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Kambwili displays birthday cake and sends a loud message


Chishimba Kambwili's Birthday Cake
Chishimba Kambwili’s Birthday Cake

Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili on Tuesday celebrated his birthday and displayed a thought provoking birthday cake on his Facebook page.

Official records show that Dr Kambwili turned 49 on January 3rd 2016.

The birthday cake which he says was ‘organised’ by his children shows a hefty looking figure of Dr Kambwili with a raised fit in the middle of a boat with two sailors on either sides of the boat.

The boat has the PF logo written on its side and shows a PF Chitenge rolled inside the boat with the words C.K written by the side of the medium sized cake.

In a short message, Dr Kambwili who is facing disciplinary issues in the PF says the cake captures his passion and drive.

He thanked his children for the ‘gesture’.

“Today is my birthday. First of all, I would like to thank the almighty for adding another year, birthdays are extremely special and we are blessed to see the years go by,” he wrote.

“A big thank you to my children for organising such a thoughtful cake, my passion and drive baked into a cake, what a wonderful gesture.”

The ruling PF has written to Dr Kambwili asking him to exculpate himself and show cause why disciplinary action cannot be taken against him for bringing the name of the party into disrepute.

PF Deputy Spokesman Frank Bwalya disclosed that the disciplinary issues relate to reports that Dr Kambwili has allegedly been making against Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda whom he has apparently accused of trying to bewitch him.

But party insiders have said the PF want to expel Dr Kambwili because he is behind some underground movement within the PF that want to wrestle power from President Edgar Lungu ahead of the 2021 general elections.

Kambwili displays his birthday cake
Kambwili displays his birthday cake
Kambwili displays his birthday cake whilst raising a fist, a PF symbol
Kambwili displays his birthday cake whilst raising a fist, a PF symbol


    • You would assume the cake came from the Party Ubututu bwanchinto no matter how much money you make …. can you imagine your family making a birthday cake of the company you work for ….like what does it have to do with your birthday …. reminds me of some Bible Birthday cake we saw last year

    • Kikiki, thought provoking indeed! Where i come from polygamy is legal, am ready to marry all your daughters for coming up with this, a canoe anchor on MMD colors, blue and white,i just love your daughters for reminding you that Bowman, mutati, Dora, peter daka, and the entire RB team have taken over, it good to see you dangling backwards and forth in the little canoe, keep smiling for the cameras boy.

    • As the country awaits where CK goes from hear I would also like to ask him and other leaders still in government to reflect on the importance of media in enhancing good governance. It’s a tool that checks the government which can often be used to abuse resources. Dr Kambwili’s position will be a turning for events that we have constantly seen since the PF came into Government.

    • He thinks he is the next president, After the people of Zambia voted for vision-less and a lawyer convicted convicted of stealing his clients money EL, Now every thug with no brains think they can be president, Who can blame them, If a f.ull like EL can be president why not a school drop out like CK, Zambians have opened a can of worms and they have got themselves to blame no wonder even Mulyokela is up for it, Its free for all.

  1. Breaking News! Ba Lusaka Times why don’t give your readers gossip.
    Right now here is the USA your Minister of Agricultural is busy sleeping with the husband to the daughter of Namibian President in hotels being paid for by Zambian tax payers money whilst Agricultural inputs are not delivered due to lack of money.
    The Minister is breaking someones marraige and us Zambians just say Dunna Reverse.

  2. I remember CK when he was a mines minister, there was an increment up to 17 per cent that has never happened since I started working 2000, I will personaly suport him no matter what. This man is just like our late president Sata MHSRIP

  3. I think CK is sooo coool! He is been hated on because he is seen as a threat. It is so easy to steal in Lungu’s regime, that’s why strong heads and brave hearts like CK want to be abolished. But wait, that’s my TRUMP right there so happy belated birthday BIG MAN!

  4. While Rwandans are now producing laptops and Ungandans are producing a bus the president and Kambwili will be busy with a tag of war instead bringing development to Zed which brings in forex. Now Zambians will be lining up to buy Rwandan assembled laptops while Lungu and his ministers will keep oppressing their enemies or on touring other countries wasting Zed forex

  5. CK has no case to answer. Calling Chanda a Wizard is complementary. CK was saying Chanda is Clever and Smart. Expelling CK now may not be wise becoz he will spill the beans on the 2016 Election Fraud.CK is calling for elections that are overdue. What is wrong with that? The PF SG was appointed by Lungu to that post. Davies Mwila should get a mandate from the People thru elections. Can’t see what is wrong with this? MMD Ministers in the PF Govt should implement PF Policies and not MMD Policies. Fair game!

  6. Bemba,s are cowards, EL is using them to fight one another has he continue preparing his re-election in 2021. Useful I.d.I.o.t.s indeed. Kudos to chief Mukuni for reminding these corwards.

  7. @9 Mary Tembo. Bring the data.Son in law to Namibian president:What’s his name? Do you have some pictures where they are romantically dining? Which hotel they last did it. That is a juicy gossip story. It can sell both in Zambia and Namibia. Bring it on.

  8. As adorable as our Hon. Kambwili is, his personality does not suit Presidential Office! Besides he’d really struggle to get required votes across party divides. I doubt he can convince enough voters to win, though he’d get a large turnout. But, anyway who knows. Good luck with Party Nomination, that’s the first hurdle right?


  10. And the drama continues! Others have bibles for birthday cake……what happened to just having a regular cake for a birthday?

  11. Alas, so Kambwili is now the Litunga complete with his own Nalikwanda! Anyway, Chagwa and the Fatherless Zikas Bwanya are sinking that boat and along with it the uncouth silverback itself. Knowing it’s zero swimming skills, the end of this Kamalondonic oral pissing is gladly upon us.

  12. Too ugly to be president of Zambia. Also obese and unhealthy, candidate for RSA’s Morning side Clinic any time soon.

  13. Ichi chi Chishimba twitwa ishina limo but he is a shame. Ichi chuntu!!!! kuti walufyanya mukulanda tumfwe ndeke. We are not being governed we are being pettied
    These people take us the Zambian people to be as good as their pets. You see their habits and being are a reflection of people who put them in power. Visionless people. Kaponyas.. thieves.. criminals..heartless etc

  14. The disciplinary case against Dr. Chishimba Kambwili for calling someone a witch is just a total fabrication of a means to bring down Dr. Chishimba Kambwili’s influence among his supporters. This fabricated disciplinary case simply goes to show how the values on which PF was founded by the late President Michael C. Sata is slowing been diminished gradually by few individuals in PF with personal intense hostility towards some individuals they don’t like or they perceive to be a threat to their personal interests.
    My perception is very clear when you analyze the disciplinary case against Dr. Chishimba Kambwili. It is surprising to note that the disciplinary case against Dr. Chishimba Kambwili is a political dispute which just been turned into a criminal dispute just to find a way to get…

  15. Dr. Chishimba Kambwili is not been helped to settle down in his current political situation after been fired as Information Minister. Instead the ant- Kambwili individuals in PF are working out every opportunity to expel Dr. Chishimba Kambwili from the ranks and file in PF so that there will be no one in PF to challenge President Lungu in 2019 for position of party president. This is not a good development for a political party like PF that is respected for upholding the values of democracy.
    Leave Dr. Chishimba Kambwili alone and starting delivering to the people the campaign promises you made. Kambwili’s case should not bring the PF and country at standstill to lose the direction and vision for us to develop.

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