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Zambia optimistic about DRC

General News Zambia optimistic about DRC

President Joseph Kabila during his country’s national day in Kinshasa

Minister of Defence Davies Chama says Zambia is hopeful that peace will prevail in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC- following a deferred election.

Mr. Chama said Zambia stands ready to receive asylum seekers and refugees who might run away from Congo D.R. due to anxieties resulting from the deferred election.He said it is normal for some citizens to run away from their country because they are scared of the election mood.

Mr. Chama said the mood in Zambia during the 2016 General election was a case in point as tension was high adding that it is gratifying that the country still emerged as a beacon of democracy.

The Defence Minister says President Edgar Lungu has sent a high powered delegation which he is leading to check on the plight of local citizens, refugees and asylum seekers along the border lines of Luapula and Northern Provinces.

The Minister was speaking in Nchelenge District, Luapula Province, when he visited Kirwa Island.

Minister of Home Affairs Steven Kampyongo, Luapula Province Minister Nixon Chilangwa, Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Buleti Nsemukila, Home Affairs Deputy Permanent Secretary Willies Manjimela, Defence and security dignitaries among others are in the entourage.

And Mr. Chama said the 48 Marine Commando Unit launched by President Lungu last year is meant to help in the fish ban control contrary to assertions that they are meant to harass the people of Nchelenge.

Speaking at Chipungu Border Post in Chiengi District, the Defence Minister said Government is happy with the vigilant defence and security wings who are maintaining law and order as well as the territorial integrity of the country.

And Mr. Kampyongo said the people of Kirwa Island in Nchelenge should remain alert at all times.Mr. Kampyongo has further called on security wings in Chiengi District to be more alert as the District recorded 18 refugees from Congo D.R. a month ago.Luapula Province Minister Nixon Chilangwa said the Provincial administration will work with stakeholders to ensure comfort for Refugees and asylum seekers.

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  1. Another visionless PF bandit in Davies Chama is hopeful that violence & undemocratic idiocy continues in undemocratic dictatorship of Congo.
    PF bandits have thrown Zambian maize to Malavi, whilst Zambians are suffering hunger & poverty but buffon Chama is thirsty for refugees.
    Just tell dictator Kabila to step down, his term of office is finished, 15 years of mini Museveni & Mugabe in the making. Africans are being taken for granted by these dictatorship bandits of Kabila & visionless Lungu.
    Bandit Chama should be charged for attempted murder, remember the mulobezi & another UPND saga?
    The Skeleton Key

  2. DRC is a SADC Member. What is SADC doing about this DRC Crisis? Nothing!! In Gambia Ecowas,AU and UN have taken a stand on the Election Dispute.They have resolved to have the Will of the People Respected. Ecowas has assembled an Army to oust Jammeh should he refuse to handover power to President Elect, Adama Harrow on 19th January 2017.Toothless SADC is standing aloof while more than 40 people have been killed in DRC so far. The DRC Catholic Bishops have mediated an Agreement but who will enforce this Agreement? SADC and AU are quietly looking on. In Zambia there is a fierce Election Dispute and the Re-Election of the Encumbent President was petitioned and that Petetion has Not been resolved. Even though the Zambian Elections were held under SADC Election Guidelines and SADC observed the…

  3. Zulu don’t expect anything good from SADC. SADC is a Club of Dictators who protect each other and have no respect for Democracy and the Will of the People. If ECOWAS was in charge in Southern Africa the conflict in DRC would have been avoided and the UPND Petition in Zambia would have been resolved by now. SADC is a useless Organisation controlled by Dictators in Southern Africa while Denocratic Ecowas in West Africa is doing a fantastic job making sure the Will of the People is respected.

  4. The Election was not deferred but Kabila did not organise elections. This was deliberate in order to cling to power without a mandate from the People. Thru the Peace Agreement mediated by the Catholic Church Kabila has been given up to end of this year to hold elections. Since Kabila wants to stay in power beyond 2017 he will delay the Elections again and say the logistics are to blame. In the meantime useless SADC is folding its hands and doing nothing. In Gambia Ecowas is being proactive by assembling a Standby Army to ensure that Jammeh handsover power to the President Elect,Adama Harrow on 19th January 2017. SADC is a Club of Dictators and is helping Kabila to cling to Power illegally. In Zambia SADC sent an Observer Mission and its Report is no where to be seen. There is an Election…

  5. These people are not supposed to be any where near corridors of power. Chama sounds almost excited that there’s a possibility that there might be an influx of refugees in Zambia.

  6. chama and most of thugs are *****s with no brains but they should remember that whatever goes up must come soon or later

  7. Davies Chama is not criticising Kabila for failing to hold elections in DRC and clinging on to power after his 5 Year Term expired becoz his own boss has done the same in Zambia. After the expiry of his term Kabila has no mandate to Rule DRC. Lungu has done the same. He has failed to prove in Court that he won the 2016 Elections fairly and openly. If indeed Lungu won why is he blocking the Petition instead of giving evidence in Court showing how he beat HH? Until the Petition is heard and disposed off most Zambians believe that HH won the Election outright but Lungu with the help of ECZ and the Courts stole the vote and is illegally clinging on to power just like Kabila is doing. Toothless SADC and docile AU are not attending to these Election Disputes in Zambia and DRC. Ecowas is doing…

  8. Wow!!!! The hate is out of proportion? What has the defence Minister done wrong with this announcement? He deserves no insults at all. Debaters let us be fair. Do you expect the Minister of Defence to condemn Kabila just like that??? Noooo!!!

  9. Friends I don’t think the minister of defence is to be blame for his hospitable speak. The minister doesn’t have the right to blame Kabila. In fact, the minister’s comment on Kabila won’t change anything. Drc is a farm of most Western, they decide who should rule and what needs to happen in Drc. SADC & AU are entities of Americans. African presidents are employees not of their own governments or people but the west. Drc will never be at peace till when African presidents will accept to unite & refuge to betray each other towards the west. SADC & AU will never take any decision without having to consult the so called super powers America, France, England and others. What a pity and shame for African leaders. I feel sorry for Kabila because he doesn’t make decisions of his own. He is…

  10. I hate thugs and crooks no matter what public jobs they hold, no matter how many swearings and oaths they undertook in 2016!!

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