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Zambia gets $286 million loan from India for infrastructure development to de-congest Lusaka City

Economy Zambia gets $286 million loan from India for infrastructure development to de-congest...

Mr Chitotela touring the construction site for Kafulafula toll plaza
Mr Chitotela touring the construction site for Kafulafula toll plaza

THE Indian Government has given Zambia US$286 million for infrastructure development to de-congest Lusaka City, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela has said.

Mr Chitotela said the project, dubbed ‘Decongesting Lusaka’, will see the creation of a ring road that would start from the Great East Road, through Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to the Great North Road in Chisamba district.

“Apart from implementing phase two of the Lusaka L400 road project, the Indian government has come up with this project which will also cater for street lighting, by-passes, construction of roads in Kasisi and other areas and putting up drainage systems among other things with the aim of beautifying Lusaka City,” he said.

Mr Chitotela said once implemented the project will create about 10,000 jobs in the capital city.

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  1. India loan….to Zambia……twatukwa
    We ar waiting for loan from Somalia also to beautify ndola city….

    • This money for kaloba will only end in the bellies of PF bandits & no jobs will ever be created. Its all lies by PF. Where are the 500,000 jobs visionless Lungu Donchi Kubebard? Zero!
      Watch how Dagama will go on global trotting & the crumbs to be given to the hungry Pilato.
      How much is mealie meal PF bandits?
      The Skeleton Key

    • U are just foolish, don’t comment on things u don’t understand. u don’t know that India is one of the biggest economy in the world? Can u compare India to Somlia or Zambia? Shut up and smile. U follish *****.

    • Why not for infrastructure development targeting rural areas providing amenities attracting urban drift? Rather than keep spending millions trying to broaden what attracts the populace to chocked cities efforts should aim at what would reverse the trend of migration from cities to rural areas! Decongesting Lusaka is not about roads but reducing the rising numbers of people attracted to moving into Lusaka! 10 000 jobs spread around the countryside would also raise the economic levels and value to lives of many in rural Zambia!

    • India has some of the most and worst congested cities in the world. The congestion is not only human beings but monkeys as well as rats. They have failed lamentably to address their problems and yet they have the capacity to do so. The congestion in Lusaka is political and does not deserve to be solved using such huge funds. A simple direction from the president can decongest the Lusaka period.

  2. Zambia under Lungu is a failed state. those millions would have come from the mines. actually they came from our mines and coming back as loans from India. Have these people finished the USA money for drainnages to get more from India?

  3. The project for the airport-chisamba-Great North road was already funded under the Link Zambia project. Where did you take that money?

    • I agree .I remember ba Sata bragging about this project link Zambia ring roads.Last time I used airport road to Chongwe this link road was being worked on.Maybe our good Minister will explain.

  4. Interesting timing and amount Indian KCM owes about the same to contractors and suppliers. India keeps Zambia happy Zambia keeps KCM happy no more talk of mine takeover

  5. Interesting, that the Indians would put up so much money to de-congest the City when they’ve failed to do so for Mumbai , New Dehli and Calcutta. Just hope they are stopping at giving the money and not providing any “Technical” assistance. Those who have been in an Indian Traffic Jam say its a nightmare of unimaginable proportions.

  6. In as much as i do not support Lungu’s ideologies, i can never wish him ill health or of that sort. Let us love one another even our enemies.

    • I am not sure about loving your enemies. That’s unZambian. Instead finish them off so that they do not rise again in future. Just see what PF is doing to Zambia and you will understand our traditional thinking, not this fake bla-bla.

  7. We were told thy mk great north road double road but up to now we where told ,8billion was there for all roads can someone tell me what’s is happening to our country, development is slow its only in kalabo and muchinga we saw roads and few compounds here and there its fair our leaders what u are doing!

    • There are no large numbers of PF voters between Lusaka and Kabwe to justify such an expenditure. Just the same for Kitwe-Chingola and Chingola-Solwezi roads. PF will always concentrate on urban places where its leaders stay and get votes. Kalabo is an outlier as the money was already committed and projects started before PF took office in 2011. They could not divert those funds.

  8. Keep it up: Minister device a system of capturing actual numbers of jobs created on these projects. At the moment there is no system of capturing these numbers that’s why you fail to justify these employment numbers in the future. Oh what jobs? Daily employed or permanent jobs? Be clear please and then you won’t have a problem to report back. Don’t just say so many jobs to be created.

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