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28 houses collapse in Siavonga district after heavy rains

Rural News 28 houses collapse in Siavonga district after heavy rains

About 28 houses have collapsed in Siavonga district, Southern Province after heavy rains last evening.

Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama who confirmed the destruction of the houses to ZANIS, however said no serious injuries have been reported.

Mr Kanyama has appealed to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit to quickly come to the aid of Siavonga residents who have been left homeless.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kanyama has also appealed to the Road Development Agency to repair the Road that leads to Siavonga, which has been damaged due to the rains.

And nine houses in Kapili Compound and 3 classroom blocks at Kabale Primary School in Mpika District have had their roofs blown off by heavy rains.

Mpika District Commissioner Moses Katebe disclosed this in an interview with ZANIS in Mpika.

Mr Katebe says the incident happened on Wednesday around 12:30 hours in Kapili Compound near TAZARA Training Centre.

He told ZANIS that the heavy rains that lasted for about an hour left two classroom blocks and nine houses which included a boarding house without roofs.

Mr Katebe has since assured the affected families and students that his office, together with Mpika District Disaster Management team will do everything possible to help them.

And Chairperson for Kapili compound Section Boyd Siame has called on well-wishers to quickly come to the assistance of the affected families and students.


  1. Filengwa nalesa….sad news.
    Am here wishing all my fellow LT bloggers a warm happy new-2017-Year…stay blessed brothers and sisters.

  2. This is what happen when you have a useless incompetent government that cannot regulate building of new structures. Very sad.

    • It’s sad that someone with proper education like you can fail to understand a “simple ” thing like this just because of politics. So to you natural disasters happening in USA and other advanced nations are due to government incompetence? I am tempted to urge you to ask HH to build you people houses that can never be affected by nature. Afterall you’ve even refused “PF ” fertilizer.

  3. Neither PF nor any opposition party can take this country to another level. There is a leadership crisis in both the ruling and opposition parties. This country should have a federal state. each province with their own budgets but with a lot of imported leadership as in expatriates especially from our former colonial master. We believed in PF in opposition when they cheated us that when they come into power, things would improve, Things have worsened, healthcare is a mess, economy complete mess, governance a problem, lawlessness and violence, theft and plunder order of the day, no tolerance to divergent views, Government leaders speak everyday but mere rhetoric

    • Moses you are a clown. Have you become a prophet to say that opposition cannot make things better . Be objective, the only experience we have is failure under pf and not upnd. Until upnd get chance you cannot make wild assumptions.

  4. Me l have no comment, am nursing a serious hangover. I am not blaming anyone about this except, blame it on year 2016. Senkyu…

  5. Birds build their own nests, ants build their own cities, bees are master builders and renowned Chemical Engineers! These small creatures don’t depend on others to build them dwellings! Trouble comes with this dependency syndrome where someone else must do certain things.

    This disaster Reminds me of the parable of two builders. Never leave the construction works to another but learn the Wisdom that goes into house construction or supervise the works closely! Cost should never be an excuse! There are many ways of building excellently in cost-effective ways! Costs will escalate whenever you want to build in fancy ways but if you can afford, well and good!

  6. Ba NEZ bena fyonse ni fault ya PF. Even barrenness in some people it’s PF. Anyway I can’t blame him because 2026 is too far.

    • There is a reason why I was nominated as best blogger and you weren’t. Please reflect deeply on that

  7. @Ndanje I agree this NEZ guy is just a clown like his demi god and should not be taken seriously. He has never even built a toilet before but wants to yap at any given opportunity. Anyway as the saying goes empty tins make a lot of noise.

  8. Ati best blogger…. Mean while you and a few of your cronies voted for you but if it adds some inches to your hair we will just have to congratulate you!!

    • kikiki it seems chakubaba ayi. My friend you should realise that the system was one vote per IP. So you cannot tell me that all the over 5000 voters were my cronies. Simply people reasonate with what i say. I speak the truth and as they say the truth will set you free. People cannot be cheated by the PF propaganda. You might be able to cheat yourselves into state house but here in the global world elections are electronically done in a transparent manner. I hear mushota is now crying foul kikiki. I told you that zambians want change

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