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Saviour Chishimba challenges President Lungu to clear his name, wants travel bans on ‘corrupt’ senior Govt officials

Headlines Saviour Chishimba challenges President Lungu to clear his name, wants travel...

Dr Savior Chishimba after leaving the ACC Headquarters
Dr Savior Chishimba after leaving the ACC Headquarters

Opposition United Progressive Party leader Savior Chishimba has challenged President Edgar Lungu to come clean over the role he played in the US$34.5 million Malawi Maize export scandal.

And Dr appealed to the international community to help Zambia by placing travel bans on senior government officials who have plundered and externalised public resources.

Dr Chishimba says the call for President Lungu to clear his name is based on the official statement by Malawian Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Dr. George Chaponda that the he met with President Lungu and Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya to seal the maize deal for Malawi on 11 December, 2016.

He said Dr George Chaponda’s revelations have clearly added more intrigues, which beg for deeper examination.

“We believe that the meeting at State House was a cover up predominantly because the deal was sealed in May 2016 and the partial exportation of maize started before the coming of Hon. George Chaponda to Zambia,” Dr Chishimba said.

He said UPP is seriously concerned primarily because the presidential involvement will impede the professional work of the ACC in whose hands the party has placed critical evidence on all the transactions including the movement of funds.

“The men and women of the ACC are credible and professional, but their work has, during the PF-MMD reign, been undermined by the corrupt and powerful elements in the upper echelons of government.”

He added, ‘the ACC has always been publicly ridiculed and vilified by the presidency whenever permission to investigate senior officials is sought. While the ACC need not get permission, we believe that they do so out of courtesy when the President’s lieutenants are involved.”

He said UPP has issued a detailed statement before to urge President Lungu to rise above the board and act against corrupt officials whom he said have evidently transformed State House into a centre of corruption and the award of public contracts like digital migration, among others.

“Cabinet Office has also followed suit in the sagas like the US$15 million Microsoft e-government scandal among others. We believe that Microsoft has not even been paid yet. The Secretary to Cabinet has become the protector and godfather of corrupt permanent secretaries and senior civil servants in government,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Chishimba has appealed to the international community to slap travels bans on corrupt senior government officials.

He said his party is also still waiting for the announcement of a full list of all the corrupt ministers in whose accounts huge amounts of money are being corruptly deposited.

“This lamentation was raised by President Lungu himself, but we believe that he can do better than lamentations. The people of Zambia want action now. Our nation is bleeding and ordinary citizens are being subjected to harsh realities of high taxes, rising cost of living, disease, load shedding, unemployment, plummeting value of the Kwacha, poor water and sanitation, among others,” he said.

Dr Chishimba has since appealed to the international community to help Zambia by placing travel bans on senior government officials who have plundered and externalised public resources.

“We urge foreign nations in which offshore accounts are to freeze the accounts and send back our money,” Dr Chishimba said.

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  1. Ba Lungu after becoming excited and impulsively saying his ministers are corrupt getting huge sums of money deposited he soon realised he had not yet explained how he accrued over K 20 million in just over a year himself. He is a product of corruption himself and he will never change that …

    • Visionless Lungu of PF bandits is in hot boiling water vessel. This blind element is so corrupt that even the ACC are scared to do anything about it.
      Look at how bandit Kambwili is looming forward with his goats still grazing the Roan golf course. The ACC are still mute.
      Now visionless Lungu thinks of going for a third term is so myopic after destroying the economy.
      Say NO to visionless Lungu’s 3rd term bid.
      The Skeleton Key

    • Most of you sound like you are all artists, whose main preoccupation is creativity.

      You say things you have no clue about, and sing songs of fiction.

      Learn to get your facts correct before you compose songs.

    • This is a worthy topic for the president and his press aide than the drivel of 2021 standing for elections.

      That’s right expect this to be swept under the carpet.



    • Thieving is in people”s DNA and you can’t eliminate the scourge. Now all is getting clear and unfolding before our eyes. Dora has travelled to see Iron Mike to spend stolen Zambian Money. Shen has targetted the now poor former heavyweight boxing champion with her stolen dollars from Malawi. Edgar who first stole a client’s money then barred to practice is in State House to loot, RB is quietly looting in the background literally continuing from where he left. Dora is conveniently appointed Agriculture Minister to facilitate the stealing. Given Lubinda has stolen enough and place as Justice Miniser to be controlled there. Kambwili is being managed and might be removed from the ring of thieves because he is seen as a potential threat besides being careless and stupidly building property…

    • which people will see and become aware of the extent of stealing and lootint. CK might also get greedy to want Presidency in 2021 so he has to be managed. There is no honour among thieves. The Post and all other whistleblowers are put at bay so that looting can continue under the pretext of humbleness. These are sophiticated thieves who will want to steal quietly and keeping it clean without people realising it.

    • Sometimes I wonder if Peace for zambia is not ECL himself or Chanda Amos. You seem to be more loyal to the president than he is to himself

    • Shameless you should be ashamed. Do you know how products of corruption look like and behave. Whom should a special envoy of a president of a country visit in another country apart from the president of that country visited. The Malawi Minister was delivering a special message to the president of Zambia, whom did you want the Minister to visit rather than State House. What sort of analysis is this. This Country is looking for serious trouble through harassment of the current leadership. I pray that God will not allow it to happen. No one is perfect. However, in my opinion the current President is far much better than any of the opposition presidents.

    • Chishimba has definitely ruttled the PF nest, and these useless, ignorant & careless PF characters need to seat up. Address the concerns raised for-heavens-sake.

  2. An enquiry is welcome but of course there is no impropriety on the part of our President and the man is clean and not corrupt like GBV and Hungry Hyena who have been proven to be known crooks and conmen!
    As for bans on certain govt officials found to be guilty of corruption- I agree that would be a good move! Secondly it is wrong for top govt officials to mis-use govt resources such as vehicles- how does a minister use a GRZ vehicle to travel to his farm and the vehicles breaks down! No that’s why we must ban the use of luxuiry SUVs by top govt officials!

    • Lungu is a already s fraud convict , he wad blacklisyed by LAZ, while HH and GBM have never been fraud convicts,

      on this scandal he will remain silent.

  3. The maize ? issues are a public secret that the government of PF and even MMD before are using FRA to buy at cheap price and sale to foreign countries at high price. Worse still if you’re not a cadre, they will never issue you an export permit. Why not allow farmers to export their maize directly if they want. I mean we are only 15 million people compared to 752000 sq Kms, there is enough space to grow your own food. I for one will never sale my maize to FRA. Doing so is enriching the rich and impoverishing the poor.

  4. the malawian minister said none of that money has been yet and only 4000 metric tonnes has reached Malawi so vuto ili pati or am i missing something?

    • the contract with ZCF was to sale at least 100 000 metric tonnes but ZCF doesn’t have such qtys of maize neither does FRA. They pushed for payment so that they can buy and deliver but they needed to at least deliver 20 000 metric tonnes for part payment to be made. ZCF got that 4000 tonnes from farmers and haven’t yet paid them. Finally the deal was not a govt to govt but our govt was like forced to get into it after ZCF realised that there was trouble ahead.So there is a breach of international contract.

    • Yes Rizzo, you are definitely missing something!

      What you are missing is that this corrupt deal has not been completed because these thieves Lungu and Siliya are so incompetent they cannot even steal Zambians public money without screwing it up! Such is the level of incompetence we have in this “government ” !!!!!

      And some poor ignorant people still think they are capable of running a country! !!

  5. There no way Corrupt Lungu would have failed to take a Cut on the Maize Deal. The priority for Lungu now is to cover up the deal and the incompetent Dora Siliya will be used as scapegoat. The PF DNA is corruption and that will never change as long as PF govt is in power.The PF gravy train rolls on and as the Chinese say “The fish rots from the Head downwards”. With the PF govt in power Corruption is now a terminal cancer.

  6. Nothing will come from this case. If it came from the head of state it would have better. Even then they would be window dressing. The pedagogy of the oppressed is at play here.

  7. Ba Chishimba please soldier on, l like your stance on Zambian corruption issues. Involve everyone in this corruption fight because, abena Malawi in our government today think they can get away with it. Even ba “Ala B” group is involved in this, mark my words.

    Edward Chagwa Lungu is “Mr Corruption” himself.
    Problem with majority of Zambians is the blatant lack of analytical thinking, & very dull reasoning capactity, some sycophants even labling lazy corrupt Chagwa “The Lincoln of Zambia”
    Surely you had a chance to rid Zambia of this Corrupt stalk borer Chagwa without a bu11et but the ballot & pen, BUT you decided chitenge with his corrupt head, J.K’s silly music, & Kalusha’s ball juggling skills was more enjoyable & beneficial to you.
    Donchi cry, just Dununa & get used to the fact this lazy embezzling drunkard Chagwa may be with us, partying for 10 more years, if…

    • Cont;
      partying for 10 more years, even more, if his questionable health holds up.

    • “…BUT you decided chitenge with his corrupt head, J.K’s silly music, & Kalusha’s ball juggling skills was more enjoyable & beneficial to you.” AGREED.
      And when we tried to highlight this, we were called all sorts of names, and we were all put in the same basket that we were UPND. It didn’t take one to be UPND to understand that ECL had no plans as Kambwili is now realising. ECL never attended the debates to tell Zambians about his plans, the dunderheads supported that stance. 4 months after the elections, all the main topic that ECL has touched have been criticised even by many PFs, he is struggling, as a results of not have proper strategies in place. 4 hard years ahead of us

  9. When nez told you that lungu and his thugs were thieves and criminals you said I was crazy. Now I have been proved right. So when I tell you that lungu stole votes please understand that we have solid proof. Lusaka times will never report anything negative about lungu because he pays them. Please announce best blogger bafikili imwe

  10. Even a computer requires time to respond to the instruction. Since you already tasked the task force to investigate and also included a condition for the force to obey, its only fair that that is followed to the letter. Too much talk-talk might render you to be among those people who talk because they must say something as opposed to talking when you have something to say.

  11. They are preoccupied with the impending expulsion of Chishimba Kambwili. Ba Saviour, you think any institution would listen to you now


  13. Lungu will rule zambia until he gets tired, that could be for 20 yrs. Forget your ka constitution, he disregarded it already and the kaponyas were busy dancing and harassing the opposition while he did that.

    This is what will happen , all opposition media will be shut down. GRZ funds meant for development will be used to buy and corrupt critics. If you are not worth corrupting you be left and there will be no one to listen to you as all independent media will be shut or bought.

    Zambia development will be the casualty as there will be nothing anyone can do. Democracy is dead in zambia. So forget using the ballot to unseat the thriving gangs of theives operating from state house.

    • @Spaka like lilo
      This is what many Zambians are lacking in their analysis, and you have just said the points in simple terms that these dunderheads should be able to understand and open up their eyes.

    • General kanene

      It is a tragedy that instead of developing zambia lungu and his gang will be bribing critics and opponents to silence them. He will make sure no media will report this.

      The only hope is he cannot bribe everyone. There is not enough money to do that, so hopefully those without will rebel.

  14. Double standards by this PF cadre Chishimba, not long ago he was Lungu,s cadre and we warned him about all this, now that he,s been denied a grz position he want to talk the loundest. He contributed to that i.d.i.o.t continued stay in state house. Let stealing continue kaili efyo mwalefwaya. Your tribal cousin visionless thief is better than HH

  15. Its really sad …. you can smell corruption in every sense of this lungu regeme and there’s nowhere to turn to. Everything is controlled the media, acc, zp, zambia army … name them all. What’s funny is everyone can see that Lungu is a failure but come this 2021, its business as usual…. dununa reverse. A docile nation unfortunately we are.

    • Everything in Zambia today, including The Army Worms are controlled by the corrupt P.F, illegal regime!

  16. Ka Chishimba, you want the whole to be reacting to stories on Lusaka Times? Afterall you have reported the issue to ACC so why don’t you just wait.

  17. Comment: Ndeloleshafye… my president is doing fine in checks and balances without insulting, but only requesting the sitting president to clear his name.

  18. No we shouldn’t keep quiet if we do there will no action, continue putting fuel on the fire, my concern is now PF has become MMD lead by RB really it is a shame something needs to be done .
    If the information given is true why in the first place EL promote Dora , what has she done for Zambia now we have started hearing about scandals , does scandals really mean to be Dora’s way of life ! We need a break from the thieving Dora.

  19. For most of you guys it seems as if this stoic, smart, intelligent, sexy woman Dora Siliya is a thorn in your you know where the sun dont shine? I mean com”on this lady is not capable of singularly undoing Zambia and committing every sin while plundering the economy under your very noses! Gender bias perceptions lead you nowhere. Dora Siliya is a shining ,guiding light for all young ladies out there to break walls and flaunt it if you can , when you want. She is not the only one being denigrated but, it seems all women who seem to excel. Shame on you men. There never is a viable strong nation without strong women. Give them a break otherwise i will personally come and snatch your daughter and teach her what smart is and how to be a woman! RESPECT WOMEN PEOPLE!

  20. This what the majority voted for. Vote again in 2021. For now just put up with Lungu, in 2021 get Amos in office and then Dora and the story never ends.

    • Actually that was NOT what the majority voted for!

      What the majority voted for was STOLEN by Lungu and his thieves

      And then hid the truth away so gullible people like you will think they are a legitimate government.

      Why do you think Lungu gave immunity to prosecution for criminal acts to Chuulu and all the ECZ staff even before the election?

  21. Wantanshi, Dora is one resilient woman, smart hardworking and gorgeously attractive. Sometimes its a good thing to accentuate the positives in people. She comes across to me as a very affable lady who has endured unfair characterizations and attacks. To you i say look in the mirror, what do you see? Yes thats your wife you just saw! Now go check your closet and leave my Dora alone please! BY the way i ve never met her nor do i know her but she grips my soul. Good luck1

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