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PF infighting looms in Ndola Central Constituency

General News PF infighting looms in Ndola Central Constituency

NDOLA Central Member of Parliament (MP) Emmanuel Mulenga has lodged a complaint against constituency chairperson Andrew Nkhoma for illegally holding meetings at the parliamentary constituency office without his knowledge.

Mr Mulenga has also accused Mr Nkhoma of appointing a shadow MP who he intends to back as the candidate in 2021.

He said in an interview yesterday that Mr Nkhoma had been going round the constituency telling councilors to frustrate the projects that the parliamentarian had embarked on.

Mr Mulenga said when Mr Nkhoma was confronted by the parliamentary office administrative officer, he beat him up and threatened to close the office.

“Yes I have written a letter of complaint to the Ndola district party office, to complain over the illegal meetings that Mr Nkhoma has been holding at the parliamentary office without my consent. He has been holding private meetings and going round telling councillors in my constituency to frustrate the work that I am doing,” he said.

Patriotic Front (PF) Ndola district secretary Benjamin Chitondo confirmed having received the complaint letter from the parliamentarian and said that the party was investigating the matter.

Mr Chitondo said the party would not allow selfish individuals divide the party by forming shadow positions and frustrating Government’s projects.

He said the party had voted for parliamentarians who had the mandate to work until 2021 and that there was no need to form shadow MP’s.
Mr Chitondo said those who were interested to stand as MP’s in 2021 should show interest at that right time and not now when there were already people in positions to work.

“As a party we have received the letter and we are investigating the matter. I must state that we will not allow individuals frustrate the projects that have been embarked on, we need to work together because forming shadow MP’s was dividing the party. We already have a parliamentarian in the constituency who is working and let us give him chance,” he said.


  1. I have never seen hyenas eat a stolen carcass peacefully, they will fight and make noise until the rightful owner gets the carcass back.

    • Its very normal to fight in PF of visionless Dagama. Let these violent & visionless PF bandits brutalise themselves as they are addicted to confusion.
      PF is based around violence, they eat, drink, sleep & wake up with full vengeance for violence, they love it. The blood of PF bandits of visionless Lungu is violence & total anarchy to confusion.
      By the way how much is mealie meal today?
      The Skeleton Key

  2. Ba Lungu your true clolours are showing.We the PF members who voted and campaigned for you are so disappointed.We never expected what we are seeing in PF.Are you sure Mr.president that you can’t learn anything from 2015.We voted for you bcoz we wnated to keep the legacy of Micheal Chilufya Sata and develop Zambia.We thought would keep the party together alas you’re detroying all members who tell you the truth.Mushebwa aile namafi kumako.Maybe only cadres are happy with you but umwela naucinga.you have manged to divide PF strong holds.come 2021 if you’re standing as a PF candidate PF is packing and you’ll be jailed coz you have creating enemies very fast within PF and thru poverty.We voted MMD out and they can’t control PF or run the country.I hope you change otherwise mwasebana ba…

    • @ Ba General

      It is you who needs wake-up call. When staunch supporters of PF like Moscow (op) become disillusioned, it is time for “rank and file” to give generals order of the “boot” up-theirs fat arse!!!

    • thats true my brother am all very disappointed with ECL and the turn of events in PF this man doesnt mean well for us who voted for him 2015 and 2016 other i lost confidence in him unless he changes other am out

  3. Why hasn’t the district administrator taken the matter up to report the man for assault since assault has got nothing to do with politics

  4. Imwe Ba PF in bemba we say ‘beshiba eko wafuma tabeshiba eko uleya’.Why then are you talking about 2021 kanshi?

  5. Bal Lungu mwasebanya Ba Sata nabukaitemwe bwenu, any way lyeniko ayayene ama years yashalako pantu mu 2021 tamwakaitambe that is nga mukafikako.

  6. Fighting for 2021positions, who tells you that we will vote for you in 2021. You have not done anything to warrant a vote from us in 2021. I was in Kitwe a few days ago, the roads are in a terrible state. I was just wondering which roads PF have done on the copperbelt. Time is now for you to work and stop talking about 2021. Your works will show if we need to give you another mandate.

  7. Sata made a big mistake by choosing Lungu to act as President before he died. Lungu pretends to be humble but a snake in green grass.He has managed to suppress the opposition, divide PF brutilise innocent citizens who support the opposition, destroy democracy, what a selfish and vision less leader we have in Zambia Shame.

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