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Kambwili given 7 days ultimatum to exculpate himself over alleged gross misconduct

Headlines Kambwili given 7 days ultimatum to exculpate himself over alleged gross misconduct

Patriotic Front Media Committee Chairperson Frank Bwalya
Patriotic Front Media Committee Chairperson Frank Bwalya
The Patriotic Front (PF) has given Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili a seven day ultimatum to exculpate himself over alleged gross misconduct.

PF Deputy Spokesperson, Frank Bwalya says this follows a complaint by Luanshya Mayor, Nathan Chanda over Dr. Kambwili’s harassment.

Mr. Bwalya says Mr. Chanda who is also Copperbelt PF youth Chairperson alleges that Dr. Kambwili has continued using abusive language on him even calling him a witch.

He told ZNBC News in an interview today that a lot more PF members have been complaining about Dr. Kambwili’s alleged abuse against other members.

Mr. Bwalya says the complaints have forced party Secretary General, Davis Mwila to write and demand an exculpatory letter from Dr. Kambwili.

And Dr. Kambwili confirmed receipt of the letter from Mr. Mwila saying he will respond to it appropriately.

He however complained that the truth will set him free because he suspects that there is an agenda in the whole issue.

Meanwhile Mr. Bwalya has urged party members and Zambians to heed President Edgar Lungu’s New Year message.

He says the public must digest and act on the President’s message.

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  1. New comers telling the old guard what to do, well done RB your are ruling Zambia from the back ground, EL is just there to save face. Its just like RB having his third term.

    • Frank Bwalya! He is becoming big than his pants, I see RB’s hand in this PF mess, and Edgar is a weak useless leader, he is far much better in a tarven than in state house,,

    • @ 1 bantu botatwe,

      There is no such a thing as new comer.

      If you have been in a normal corporate world before you will realise that what qualifies someone for promotion is not necessarily based on how long someone has been in the organization but their qualifications, performance and abilities.

      This is people may be found having served many years but a new comer becomes their boss, and end up crying.

      Character and manners are also a major factor in attaining progeess and success. You do not over-rate yourself and belittle others. Othwise, you end up finding your way out.

    • I thought the “Akakunkubiti” issue was concluded a long time. I don’t think Chanda stands a chance in terms of “Sonta apowabomba” in Luanshya

    • Kambwili is a rabid dog and must be treated as such after an evaluation at Chainama. Obviously the man has some level of mental illness that has also suppressed his neck.

    • Really laughable…this is a Party of overzealous empty tins from top to bottom and to top it off their leader is useless coward with absolutely no leadership skills whatsoever simply a tool!!

    • Flashback

      Whether or not those comments are directed towards Tonga people is a topic of debate but its suprising if Kambwili associates with any Tonga’s who work for him or his freinds.
      We have always been one Nation in Zambia and such talk is careless.

      Its not the first time that an area has voted a certain way. When the MMD came into power they always used to lose in Eastern Province to UNIP because that is where the Kaunda’s where from. We never heard MMD members attacking Eastern Province because they were very mature and worked even harder to campaign there.

    • I think CK is so smart for Edward. They thought by firing him, CK was going to make so much noise to necessitate his easy crucifixion. Now he has outsmarted them they are accusing him of calling kakunkubiti a witch. Please Edward grow up. Samuel Mukupa your campaign manager is in Roan right now.

    • Kambwili’s foolish pride will certainly cost him his political fortune. He should have realized that whatever is happening to him now and the entire PF is not President Lungu’s machinations but that of RBB and Dora Siliya who have scores to settle with the PF and Kambwili himself respectively. RBB has not recovered from his 2011 loss to the PF and he will do everything humanly possible to destabilize the PF and see it go to the ruins. On the other hand, Dora would want to see Kambwili out of the political scene because of the statement the latter had made when Dora was joining the PF.

    • The people who say Lungu is weak do not know the power a sitting president has. Lungu is not weak but just tolerant and he is very clever. He mighty not know how to run the country but he knows how to finish off his opponents. He knows that the so called founding members dont respect him and so he has just let loose his “boys” to pursue his perceived enemies. Believe me, he is enjoying what is happening in PF. He is already president so whether PF kills itself, he has nothing to lose. Like what RB said after his loss, NEO NILIBE LUZA,ILUZA IN MMD

    • As soon as Kambwili has excalpated himself he needs to continue his championing to thrash out the private media using the FBI and CIA. Myopic

    • Is this news?? please LT get us serious matter than this nonsense.. talk good for Zambia not the rubbish PF childish fight.

  2. Not too long ago, Bwalya and Kambwili were trading insults at each other on a live radio show. At that time, Chishimba was the boss – in the driving seat, saying Frank was a mad ex-priest. Now, Frank seems to be calling the shots.

    • As far as I know, Lifwekelo who left PF even before 2011 was the one who registered PF, not these pompous Bemba loudmouths. So who is the original or founder member when somebody with the guts to register the party gave it away?

  3. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    • It’s good that the Bembas are sorting themselves out. Us (mitundu) always knew that these overblown big-mouths were just pompous for nothing. It’s good for Lungu to use them to sort each other out as they out-compete in licking his boots. Seven days is too long for the Silverback to exculpate himself. It should have been 24 hours.

  4. its time to separate boys from men in the PF. I holding sand in my palms let the most daring bampula it , lets wait and see.

  5. Davies Mwila you are destroying our party. Losing to an independent candidate was a wake up call especially that you were given a chance in cabinet. Work at what made u lose and move foward which hunting wont take our beloved PF anywhere.

  6. The beginning of the end of pf i have never seen a ruling party being so fragile and disorganized no one fears or respect Edgar in pf thats why everyone is a spokesperson they just Wake-up and rush to the Media without checking first with their boss deep down they know he didn’t win the elections as for kambwili they are taking you down it’s up to you to decide if you want to go down on your own and let them enjoy the fruits of your lobour

    • There’s no secret why Lungu is not respected in PF. He is not Bemba, even though he speaks that language as his primary means of communication. He was supposed to be a front but now they are finding out that he is no pushover. Right now, I am cheering Lungu on.

    • I too am supporting lungu while he takes on the bemba thieves……come on finish them…let them eat each other.

    • The reason I hardly come to this site, its all about tribe. When will Africans wake up. Most of the problems that most African countries are directly linked to tribe——- and Zambia is right up there. So unfortunate.

  7. UPNDonkeys will be grinning at this. Well, apart from showing us your donkey teeth, there will nothing else for you. This is an internal matter, sort out your own like how to integrate the new comer and bemba monkey GBM in your party so that he can become your next presidential candidate…..hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho…..kikikikiki

    • GBM has no constituency in UPND. He could not deliver Northern Province in the 2016 election. He cannot be a President of a party where he does not bring votes. He knows that himself.

    • This kind of commentary does not help anyone.
      Instead, it further divides the nation.

      A Bemba person or two may have made you draw a bad card but that is no reason to insult the entire people.
      Zambians are intermarried, when you insult one, you insult all.

    • terrible, can you really read and understand english? where is UPND even mentioned/ the fight is in your party the PF blog with sense.

    Jeremiah 23:1

    “The LORD says, “The leaders of my people are sure to be judged. They were supposed to watch over my people like shepherds watch over their sheep. But they are causing my people to be destroyed and scattered.”

  9. Frank and Jean, watch what you saying cause CK will be the next president of Zambia. Your days are numbered. Basoko!

    • There is absolutely no cause for Kambwili to operate himself and become indisciplined in the party.

      If Kambwili has ambitious to become president, he must understand that you get there by a vote from the public. You don’t get that vote by being proud and pompous.

    • Chimbwili was a useful idyot for Lungu in the last election. Now Lungu does not need him. That’s what Zuma did to Malema. Without an established political vehicle line PF, Silverback is doomed. Lungu should finish him off now while he is down. “Don’t leave enemies behind.”


    • Flaky Bwalwa should continue to kick Lungu’s drunken boots. There lies his new salvation (he failed to find one in Jesus).

    • Mr Loadist Bwalya is but a mouth piece of the PF and if you are to isolate him and assume what he says is his opinion then you are making a Mistake…this is what the PF is all about. The only way is to kick this party out its probably the most retrogressive and divisive party to have run this country

  11. @ 1 bantu botatwe,

    There is no such a thing as new comer.

    If you have been in a normal corporate world before you will realise that what qualifies someone for promotion is not necessarily based on how long someone has been in the organization but their qualifications, performance and abilities.

    This is people may be found having served many years but a new comer becomes their boss, and end up crying.

    Character and manners are also a major factor in attaining progeess and success. You do not over-rate yourself and belittle others. Othwise, you end up finding your way out.

  12. What a good start for the year 2017 🙂 Who surely thought that Frank Bwalya could be calling the shots today in PF? Remember that live phone in programme radio on Phoenix? I see RB in the background.

  13. RB thru ECL is Ruling Zambia thru the backdoor.The PF is there in name but in actual fact we have a defacto MMD govt in power.It must be painful to founding Members of PF. They are being commandeered and directed to do things by losing Candidates and mostly MMD members. It must painful for KBF and Kambwili to report to unelected SG and CEO of the Party. Mr Davies Mwila recently lost his own MP Constituency Election. After being appointed by Lungu the SG is bossing elected PF MPs and Members of the Central Committee. Things fall apart in PF and the Centre can no longer hold. RB is Controlling the Management of PF Party and govt. Lungu and the SG are not keen on an Elective Convention becoz nobody is guaranteed to be re-elected.Kambwili and KBF have been targeted for expulsion from the PF…

    • If what you are saying is of any substance, Zambia is better of with RB through ECL than M’membe through Mwanawasa and Sata.

    • @Peace for Zambia – that’s one thing we agree on. Lungu needs a sensible person like RB behind him than these hucksters like Chimbwili. RB’s sons commission-seeking is now like child’s play compared to the PF kleptocracy where over $9.2billion has been stolen over 6 years.

  14. Kabwili will soon wish they had not closed The Post Newspaper. With no coverage, he will be a small voice in the corner. Nobody will hear about him and the end will beckon on him. Former Minister, former MP, former doctor, former millionaire, former this and former that!!!!

  15. When God has chosen no one can stop you. I Thor people will learn from Sata and be wise. Pipo tried to stop Sata but he became President. Those who are fighting kambwili should think twice. Who thought Bowman lusambo can be PF?

    • God has seen what a disaster Satan was for Zambia and has decided to get rid of Chimbwili because they are made from the same tribal cloth.

    • @16.1 ubu colour wiso abomfyeshe pakukufyala bwalikwete STI, your hatred for BA SATA stinks like your father’ filthy a.s.s.

  16. HE Edgar Lungu leave kambwili sir. Those who are fighting and reporting kambwili will b in his cabinate and you will be shocked

    • Lungu please finish off Chimbwili while you can. Possibly lock him up on a criminal case for more than 6 months so that he is never eligible for President.

  17. Im told bonse Kambwili and Nathan Chanda are all imfwities {INDOSHI) and Kambwili has been calling Chanda to be more indoshi than him because Chanda has got latest ubuloshi on the market than what Kambwili has………..Indoshi shibili shilelwa kikikikikikikik

  18. HE Edgar Chagwa Lungu call kambwili and talk. Those Zambians will shock you when kambwili will be declared President.

    • solers i agree with you, pushing Kambwili into a corner will be like opening a pandora s box, when that guy Kambwili opens his mouth ECL will be finished.

  19. Problem in Zambia politicians don’t think and plan ,their brains are dead. Let us see next month what God has prepared for us.We can’t be treated like this no proper management people,them all are driving ,eating and enjoying life without pain.we have and know the real winner 2016 elections.

  20. PF is its own enemy. Slowly imbibing itself just like an amoeba. At least MMD lasted some years in opposition not PF. By the time RB is done with PF it will be all blue no trace of green whatsoever

  21. Nobody refused MMD assistance during campaigns especially in 2015 when RB came to financially rescue Edgar after Guy Scott had plugged all sources.

  22. No Sympathy for CK! This is the end on all big mouths! Next is Bwalya himself. Let these two chief tribalists finish each each! Good riddance!

    • army worms , one of the plagues poured out on a nation that is using the name of the LORD GOD for political mileage next will be locusts

  23. I sympathise with hon. Ck, however this will phase out soon and all differences will be resolved for the sake of our party

  24. It’s amazing just how fast tables turn in Zambia. It’s all too clear to see where Kambwili is headed, doom! There is nothing any one can do to stop his slide into the political abyss and deservedly so. He has been way too noisy and tribalistic, lekeni nomba Chagwa mwine Chipata wa bene a putule umucila wa chikolwe

  25. I think I am beginning to like lungu. He is letting the bembas fight it out to lick his boots while the MMD take over and run things.
    Only towards the elections bring kambwili and the other bemba thieves back into the fold with a promise of a chance to loot , then when you win the elections scatter them again and make them fight to lick your boots.

    Well done lungu.

    • Towards the elections bring back the sacked bembas with a promise of a chance to loot you will see them flocking to support lungu like green flies rushing to shi.t . The trap is set.

      Then after the elections get rid of them one by one on corruption charges.


  26. This BUCK TEETH LUNGU,should be a very arrogant & disappointed UPND cadre,always talks rubbish about Bembas .U re in disarray thus ur emotional comments on every post.

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  28. Buck teeth u have made my day…..u bloggers considering chimbwili for President… Are u nuts? Edward make sure u bury the fat freak before 2021

  29. This man is doing a job of Mamuombela, he is the spokesman for the party so mamutuma fye. Tomorrow it will be him fired, As for ba Kambwili make this a turning point in life. The lord has been in your favour but you ignored that.

  30. Kambwili has no case to answer. He called Chanda a “Wizard” which is a huge compliment. CK was saying Chanda is smart and a clever person. At law there is nothing wrong a person a wizard or a guru.

  31. Arm owrms a plaque from God for those that have stolen election and even pretend to be holy,the next thing we will see is our water turned into blood. May Kambwili stand to rebuke the evil from the cocroach courts and its god Jameson/ Chavula M7.

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