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I have not dated for four years, Zambians men are not genuine-Iris Kaingu


File Photo of Iris Kaingu at the beach
File Photo of Iris Kaingu at the beach

Iris Kaingu has revealed that she has not been dating for over four years because she finds most Zambian men not genuine.

And Iris who became famous in 2012 when her sex tape leaked and went viral on the internet says her dream is to marry Prince Harry.

She was fined K10,000 after she was convicted of making obscene materials.

Featuring on the My Top Ten at Ten radio show on Hot FM, Iris who is the daughter of Former Cabinet Minister Dr Michael Kaingu said she is off the dating scene because she feels that most Zambian men are full of pretence.

She was introduced on the show as the Chief Executive Officer of Kozo Group of Companies.

In 2015, Iris graduated with a Masters in Business Administration obtained from a UK university after obtaining her undergraduate degree from Malaysia.

The radio show which was on a wide ranging issues and Iris’s top ten favourite songs saw the 25-year-old Iris reveal some intimate details about her life, family and future plans.

“I am not dating now, infact I have not dated for four years. Reason is simple, there is too much pretence and too much lies in today’s relationship. Most Zambian men are not very genuine when it comes to love, sometimes even married people are full of lies,” Iris said.

She added, “You find a lot of nonsense with a married man with a big wedding bands coming to tell you lies, the same goes for both single men. They all want to have a piece of action and that is not fair.”

Iris who has become a something of a sensation with most of her male followers on social media has posted some revealing photos of her curvy body and heavy boobs on her Instagram account.

She said most of the proposals she receives from men are not based on such men liking her character but just for her beauty and body.

“Just like someone’s beauty or body should not be the sole reason you want to be with that person, character is the most important and I believe you can’t know someone’s character without getting to know that person,” she said.

“I have had people come to me and say Iris I like you and I wanna date you. You should see my Facebook inbox, it’s insane, it’s like proposals after proposals. Since I got back from England, most people who come after me are not genuine and I am still assessing them,” she said.

She said her dream is to marry Prince Harry.

Asked whether that was a fairy tale, Iris said she believes everything is possible in life.

Iris said the 2011 sex tape scandal has made her a better person.

“I have come out that 2011 fiasco as a stronger person. It’s not a bad thing, it has brought me so much goodness and I now I know so many people out of that. I didn’t die, I am still here and very strong,” she said.

She however said the most challenging thing she has ever faced was the time she was supposed to hand in her thesis for her MBA.

“I was supposed to hand in my thesis for my MBA last year and a few weeks before deadline and I procrastinate a lot, so just a few more weeks before deadline and I had 10,000 words to write and it was quite challenging and I finally wrote and I got a 69 percent on my dissertation.”

She revealed that she loves watching fictional movies and romantic comedy and she rates the Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Mad Men, the Big Bang theory, walking dead as some of her favourite series.

Iris Kaingu
Iris Kaingu

Iris said she considers Hollywood star Meryl Streep a real talent and also ranks Johnny Deep as one of her favourite male actors.

She said her father, Dr Kaingu is the best man in the whole wild world who has given the family so much.
Iris said contrary to public perception, she leads a very boring life which mostly involves spending time at home with her family.

“I actually don’t have a very interesting life, it is quite boring. I know some people feel like I always have a gas when I wake up. It is not life that. I spent a lot of my time on Netflix. I also love horseback riding, eating and cooking, I actually love good food,” she said.

Iris said she is not an outgoing person.

“I don’t like crowds but I am not anti-social. I am not just a social butterfly. I don’t go to crowded places, I find it is annoying. I don’t even like shopping malls. I like the beach.

She said she would like to visit places such as Colorado in the USA, Mexico and Brazil and have time to go and enjoy some Tequila.

Iris advised young people to follow their passion and venture into something that they truly love if they are to succeed in life.

She mentioned that the three things she cannot do without are food, her phone her family.

“I have 17 siblings and I love all of them and they are so dear to me. I have two mothers. I also three elder sisters and four younger sisters, three elder brothers and a younger one,” she said.

Iris also clarified that she is still interested in running for public office but feared that Zambian politics are not yet attractive for young people like her.

“I know one day I will run and serve in a public office but today’s politics in Zambia are cut throat. Not that I am scared but it is just not one needs proper timing before venturing into politics,” she said.

Iris mentioned NAREP President Elias Chipimo and former Matero MP Miles Sampa as some of the politicians she greatly admires for their inspirational approach to politics and that she would like to work with them.


    • When people fantasise at an age you expect them to be objective then you should know an ***** from afar.
      Ku lota sitilesa manje kalotedwe!
      Kuti walota ati l want to marry prince Harry?
      Iwe mule landako ati l want to my Hansende Hatembo! First measure yourself!
      You want a man like your faza? Then get a married man so that there are 4 of you !
      Ati marry prince Harry! the British press can shred you!

    • She is right.

      I would rather lose a leg than touch a Zambian man. No charisma, no sure what a woman needs, nothing.

      She is correct. Better Caribbean men or Nigerian men. Best of all a white man

      Marry a Zambian. Then suffer for life.



    • Your FATHERS FATHERS FATHERS FATHERS are an example of the Zambian you’ve all described. Just because you’ve had a chance to do oil change with a man of a different race doesn’t change you. I’ve not been with a Zedian girl in 14 years, that does not make you Zedian girls bad or make me superior. It’s just my modern preference, not an upgrade because basements are the same all over the world. What’s different is the music that goes with it just incase one can not shut up.

    • i like how people are ignoring attention seeker Mushota meanwhile, someone should pull down Iris naughty Video, i accidentally watched it again, gosh, the little girl is flexible

      God bless

    • Ulubunda: Spoilt how? She just said what happens in her life and that has nothing to do with your life so what spoilt are you talking about. Appreciate other people so that you can also be appreciated. Do unto others the way you want them to do unto you!

    • She has lost weight.
      She is entitled to her opinion. One wonders how many Zambian men to drive to her conclusion. She is a good girl overall, she just hasn’t met me.

    • Actually most Zambian men don’t smell good, do not brush teeth, recycle dirty clothes, have no affection, don’t know how to make love…,, the list is endless……….I resist them like plague

  1. Talks of knowing ones character before marrying and now dreams to marry prince Harry. Do you know his character? He has already had one or two top scandals. Anyway from the interview, you still look focussed, keep it up

  2. The chickens have come home to roost. DADDY is no longer minister/MP & the money has stopped flowing due to no access to national coffers. It’s all the way down to down-to-earth my sister. Remember Castro drinking Shake-shake with Kaponyas? Or last week when Lameck Mangani braved up himself & jumped into a small minibus. Welcome to earth.

    Wealthy bachelors who can support HIGH MAINTENANCE girls like you are few in Zambia becoz of your Dad & his colleagues’ failures in MMD/PF Govt. Maybe try an old white barley bcoz Zambian men see u as a s3x-tool NOT as marriage material due to the S3x-tape & your unrepentant behaviour after.

    Imagine a dude introducing IRIS to his parents who watched the s3x-tape of their soon-to-be daughter in-law being romped by another dude! Abomination!

    • In summary, when Zambian men see u, their D!cks rise NOT their Wedding Fingers.

      Clean up your act otherwise you’ll end up like 50-year old DORA BOKOSI SILITI undressing for a 30-year Old Married Kasai International Conman GIGOLO.

  3. But are you an example of a real zambian lady. How many fingers point at you when you pass? How many men go back to youtube to look at your sex vedio? Iris don’t blame Zambian men,blame yourself for your behaviour and your vedio is here to stay ,just change for the better.

  4. She means Zambian men like her fathers boss lungu are hopeless failures. My daughter you need to move around a bit and meet men like hh son. But sorry hh son is too high class for you.

    • Anyone can screw her including pigs like…eh! But no one wants to be even seen with her – so she is bored and hates Zambian men….and wants to go somewhere no one knows her like Colorado and other use.less places where she can easily open it!!

  5. What? HH is not among her favourite politicians? She does not admire HH as a politician? HH beaten into nonentity by Elias Chipimo and even Miles Sampa? Now that says a lot about the calibre of HH doeznt it? And why not, if a supposed intellectual can select GBM as his running mate!

  6. If you marry Mushota you marry Garbage. A warning to all races and all nationalities. Zambian men call Mushota ichinangwa meaning a total disaster

  7. “Zambian men are not genuine” There’s a lot of guys who are interested in knowing you and not just having a piece of your body, you have to understand that men get put off by some of the pictures you post on social media. How are we suppose to introduce you to our families when you are putting up that rubbish where our little cousins/ brothers are commenting and wanting to bone you. a quiet life is a happy life. From that Zambian/ UK guy that you never said no to when he asked you on a date. He just got put off by the number of men you are entertaining and decided to just be a friend

  8. obviously the reason for lack of dating for 4 years is due to loss of market. It is normal to lose market in life, especially when you give men a bad impression. Like perishable items in a shop with a label “best before…….”, humans also have that label. so probably the lady has past that date

  9. ….’And Iris who became famous in 2012 when her sex tape leaked…..
    ….please differentiate between FAMOUS and becoming NOTORIOUS….
    …it could be that Zambian men have shoved her into the bin..waste basket…so no one is interested in her…the best they do is to secretly have a taste of what they see in the video but not to be associated romantically with her openly…hence labelling Zambian men untrustworthy

  10. But kwena eeeh. I we Iris whatever you call yourself, honestly, u have a viral sexual video still on the net and you think any genuine man can come after you? Any one who come to you is surely not genuine and i dont blame them! They just want to experience what u display period. There are genunine men around and looking for real decent zambian ladies. Clear your past and clean it up, then you will deserve better.

  11. My dear Iris, one reason you attract wrong men is because of your conduct. You have got a great body that you should have been so conservative of. However, you have not only exposed it in public for all to see and fantasize but went ahead to the extent of showcasing your acrobatic skills and talent in bed through your video. What do you expect from such??? Because of your gross disrespect for your body, every man I have come across say they are looking for your phone number to have that piece of action you talked about. This has surely made you vulnerable to attack. However, not all is lost, cause I have seen prostitutes get married. Just re-brand yourself and you should able to get a man of your dream

  12. How did i find my way to this story? Of all the free things on internet, why am i am reading this? Who is this earth being?

  13. Take it easy, young lady. You are not necessarily the perfect example of ‘wife material’. The pictures you post are bad publicity, but your loud mouth is even worse if you ever hope to find Mr. Right.

  14. 30 comments and raising about this young girl but less than 20 comments about the Auditor General’s report about reckless expenditure in the IDC companies…speaks volumes!!

    • The same irregularities, we can’t even tell the difference between a report done five years ago and this year’s report, next year same thing no hammer falling on anyone. But this story about this f. xxk doll is a clear example of what most Zambian men mantra BEAUTIFUL ONES WE SHARE UGLY ONES WE MARRY.

    • That’s Zambians for you.
      Any wonder they have corrupt and thieving inept leaders, & keep voting them back into office, & see nothing wrong with their thieving.

  15. NEZ need serious prayers! I know you may feel like insulting me for correcting you but you will increase the chances of failing to heed Christian values. When one shouts at you they are psychologically miles away and I also think when one insults instead of greeting they have low esteem. I am sure NEZ in real life lack self confidence and beleives can never be appreciated on earth. NEZ needs assistance imwe banthu. I am sure NEZ does not know he/she needs assistance. My advice to NEZ is confine in such as a clergyman your real issues. You will enjoy life better. Each time I read your postings I see how much care giving you need.

    • Kikiki wandepula iwe ka pf cadre. The one that needs help is that ill president of yours. I am doing very well and my health certificate dated 23 December 2016 proves this. My life is very comfortable but unfortunately we have silly penises like you who.vote for usless thieves who end up creating poverty for the rest of your brothers and sisters. How ever you are too greedy to see this as long as pf is giving you that ka small cash to eat. That’s your money mune. Wake up

  16. Iris yr dad loves u just marry a zambian yr family will be respected 100p.c because of yr dad who well respected by most zambian

  17. The same irregularities, we can’t even tell the difference between a report done five years ago and this year’s report, next year same thing no hammer falling on anyone. But this story about this f. xxk doll is a clear example of what most Zambian men mantra BEAUTIFUL ONES WE SHARE UGLY ONES WE MARRY.

  18. Who would even want to date you when we all have a copy of that guy bonging you. Your guy would be a laughing stock!

  19. Repent and God will bless you. The Bible says come to me even if your sins are red like blood they will be white as snow of the river. The door is open for you to enter.

  20. Am married Zambian leaving in Congo, but I want a second wife, so Iris think about it. Kaili u come from such kind of background which makes it easier for me. About loving u can’t be a problem.

  21. The fact that son of u sin in secrete doesn’t make u better than Iris wetha man or lady. This lady has repented as sh has indicated. Plz keep yoself my lady. Gods time is the best n keep yo virginity for yo future husband coz wen u over use it u will b devorced on yo wedding nite.

    • @luci

      “…keep yo virginity…”

      She hasn’t got it anymore, not after that performance on youtube. She will live with the prospect that her children and grand kids will take a peek at that video. It’s the price she will pay for that reckless decision to film herself and post it on the www.

  22. What happened to this girl’s bonk mate, why can’t he marry her so that they can continue what they started a long time ago? Age is catching up ka. You will continue posting pictures without realising that you are now 50 and still single. Anyway, may be this is not much of a concern as one can get married even at an advanced age like what Joyce Nonde did. Or may be Prince Harry will just send a RAF pilot to come and collect you. Good luck.

  23. Take it easy, marry even a poor man. No wedding dear people should see you carrying a baby.don’t blame Zambian men, men also says women are not serious.

  24. Way to go girl. Not many people rise and stay put, many people rise and fall.
    While I would agree that most Zambian men are fake and undatable not all are seeking for your piece of ass. ..sitance. You have attracted the most elite and flexible in that category. For you my dear you will be termed as the Anna Nicole Smith of Zambia in a different sense though.
    My advise is that seek the word first and everything will be amounted to you. Get into the bible.

  25. I like your spirit but not all zambians men a same we are differents dear
    Try others some of us we have heart to love .
    Not all men are the same the way we differ on our face the way differ on our heart ×#@iris

  26. NEZ may The Almighty God guide you to realize how much you are damaging yourself by corrupting your own mind with unpalatable language. A good communicator does not need to shout or be vulgar to be heard. If your motive is to get HH to statehouse 2021 or 2028, you are actually discouraging some of us to realize that HH means well for Zambia. Or are you on rampage to de-campaign HH? The motive could be good but the means is 101% off rail.

    Iris if you are thinking of Politics it is time you start to embrace people who think different from you. If all Zambian men are as useless including Dr. Kaingu then, who will vote for you? All men will definitely not and I suppose women and girls who love their Fathers, Uncles, Bothers, Nephews, Grandfathers etc. may not vote for you. I see an…

  27. Hi Iris,
    I don’t agree with you when you say that Zambian men are not genuine. There are lot of them. My advice to you is to stop posting nerve breaking photos. Start church life. All of us have sinned and no one should judge you. I remember in the bible when a lady was brought before Jesus accusing her of adultery. What was Jesus’s answer? Let him who has no sin cast the stone. All the accusers vanished like vapour. The above bloggers condemning you are accusers. LET NO ONE JUDGE YOU dear.
    Mushota you trusts Nigerians eh. Go and get one and suffer. I have seen Zambian women crying at airports in West Africa after being dumped by these so called nice genuine men from Nigeria or senegal or wherever.

  28. Iam into self discovery ,human interaction sensitivity and sexual exploration. You come across as potentially a great research partner. We could make music together flying through the universe seeing stars. Only cowards call them sex tapes. in essence they are revolutionary evolutionary affirmations of our unabashed selves. Our functional selves in birthday realism guilt-free. Lets sing.

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