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24 year old man imprisoned for trafficking in cannabis in Mansa

General News 24 year old man imprisoned for trafficking in cannabis in Mansa
The Magistrate court in Mansa  in Luapula Province has sentenced a 24 year old man to eight months imprisonment with hard labour for trafficking in cannabis.
Before Magistrate Prince Mwiinga was Joshua Kasonde 24 of Sumbu village in Chief Kalasa Lukangaba’s in Mansa District.
Kasonde was charged with one count of trafficking in cannabis contrary to section 6 cap 46 of the laws of Zambia as read with statutory instrument number 119 of 1995 of the laws of Zambia.
Particulars of the offence are that convicted Kasonde on 16th  December 2016 in Mansa District in Luapula Province did traffic in 37 balls of cannabis weighing 96.1 grams.  
When the matter came up for plea Kasonde pleaded guilty to the charge.
In his mitigation Kasonde said he was the bread winner of the family and if given a custodial sentence his two sisters whom he is paying for school will suffer because they are orphans.
 He  further said that the little time he has spent in prison has been hard for him and as such he would never to it again.
In passing his judgment Magistrate Mwiinga said he took into account that Kasonde was the first offender and that he did not waste the court’s time.
He, however, noted that  the offender was a potential trafficker whose sentence will save as a deterrent to other would be offenders.
Magistrate Mwiinga has since sentenced Joshua Kasonde to 8 months in prison with hard labour from date of arrest 16th December 2016.


  1. Bloody hell! This Kasonde guy is from my village! How embarrassing!I am happy he has been removed from society for others to realise that it is evil to deal in drugs. Well done , Magistrate Mwiinga.

    • @ganja capital,
      Unless you and Mr. Simkamba have a credible plan to prevent our vulnerable young population from becoming drug addicts, research shows cannabis is evil.
      Also called: – Ganja, Grass, Hash, Pot, Weed, Skunk, Resin, Puff, Pot, Marijuana, Herb, Hashish, Grass, Dope, Lubanje, Ibange, etc..
      Cannabis is the most widely-used illegal drug
      • Cannabis is naturally occurring – it is made from the cannabis plant.
      • The main active chemical in it is tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC for short).
      There are many myths about the effects of cannabis – that it’s safe because it’s natural, What is true is that cannabis can have some very real, harmful effects on your mind and body, as well as creating longer-term problems: It…
      Cont’d … It…

    • Cont’d … It is classed as a sedating and hallucinogenic drug
      THC is the ingredient in cannabis that can make you feel very chilled out, hyper happy giggles become very talkative or relaxed. THC can also make you hallucinate, meaning that it can alter your senses, so that you might see, hear or feel things in a different way to normal.
      • Cannabis effects how your brain works. It can make you feel very anxious and even paranoid, it can make it difficult for you to concentrate and learn, make your memory worse and make you feel less motivated.
      • Tobacco and cannabis share some of the same chemical ‘nasties’ and just like smoking tobacco, smoking cannabis has been linked to lung diseases like tuberculosis and lung cancer.
      • Using it has also been linked, in some people, to…
      Cont’d … to…

    • Cont’d … to serious, long-term mental health problems.
      • It can make you feel very hungry – this is sometimes called ‘getting the munchies’.
      • Some people have one or two drags on a joint and feel light-headed, faint and sick. This is sometimes called a ‘whitey’.
      • Cannabis may cause feelings of anxiety, suspicion, panic and paranoia.
      Cannabis can mess with your mind
      Cannabis can mess with your mind and with your mood. It can disturb your sleep and can make you depressed. Some will become anxious, panicky, and even aggressive. You might see or hear things which are not there (known as hallucinations) which may be frightening. For some people, cannabis causes hours or even days of anxiety, paranoia, delusions and hallucinations that usually only settles…

    • Cont’d … settles down after the cannabis is stopped.
      • Cannabis can freak you out – it can cause feelings of anxiety, suspicion, panic and paranoia.
      • For people with illnesses such as schizophrenia, cannabis can cause a serious relapse.
      Regular cannabis use is known to be associated with an increase in the risk of later developing psychotic illnesses including schizophrenia; and if you have a family background of mental illness, you may also have an increased risk.
      Cont’d ..
      Cannabis can affect the way the brain works. Regular, heavy use makes it difficult to learn and concentrate and research has linked cannabis use to poor exam results. This is a potentially serious risk if you’re young, when the brain is still developing. People who take a lot of cannabis can also find they lack…

    • Cont’d…. lack motivation.
      • A recent review of cannabis research published in the British Medical Journal found those driving under the influence of cannabis had nearly double the risk of a crash.
      It can increase the heart rate and affect blood pressure, which can be especially harmful for those with heart disease.
      • It is reported that frequent use of cannabis may affect fertility. It can cut a man’s sperm count and can suppress ovulation in women.
      • If you’re…
      Cont’d ….
      • If you’re pregnant, smoking cannabis may increase the risk of your baby being born smaller than expected.
      The simple answer is ‘YES, people do become dependent on cannabis’. This means you can get ‘cravings’ for cannabis, and may have difficulty staying off it even if you…

    • Cont’d. even if you recognise using it has started to cause you problems.
      And regular users can also get some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms on stopping, including irritability, mood changes, feeling sick, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping; and even sweating, shaking and diarrhoea in some people.
      You’re also at real risk of getting addicted to nicotine, or staying addicted to it, if you roll your spliffs with tobacco.
      (Extract from:- talktofrank . com )

  2. @brabus :
    1)you’re an ***** if you copy-pasta from “talktofrank. Com” //

    2)alcohol is Much more damaging to Zambia, but is THE most profitable business in the country. Talking about ‘keeping the children safe” is completely hypocritical

    3) the main people arrested by the dec-heads are poor and/or subsistence farmers. Purely for targets. There is no health agenda here.

    4)our jails are 5x overcrowded because of unnecessary cannabis arrests of (3).this costs money that could be diverted to education, rural electrification, or some minister’s farm.

    5)shut up stupid.

    I await your response.

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