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Only a ‘fool’ will not see that MMD propelled Lungu to Victory-Nakacinda

Headlines Only a 'fool' will not see that MMD propelled Lungu to Victory-Nakacinda

The Movement Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has said only a fool can not see the contribution the Party made to the victory of the PF President Edgar Lungu in both 2015 and 2016 elections.

Speaking in an interview MMD National Secretary  Rapheal Nakacinda said his party would like to echo President Lungu’s statement when he visited Copperbelt that only a fool would argue that MMD did not help the PF win the election.

Mr Nakacinda said it was illogical for some PF members to be complaining that their party has been sold to the MMD when they know that without it the PF would not have secured the victories in both 2015 and 2016 polls.

He also said there is no such a thing as selling a political party to another Party but PF Members should appreciate that the MMD in 2015 through the former President provided support to Mr Lungu as a presidential candidate to secure his victory.

“If you look at the votes that the PF members of parliament got put together they do not make Edgar Lungu go through the 50%+1 but if you add the votes from the MMD candidates including those who lost when you look at their votes and add to that of PF that is what made PF and Edgar Lungu to become President,” Mr Nakacinda said.

He noted that the PF members accusing President Lungu of selling the PF to the MMD had other grievances and were using MMD as an excuse to express themselves.

Mr Nakacinda said the  two gentleman or so that are expressing themselves and using MMD as an excuse have a different issue they are aggrieved about and now they are using MMD as an excuse.

He said  Zambians  know that the partnership between MMD and PF is what guaranteed victory for President Lungu and served them colossal sums of money by avoiding a rerun which should be appreciated.

The MMD National Secretary said his party should not be  drawn into petty politics.

The PF has been rocked by intra party divisions as some members have accused their party President of favouring the “MMD” whom they consider to be outsiders of the Party.

They have (PF members) expressed fear that the PF is slowly being taken over by the former ruling party citing the ministerial jobs which have been given to former MMD members while living out senior party members.

But President Lungu has remained adamant and instructed the PF to welcome new members saying without the help of the so called MMD members he would not have won the election.

One would argue that the PF shot themselves in the foot when they adopted former MMD members. In Copperbelt several parliamentary candidates who won on the PF ticket are former MMD members who stood and lost to some of the PF members who were sidelined during the adoptions.

Mathews Nkuwa, Bowman Lusambo, Emmanuel Mulenga, Joe Mulangi, Frank Nga’mbi, Alexander Chitema are among the former MMD members who were picked on the PF ticket living the likes of Dr Joseph Katema, Wilbur Simusa and Boniface Mutale among others.

Several key ministerial jobs have been given to former MMD members such as the Ministry of Agriculture which is under Petauke MP Dora Siliya, Live Stock and Fisheries under Masait MP Mike Katambo.

While others are Kasenegwa MP Victoria Kalima who  heads the Ministry of Gender, Local Government which is under Vincent Mwale as well as Lucky Mulusa who is heading the National Development and Planning Ministry, and Ministry of Finance which under Felix Mutati.


    • But Mr. Nakachinda, you must be a foool yoursel. How come the PF are not rewarding you with a job for barking so loud and so often??

    • Raphael is right. UPND stabbed MMD in the back in 2011 resulting in PF winning and now its MMD’s turn to stabbed UPND in the balls to ensure the this tribal party does not get anywhere near state house and power.

    • Thieves and criminals from MDD and PF ganged up to avoid the law by hijacking power.Unfortunately they also carried along many innocent people who are just beginning to discover that they have been used to shield non performing crooks,we must brace ourselves to more in-fights.

    • CK & KBF are not talking about Nakachinda’s mmd, they are talking about people like Mutati, Doro, Mwale & Mulusa. These people won because of PF & not the other way. Edward is comfortable with these ba mwisa because they pose no challenge to him.
      As for the true greens please stand up & redeem your party. You can do better than being just being ba kandile.

    • The Chosen one: true Rapheal is right. In the Bible the word says Fools says there is no God. Without MMD and I repeat without MMD PF could have been history in 2015. But God intervened and saved us from the York of dictatorship tendencies from the people who would have formed government and here we are enjoying the fruits of Gods creation in peace and harmony. PF learn to coexist with your MMD colleagues for this country to continue being saved from the hand of a group of wicked people whose agenda is not well known. Bravo MMD bravo PF

  1. Mr Nakacinda says that “if u add the MMD votes and PF votes” that is what made Lungu win and reach the 50% + 1 vote threshold. If this is true why is Lungu refusing to produce this evidence in Court during the Petetion Hearing? If indeed Lungu won why is he blocking the Petition in Court Instead of vindicating himself? The reason why Lungu has failed to do so is becoz he knows that HH won the 2016 Elections and he lost. The truth is that, just like Jammeh of Gambia, Lungu lost the Election but refused to handover power to HH. Lungu is clinging on to power illegally and without a mandate from the People of Zambia. On this basis Lungu is i?legitimate and until the Petition is heard and disposed off Zambia has no Legitimate President.

    • Lungu is making sure no evidence is heard in court by ensuring that the Kangaroo Injustices do not hear the petition. The evidence is damning. For sure, Lungu did not get 50%+1 votes. Lungu has corrupted the governance institutions (ECZ and Courts) in Zambia.

    • The EVIDENCE that Lungu stole the election is very clear, even without the petition being heard.

      Even before the election Lungu arranged for the ECZ staff to get IMMUNITY to PROSECUTION! Why should anyone do this if everything was above board, legal and transparent ??????????? This is sure PROOF of rigging and electoral malpractice.

      Which country in the world which has proper LAW and ORDER allows criminals to break the laws with impunity EVEN BEFORE THEY HAVE COMMITTED CRIMINAL ACTS ??? If the election was free and fair why should this even be considered necessary ???

      The evidence is clear.

    • This is true. LUNGU has legalised criminality in Zambia!

      Thieves, looters, election riggers and other criminals are pardoned even before they have committed their crimes.

      What hope can Zambia have to develop when theft is now openly legal? Where is justice and the rule of law?

  2. MMD are a shadow of themselves and Nakachinda will say anything to appear relevant. MMD could have indeed helped because we are fully agreed that PF Presidential candidate was not popular.

  3. 1. Edgar Lungu won the election beating HH 2X
    2. Edgar Lungu is not blocking the hearing of that case and no one in this country is blocking. That case according to the constitution should have been heard and determined in the 14 days after petition failure to which the case ceases to be a case. A presidential petition can not be entertained the whole year. it can only be entertained the first 14 days. If no evidence is brought fourth! dry

    • If the petition should have been concluded in 14 days why was the judge not working weekends and evenings? Instead she behaved like it was a normal working day starting proceedings at 11:00 and stopping at 16:00 and no work over weekends. Like Jammeh, Lungu will soon test the folly of his evil schemes when the same institutions work against him. He will have nobody to blame for corrupting the governance institutions in the country.

  4. Ba MMD ni Sangwapo chabe iyi mufuno chita. PF won the election two years earlier without you. How can you now claim you are the reason they won? MMD has just become the new losers of Zambia. Join UNIP in the garbage pit.

  5. Without beating about the bush without RB Lungu /PF were not going to win the 2015 presidential byelection. Guy Scott had ensured Lungu had no access to any funds be it GRZ or PF. Lungu was stuck and was worse off compared even to Nawakwi until RB came to his “rescue “. Let any PF member come out in the open and tell us that they funded Lungu in 2015. How can you ignore the one who picked you in your most needy times?

  6. Naka is telling the truth. In the end it was most of the foolish Zambians (common man) that went back to lick their vomit (MMD coated with Luungu sweet) and now are wallowing in poverty for their foolishness.

  7. So what!!! Bana Kacinda. Kano nga nimwe. wait for your time my dear naimwe imbushi ne ngombe will put you in power come the year 1960. Kekekekekeke!!!!

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