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Girl who ‘cries blood’ delivered at T.B Joshua’s church

Headlines Girl who 'cries blood' delivered at T.B Joshua's church

TB Joshua .Courtesy Ihechukwu Njoku

A YouTube video has emerged showing a young South African teen’s purported ‘deliverance’ at a Lagos-based church from a rare medical condition that caused her to cry actual tears of blood.

“Shedding tears of real blood, molested by strange creatures in the dream, raped and abused countless times by perverted men, the life of Hope was filled by a devilish form of tragedy from day one,” reads the description of the viral clip published by Emmanuel TV.

In a tearful testimony, Hope recounts how she began bleeding through her eyes, ears and other extremities in her early teenage years after several horrific nightmares involving strange “demonic creatures”.

“People were running away from me,” she reminisced, “they started calling me a devil’s child.” The ‘condition’ became so severe that Hope was “kicked out of school” and spent most of the time in isolation due to the shame and rumors that spread in its wake.

Several attempts at suicide revealed the deep depression which had engulfed her. Amidst the strange “spiritual attacks” which included menstruating for up to 40 days without ceasing and her hair inexplicably starting to fall off, Hope was also raped on three different occasions.

After exhausting all medical options, Hope and her mother decided to pay a visit to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos, Nigeria, famed for its purported ability to cure a diverse range of ‘spiritual’ ailments.

During the time of prayer in one of T.B. Joshua’s services, Hope said she was ‘delivered’, the video showing the ‘demon’ purportedly behind her bizarre affliction being commanded out and the young girl collapsing to the floor.

A year later, Hope returned to the popular church looking completely transformed and testifying to the remarkable changes in her life.

“Whenever I cry, I look at my tears and say, ‘Thank You, Jesus’,” she told the congregation, attesting to the fact that she had stopped crying blood ever since the prayer she received at The SCOAN.

Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel has up to 450,000 subscribers and has gained a reputation for releasing controversial footage which attracts both commendation and condemnation from its viewers.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist

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  1. Lies by a CONMAN T.B. Joshua, who cannot even correctly predict the correct outcome of the U.S election.
    Dozy people are surely sacrificing & paying for this crooked charlatan Joshua’s lavish lifestyle

    • You should ask God to open your eyes comrade.Do not speak bad against the anointed,lest you become cursed.May God have mercy on your soul

    • That’s the problem with Africans they don’t like someone who tells the truth how can challanging TB Joshua be a devil?
      Grow up people this is what is keeping usvfrom development look at Nigeria so many prophets but no solutions to the many problems they face!
      Trust but verify! There is nothing wrong with questioning thevso called ‘profits’

    • Why label anyone who questions a devil? I thought your Bible says there’s only one devil do you really believe your own teachings?

  2. How bizarre and sad indeed… Hope she lives to glorify the Almighty God for setting her free. Crazy world where we braai and sip Bols whiskey over the weekends while others get rapped by perverts and cry blood. God save us all….

  3. I am a Christian, so are many Lusaka Times bloggers. T B Joshua is a fraud. A conman and abusing God’s word. Two years ago his building collapsed and killed our fellow Africans due to his refusal to use proper building codes. God heals and does wonders always, let us from the Christian nation wake up please.

  4. Lusaka Times please do not support this witchcraft kind of stories by carrying it on your website. Next you will have a story like “miracle money comes into Siavonga bank accounts because somebody typed ‘amen’ on Facebook” or something similar and then your website will be considered rubbish after your many years of good work. Please don’t throw it away

  5. Anybody can watch the movie set in the 1970″s THE EXORCIST”. Its just that, a movie except Linda Blair was not raped, three times no less. Clearly the alleged rapists here would have been easily apprehended since this attractive girl would have been oozing blood from every cavity imaginable! What a masterpiece Pastor to succesfully excorcize this poor girl! Now get a life and go get a real job you heathen!

  6. But kwena these Zambians TB Joshua followers, when are you going to learn that this so called prophet is a fraud? A conman that stinks to high heaven duping stupid people ati do not touch the anointed, anointed my ass!!!


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