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Dr Ngosa Simbyakula urges popularisation of PF across the country


Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula
Former Justice Minister Ngosa Simbyakula
PF National Chairperson Dr Ngosa Simbyakula has urged PF members across the country to work hard in popularising the development agenda of the ruling party so that Zambians can appreciate it and choose to support the party.

Dr Simbyakula who was speaking this morning at a meeting at Fringilla in Chibombo district as part of the PF Secretary General’s tour of Central province stressed the need for effective strategies to make PF attractive in areas where it is not strong.

“We can stay in power for a long time and change the lives of our people and the face of our country.

But for us to succeed we need to devise strategies to make our party not only attractive but effective in delivering development” said Dr Simbyakula.

And speaking at the same meeting which was attended by PF officials from the two constituencies of Chibombo district namely Katuba and Keembe, PF Secretary General Davies Mwila guided the officials on how to fill positions that fall vacant in the party structures.

“If a position falls vacant for any reason including disciplinary reasons before the next party elections, such vacancy should be filled by those in the immediate lower structure” said Mr Mwila.

He warned against picking people outside structures to fill vacant positions.

He urged the members to learn something from their failures and move forward in strengthening the party.


  1. PF can never be popular in areas where they have not invested. The Eurobonds are now finished and PF is just marking time until 2021 as no further developments can happen anywhere else. All the money has been stolen by this bunch of thieves and it will be byebye to PF in 2021.

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