A LOCAL Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Lufwanyama District has appealed to all stakeholders in the area to support its project of recruiting young girls who have stopped schools to re-enter into schools,in the quest to curb illiteracy levels in the district.

Help Other People to Excel in Lufwanyama District (HOPEL) Communications Secretary Patrick Kintankwa said his organization had initiated a project of going round the district identifying young girls out of school and re-enter in schools.

He bemoaned that the district had a large number of young girls who had stopped schools, hence his organization thought to join hands with other organizations in trying to address the situation.

“We have come up with a programme which we are calling, go back to school. The aim of the programm is to identify all young girls in communities of Lufwanyama district who are not in school and encourage them to go back to school,”he said.

Mr Kintankwa said the programme is designed to work with all chiefs,village headmen, church leaders, civic leaders,NGOs, and government officials.

“The work is so mammoth so it needs concerted efforts from all stakeholders starting from parents and guardians up to all leaders in various rganizations and levels in our district,”Mr Kintankwa said.

Mr Kintankwe explained in an interview in Lufwanyama that among the reasons why most girls had stopped schools were lack of sponsorship, distances from secondary schools,early marriages, and no interest of schooling.

Mr Kintankwa has since commended government for allowing the prgramm of the re-entry policy, saying it would enable those young girls weather in marriage or not marriage to have a chance of going back to schol and complete education.

The newly local formed NGO has also commended other International NGOs working in the area,and promised  to work in collaboration with them in order address the situation for the betterment of the district.

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