Thursday, June 13, 2024

Anthrax disease kills one human life and over 40 animals


About forty animals have died from anthrax disease in Kalabo district in Western Province following an outbreak a fortnight ago.


And a combined team of medical doctors from the Ministry of Health, Veterinary and Agriculture in Kalabo district are in Ng’uma area for treatment and vaccinations where one person and over 40 animals have died from anthrax disease.

The team visited Lyapepa village where one person died trying to sensitise the community on the cure and prevention of the anthrax disease.
The team also assessed the extent of damage on humans, animals, and crops as the area was also affected by the stalk borer.
The team of experts also discovered that several other people were in the early stages of the disease following an on the spot screening by doctors from Ministry of Health, and instant medication was administered to the patients.
And District Health Director Kamwi Mundia said that people from Ngu’ma, where the disease was first reported will be put on medical treatment following investigations that suggested that they had obtained the disease from the infected animals.


Meanwhile Kalabo District Commissioner Fridah Luhila has since directed camp officers from the veterinary, health, and agriculture to continue sensitising and treating people with the necessary medication.
Ngu’ma Ward has over 6000 animals out of which 2,500 have been vaccinated against anthrax.
The area has also recorded thirty (30) cases of people infected with the disease, obtained from consumption of the infected animals.



  1. What’s going on Kanshi? Have we been cursed to have one disease out break after another?
    Or shear PROLONGED NEGLIGENCE and poor Governance.
    Kill those locusts before they fly NOW damn it! Bangweulu and Kafue plains, if you have forgotten.
    Big nice bottom and pretty faced Agric Minister, this is your call!!!!!
    That Soft spoken Health Minister (reminds me of my Doctor), be proactive and stop CHOLERA from known hot-spots and watch Zimbabweans coming in, OKAY my Doctor.

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