It is the Ministry of Agriculture and NOT the Ministry of Dora Siliya

Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP
Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP

Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya
Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya

Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya has defended her two-week vacation to the United States at the height of an outbreak of maize eating pests.
Ms Siliya said the criticism she received for taking her vacation when the country was battling the outbreak is unwarranted.

She told Journalists in Lusaka that Government has well laid out systems that ensure continuity even in the absence of a Minister.

Ms. Siliya said during her vacation, all Ministerial duties were ably handled by Livestock and Fisheries counterpart Mr Michael Katambo.
She reiterated that her absence did not create any vacuum at the Ministry of Agriculture.

“It is not like when the Minister is out then the Ministry ceases to exist. It is the Ministry of Agriculture and not the Ministry of Dora Siliya, I didn’t carry the whole Ministry with me on holiday,” she said.

Ms. Siliya added, “the Ministry has a Permanent Secretary and there also Directors there who can perform certain functions and if the appointing authority feels the need to appoint someone to act as the case was with Hon. Katambo, he will appoint so that government continues to function.”

The Agriculture Minister also rubbished accusations that she went to the U.S on holiday with a married man based in Namibia who is at the centre of marital dispute with his wife, daughter of Namibian President.

She said Zambians should desist from focusing on trivial issues and concentrate on addressing serious national issues.

“We are in the middle of a serious outbreak of pests eating our maize fields and people want to start discussing trivial issues? Let us get serious as Zambians,” she said.

Mrs Siliya has however assured that Zambia will remain food secure despite the outbreak of the army worms and the stalk borer which she said has only affected 10 percent of the country’s maize output.

Meanwhile, women from the opposition UPND have called on President Edgar Lungu to fire Ms. Siliya for what they called misconduct and for bringing embarrassment the nation.

UPND National Women’s Chairperson Namakau Kabwiku said it is irresponsible for Ms Siliya to go out playing with other people’s husbands when the country is facing the devastating effects of army worms.

Zambia is a Christian nation and as such we expect Dora Siliya to be exemplary as a leader in the way she conducts herself when in and out of the country. It is a shame for president Lungu who claims to be a Christian to keep quiet when his minister of agriculture is misbehaving abroad,” Mrs Kabwiku said.

She added, “We also feel that, this is the price the Patriotic Front(PF) is paying for allowing hijackers like Siliya, who never suffered for the PF, to take up serious appointments. Hijackers are creating confusion in the PF and you can see this through people like Siliya. If president Edgar Lungu is a Christian as he claims, let him show leadership by firing Dora Siliya with immediate effect.”

Meanwhile, Zambia Volunteers Network have charged that Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya should apologize to Zambians for insulting their intelligence by suggesting that her absence during the army worm crisis was not felt.

ZVN deputy executive director Gerald Chiluba said his organization is of the view that Ms Siliya should apologize to Zambians or go an indefinite leave if she feels that her services especially during a crisis are not required.

Mr Chiluba said Ms Siliya should realise that privileges comes with responsibility hence for her to say that there is no vacuum during her absence while the President lamented the lack of help from MPs was was an insult to the Zambians who pay her.

He challenged Ms Siliya to show Zambians what she has done in the ministry since her appointment to deserve a trip to Las Vegas.

“We have noted with great concern over the remarks made by Hon Siliya with regard to her absence during the past two weeks while the country faced a crisis in the Agriculture sector where she is in charge.

“Ms Siliya seems to think that she can freely enjoy our money while other people work for her. As Zambians we know that she’s entitled to an annual leave but that should come with responsibility, we are of the view that she can’t go on the leave while we are going through a difficult situation in the Agriculture sector as regards the army worm crisis.

“While the President was lamenting that MPs were not helping in the fight against army worms the Minister was busy enjoying with her lover in America,” he said.

He said Zambians are not foolish to demand for her presence during a crisis in her Ministry.

“Ms Siliya should not think that Zambians are foolish to call upon her to come and adequately deal with the crisis.

“She has lamentably failed to deliver agriculture inputs yet she decides to go for a holiday, she as failed to tell the nation on her involvement in the Zambia-Malawi maize saga when Zambians are buying a 25kg of mealie meal at k130. It is not correct for her to say there is no vacuum in government when she is the minister, this simply means she serves no purpose in government and she must continue to be on an indefinite leave.

“Ms Siliya should know that as her employers, Zambians expect her to work before she goes for a leave because a leave is meant to recuperate and return for work refreshed. Let the Minister show us the hard work she has done in the last three months that she deserves a trip to Las Vegas.

“Ms Siliya should with immediate effect retract her statement and apologise to the Zambian people for insulting their intelligence,” he said.


    • Please shut up Dora! This is the reason for Loss of national election as MMD in 2011 because of such arrogance, stubborn and insensitive to the people of Zambia. Yours is to just apologize unconditionally to the people who put you there not defending a wrong thing. No one is saying you should not take your vacation. You can go for 9 months for all I care because your president is happy with that but spare just three months for a struggling Zambian farmer. Yes Minister Katambo can act but this is why each Ministry has its own portfolio!

    • She is on menstrual P or cud be she already in menopause hence her quick return!

      Mubalama did not do a good job – no preg!

    • She went to plant her seeds in her portable garden in the middle of the field in Las Vergas .Zambian farmers had to watch their crop damaged by army worms .

    • Only in Zambia does a Party get into govt in August, Ministers are appointed in late October and they have time for a two week Christmas break…life is so easy going for these crooks.
      Lazy Lungu will not fire anyone…its wishful thinking.
      Zambians wake up from docility!!

    • Some people never learn. She has started behaving in the same stubborn and stup!d way she used to behave under MMD, which annoyed the public and kicked her party out. Anyway let her put her new party on a highway to the grave.

      Imilandu isho bane. Kabwiku is up to something. Let Kabwiku remove her speck in her eyes before she removes a plank in Dora’s.
      We got a somewhat subjective attack from Namakau; pretty ugry attack. The question is, can you prove it. We care less about who Namakau Kabwiku f.u.***** UUCKs but we expect obscene talk to be swept under the carpet as we demand had work from our leaders. What a sham of a woman.
      Dora Siliti has no case to answer here, nothing failed on account that she was out when the sector needed her the most. Truth be told, she is just as concerned as everyone else and all bitter lots, give her a break.

    • The Dora Siliya issue is being exaggerated.Non of us discussing this on this platform knows whether behind the scenes Dora would have asked her Boss as to whether she should cut short her leave or not and her boss could have assured her that there is no worry as the problem is under firm control .Remember that at the time she started her leave,the Army worms had not invaded the country.In denouncing Dora therefore,let us have this possibility in mind.

    • We said it! Dora cannot touch soil with her bare hands. It would mess up her blue nails. And you expect Agriculture to tick under such oversight? Jokers

    • In India, the transport minister resigned after a tragic train accident that claimed many lives, not that he the train driver neither was he the train company director. He was not even RATSA of India but out of moral obligation he had to.


  2. She’s right. This is just a sexist attack and unfortunately led by women themselves. I mean every job entitles one to leave days and it is upto them where they spend it. If she had put structures in place to ensure that everything functions smoothly, then why is this noise all about. She ought to be commended.

    Oh, I hear you say she went out with a married man. Really??. Last time I checked, a man who declared Zambia a Christian nation grabbed somebody’s wife. Last time I check the man who will lead the most powerful nation on earth was proud of groping women and he was supported by Christian radicals.

    So give us a break and come down your high moral horse and let the lady do her job and stop invading her private space and life

    • Iwe bootlicker, when did Dora and his co riggers snatch the government for you to justify their leave? August 2016 to January 2017 in fact December you justify someone’s vacation? She herself is saying “her absence did not create any vacuum at the Ministry of Agriculture.” Is this not an admission that her permanent absence is also justified? Why do you people not see anything wrong in the wrongdoers? Someone just goes out there to snatch other people’s husbands at the expense of what serious minded people must consider a disaster and you are there licking her buttocks?

    • “Ms Siliya should know that as her employers, Zambians expect her to work before she goes for a leave because a leave is meant to recuperate and return for work refreshed. Let the Minister show us the hard work she has done in the last three months that she deserves a trip to Las Vegas.

    • Yes every job has leave days. But these must be accumulated over time. Dora and the current ministers started work in sept/Oct and so when did they accumulate two weeks leave days?

  3. Most proper leaders/bosses will cut short their holidays or less important assignments to attend to urgent issues that requires their leadership and provide guidance! Ule…no wonder we don’t develop!

  4. Dora, we care more for your brain, not your nails and lips. Please show us a bit of what is beneath your skull. Thanks.

  5. Can the responsible minister allow me as a father to go on vacation in mfuwe leaving my 3 month baby admitted to UTH on the grounds that the mother is adequately able to nurse to affected baby? OK, if this is leadership in times like this one, we are learning a lot then.

  6. It’s immoral for any Leader to enjoy leave or holiday when there is a crisis to sort out.Dora Siliya together with Edgar are setting wrong records to the entire world.Very unethical and unprofessional as Leaders. Foolishness.

  7. Sport on MMD Chief Bootlicker too much of holier than thou attitude. Give us a break! Please come back to earth.

  8. I thought that the UPND Women Chairperson Namakau Kabwiku might talk the sense that eludes her menfolk. Kanshi nabanakashi mu UPND fikopo fyekafyeka? How can she issue such a categorical statement based on social rumours especially peddled by her own cadres? So she is a donkey also, now what do they call a female donkey?

  9. Three months after being appointed minister, going on leave? So sarcastic indeed, Sata once said she needed to be refereed to alangizi for lack of respect and insulting the elderly. Surely this Lungu thing must have a big problem or he personally sent her to go and stash the loot from the Malawi maize saga. If these are the kind of ministers that he wants to have beside him, he must rethink before they bring him down just like they did RB. RB once said that Dora was smart than all of us, exactly what he meant, no body knows. Get married than going out with other women’s husbands, she mocked Folotiya that he was wood in bed, the one you went with is not your either, shameless bitch.

    • It’s actually two months and 2 weeks because Lungu appointed them in September to start work in october. Can agric civil servants tell us if she started in October? Obviously you can’t earn two weeks leave in two months. Unless you are the president’s bosom pal.

  10. Christian fanatics…leave Dora alone….shez got a life to live. Who she screws is never your business. No rape case allegations made against her!

  11. Ok a female donkey is called a jenny or jennet. But donkey sounds better to describe Mrs Kabwiku’s reasoning capacity, same as all other UPNDonkeys.

  12. She should resign under moral grounds … not fit for purpose. OH i forgot its in Zambia. Thats a wishful thinking. I take it back

  13. Namakau Kabwiku should be the last person to accuse Dora of marriage interference promiscuity etc. She might think no one knows her bitchy life having almost abandoned late former deputy Army Commander General Musho Moono when he was down with AIDS only to jump into the marriage of Wynter Kabwiku who was Deputy Inspector General. This barren woman like I said should be the LAST perdon to point a finger at Dora. Kodi banayenda kunyenga anyoko ??!!

  14. Yes of course Dora is right, there is no such thing as Ministry of Dora but Ministry of Agriculture.
    And she is right that there are other capable officers and people to handle affairs during her absence. They are not like UPND where HH is THE Economic Manager, THE Finance expert, THE Agric expert, you name it all in UPND it can only be HH and he cannot even go to the toilet let alone on vacation. Have you ever heard GBM being called Acting UPND president? Explains everything that Dora is talking about, doesn’t it?

  15. @14 Gbouy, makes more sense to make that suggestion to resign to your HH for not leaving GBM to act when he HH is away even when UPND is in a crisis with cadres needing leadership and guidance.
    What is wrong with UPNDonkeys kanshi?

    • @Terrible, the moment your stop seeing everything in caderism lenses is the day you will see wrong and demand accountability. Its called political maturity. Cheers!

    • Terrible is right! The earlier UPND take his advice on this HH wamuyaya thing, the better for the party. A lot of us former members have left and currently observing from a good distance.

  16. But who even allowed her to go on leave at such a critical and peak time for farming activities in Zambia? Going on leave is your entitlement Dora but not when agro activities are at their peak, inputs are being distributed but in a chaotic manner, there is rampant smuggling of maize and maize meal and worst of all, at the time of an invasion of the maize crops by caterpillars. Your absence at such a critical moment is an embarrassment to the Head of State who appointed you in that position. You are among people bringing the name of our president to shame and you should be fired.

  17. Does this mean without Dora the whole Zambia can’t tackle those worms? Laziness pa zed there were, a lot of people within the system who could have done something but chose to blame somebody on vacation, really sad. Zambians are generally lazy people and waste most of their time gossiping over unfounded stories all day all night. They feed on rumours, fake news all the time and criticising everything. Should people stop going on leave just because there might be a problem back at work? Doesn’t make sense at all. Is it that there were no people to spray the chemicals and everybody expected Dora to have sprayed the worms? Also confine your criticism to those worms only and not to someone’s private life.

    • @19 Kapoma Kabaso

      No, it means that, whether on vacation or not, Dora ought to have been able to respond to that call, particularly when it was of that magnanimous and catastrophic . Sadly, she was caught napping when the call came at 3:00 AM. How insulting to the Zambian people that she can afford to tell her off like that – “It is the Ministry of Agriculture and NOT the Ministry of Dora Siliya.” You mean to tell me that this so called “HONOURABLE” Minister has no manners? And no sense of responsibility and accountability??????

  18. Ati “CHRISTIAN NATION”. Lets have a holiday for National Day of Prayer. Oh look, a Halo has formed around the Sun.

    MATUVI/MAFI/MASIPA/MAZYU Yeka-yeka. The hypocrisy of PF Govt borders on blasphemy. Of all the SINGLE Jerabos, the SINGLE PF Cadres, you go & pick another woman’s HUSBAND (married just 4-months ago in Aug 2016). DORA SILITI does NOT deserve to called Honourable. Anyway the Zambian version of Hon. is so dilute. Even HIS EXCELLENCY doesn’t behave like one with his 1diotic dance at foreign countries airports, the drunken stupors.

    DORA’s career of ADULTERY will just bring the 7-Plagues upon the already malnourished / poverty stricken Zambians.

  19. She is just confirming you that she is useless and there are people who are usefully doing their job even her presence. So do not mind her absence people! Besides Dora Siliya understand little about the subject so even if she is away the ministry will not lag behind because technocrats are there and working. Ministers do not do anything apart from making political statements and decisions.

  20. These attacks against Ms Dora Siliya are nothing but malicious and sexist. We all deserve a vacation and can take a vacation with whoever we please.

    • @ 21 Robert Phiri

      Yes, we all do. However, whether on vacation or not, Dora ought to have been able to respond to that call, particularly when it was of that magnitude and devastatingly catastrophic . Sadly, she was caught napping when the call came at 3:00 AM. How insulting to the Zambian people that she can afford to tell her off like that – “It is the Ministry of Agriculture and NOT the Ministry of Dora Siliya.” You mean to tell me that this so called “HONOURABLE” Minister has no manners? And no sense of responsibility and accountability??????

    • @26 Robert, you really surprise me. “We all deserve a vacation……with whoever we please” I can’t believe this! Where are morals here? You have thrown them thru the window? If the allegations about Dora are true, then that’s sad. I rest my case

  21. Sadly this is yet another example of the disconnection a leader has with national mood and aspirations. Dora Siliya presents herself as a cheap, loud and arrogant woman who has no clue about courtesy and leadership. With her loudly painted nails, it begs the question, is she in cloud cuckoo land? If there was no need for her presence during an emerging crisis, why do we need her at all? ECL has to reflect hard on some of these people he continues to encumber us with. Our nation is in an economic crisis and needs men and women that understand sacrifice and decency. Not megalomaniacs raring for a fight. I am no fundamentalist, but can adultery be considered trivial for a leader in a so-called Cristian nation whose president constantly talks about prayer? Is this a joke or what? ECL get a…

  22. Some people will never go on leave on the pretext that work will suffer in their absence. One of our bosses was forced to take leave after five years and during his absence production in his section picked up.

    • @ Ndanji khakis: Your reasoning is skewed.

      Have u ever seen an Auditor who goes on leave during the FYE Audit?

      Or the Stores Manager who goes on leave during stock-taking?

      Or ECZ Chairman who goes on leave during elections.

      Besides the moral aspect of the holiday, Dora’s timing for leave was bad especially that it’s her 1st planting season (plus invasion of the Army Worms) as Min. of Agric. The consequences of late delivery of inputs will be felt later this year.

      Don’t support mediocrity out of impunity.

  23. Leave Dora alone. Her job just like all other reasonable jobs have leave provisions and don’t forget to go on holiday to some of these places requires a long process of flights booking, visa applications and of course sourcing for funds. Most of you condemning her for being out during planting seasons may have a point but also speaks to your deficiency of understanding institutionalism. Reminds me of people who will never go on leave on account of insecurity. Fear that the subordinate may do better and they may be replaced. This kind of thinking is backwards and speaks to insecure and less qualified office holders who are bootlickers and can never speak their mind. A good boss will go on leave and allow his/her subordinate to feel the position. This is how industry grooms its next…

  24. next generation of leaders. Dora is but one person the ministry is full of technocracy and hers is to offer strategic direction which she can do from anywhere on earth. If you can’t afford a holiday please don’t take it out on others and as for rumors of her other indiscretions please that is her private business leave her alone.

  25. It was wrong the vacation was ill timed and all she needs is to just apologize. She needs to learn how to set priorities, house on fire and she goes for a selfie with Mike Tyson. No , madam something is wrong here think before you act madam……..

  26. Useless woman, what can she tell your children? How can you go for honey moon with a married man? Who knows maybe you are the root causer of all the marital problems of the couple is facing. Shame Minister Just resign and continue hijacking married men. They will use you and get back to their wives. Imagine the man you are going with, he just got married a year and now he is thinking of divorcing a daughter of the President. And who are you? Watch his moves, this guy is a Congolese, he is just up to something and am sure he got something from the your so called America Vacation. There are main genuine single Zambians and handsome waiting for stranded people looking for marriage. Please let that useless Congolese go back to his wife.

  27. –She told Journalists in Lusaka that Government has well laid out systems that ensure continuity even in the absence of a Minister–. Folks, we must seriously consider doing away with the position of minister, nothing to lose here

  28. I am farming peacefully and nicely. I don’t even know why people are angry with Dora for being on leave. Is there any impact whether she is around or not? Lets just concentrate on fighting army worms, its as if all army worms were going to come and surrender because Dora was around. Wake up, vibanthu imwe

  29. Small petty minds. Stop being petty, childish and insulting. Dora was on approved leave. You don’t need a minister to fight army worms please yaba

  30. So you morons seeing nothing wrong with the timing of the vacation are saying that, Chagwa can also go on vacation with a myriad of problems the country is going through? Who knows may be it is the very reason she decided to go on vacation knowing full well that, she presided over a lackadiscal agri- season were they are distributing inputs in January. Can you imagine the whole ministry distributing fertilizer and seeds this time? Yes we all go on leave but how do you go on leave when you are the pillar of the ministry with such a calamity at hand? If there is hunger in the house, the one they will laugh at is the father, do you expect people to blame the wife? Morals will always be morals which ever way you look at it. As a leader she must live by example. The leader of South Korea has…

  31. Dora, if you apologise for not committing any offence. We will differ. Please know that you don’t owe any soul in Zambia any apology for going on a planned leave. Let the talking republic continue, kabili that’s what they know best…talking and talking, too petty

  32. When there is pressure sometimes its golden to put a tight lid on our ego. May be we need advisors for some ministers who should suggest how to and when to give statements. Silence was going to mean a lot than the arrogant response to people who voted for you. Its sad.

  33. with ministers reasoning like Dora Zambia will never ever develop …the problem also is the appointing authority she got permission to go out from him

  34. These are same people who are taking immorality in churches, because according to them, it is their business. To be a public figure demands probity, in short uprightness.

  35. This is a lesson to all who like posting their tu ma private issues on social media… U r having fun, but the watchers are busy hating! Next thing you know u end up on the front cover of the Post for wearing a bikini in Dubai…

  36. Can the CSUZ request for an explanation of the Minister’s working conditions? How can someone who has been in office for three months earn two weeks leave? In the civil service three months would earn her 9 days at 3 days a month

    • Like I ve said elsewhere from October if that’s when she began she has worked two months plus two weeks in December. She’s entitled to six days leave

  37. Zambian taxpayers are the ones footing the bill. They deserve better. Certainly not such an insult from an insolent politician.

  38. Show a just cause why this arrogant politician should not apologize to the Zambian public for making such a despicably obtuse outburst?

  39. Imwe sure Whether Dora apologises or not. What will change. Lets just continue eating our nshima. Dora went to the states, in Zambia, it is a problem, Awe bwafya sana.

  40. Sure Munthu sanga tengeko na holiday chifukwa cha vi nkhubala vili mumunda. Musiyeni Dora please. Benangu nibokalipa, sure why imwe

  41. Where do these politicians get such crude and callous language from? Whose teats did they suckle it from? What happened to the civility we were once accustomed to? Are these politicians incapable of using more refined and polished language? Is this now the new standard they have set for themselves?

    • Noone prepares them for political office etiquette. They are voted into parliament on the criteria of how they humiliated their opposition, how they insulted so and so, then the president makes them ministers.
      Without preparation they assume office thinking the rudeness that catapulted them into office is the modus operandi of their new office

    • Mango-Eating President you are right we are to blame as voters because we vote people into power based on their rudeness to their opposition. We cheer as they insult so and so. When they go into office they just continue with the insults

  42. Zoona pa Africa we are a unique breed. In other countries, this woman would ve resigned by now but she comes back home with guns blazing telling everyone off…
    You gotta love Zed

  43. Don’t cheat. Nobody resigns for going on a normal approved leave. Love her or hate her, the Ministry was operating at FULL CAPACITY even in her absence,full capacity. Lets stop this witch hunt and focus our energies on things that are going to add value to your life. There is no indicator as at now that things could have fallen apart because the minister was away.

  44. Did she take her leave after the invasion of the fields by the army worms or not? If she taken her leave after the army worms had invaded our fields then she acted irresponsibly. And not only that, we are also faced with high mealie meal prices. So the President should not have given her permission to take leave until the two crises were resolved.

  45. Kabwiku, you are talking as if you are PF Women’s Chairperson but you are UPND. If Dora is a chancer in PF and is distabilizing PF, then surely that is to your advantage as UPND to point out the wrongs of government. But it looks like you want to correct your enemy’s problems before you deal with your UPND problems. Like Dora says, when someone goes on leave, it does not mean the office goes with her on leave. You Kabwiku are just jealous because Dora can afford to plan and go on vacation. And it does not matter who she goes with, as long as she does not do so in her ministerial capacity. Ikaleni fye ku UPND where you can not say a thing against your little hh.

  46. Even if Siliya was around, she could not have found herself in everyone’s field. The free medicines are for those that can not afford. I bought my own “dean” @ k25.50/ 250 mls and sprayed the fields without assistance from the GRZ. The worms are not new to Zambia. Better be ready for such eventualities. If it were the rain itself that did not come in good quantities, could you have still cried for Dora to be present?

  47. This the topic is on Dola5…….. Let me drop this too.

    When Dating a proper well civilized woman with class, you get texts like:

    “Hey baby, how are you doing, how’s work going? I miss you so much hubby, am going out for lunch and I hope to see you soon. Take good care of yourself and be a good boy…I love you daddy”

    Nomba nga watolamo pushi wapa Lusaka, these common ratchet pizza eating hunters dry swallowing bandits who drink kwati ni chilemba pa mbabula.. you likely to receive a text like:

    “Bae, I mish you like cwezy, ideal lolest. Boo cum buy me n my galfriends pizza n a six pack of ice cold refreshing hunterz dryz and my other friends doesn’t take hunters so also get Jameson pa comesa it’s cheap there pwetty pweez mish yew, luv yew Xoxo YMCMB!!!!

  48. Dora’s crime is not for her to have been on vacation at the time that she did. It is for her to have responded to her critics as impetuously as she has done. It’s horrible. It doesn’t show character.

      But she deserves some form of respect. She could be old enough to be a mother to some of you bloggers here. She can take criticism but the insults. I occasionally reprimand her but I do respect her as a sister more so as a female Zambian. You have a moral responsibility to respect elders. I can see most of you ch.aps are not brought up right. Days will catch up with you. Spoiled soiled kids.

    • @62.1 Thorn in the Flesh

      If she is indeed ” old enough to be a mother to some of..” let one would expect her to speak like an adult, and not like a teenager. THAT IS THE HECK I AM TALKING ABOUT.

      @62.1 Thorn in the Flesh

      If she is indeed ” old enough to be a mother to some of..” then one would expect her to speak like an adult, and not like the teenager she is forcing herself to be. THAT IS THE HECK I AM TALKING ABOUT.

    • @62.1 Thorn in the Flesh

      And by the way, where is Dora getting this half-cocked, ill-spiced language from? Which textbook of etiquette is she using? And dear “Thorn in the Flesh”, how good a Lexicographer do you consider yourself to be to be able to defend the indefensible? Let Dora grow up, at least in the way she expresses herself. Respect is earned.

  49. Taking a holiday and spend it anywhere one likes should not be a public concern.
    I note Zambians do not go on vacation leave to rest and re charge themselves. Dora Siliya went to rest away from noisy cadres. If some Zambians can not afford to go outside Zambia for holiday – go to your village.

  50. Ba Dora better be humble and accept your mistake , indeed if it was not an issue you wouldn’t have heard the outcry from Zambians.
    Be aware that it is people who own that office if what you do doesn’t please the people then you are irrelevant to the office.
    Politicians are not masters of the people but servants of people, if you don’t please your masters you need to be fired .
    I would suggest to the president to suspend this minister that she may learn a lesson , we are not all politicians and people of Zambia need proper people in offices who can do quality work.

  51. Ash but mukhazhi alibe nsoni….Dora I don’t know what she is made of. I suspect public heat resistance material. Dream land full of undisciplined sexy monsters. Well that’s what we know about her. ECL be carefull she is in wro g ministry swap her with Ms Kabanshi (social welfare……. Or tourism no pressure NOT MINISTRY OF NSHIMA…..aaah no!). Its like she doesn’t know herself at times and maybe even doesn’t known why things revolving around her long or shot term effect on electorates or Party. Doesn’t learn from mistakes but the more she accumulates the more false confident she becomes. Dora u need a psychiatrist.

  52. There is some body who is saying Dora should have been around to spray their farms and another one who has never heard of market forces says Dora should have been around to bring the prices of Mealie meal down. How ignorant! Dora has every right to go on leave, army worms or no army worms.

  53. Let me close this debate. The ministry has a disaster preparedness unit, the meaning of this is; wether the minister is around or not, disasters will be handled and just the way this one was handled when the minister was away. Now that I have explained, I don’t want to hear any chongo here

    • @67 Agriculture Expert

      However foolproof that disaster preparedness unit might be, Dora Sililya, as the Ministry of Agriculture’s CEO, should at least have been able to sigh when the unanticipated catastrophe struck home. She didn’t. Remember, she is the CEO, not just another employee. Any other employee is replaceable, at the worst substituted. Not so with the CEO.



  56. Her response is way off, perhaps worse than the act of taking leave itself in the middle of a national crisis. There is a reason political figures cut short or cancel their scheduled international trips in order to be at home whenever there’s a crisis like this (be an act of God like cyclones,earthquake, or a terrorist act). They don’t give reasons like Ms Siliya’s.

    It’s not just a matter of business as usual and continuity, rather it’s to offer guidance and solidarity. I would like to think she was appointed to the ministry on merit so there may be certain decisions only she can make. Also the person acting or a junior delegate may not even be able to sign or make snap decisions to quickly remedy the issue.

    I wanted to take 4 wks leave over the Xmas but my boss said I should…

  57. Muletila ati shani? Umukulu palya apelele ukulachita ichamusango uyu? Abaana abanoono ebamusango uyu. Sukululenikofye pantu sopo tapali.

  58. I wanted to take 4 wks leave over the Xmas but my boss said I should only take 3 because I was required to go back early due to an event that part of the activities I was responsible for. He can’t stop me but I felt responsible.

    See sometimes it’s the right thing, moral and responsible thing to do. Why can’t she feel duty bound to come back home to attend to a crisis? Or even just issue a pretend statement from wherever she is to acknowledge and offer solidarity?

  59. I will never understand upnd leaders!!your jelouse will kill you.Dora Siliya is correct!!a ministry is not run by one person.her absence never affected this ministry’s works to control army worms!!then this lozi lady is saying that chancers are enjoying in PF,what about Dr.Musokotwane,Prof.Lungwangwa,GBM,Elijah Muchima,who are enjoying in upnd today?if HH won,all new comers such as Miles Sampa,Sylvia Masebo,Guy Scott,Bob Sichinga,Nevers Mumba,Mwalitete,Lungwangwa,etc could have been in upnd cabinet leaving out all you old bantustans!!thats how politics are!!!SO JUST FIND WHAT TO DO AND LEAVE DORA SILIYA ALONE!!!UPND LOST SO WAIT FOR 11TH AUGUST, 2021 TO TRY YOUR LUCK AGAIN!!!

  60. According to Dora’s logic, ministries can run without ministers (I would add, without PF ministers) Thus, we actually don’t need ministers in this government. Imagine how much money will be saved and hopefully channelled to more deserving services.
    Secondly, some comments here are clear proof of why Zambia is in a directionless situation. Comments that expose the acceptance of perpetual mediocrity or the shameless burying of heads in the sand (with the a…ss exposed, off course) Surely, can any right thinking person swear by this lot in this government? Criticising government objectively and constructively is not wishing the destruction of Zambia – for the most, it is a concern about what kind of country our children and their children will live in.

    • Oh is that why she is so fat? Coke has too much sugar you know? In America where she went they even tax you for it

  61. Those nails are cheap. They are the type the prostitute Divine Brown was wearing when she was caught in Los Angeles Boulevard giving Hugh Grant a blow jobie. And Dora thinks cozying around a married Congolese crook adulterously is not being serious. One is then given to wonder what indiscretion would in the Dora world amount to being serious. Maybe kasato with Bwezani and Chagwa.

  62. It is a NULLITY! That is if Dora has the slightest clue about the meaning of the word because some years back she admitted in court that she proceeded with a contract despite the then AG Malila telling her it was a nullity because she thought Malila was asking her “since when” she has been giving blow jobs. You sometimes wonder the kind of education some of these people came out of UNZA with if they fail to understand simple English like a NULLITY in law. Then such dull scam of Katete has the guts to patronize us to “be serious”, atase!

  63. You Doro did you get the permission from RB,if not you’re in trouble my dear.if the ministry of religious and guidance was and is involved,what of your ministry?

  64. Ba chibwe u so know so much about mama K,hehehehe but OK truthfully speaking we can’t stop someone from being on holiday but wirh such issues of national interest a minister is required to be on the ground and in this case Dora just had to be there,like it or not!

  65. Am very pissed with Dora, musula wakwe. Who goes to a holiday before working? only in Changwa,s government. As the name Changwa suggest, fail.

  66. I just wonder the quality of some of our ministers in zambia, madam your office needs you all the time you were sown in to serve zambians not yourself. Your motive was wrong or luck of understanding of the office you are a disgrace to the nation and to your appointing power , you have failed to perform better you resign .
    In developed nations you wouldn’t have even said a word but to resign don’t waste taxpayers money just go and run your own enterprise, not publick office zambia doesn’t owe anything.

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