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Four Opposition Parties Petition the Constitutional Court to Clarify President Lungu’s Eligibility for 2021


Constitutional Court Judges
Constitutional Court Judges
Four Opposition political party leaders have petitioned the Constitutional Court seeking a declaration that President Edgar Lungu Is eligible to contest the 2021 Presidential election.

The four are Danny Pule of the Christian Democratic Party, Wright Musona of Zambia Republican Party, Peter Chanda of New Congress Party and Robert Mwanza from the Citizens Democratic Party.

The petitioners state that there has risen a political debate of the tenure of office of President Edgar Lungu and his eligibility to stand as presidential candidate in the 2021 General Election.

They affirm that President Lungu’s election of January 20th, 2015 as President when he ruled for one year and six months does not constitute a full term of office as per article 106 section 6 sub section B of the amended constitution of Zambia Act number of 2016.

The petitioners say that President Lungu’s election of August 11th, 2016 for a term of five years is his first full term as President of Zambia.

They also want the Court to declare that President Lungu is eligible to stand in the 2021 general election as Presidential candidate, where once elected it will be his second and final term of office.

The petitioners want the court to declare that President LUNGU’s first term of office commenced on September 13th, 2016 when he was sworn in as President for a term of five years.


    • These are one-man-party entities and should not be taken seriously as they do not represent anyone, but only their self-centred interests.

    • The Outward appearances and body language of these judges screams ‘Corrupt’ and ‘Weak’

      Give the jurisdiction of these courts to Supreme and retire them any the interest of the Nation.

      They save no purpose and are merely Oxygen thief



    • They already know the ConCourt’s answer simply by referring to the August 2016 election petition. Why waste their time?

    • It’s total madness to call these tuntemba as Political parties. LT am warning you to desist from addressing the Nashala neka parties as Political parties otherwise i will seek interpretation of the term ‘political party’ from the disgraced Concourt

    • How ironic: the opposition parties leaders fighting for the eligibility of an opponent? Just how strange is that? Think about it for a second! Jeez, really no shame whatsoever by Lungu and his agents to know this will just look too obvious. Lungu really created this ConCourt thing as a bogus legal tool to protect his selfish interest to rule the country indefinitely and at whatever cost.

      Meanwhile the entire country has now forgotten that he’s actually not a legitimate president and he’s occupying that office illegally. And everyone has forgotten about all his many corrupt scandals like the Malawian ‘Maizegate’.

    • Concourt: We announce that you have not held office before and this is your first term

      Voters: So why was he calling the shots and earning all the perks of the holder of office?

      Concourt: We announce things around here

      Voters: As you just stated he has never held office then he isn’t holder of this office either.

      Concourt: We interpret the constitution

      Voters: Who gave you the job as there was and is no holder of office?

      Concourt: We are now closed until after he wins the next election… (judges seen scampering for the airport)

    • Nonsense, LT why waste time on such rubbish, Lungu is in his final term, no more confusion actually, he does not even deserve this term, he stole it. unless you want him humiliated try Zambians he will get zero in 2021.

    • Danny Pule is a useless…christian for lungu. Njala lomba ya mu nyokola

      The same pule used to chew gullible Christians money in form of tithe

    • So even Danny Pule with a PhD can sink so low? Is he one of those Zambians with a PhD in either witchcraft or foolishness?

    • This shows that the four opposition leaders are relevant to the nation, they are not just their to opposite.

      These are objective leaders unlike those two who oppose even when nothing has been said or done.

      And when asked why they are opposing, all they say is,
      “Oh, we were opposing because we thought you had said something”.

      Or, we are opposing because, though you are saying what we believe is right, we will not agree with you because we are opposition.

      And when they say something, they turn round and oppose themselves. And when asked why they are opposing themselves, they simply say,
      “Oh No! We forgot. We thought it was you who said what we said. That is why we appear to oppose ourselves”.

    • The heading should in fact have read: FOUR ZAMBIANS PETITION the con court bla bla, for indeed when you see each of these four guys, you have seen all their members, one in each “party”. These are time wasters who have no heart for the future of Zambia, if they are leaders, they should show the country who they lead and where they are leading them? Ubupuba bumo kupalwa fye mwe!

    • These hopeless unqualified lot are a drain on national resources. They are there to line their pockets with trolley loads of tax payers cash only.

    • Those Judges look comfortable and fat look at their chins they have all the authority under their fit …….. Africa and Zambia! the same old story.

  1. This guys have nothing to do, President Lungu has no idea of what he is doing and you want him to stand again that’s why we are poor, the man is busy doing deals with Malawi maize project with James Chilwa.

    • With such foools in the opposition and in Parliament, Lungu can change the Constitution to be a Life President. Look at what Jammeh of Gambia has just done (extending his term by 90 days and declaring a State of Emergency). Zambia is a failed state.

  2. Does is mean that we don’t understand our own constitution and the other thing is that all these parties are for PF. So what are the so called big wings like UPND and MMD saying about this thing. Do they want to be late in petition again. Can LAZ educate us on this one. How can we develop . I am turning into a J witness. Not worth voting

  3. Actually if you think about it… We can’t call it his first term by this skewed logic. He has not held office for five years yet so how about you wait for the five year mark if you want this to be true. If Concourt pronounces it his first term then they are cons too as they cannot predict the future. Five years by your logic is when you can announce his so called term!

    • Also he will have held office three times if allowed to run and ‘win’. Let ED2.0 run to hold office for a third time but he is not allowed to win or he is disqualified LOL so all ballots marked in his favour can be given to him as a keepsake for his ego.

  4. so it’s a matter of 1+5=6 +5 =11
    is it not 10yrs for office president?if eligible what will the concourt say on the one year?

    • Imagine he quits after 2 years and 11 months then runs again in the next election. He could wash, rinse and repeat that pattern and enjoy a life time of no first terms but holding office repeatedly with a stooge in place Putin style, to keep the seat warm.

  5. These four ‘political parties’ are serious jokers. What we want is the price of mealie meal price to come down.
    Please use your illegitimately earned resources to champion the social and economic cause. To be polite, you are wasting time.

  6. At least they have the courage to take the matter to court. On this score, I highly commend them because many individuals and institutions were scared of “wasting” their money by taking the matter to court. Whether they’re using their money or they’re being bankrolled by Lungu himself, that’s immaterial.

    • Totally agree with you my good old friend. Say what you want about these parties, they have at least taken the real initiative on this issue by taking it to the the people that have the authority and right to have a final say, and their final say that counts.

      All those yapping and writing we saw around was just playing to the gallery. These are the parties of action. Let’s deal with this issue now and finally put it to bed.

    • Right on: Bloggers are condemning the four instead of asking why those on the other side are mute. Do they already understand that the President is eligible to stand in 2021 and therefore no need to seek clearance?

  7. Zambian courts have lost credibility long back.Zambian Judges are said to be Kangaroos in white wigs.Even the Commonwealth has stopped regarding them as of substance. In fact they should be tried for misinterpreting law.

  8. This not an urgent case so Concourt has 41/2 years to hear this frivolous and vexatious Petition. There are more urgent cases for Concourt to consider. The MP Petitions are urgent and time bound. Concourt has not yet ruled on these Appeals.Concourt is yet to Rule on whether or not President Lungu should have resigned and handed over power to the Speaker of Parliament while the Petition was being heard? This is a Petition filed by HH & GBM 4 months ago.Concourt should have enforced its judgment that Lungu’s illegal Ministers should pay back salaries and allowances they earned illegally during the last Parliament.Since Concourt has judges friendly to Lungu we expect them to Rule that Lungu is eligible to stand in 2021. These Judges know where their bread is buttered so they will never…

  9. Animal farm, ati 4 opposition parties. Thats misleading, it shud have been 4 boatlickers musqurading as opposition leaders. They are all pf cadres

  10. I think the masalamusi that characterizes Zambian politics are now hitting a gutlessly lunatic level. Judy how could opposition parties do this, it’s unheard of. And imagine Pule was once a minister, just think how much damage this fool has done to the country!

  11. So what now, you all wanted concourt and laz to interpret for you if Lungu should stand in 2021 wise people does that again you are insulting them are you normal you underfives, dunderheads Upnd. what a punch of fools are these *****s.

  12. These are educated people Danny Pule ,this man! people have looked up to you.As for the Judges remember President Sata brought a Judge from Malawi .Your decision may be reviewed in future. work with long term approach .Chiluba’s property was forfeited to state bear that in mind .

  13. Chiluba’s property was forfeited to state a long time ago just when the cases started it is only that some one came up that it was his, actually long before Chiluba died, so stop crying foul when you were even the people in front to push for that.

  14. It would be good to see Lungu having a meal with HH, GBM and others. Nivi ma politics chabe ivi. The way you chaps are hammering each other pa ma social media. Others even insulting

  15. Would be ideal and progressive to create a two party state like most developed nations on earth. Otherwise, Zambia will never see order and progress.

  16. At what stage can one petition the concot? Is it simply when one desires judges to pronounce themselves on a ‘political debate?’ For now its just a political debate. However,should ECL attempt to file for re-election in 2021 then the concot will pronounce themselves on whether to legitimatize a third term through the back door. Edgar is on record that his understanding of the constitutional provisions enable him to recontested. A student of the law tried at length to support this. The two positions have been countered by a fairly elucidated argument by one EC jnr. These are positions the concot will pronounce themselves upon at the right time…

  17. A nation obsessed with elections instead of food security, shelter for the people, health care, employment and education

  18. The law of the land protects every one including the weak even children have a right to be protected . Some small parties are wiser and cleaner than those big corrupt parties , who paddle tribalism being lead by thieves who have plundered our national asserts.


  20. What’s the oppisition parties’ interest in ECL running again? This clearly shows that the hand of PF is behind these parties. People have no shame. Well, this gives an opportunity for the Concourt to rule on this and then the country wil be clear. The people will decide who wins in 2021.

  21. These oppositions are silly… why cant they weigh their energies on corruption issues sure? There are more important issues to be tabled than this rubbish!

  22. Asked to comment on the matter, Brig Gen Miyanda said:
    “Not only is the timing ridiculous but it is in bad faith as it is intended to create confusion, tension and disunity in the nation,” Brig Gen Miyanda said. “His unguided gamesmanship is but a clever ruse to divert attention from real issues while ‘keeping all the natives busy in idle talk’.”

  23. Absolute misuse of the term opposition parties. How can opposition parties be fighting the cause of an incumbent President. These are ECL’s friends, lobbists and sympathisers nothing more.

  24. this is nonsese even our learned people can sink so low to be used by thugs in the name of opposition parties, shame no more sense.

  25. Whatever. Have Lungu’s ministers paid back their ill-gotten salaries as ordered by the Constitutional Court or is that still “pending”?

  26. total madness! These chaps live, breath elections, who runs and who does not! full time jobs! A bit premature, no attempt has been made to rerun as yet so what gives rise to this pointless court wasting exercise. why not apply for parliamentary session to clarify it?

  27. I owas knew chilepule was an id|ot…..pity his flock dat still attends his church. Opposition fighting for an poponents cause? Only in Zambia can such mediocrity happen hehehe.

  28. All these are PF sponsored parties none of them can afford to even pay legal fees it’s PF who will pay those are all broke chaps and judges at that con court will now be exposed.

  29. Just a disgrace these little puppies calling themselves opposition parties, they are an absolute disgrace almost like our UPNDonkeys.
    Of course the Concourt cannot rule where the law has not been violated. His Excellent Chagwa Lungu has merely expressed an opinion, the Concourt cannot stop anyone including His Excellent from expressing a personal opinion. It is a constitutional right guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.
    Just wait until nomination time in 2021 to know who qualifies and who does not. Even HH and his running mate in 2016 have to wait, well okay GBM will not be there as HH would have been fed up working with a bemba monkey who cannot deliver the monkeys votes.

  30. This shows that the four opposition leaders are relevant to the nation, they are not just their to opposite.

    These are objective leaders unlike those two who oppose even when nothing has been said or done.

    And when asked why they are opposing, all they say is,
    “Oh, we were opposing because we thought you had said something”.

    Or, we are opposing because, though you are saying what we believe is right, we will not agree with you because we are opposition.

    And when they say something, they turn round and oppose themselves. And when asked why they are opposing themselves, they simply say,
    “Oh No! We forgot. We thought it was you who said what we said. That is why we appear to oppose ourselves”.

  31. Which opposition parties? These didnt contest the general elections. They endorsed their leader Vogar Lungu. They are just one-man party PF affiliates.

    Danny Pules party should be deregistered as article 60 makes it illegal to form a party on religious grounds.

  32. The smallest opposition party leaders without followers made the petition to ConCourt with pre-conceied minds. They want the honourable court to declare their interest right. They are not seeking court interpretation but they have already given an opinion as to why president Lungu qualifies in 2021. Waste of time from attention seekers.

  33. Lungu is snake. Zambian people did not give the mandate as he keeps making reference to it. He did and continues to do everything possible to ensure that the petition dies. He is not legitimate as President and he knows this. Zambia has too many id10ts that follow blindly. How on earth would anyone with a brain vote for Lungu and his entire minions into office. How many cases qualify to have Lungu impeached? Talk about the judiciary, blimey a bunch of tossers being remote controlled a default President ruling a country that is blinded by religion. Arrest President Bozo and get the country back. KK was spot on, stupid Zambians indeed. Does Lungu really know anything worthy to even consider him for any political office? Wake up Zambians!!!

  34. @36 Mwale, obviously that is a false name, judging by your language you cannot be an easterner. So are you telling us that finally you have accepted that it is shameful to belong to Dundumwezi?

  35. But no Zambian needs to feel ashamed of which region he comes from, we should only be ashamed to think and behave like donkeys among fellow human beings.

  36. We as Zambians are just exhibiting how dull we are. We cannot correctly interpret our own constitution but opt to take to the concourt to interpret it for us.Is the English in the current constitution too hard for us to understand? This is a document that is supposed to be easily understood by everybody. This country is nothing but crap!

  37. Last Month, they wanted to extend LUNGU’s tenure to 7-YEARS but they saw that Zambians were NOT interested in LUNGU-WAMUYAYAYA.
    This month they’ve brought back 3rd TERM from the DEAD, but Zambians are still NOT interested in LUNGU-WAMUYAYAYA. Even if Kang-Court rules for 3rd TERM, it won’t happen.

    Next they’ll create chaos so that they bring STATE OF EMERGENCY so that in LUNGU-WAMUYAYAYA can rule the PF00Ls like the CHOPET President in Gambia.
    Why does LUNGU-WAMUYAYAYA admire MUGABE, MUSEVENI, KAGAME? Is becoz of their economic achievements? NOPE, it’s becoz their are tyrants that have refused to hand over power.

    • In 2000, Danny pule was a big campaigner for FTJ’s 3rd TERM. Bemba “Doctors” are so lame, so low caliber, no dignity, no honour. How can a Doctor dishonour his title by stealing, adultery, supporting ma-rubbish?

      Abena Dr. Kambwili
      Dr. Danny Pule
      Dr. Katele Kalumba
      Dr. Chiluba
      Dr. Machungwa
      Dr. Remmy Mushota

      If a Doctor can steal, what more a Grade-7 failure?

  38. How is everybody going to understand the constitution when even the people (lawyers, judges etc) who drafted this constitution do not understand or can not interpret it.

  39. those that think ECL is a bad president will only realize long after he has left or even died that his humility can not be compared. Its difficult to appreciate favours God does to humanity till all goes off our eyes. lets be fair countrymen and women: who do you think could lead the humility race between Kaunda, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Banda, Sata and Lungu? I would gladly say they are really equal. God has never given us a bad leader. NEVER. just wait until you have Idi Amin

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