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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Zambian Artist “B Flow” Recognized By President Barrack Obama

Videos and Audios Zambian Artist "B Flow" Recognized By President Barrack Obama
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  1. Seriously I did not know Bflow is Brian. Great recognistion. It doesn’t matter how old the recognition is. It still remains something Bflow and Zambians must remain to be proud of.

    • Why didn’t Lungu recognize him? Why is it a great recognition only if an American is involved?

    • You are right tongas are hardworking polygamist who uses their women as farm tools and children as KACHEMA.

  2. Guys be serious. That recognition is written by country ambassadors and given to the president to read. Barack Obama has no time whatsoever to listen to Bflow. I don’t even listen to Bflow! Grow up. Do you tell me that out of all the musicians in the states the POTUS would listen to some unknown mediocre Zambian ‘musician’?

    • Totally agree with you. Zambian musicians are a let down. I don’t even listen to the so called Zambian music.

  3. How many times is this news from Last year need to be reported?? I was shocked that this boy went along to create a song about him being mentioned by Obama… why to we idolize our fellow humans?? total slave mentality …

  4. @Faid Flintsone its not just an American but the President and the first black one.His an international institution in the midst to the blink of WW3. His got no time for unnecessary pipo

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