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Zambia Meteorological Department Forecast floods in Five Provinces


FILE: Motorists trying test if they can cross Maramba river as Libuyu Township in Livingstone was cut off from the rest of the tourist capital after the bridges that connect it to become submerged in water picture
THE Zambia Meteorological Department has forecast that heavy down poor coupled with flash floods would characterised five provinces of the country.

The department has warned in its latest Weather Forecast that provinces such as Western, Southern, Lusaka, Central and Eastern provinces would from yesterday to Saturday experience heavy fall and flash floods.

The department has also stated that Inter-tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) would continue oscillating beyond the southern borders of Zambia.

The department stated that a deep low pressure system over Mozambique would be drawing much of the moist and unstable North-westerly airflow from Congo, leaving Western Province under stable and cool westerly airflow.

“This will give temporal reduction in rainfall activities over this area,” it stated.

The department stated that from 18th to 21st January, 2017, the high pressure system from the south-East of South Africa would be moving north ward thereby pushing the ITCZ to the Southern parts of Zambia where it would oscillate between southern and central parts of the country.

“This will increase rainfall activities over Western, Southern Lusaka and Central Provinces. On 22nd January, 2017, the high pressure system will withdraw south wards, allowing the ITCZ to oscillate about the southern bolder of Zambia thereby increasing rainfall activities across the country,” the department stated.

It stated that Western, Luapula, Northern and Muchinga Province would be partly cloudy to cloudy with a chance of morning rain, afternoon showers and thunderstorms in few places.

The department said the rest of Zambia would be mainly cloudy with outbreaks of rain and occasional thunder in places.

“Forecast for the period 18-21st January, 2017, North-western, Copperbelt, Luapula and Northern Province: Partly cloudy to cloudy with morning rain in few places, afternoon showers and thunderstorms in places,” the department forecasted.


    • The excuse now is that too much rainfall produces hailstones.
      Too much rains and hailstones are not good for dam stability and hence the continued load shedding!!!

    • Obviously the New Concern will be pressure on the Dam as the Kariba has cracks which cant allow it hold a certain amount of Water ! Either way we are f@#ked

  1. Chama asked people to urinate in Kariba now we have the rains GOD has answered our prayers instead of us lining along the Kariba Dam. What is your excuse now Mr Chama?

  2. You You will You will hear when they fail to manage these floods ati it us global and yet they have enough time to put in place measures. All they know is flying around

    • It is global is no longer one of us, he was fired long ago. But come to think of it why is load shed still persisting amidst so much outpouring, is there some hidden truth on what is really the cause of load shedding?

    • even here there has been no load shedding. mayb Lusaka with heavy duty utilization. I cant remember too when we last had load shedding.

    • We have load shedding everyday in Lusaka according to the time table provided for our area for 4 hrs. Tired of it now.

    • Load shedding is very much on even here in Kitwe. So you mean we are sacrificing for you to have 24/7 power and you come here to boast about it? Zesco must here this, where do you live again?
      On a serious note, we have been lied to over this nonsense of load shedding. As others, me too cant wait to hear their new excuse after such floods have passed through Zambia.

  3. How did they manage to do this?Their forecasts comprise of only two expressions: In some places and In a few places! It’s difficult to make sense from local weather forecasts.

  4. I have seen today longolongo road flooded also because of poor drainage system.Hope the completion of the bambay drainage will be the solution to all this mase.

  5. That is good ZESCO! Hopefully this will impact on cutting down on load shedding once the water volume in Kariba rises to better levels by end of the rain season. Load shedding cannot stop tomorrow because today we have had a heavy down pour – think positively. It is gradual and takes time.

  6. Load shedding is good for my budget mwe banthu… For the past one month, I am spending too much on zesco units… Awe, ba zesco, citeniko futi increase loadshedding hours to at least 6hrs,… better for us civil servants…. Ba ECL, can you come in please and save us…

  7. Munthu alibe cabwino. Mvula ipake ati zesco. What is zesco? Hold your fire only God can satisfy our needs. Chuleni ine ndelitwila pantu i don’t depend on government. Nili phee ku farm, no zesco, no any water and sewerage company, no buying kaunga, no buying cooking oil i make for my own ya groundnuts, no buying vegetable, no voting to any political party. What can they give me? Mvula, manzi and soil are God’s.

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