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RTSA Extends Deadline for the Payment of Motor Vehicle Licences to 14th January 2017

General News RTSA Extends Deadline for the Payment of Motor Vehicle Licences to 14th...

RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga
RTSA Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga

THE Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has given a grace period of 14 days within which motorists should acquire motor vehicle and trailer licences (road tax) and road service licences for the year 2016.

All motorists and Public Service Vehicle Operators have been given an extension of up to 14th January, 2017 to pay for the required licenses.

In a statement made available to the media and signed by Head of Public Relations Mr Fredrick Mubanga, RATSA said that there will be no enforcement of the validity of said documents until the stated grace period has expired.

The Agency is providing this grace period to accommodate the licensing needs of all motorists.

However, the extension does not include the certificate of fitness and the test certificates as the two relate to road-worthiness and the safety of the vehicle.

The RTSA hopes that the public will utilise the extension to comply with the law.

The Agency further wish to urge motorists to renew and pay for motor vehicle and trailer licences for the year 2017 in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act No. 11 of 2002.


  1. Extension for what? These extensions show incompetence on part of RTSA. Any extension means loss of revenue for the govt & loss of lives in hospitals because the money being extended for collection is the same money needed to buy medicines. People have long received their salaries & bonuses before Christmas & RTSA is encouraging them not to pay when they have money until when they are completely broke. What kind of thinking is this?

    • Obviously in your small brain in your head with shallow thinking, you assume all Zambians are workers and have received Bonuses like you. You are wrong my friend, the majority have no jobs and are self employed and hope to make money during this festive season by providing their personal services or merchandise, remember KCM contractors not paid. That is the typical landcape and this is welcome since most payments for small and self employed people will start coming through next week when banks open. This is the majority group that owns vehicles and trailers. You are in the minority my friend.

      So to ask, what kind is your thinking?

      I could not have said it any better.The bigger is oblivious of where he is.He thinks everyone has a cushy job and got bonouses.I wish such *****s could be given a taste of reality of what others out there are going through.

    • @ True Zambian, hold your fire. Road tax is not used to procure medication but it is channeled to the Road Fund managed by National Road Fund Agency for use in the road sector.

  2. The current system does not warrant any extensions. One could pay for 2017Q4 in November 2016. Why wait and pay for today the following day?

  3. True Zambian social media is really exposing your ignorance. It sucks to read the bloggers comments! Most of them want to sound intelligent on issues they hardly understand. Keep quite because u are just making your self look stupid! The majority of Zambians are struggling to make ends meet. Even the money they use to pay for these statutory fees is difficult to find.

  4. Please RTSA extend the period up to end of January,2017 because money is very hard to come by these days.many Zambians are broke today.moreover even insurance has been increased to more than k900 per year (third parties)!!!so 14 days grace period is too short!!!BUT PLEASE BA UPND,AM NOT IN ANYWAY BLAMING MY PARTY PF HERE.AM PF INSIDE OUT AND YOUR HH IS NEVER AN OPTION IN MY LIFE!!!OUR ECONOMY WILL BE VERY OK AS PF GONNA CONTROL IT SOON!!!

  5. I loved the experience of road license paying when I spent time in Namibia. There it is the anniversary of the registration of your vehicle. You do not even have this nonsense of congestion because you pay on different days with an efficient notification system to boot. That way an individual will be able to consciously plan and prepare for his “day of reckoning”… That said, I don’t know if there are discounts for those who pay for the whole year instead of quarter by quarter? That could encourage people to pay for the whole year I believe?

  6. No room for the corrupt officers who are anxiously waiting for first January to fatten there pockets.thnx to rtsa for the consideration.

  7. …maybe its time the minister in charge of transport came up with an SI to permanently add 14 days after expiry of each quarter…these extensions have been there since time in memorial…the other option(in this computer era) is to abolish quarterly system and just introduce open bi-annually(6 months) and annual road tax system. The way it is now, if I buy a car in February and want to licence it say for Qtr 1 have to pay for the period covering 1st January to 31 March, meanwhile I never used the roads the whole of January….that’s govt robbing us hard earned revenue…if I licence my car say on 10th Feb for 6months its supposed to expire on 9th August…reminders via text messages can be done by RSTA….

  8. What NAPSA have done is like what Kalok has referred to. Renewal of life certificates will be done in days within individuals birthday. This has completely eliminated congestion as compared to when everyone went in December.

  9. Well done rtsa. This is a relief to most people in our country. Truly, the majority of Zambians, don’t have those jobs paying for those bonuses… Most Are business men and women who tirelessly push the economy by trade..etc

  10. We could have paid but their network has been down the last two days and we are not even sure it will be on come Tuesday.

  11. Oh dear, are you telling me these guys want everyone to pay for the registration of their vehicles at the same time? Why can’t they have a system that allows an individual to pay up for registration at any time during the year, thus every person just ensures that their registration is current and up to date? Surely what happens if I buy a car in March after the expiry period? Do I have to wait until the next period in the new year or I could only pay for whatever fraction of a period is left in the year or worse I will be forced to pay for the entire year backdated to January? Surely we can do better than this system of everyone queuing up to the ‘slanghter house’.

  12. This same police are busy making elegal road blocks and I hope you know that and they are in komboni that’s where they are making money from so make it clear to all police post and just let this month end so that we can find money to pay those taxes other wise we don’t get paid like the way you do some of us we work on our own so have a heart of a God .

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