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Max Chongo is not Chongwe D.C-State House

General News Max Chongo is not Chongwe D.C-State House

Max with President Lungu
Max with President LunguMax with President Lungu

Presidential Spokesman Amos Chanda has clarified that reports circulating that Former Big Brother housemate Max Chongo has been appointed as new Chongwe District Commissioner are untrue.

Mr Chanda said Mr Chongo who was Zambia’s representative in the 2007 edition of the reality TV show has not been appointed as DC for Chongwe.

“Can anyone with contacts for Choolwe Beyani please tell him not to peddle falsehoods against the President. Max Chongo has not been appointed as DC for Chongwe! It is therefore unfair for him to insult the President over something he has not done! Can someone even send this to his inbox or via whatever means,” Mr Chanda said referring to social media posting by UPND official Dr Choolwe Beyani.

Mr Chanda added, “As for party supporters kindly wait for official announcements before you commend the president for the alleged appointments. Our premature statements make mechanical critics like Beyani think what they say is founded on


  1. “As for party supporters kindly wait for official announcements before you commend the president for the alleged appointments…”
    This statement sounds like it’s coming from a PF Spokesperson. Amos doesn’t know his role.

    • How disappointing! This would not have been surprising as Sata once appointed that comedian, Ben Phiri, as PS or DC in Luapula in 2012 – for a whole 4 days! PF lunacy is normal these days.

  2. The problem with state house making junior appointments such as DC. now state house is ever disputing this or that. surely youre reducing the value of state house – Mr Chanda surely fighting Max in the media

  3. Even if PF is given a century to govern there will be not development to talk because of appointment of illiterate cadres in key positions. DCs should have been positions of accomplished civil servants but it’s given to cadres. For PF as party and its cadres that is already development to sing about day in and day out.

  4. There is no a single sane person in upnd and will be in eternity. This is a systematic regrouping of only frustrated souls from all walks of sane lives. Expecting sanity in upnd is like expecting someone to enjoy an electrocution

  5. In any sane functioning NON Failed State, that Bandit Max Chongo would be rotting in Prison with the key long thrown away, for aggravated robbery, unlawful use of a firearm, including a gross violation of citizens human rights.
    However this is a country that puts a convicted embezzler banned from practicing law into high office & Plot #1. Do you then expect this criminal embezzler so called President to be tough on Crime??
    Dream on dozy Zambians, & enjoy this crooked mediocrity you have ushered & unleashed upon yourselves.

    • Because the man chomps mangoes by the roadside he becomes a darling “Man of the people” and the nonsense becomes newsworthy! Sets up a commission to investigate the violence knowing fully well the Max Chongo were involved also carrying arms and the half baked commissioners will come up with the ruling party’s conclusions in their report because having joined the embezzling they’d have more money in their pockets! Guess for most Zambians abhorrence of truth for rhetoric and unquestioning mediocrity coupled with gullibility to Christian nation are insignia of honor!

  6. Telling lies will only reduce your respect. People in Chongwe who read the FB posting must be wondering what has happened to “their ” Upnd.

    • UPND are feed lies through FB and online news sources. They all have the same language – Í fear for Zambians who voted for Edgar, they are suffering and they will die of hunger. HH and GBM are comfortable!’ Let us move on and develop our country by doing our best in whatever we do, cleaner or CEO. HH and Lungu are just politicians who are interested in power and authority.

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