Chanda Kabwe appointed Central Province P.S

Chanda Kabwe
Chanda Kabwe
Chanda Kabwe
Chanda Kabwe

President Edgar Lungu has appointed Kitwe District Commissioner Chanda Kabwe as Central Province Permanent Secretary.

Mr Kabwe takes over from Ms Daisy Ng’ambi.

And the Head of State has appointed Patriotic Front Copperbelt Provincial information secretary Binwell Mpundu to take over from Mr Kabwe.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda announced the appointments to journalists in Lusaka.

“The appointment of Mr Kabwe is with immediate effect while that of Mr Mpundu will take effect on Monday when the Secretary to the Cabinet writes a letter,” Mr Chanda said.

And PF youths on the Copperbelt says they are very excited and grateful to President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu for appointing Mr Kabwe and Mr Mpundu.

PF Copperbelt Youth Chairman Nathan Chanda said the appointments further demonstrates that President Edgar Lungu’s has faith in youthful leadership in the governance of this country.

“We are happy because this shows that President Edgar Lungu believes in young people and youthful leadership because there can never be a nation or organisation that can archive it’s social and economical goals without the full and active participation of the youths,” Mr Chanda said.

“For we all know that Youths are the future Leaders and we have every confidence that the two will rise to the occasion like they have done before and perform beyond expectations.”

He said the appointments shows that President Lungu is walking the talk when it comes to mainstreaming of youths in the matters of governance.

“For this reason we are calling upon all Youths in the Copperbelt Province and the all nation to give 100 percent support to the President who means well for us youths We wish to assure the head of state that as Youths and other members we will remain loyal to His Excellency the President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu and support his leadership and vision.”

Binwell Mpundu
Binwell Mpundu


  1. There nothing professional about chanda kabwe, he is simply a pf vuvuzela, drawing a salary as a civil servant and i don’t know about the other mpundu guy.

    • The works of visionless Lungu are amazingly based on bandit elements of PF!
      Incompetence after incompetence, shocking.
      How much is mealie meal PF bandits?
      The Skeleton Key

    • This is a monster all of us have allowed to flourish. Since FTJ’s third term bid we have allowed unqualified party cadres to take up sensitive senior civil service position. MCS’s first appointments brought in professionals but they never lasted as they were hounded out by cadres. We need to bring back pros to the civil service if its to tick. This tendency of new set of civil servants after every election is detrimental.

    • Lungu is positioning himself to continue looting going forward beyond 2021. He is a perpertual thief. He first stole a clients money now he has control of everything and he can steal as he wishes. You cannot leave a monkey in charge of bananas or a mouse in charge of groundnuts. That’s what the Zambians did whenthey elected ECL. Now he has his ring of thieves with him just with sights on 2021 and nothing else. Stealing and politicking is all they will do from now on and nothing else.

    • This is a way to close in on Chishimba Kambwili so that Lungu can continue the plunder in humbleness. I we muli ndwi!! Lungu has to dislodge the Kambwili 21 persived as a threat to his leadership.

    • Youths… hahahahahahahahahaha.
      They are yet to eat.
      They haven’t travelled and they praise their mother’s cooking.
      Former Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere used to say, ‘The trouble with young people is that they do not know that we were also once young, but they have never been old.’

    • A highest civil servant should be appointed from among directors/doctors/qualified personnel within the civil service.
      I think I want to be president of zambia and stir this nation to rule of law. A leader who shows no compassion for thieves. A leader who ensures anti corruption commission is free to get on anyone.

  2. From cadre to PS highest civil service position that ought to be earned by professional competency, hard work and moral high ground…. That is PF rule for you. Nothing matters except cadrerism and campaigning for elections always. I thought this is time for getting the country out of economic mess; instead they are already preoccupied with who is standing in 2021.


  4. Fools !! Stop castigating Chanda Kabwe’s appointment as PS for Central Province. You keep referring to Technocrats – that they should be the ones been appointed. Have you been following Auditors Reports as reported every Year. Its always been colossal mis-management and allocation of Public Funds by so called Technocrats. Leave the Young man alone and let him work -with utmost commitment to detail. Lets all be in support of each other rather than finding faults in everything ..besides we are Youths !! Lets show prudence in our Thinking. Zambia is our country and let us not let – politicians divide us in the name of partisan politics. ZAMBIA IS OURS LETS LIFT THE FLAG UP HIGH.

  5. Chanda is s PF cadre. Why should the president appoint even a PS? What does Chanda know about the civil service? What’s his level of education? These are people who frustrate professionals and then the president starts wondering why the civil service is not ticking when he himself is busy position cadres. We need a paradigm shift in Zambian politics

  6. And we expect civil service to be professional?!!! My foot. The people who are supposed to be appointed to PS and Directorship are civil servants who are seasoned and schooled in public administration not a cadre.

  7. Am happy for chanda kabwe coz he is a hard working person,I remember him during the day of the last Michael sata (M.I.S.R.P.).
    These are people who are adding value to the government.

  8. Chikadda iciii, who is happy for such nonesense appointments of one cadre after another. A country full of cadres everywhere. chidununa reverse version cilibe vision

  9. No smoke without fire, the nigga Chanda Kabwe has only two things to his appointment, correct surname acording to PF and indeed being a cadre. No one has spoken about his documents here meaning he doest have any. Another missed call

  10. Edward Lungu, the Rat Eater and Vinkubala molester continues appointing tribal Monkeys ONLY in a bid to counter the inevitable from Kashimba Chimbwili!! But ALAS, whatever Lungu does or plans to do, CK will clobber his THROAT and finish him off – things are already happening on the ground!! The Kanyau thinks he can set Bembas against each other – no way!! Even as they accept appointments, they still have deep sympathies for their own.

  11. Abanenu worked for these political appointments. Please note Political Appointments. So just work hard as well for your own appointments in whatever field you are. Always making comments on every isue will not put food on your table. Each one of us should just work hard for our own promotion. NO matter what you say Chanda is a PS and Mpundu is a DC. Leave with it or go into the diaspora period.

  12. chanda does not even had a grade 12 certificate, let alone a collage certificate, how does he find himself heading a goverment dept, my foot.

  13. I cry for this country, standards are being lowered by the day with no hope of regaining them. How can the highest office in civil service be occupied by a grade seven drop out cadre and hope that the office will miraculously retain its deserved dignity? Since when did the qualifications to such a dignified office change to just being a loud mouthed cadre masquerading as a civil servant at District level? Awe ubusushi nabufulisha muli aba bamukukulu.

  14. The reason Lungu has taken Kabwe to Central Province is to get him out of Copperbelt. Kabwe is a supporter of Kambwili. and very influential, you may have noticed his silence after Lungu fired Kambwili. So Lungu does not want Kabwe to be part of the political dynamics on the CB. Lungu is such a snack, but time will judge him he shouldn’t think he is smarter than people who suffered for the Party

  15. Chanad Kabwe is just an ***** Lungu’s vuvuzela what qualifications does he possese to warrant an appointment as PS?The same bunch of fools are the ones busy advocating for Edgar’s bid to contest in 2021 instead of focusing on real issues by addressing the high levels of poverty and escalating prices of meali meal and other daily basic needs.Rubbish PFgovernance so far farmers input distribution this season chaotic ubupubafye bwekabweka yet fertilizers was supposed to be given out way back in Oct/Nov ati PFilebomba muleke ukutumfya abekala calo

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