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Unions open talks with KCM over improved salaries

Economy Unions open talks with KCM over improved salaries

Unions in the mining sector have opened talks with Konkola Copper Mines -KCM-management over improved salaries and other conditions of service for unionized staff.

The resumption of talks between unions and KCM management for improved salaries comes after a one year wage freeze at the firm.

National Union of Miners and Allied Workers -NUMAW- Deputy National Secretary Steven Mwaanga said KCM unionized staff got no salary increment in 2016.

Mr. Mwaanga said KCM management opted not to reward its staff any pay rise in 2016 owing to turbulence in the extractive sector.

He said talks between unions in the mining sector and KCM management will resume on Friday January 13th, 2017.

Mr. Mwaanga said his union is still talking with Mopani Copper Mines management because members feel the proposed salary increment is unrealistic.


    • Nothing comes out of these union negotiations. Only unionists fatten their pockets from bribes they receive from Management. Miners shouldn’t expect anything meaningful. Furthermore, those Indians are seasoned international crooks.

  1. How do you start negotiations on Friday 13th? Be careful with these Indians lest they turn you into zombies. That aside, the government should reposes this mine and sell it to serious investors. Barely a day passes before you hear something about KCM. What is wrong with this mine kanshi? The copper prices in @ 5600 US and yet nothing tangible for the poor worker. Mines minister where are you, moron? Why have you stopped sleeping in Chingola as you promised? What have these thieves paid to contractors? Always trying to look relevant, please retire in nations interest.

  2. KCM steals in daylight under govt’s nose!

    Cobalt is sold in what appears to be rubbish in the eyes of ZRA, and they call it Cobalt Alloy!

    Slimes from the refinery, containing Platinum, Gold and Palladium is sold with no declaration of value in the books of accounts!

    They must just find alternative people to pump in money and do mining better than the methods being employed by KCM, where development and mining happens at the same speed.
    ZCCM developed ore bodies by 10-20 years ahead, which these thieves have since exploited because development of mining underground is a costly affair!
    Dear blogger, before you attack me ask what ore development is? It is not what the political fo**ls talk about, it is different in mining engineering and metal extraction

  3. Good points Philosopher. ZRA will never understand the whole value chain until the start employing Mining Engineers and Metallurgist’s, then re-train them into Tax experts. SARS in SA has done that with a lot of success. How do get a chap with no knowledge of the mining industry to correctly assess the value chain of ore processed vs possible final products?

  4. Namuland natumfwa. What the government should do is just to reposes the mine and sell to serious investors or else we will keep on singing the same song.

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