nonsensical. Be serious and stop petty politicking. Please learn to listen more than you are talking. And what opposition is that. Can we encourage the government to strengthen institutions so as to let everything fall in place. Labour laws are no one man’s show. It is the responsibility of every government to have a plan of strengthening institutions. Zambians every party has a manifesto please look back at that and judge them by that…

  8. What happened there that’s what will happen & NFCA in Chambishi bcoz our poor Govt gets MONEY from a companys and a worker suffer most.

  9. What happened there that’s what will happen @ NFCA in Chambishi bcoz our poor Govt gets MONEY from a companys and a worker suffer most.

  10. Antonio, the President sees the praises he gets from the incompetent ministers first and ability to perform later, the way he knows how to work. He has terrorised and antagonised the core fabric of his PF party membership and through the backdoor systematically blended in the 2011 rejected MMD . PF is unrecognisable and they do not know if they are going or coming due to luck of leadership. The last PF marker CK is on his way out and there is nothing left.

  11. “The Ministry of Labour is incapable of ending Labour abuse in Zambia” FDD Spokespers Comrade Antonia Mwanza mentioned and it is true that Zambians are not protected. Take for example in Botswana in the Mining Industry very rare to find a White Man a Supervisor/Foreman or Manager of a section like in Zambia even after 52 years of Independence Labour Laws still loose.
    Botswana took a sweep and waged a campaign which ends 2016 to reduce the number of foreigners whether white, black or green working there to acceptable level with the view to create jobs for its citizens.
    What is Zambias position

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